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17 March, 2019


SUC President III
Carlos Hilado Memorial State University
Mabini Street, Talisay City

Dear Dr. Sorolla:

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I would like to express my sincerest
interest to seek a teaching position at your institution. Hearing upon that you are lack of teachers
and in need of Teachers who can taught Filipino, I am willing to use my degree in Secondary
Education Major in Filipino to serve in your school also to be part of your community.

During my placement as a student teacher, I believe that my work experience already honed my
interpersonal skills as I dealt not just with the students but with the different people who were
involved in our school community. While teaching in Mansilingan Agro Industrial High School, I
had opportunities to work with Junior High School students. I was able to develop my teaching
skills. I had engage also to community involvement projects.

I am also a product of this institution and I believe that this school has the best quality of Education.
Teaching Filipino is my desire since when I’m in Elementary. My Teachers in Filipino during
College years have a great part to inspire me why I should pursue this dream. They had help me
to enhance my communication skills and I believe that I am ready now to work and do the
responsibilities of a teacher also to embrace the challenges behind of this field. I know that your
institution can give me an opportunity to continue to develop myself professionally.
Attached in this letter is my resume which you can use for reference.
I am really hoping that you will give me a chance to have my first teaching experience in your
institution. Looking forward for your positive response. Thank you!