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OUMH 1203


Do not copy the assignment question and instructions to your answer.

Prepare your assignment answer following the layout of the ASSESSMENT CRITERIA shown in the RUBRICS provided for the course. Where RUBRICS are not provided, follow the instructions/guidelines specified by the Faculty for the assignment concerned.

Your assignment should be between 2500 to 3000 words EXCLUDING references.

Type your answer using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.

Show the number of words at the end of your assignment.

Tables and figures where provided, should be appropiately titled.

List your references separately in the APPENDIX page.

1.0 Internet Creates Problem.

OUMH 1203

Internet is a global computer network which provides various information and communication facilities, which consists of interconnected networks using a standardized communication protocol. Nowadays, internet has become a very important point in all fields such as in business, social, education and entertainment. From the internet, we can get almost everything such as video, games, music, book, shopping, call, message and many more. Internet has many advantages but some people believe it creates many problems. In my opinion, I completely agree that internet creates many problems. Among the problems that creates by internet is such as pornography, social media, received wrong information, cybercrime, health and many more.

Pornography causes addiction to its watchers and can causes brain damage. Children without guidance also can watch pornography from the internet. In social media problems, it is making people lazy to deal in real life. This will cause relationship within families and friends become less close.

In social media problems, it has become as a disease nowadays. We can easily share information and send picture or video no matter it is true or wrong or have an uncensored content from the apps that installed in the mobile phone such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, We Chat and many more.

From the internet, there are a lot of website that we can access and anybody can create its own website, the point is, what is the website contains. Is it true information or is it wrong information. So because of this we should not to believe 100% content in the website.

Cybercrime is a internet crime. Some of us can be their victims. Hackers can send virus thru internet to their victims and gain money. Ransomware is a new virus which it encrypt all of our files in computer through internet. If you want your files to decrypt you

OUMH 1203

have to pay to those hackers, if not you will not get your files back. No antivirus can help to decrypt files but antivirus can only help us to prevent from ransomware. Also regarding with cybercrime, scam, spam, malware, Trojan and viruses is everywhere on the internet. Antivirus also can not help us from this issue.

In terms of health, internet is worked in the device like computer or mobile. It can cause us loss of hearing and eyesight, neurosis, developmental issues in children, more violence, lack of empathy, addiction, shortened attention span, neck and head pain, stress, poor sleep habits and obesity.

In conclusion, internet creates many problems that can not be controlled by internet itself or people. All of this problem can be faced by anyone, anytime and anywhere. What can we do is just beware of internet.

2.0 Studies Abroad Benefits and Drawbacks.

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Study is so important to all of us. It is so important because, we will receive a Diploma or Degree or Master or PHD in proving our skills and knowledge after we finish our study. So no wonder why there are many universities and colleges is build in our country and also abroad. Nowadays, study abroad has been a trend for Malaysian student to continue their studies. There is a lot of benefit and drawbacks in studying abroad.

There are many benefits in studying abroad. Some of the benefit is students can see the world, have different styles of education, new culture, improving language skills, have career opportunities and gain life experience.

The benefit in study abroad is the opportunity to see the world. It is the biggest reason students have to consider. With studies abroad, students will have an experience in a brand-new country with new outlooks and activities. The other benefit is students will

OUMH 1203

experience different styles of education. With this advantage, students will have a chance to see a side of their major that students may not have been exposed to at home. Another benefit in studying abroad is a new culture. Student will find new foods, new social atmosphere and new traditions. Other than that, it is also improving language skills. Students will automatically improving their language skills by learning foreign language. The advantage of studying abroad also, students will have a career opportunity in their local country after finished their studies because they will return home with attractive skills such as language skills, education and a new perspective on culture. Lastly, some of the advantages is students can gain life experience. It is because most students may have this opportunity once in a life time and stay in those country for such in a long period which is until finish studies.

However, there will be also disadvantages in studying abroad. The disadvantage is such likes culture shock, language barrier, homesickness and high fees and living costs. Culture shock can knock student confidence in the beginning. They will feel unfamiliar culture. Another disadvantage is language barrier. Student and other people or friends can unable to talk in common language. This will make them feel so hard to learn something and always avoid from others friends in social life. Indirectly, this will make them homesickness. It will make them to stop their studies and student can not focus in their learning process. Finally, some of the disadvantages or drawbacks are high fees and high living costs. As we know, studies need money and studying abroad is using more money because of the expensive living costs and fees. Students should be prudent enough to save money while studying or they will have to find a part time work to earn some cash.

In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages in continuing studies abroad. Students must consider all aspects in order to continue their studies abroad successfully before making decision. If it is not successful, it is very detrimental to students and their families. If it is successful, students will have a very bright future.

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3.0 Environmental Pollution

OUMH 1203

Environmental pollution is rampant not only in Malaysia, but this pollution also occurs in foreign countries. Environmental pollution must be addressed immediately so the problem can be curbed. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that causes adverse change. Pollution is divided into four sections, contamination of water, noise, air and soil. In my opinion, both the people and the government have to contribute to solve this problem. Environmental pollution problem can be solved if we can identify the causes of environmental pollution and to take corrective measures.

