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Capital Expenditure

It is the amount of money spend on improve or maintaining fixed assets which include the vehicle,
buildings and land. This money can be used for extending the life of the existing assets or to
purchase a new asset.

Capital Asset Pricing Model

It is a calculation of appropriate rate of return on a diversified pool of assets, when adding a new
set of assets into the pool, which help in determining the relationship between the risk of assets
and its returns. It is also known as CAPM in the financial world.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost benefit analysis is the approach of estimating the strength and weakness between the different
alternatives available and selecting the best option that can give the most benefits in terms of


It is the gas found in the earth atmosphere , which consist mixture of carbon and hydorden
atoms. It is a flameable gas , which is used as a fuel world wide.

Carbon dioxide

It is naturally occurring gas in the earth atmosphere and consist of carbon atoms bonded with the
oxygen. This gas is known of have less density than the dry air and have a property of being


Biomass is a waste that is gather from plants and animals that can not be used for feeding
them. It usually wastage from the food processing, animal farming and horticulture. It is
for producing production energy and sometime as raw materials.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Is the corporate approach of contributing towards social environment benefits for all stakeholders.
It includes the contribution in wellbeing of the society at large.
Engineering, Procurement and Construction

It is the process of arranging, contracting, designing, procuring and commissioning of a project before
handing over to the end-user or the owner.

Foreign Direct Investment

It is a form of direct investment done by the foreign entities for controlling the ownership of the business
by either creating a joint venture or a partnership in a local business or portfolio.

Fiscal Year

It is the period used by many organization and government agency for accounting their expenses
and allocation of budgets. It varies from country to country and helps in reporting financial
performance period of different organizations.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Also know as IFRS are the international financial standards that provide a common financial and
accounting language for all the business around the world for communication their business affair
and a common terminology to compare business on the bases of financial terms.

Insulated-gate bipolar transistor

Is a semiconductor used for combining high efficiency and fast switching, commonly used
in energy efficient industrial instruments and renewable energy applications.

Independent Power Producer

Is a private entity who owns facilities to produce electricity for the purpose of sale to
government or end user.

Internal Rate of Return

Is the discounted rate of return used for measuring the profitable returns of the various financial
investment. Usually such rates do not account the external factors like cost of the capital, inflation
and various other financial risk.

Key Performance Indicator

Is use for measuring the success of an organization and indicate its performance with
respect to an activity or list of activities, which has the direct or indirect contribution toward
the success of the organization.

Net Present Value

In the difference between the negative cashflow i.e. Investment and the present value of
all the future cashflow that a business will receive in certain periods of time. It is used to
analyzing the profitability of the project.

Operational & Maintenance

Is the minor maintenance of the equipment that usually does not required technical or detail
knowledge of the maintenance procedure.

Operational Expenditure

These are the expenditure that occur during the operation of business or the project for
running its operation smoothly on daily basis.


It is the method for generation electricity form solar cells from the sun and convert them in
electrons. The solar cell generates direct electricity from sunlight, which can be stored in the
battery or to run power equipment.

Return on Equity

Measure the profitability of the of the business with relation to the equity by minus the liabilities
from the assets. It is the financial KPI use for measuring the performance of an assets used for
generating earnings.

Return on Investment

Is the return on the investment, by measuring the gain and loss made on the amount of investment
made. Usually it is calculated by dividing the returns with the cost of investment.

Weighted Average Capital

Is the average expected return that company pay to investor who wish to finance the company
assets. It is also known as the company cost of capital and it usually the returns rate is managed or
controlled by external market factors such as Federal bank interest rates.