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Budget b la I
BY WENDELL VIGILIA ture spending.and not the House's the ratification of
the bicameral trarily realigned to favored districts PubLic Works and Highways and national budget," he said.
and ataYMot{D aFnlcA line-item budgeting which is being conference committqp repoft on several appropriations already P5 billion from the Depatment Arrdaya utged seoaton "to spcak
questioned by the Senate, the.budget last Febru{ry 8. approved by both houses of Con- of Transportation "rrithout the up on this issue (because) thc tax-
THE House leadership yesterday Andaya issued the statement Lacson made the warnipg dur- gress, thereby sacrificing already knowledge of and consent from paying public deserves to know
accused the Senate leadership amid an impasse between the iog a dinner-meeting called by. vettqd infra projects," Lacson said the Houseof Representatives." where the! money will be spent,"
of ctippling the administtation's Senate and the House over the President Duterte in Malacaiang, in a post q! his Twittet account He said se[ators have yet to Andaya, formetmajority lcader,
Build, Build, Build program be- proposed 2019 budget, brought atteoded by Senate and Hquse on Saturday. inform congtessmen where they said the Senatei rgmowl of the
cause of its continued refusal to about by accusations and countet- leaden. "Irying to hide their unconsti- realigned the right-o f-way funds P17 billion wotth of righr-t-rf-
sign the proposed P3.757-trillion accusations of altering the budget. Yesterday, Lacsol said the tutional post-ratification budget which were taken out of the Na- way funding "will be tlrc greatcst
national budget for 2019. Sen. Panfilo Lacson, chair- House is fooling the people by tealignments by claiming they tional Expendin:re Program. stumbling block for the Pre$dent's
Rep. Rolando AndayaJr. (PDP-. man of the Senate's committee claiming it merely itemized at least warted to itemize lump sums in the "So where did these funds really infrastructure master plan."
Laban, Camarines Sur), chak of oh accounts, last week said he P95.1 billion in the proposed bud- name of transpatency: If *rat's not go? Up to this very moment, the "Every single centavo allocated
*re House committee on appro- warned Ptesident Duterte about get when it actuall-y realigned tlre i.rony - or hlpocrisy, I don't know senators ate also silent on who are for infrastructure projects were
priations, said the Senate made a the House's tealignment of some arnount to favored districtp, vhat is," he added. the individual proponents for their accouoted for, line by line fot each
"unilateral" decision to remove P72 billion allotted to the De "National budget: Don't be Andaya asked dre Senate r,vere realignments. These rcalignments project per district, in the 2019
P17 billion for the riglrt-of-way partment of Public rVotks and fooled by congtessmen tasked .the realigned funds went. were made after both chambers General Appropriations Bill On
(ROV) tunding of BBB projects. Highlvays for the BBB progtam to make us believe they merely He said the Senate removed P12 ratified the bicameral conference
when it itemized lump sums after 'itemizgd'when in fact, they atbi- billion ftom the Departr.nent of committee repott on the 2019 See BUDGET ) Page 85
This, he said, may Stall inftastruc

\flpz,ot tUr n/eu)e a dFYr PAq€ 1Qd,.4


BUDGET Sotto has been urging House
members to tecall amendments
budger until August in rhe hope
that the new House leadership
tealigned P79.7 billion from several
congtessional districts to the other
the conttary tle Senate's removal they made after the bicameral com- vill revert to the origrnal GAB. If districts, and parked P70 billion
oi^P17 billion wonh of right-of- mittee passed the budget bill on not, the govemment w.ill tun on a in the DPWH cenrral of6ce aftef'
sar firndhg will be the greatest February 8 and just ler Ptesidenr re-enacted budget until De cember.
stumbling block for the Presidentt
removing tlem fiom 87 district
Dutefte use his veto power over Lacson lashed out at the House,s engineering ofFces,
infrastructure master plan," An- the lump sum allocations. "talking heads" for insisting that "Parking the P70 billion in the
dar a said, ' The House, however, warned introducing amendments aftef DP!7H's central of6ce was meant to
"Hou- can projects be started senators rhat removing itemized the bicameral approval ,.was for make it difficult for people - iodud-
*ithout rlese right-of way-pay- budgeting will only reitore huqe itemization." ing mlself - to trace whete it vill
ments? Billions of pesos worth of allocations to a few favored meri- He said the redity is that the go You could call it a veiled effort
roads nill never begin coflstuction bers of Congress, sayilg thar the House "tealigned" sevetal items, to conceal large 'pork insertions' of
eleo if rhese projects are fully line-item budgeting adopied by the which he said "do not at ail reflect some congressmen," Lacson said.
fuoded.' he added, House is more transparent while tlle agreed provisions incorporated Eadier this month, I-acson dis-
lump-s9m budgeting is ptone to in the bicameral repot."
SOTTOBIAMED closed post-nti6cation maneuvef-
colfnPttoo. He said there is a big difference ing of funds in the budget by the
between "itemDing," which is to House leadership, which he said
Ilajority leadet Fred Castro DIFFER3NT PICTURE present as a listof individual items, is a violation of the Constitution.
blamed Senate Presideot Vicente and 'tea{!{ng" which he said is to
'?to" Sotto III fot the delay in the The post-ratification tweaks, he
Sotto yesterday said members of change or restore to a differeb I stak.
approval of the 2019 budget for said, were made in the funds of
the House of Represenatives uTho
lefusbg to srgn rhe copy transmit- tinketed wirh the ratified orooosed
Department of Health's Health
INCREASE Faciliries Eohancement Program,
ted by the House. budger are painting of *iat'realy
"Speaker GMA (Gloria Maca- where Arroyoi allies got P25 mil-
happened. Figues trom the Senatet I-eeis-
pagal-Arroyo) has been ally of Iion while *rose who did .r.,r *'.'..
He stood firm on his oosition lative Budget Research and Mo'ni- fot het got just P8 milJion. Lacson
Presidenr Duterte right from the that he rvill not sign the'version toring Office (-BRMO) showed said he got his information from
starc. So who! obsrructing rhe of the General d"pplepriarions a net increase of P95.1 biUion in House membets who loticed the
budget's passage? The Spiaker BiX (GAB) which Speak'er Gloria the House of Reptesentatives' discrepancy.
signed it lasrweek and only isenate Arroyo and her allies messed with. realigflments. On Duterte's BBB legacy pto-
President) Tito Sotto! signature
This includes the slashing of gmm, the House slashed P72.3 bil-
is missing because he! refusing ro RE.ENACTED BUDGET P72.319 billion from the -De- lioo &om the DPYr./Ht MFO (major
slgn it. Now tell me who,s rhe one UNTIL DECEMBER partment of Public Wotks and 6na.l outputs) I and 2. The DPWH
blocking it and putting the whole
Hrghways' major final output projecrs affected by the slashing
country at a disadvantage,,, he said Sotto reit€rated govetnmeot (I,[FO) 1 and 2. include those had been planned and
ln a statement, may have to run on a re-enacted AJsq t}te House rearranged or vetted for months, or eveq years. ,

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