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Guidance for communication setting

between PC/laptop software and L6/R6 controller

1. For communication between PC/Laptop and L6/R6 control, please connect the communication cable to both PC and L6/R6 control.
For the reference, the wiring method of the communication cable is as below;

LCD Display of
L6/R6 Control


Debug Port of
L6/R6 Control

[ Wiring of communication cable ] [ Debug Port of L6/R6 control ]

2. The communication port of application software shall be identical to port of your PC/laptop as below;

[ Application Software for PC/Laptop ] [ Device Manager of PC/Laptop ]

2.1 After checking the comport of PC/Laptop application software, please save the comport setting by pressing "PC To SaveFile".

2.2 You can also check the comport setting of your PC/Laptop
Start > Run > devmgmt.msc
3. The Data Speed of Application Software for PC/Laptop shall be identical to the speed of control box(L6/R6 Relay);

[ Application Software for PC/Laptop ] [ Menu Tree of control box ]

3 1 Please check the port of L6/R6 control shall be set to Debug Port
-. Please check the port setting of L6/R6 control through LCD display as above menu tree
-. The port "Serial-Port for PC" on the front panel of L6/R6 control is Debug port.
3.2 Check the data speed of PC software and L6/R6 control whether they are the same speed.