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Company Overview

PT. Bank Amar Indonesia (“Bank”), formerly known as PT. Anglomas International Bank, was established
in 1991 at Surabaya. Bank renamed to PT. Bank Amar Indonesia in 2014 and assemble a strong
management team with proper educational background and cumulative experiences in multi-industries to
spark creativity in daily business operations.

Bank is in BUKU I category, commercial bank with core capital below IDR 1 trillion ≥, but Bank has credible
and clean operations. Currently, 99% of Bank shares is owned by Tolaram Group, a leading multinational
company, based in Singapore, with a diversified portfolio of business globally.

Bank focusses in small retail and SMEs target market, in which lending and funding products are
developed and designed to tap those segments. So far, Amar Bank has 3 branches and 1 sub-branch in
Jakarta and Surabaya.

Competitive Advantages
❑ Strong capital structure which is reflected in CAR ratio, provides an enough space and capacity for
Bank to expand its business. It also indicates Bank will grow significantly in third-party funds to boost
the loan book growth.

❑ Bank has obtained approval from OJK for “System-based Lending”, which is in “Tunaiku” online
lending product.

❑ Current Bank size and the clean track record of Bank operations give benefit to scale-up and expand
its future plan.

❑ As current CAR ratio is still high (more than 40%) and most of Bank’s operations are still on current
equity base book, it stimulates the exponential growth of third parties funds for minimum of 8 times of
equity balance.

Products and Activities

Funding Lending Services Treasury

▪ Current Account ▪ Loan to SME and ▪ Bank Transfer ▪ Effective funds

▪ Saving Account Corporate: Loan ▪ Clearing Bank placement which
▪ Time Deposit Size from IDR 1bn Service maintains the
▪ Retail Loan ▪ RTGS balance of liquidity
(Tunaiku): Loan and profitability
Size of IDR 2–20mn
Signature Product – Tunaiku

Tunaiku is an online retail lending platform, a catalyst that merging bank and financial technology.
Launched in 2014, Tunaiku uses Big Data + Predictive Analytics in doing a credit assessment of an
applicant that it will yield the result whether the loan is rejected or approved in up to 24 hours. The
technology is constantly improved to always keep up with the bank’s development.

Tunaiku – Characteristics

❑ Fast and Easy Application via website or mobile apps

accessible 24/7.

❑ Eligible for those whose age of 21-65 years old, with a LOAN SIZE INTEREST RATE
minimum IDR 1 million income per month. IDR 2.000.000 – 3% Flat / month
❑ No credit card required and no additional fee for early

❑ Has received millions of application up to date with regular

incoming applications more than > 150,000 per month
❑ Has disbursed the loan for more than IDR 1trillion. IDR. 540.000 6 – 20 months

Tunaiku – Application Process

Receive Pay
Apply Online Sign Contract Receive Fund
Notification Installment

✓ Simple and Easy ✓ Automated system ✓ Convenient and ✓ Fast and ✓ Flexible Payment
✓ < 15 minutes to for rejection and enjoyable immediate Channels
complete approval: Automated experiences pay-out to ● Bank Account
checking of criteria, ✓ Minimize documents applicant
✓ Online application Direct Debit
through: double application requested: after ✓ Fund is

made, fraud, approval ID card transferred to ● Mobile Wallet*

● Tunaiku website behaviour & other check applicant’s bank ● Convenience
● Tunaiku Mobile variables ✓ Tunaiku messenger account or mobile Stores*
App (Capture the ✓ Efficient and fast will check the ID wallet channels
robust growth of process of checking card and bring
mobile users) and risk scoring contracts that need
✓ Basic details assessment to be signed to
information including ✓ 24 hours notice applicant’s home or
requested amount decision to applicant office
and loan payment ✓ Digital Signature will
terms be in place by mid
Shareholder Profile
Diversified business portfolio
Employs more than 9500+ across FMCG, digital,
Founded in 1948 people globally infrastructure, textiles, energy and
financial services

Leading family business Geographic presence in Africa,

conglomerate with Global Group Revenue of USD 1bn +
Asia, European and Baltic
HQ in Singapore region

Portfolio of Companies :

Financial Services E - Commerce Property

FMCG Textiles

Logistics Retail Free Trade Port

Carpets and Rugs Energy Port Distribution

EUROPE: Brand builders

Estonia 2010s across Consumer
Goods & Services
ASIA : India,
Indonesia, 2000s Forays into Digital Services,
Singapore, Energy, Infrastrucure.
1990s Further country diversification
1980s Diversification of businesses into
Cameroon, Consumer and Real Estate
Ivory Coast, 1970s Entry into Textiles Manufacturing
Nigeria, and internationalisation of business
1950s - Expansion into Textiles Trading

Tolaram Presence : 12 Countries

1948s Tailor Tolaram founded
Client Touchpoints : > 80 Countries
Financial Highlights

(In million IDR) December 2017 December 2018

Loans, net 325,169 1,286,867
Treasury Funds 394,208 429,697
Other Assets 128,695 130,674
Total Assets 848,072 1,847,238
Deposits 358,036 1,096,324
Other Liabilities 9,113 262,995
Equity 480,923 487,919
Total Liabilities and
848,072 1,847,238

Bank has successfully doubled (even more) the loan book and deposits. Bank is now
working on to leverage its core competencies to raise more deposits from market, which can
be seen from the growth of deposits balance from IDR 358 billion to IDR 1,09 trillion in the
last twelve months.

(In million IDR) December 2017 December 2018

Interest Income 85,271 305,994
Interest Expense -12,579 -70,235
Net Interest
72,692 235,759
Other Income 14,583 41,338
Provision for
-30,916 -158,488
Payroll -27,252 -61,708
Others -26,583 -43,108
Operational Profit 2,524 11,149
Non-Operational -2,767 8,172

Profit Before Taxes 5,291 21,965

The figure above shows that Bank has also doubled (even more) 2017 annual profit as per
December 2018.
(Capital (Net (Non-Performi (Loan-to-Dep (Ops.
Adequacy Interest ng osit Expense to
Ratio) Margin) Loan) Ratio) Ops. Income)
43.39% 17.92% -0.61% 149,21% 96.03%

Bank’s CAR ratio (43.39%) is higher than the regulatory requirement which states that Bank
need to maintain minimum at 10%. Minimum capital adequacy ratio is used to protect
depositors and promote the stability and efficiency of financial systems, also to ensure banks
have enough cushion to absorb a reasonable amount of losses before they become insolvent
and consequently lose depositors’ funds.

With high CAR position, Bank is considered safe and likely to meet its financial obligations. By
December 2018, Bank generates attractive NIM percentage of 17.92%, more than two times
higher than average banking industry NIM. In addition, the level of NPL is maintained at a
prudent level.
Contact Address :
Jl. Basuki Rahmad No. 109
Surabaya 60271
Telp (031) 99015959
Fax (031) 9901595

Email :
David Wirawan : david.wirawan@amarbank.co.id
Dhiyas S. Saparyadi : dhiyas.saparyadi@amarbank.co.id
Ocktylla Reredy : ocktylla.reredy@amarbank.co.id