The first step we can take is to reduce the use of chemicals. This is because the chemicals will cause pollution to the environment and will have an impact in the long run to the environment. For examples, the use of pesticides and air conditioning is one of the most danger and serious. As a result of the use of pesticides and air conditioning, the occurrence of ozone depletion and groundwater by chlorofluorocarbon which are extremely harmful to the society in the world. People easily suffer from dangerous diseases such as cataracts, skin cancer and so on. This has also impacted on the economy as forced to spend huge to cover the cost of hospital expenses. Therefore, the use of these chemicals must be controlled by the government and the private sector so that we can take care of the environment. Because of that, one of the steps to reduce environmental pollution is by reducing the use of chemicals.

Apart from that too, parents and teachers should also play a role in teaching children about the dangers of environmental pollution and teach them how we can reduce or stop the environmental pollution from begin. Teachers and parent can teach children to recycling and reducing waste. Not only that, children must know that by using public transports indirectly, it can reduce the gas emissions.

OUMH 1203

In terms of implementation by the government, the government should force all the supermarket and grocery store to reduce the use of paper and plastic bags. Not only that, in terms of waste disposal, the government must decide how to landfills by category of waste such as recyclable and are not to be separated. The government should enforce laws related aspects of environmental hygiene. It is highly significant as a measure to keep our environment. Government also need to make public transport more convenient to encourage more people to use them, this will save more money and energy. Not up there alone, the government should also play a role by using the mass media as a platform to teach the people about the dangers of environmental pollution.

To conclude, both party, the government and the people has their own responsibilities to prevent or stop environmental pollution. With little awareness that was planted in the mind of every person, we must ensure that environmental pollution can be controlled and overcome. Only we are able to change it from now for the world of tomorrow.

4.0 Global Warming

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Global warming is a gradual increase in overall of the temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants (Henning Rodhe, 1997). Global warming is a serious worldwide problem. There are many different steps that can be taken to address this pressing matter.

The causes of global warming are from the industrial development, electricity generating and transport due to human activities. Industrial activity is the main cause of global warming. Burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal for moving machinery has been spending a lot of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide. Other than that, another causes is effect from electricity generating. Production of electrical energy in the electricity generating centers using fossil fuels also causes the release of carbon dioxide

OUMH 1203

gas. Entire countries in the world including Malaysia are using fossil fuels for electricity generating. Another causes that cause global warming is from transport. Vehicles uses gasoline as a fuel to power the engine lead to release a lot of carbon dioxide.

Among the effects that will occur due to global warming is such as droughts and when sea level increase because of melting of polar ice, impending floods and leads to extreme weather conditions. Continuous high temperature will melt the ice blocks in the West Artatika and lead to an increase in temperature and sea water. Others effect are changes in habitat. Whether the weather changes from hot to cold or vice versa will lead to life on earth will be moved to a new location or habitat. Next effect in global warming is marine species threatened. Global warming causes seawater to heat and increase the pressure on the marine ecosystem. Global warming also making erratic weather. Inconsistent temperature conditions will bring destruction on the earth. This temperature causes either flooding or drought. Finally, global warming can easily be spread. Diseases that threaten human health such as malaria and dengue. In addition, eye cataracts and skin cancer will easily occur if exposure is too long to high temperatures.

Both the government and the people should take some solutions to prevent or to stop this problem. Firstly, limit carbon dioxide emissions by replacing fossil fuels to alternative energy sources. Then, implement of other renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and water power. Government should also play a role by using the mass media as a platform to send knowledge and information to the people about the causes, effects and how to prevent of the Global warming.

As a summary, global warming is a worldwide issue and need to be look seriously. Global warming issue is arise from human activities. So that, government and individuals must play significant role to prevent and end this issue.

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5.0 Freedom of Speech

OUMH 1203

Freedom of speech means the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. For me, it is necessary to give freedom of speech in our society. Freedom is a key point in the development and to bring people closer, to start bonding to each other and move forward to achieve the mission such as independence. Informative, demonstrative speeches, persuasive and entertaining are the four basic types of speeches.

Freedom of speaking is necessary for everybody whether you are children or adults. With freedom of speech, people can give their views and opinions regarding new ideas, inventions, ways to do business and of governance. Indirectly, it will help the country become developed. In terms of political, politician give speech to gain support from citizen, so that politician can get a chance to work on his promises and commitments.

Nowadays, social media is one of the best invention. It help us to connecting with people everywhere. Many express their freedom of speech in media social. Not only citizens but politicians also using this method to share or say something. The bad thing is when you say something wrong, it will immediately becomes viral. It is hard to control media social, all of us can express our expression through it. Through media social also, people have been using to post threats that have not been taken seriously for years. The problems is not a freedom of speech issue, but rather one of morality.

Such as in our country Malaysia, every October each year, Prime Minister is giving his speech about the budget to run the country development where we called it Belanjawan. Despite starting with just a speech, but the benefits will be felt afterwards to all Malaysian citizens. As in Parliament, government and opposition will give their opinion and view only by speech, which is it only for a country development.

As in my workplace, my company selected ten people to enter creative and innovative competition. There are ten people in one team. The competition is based to creating new

OUMH 1203

ideas and inventions. Before the competition, each of the members has to collect data, and when the competition started, the team has to present in a speech. When the winner selected, the winner will receive fund to implement their ideas or inventions.

However, freedom of speech in public places is only available on the politicians but not to ordinary citizens. If ordinaries people says something that is not well, they can be threatened suicide, caught and so on.

Therefore, I really believed that citizen should have freedom to speak whether it is in a public places or not. With silence, undoubtedly problems will not be solved. People need to become unite and work together.

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OUMH 1203