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Attack The Prompt

1. Evaluate the economic, geographic, and social factors which impacted the growth
of slavery in the southern colonies between 1607 and 1775.

2. Evaluate the impact that European colonists had on the cultural and economic
experiences of the native population prior to 1750.

3. Evaluate the extent to which religious toleration in the British North American
colonies maintained continuity as well as fostered changed from 1607-1700.

NOW, For the following prompt, use the ABCs

Explain how economic development in the British North American colonies was
impacted by the Atlantic trade routes between 1650 and 1750.

Attack the prompt

 Circle any word that asks you to do something.

 Draw an arrow from each circled word to what it specifically tells you to do,
 Draw a box around the dates
 Create a graphic to organize the prompt—write down what you know in each
large topic

Brainstorm possible answers

 Begin mapping in the same order of the numbered prompt.

1. _______________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________________
6. ________________________________________________________________
7. ________________________________________________________________
8. ________________________________________________________________
9. ________________________________________________________________
10. ________________________________________________________________

Categorize your response

 Revisit brainstorm list
 How can each topic be divided into more manageable parts?