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3 Authors

4 Introduction

5 Managing Millennials

9 Account-Based Marketing & Sales Strategies Come of Age

12 The New CMO

17 The Segmented Sales Force

21 Customer Experience: A Unifying Force for Sales & Marketing

24 Personalize Everything: From Messaging to Management

28 The Consolidated Technology Stack

32 The Currency of Trust

36 Machine Learning: Predictive Sales and Marketing


Prezi is the cloud-based presentation software that helps you connect
powerfully with your audience. Unlike slides, Prezi’s zoomable canvas
shows relationships between the big picture and fine details, putting ideas
into context and engaging viewers in a unique and visually exciting way.
Prezi is in the business of making presenters great.

Contributors: Adam Wooley, Director of B2B Marketing. Chelsi Nakano,

B2B Content Strategy & Development. Bogdan Zlatkov, Content
Marketing Manager.

Ambition is a Harvard Business Review-endorsed performance tracking,
management and motivation platform built specifically for client-facing
teams in sales, support, marketing and account management. PwC,
Lyft, MemSQL, Filemaker, FiveStars, UPS, and Outreach use Ambition to
enhance their culture and revenue. Accolades: #1 Sales Management Tool
for 2016 (Docurated); #1 Sales Tool You Should Be Using (Datanyze);
#1 Service Provider for Sales Gamification & Recognition (AA-ISP); and
#2 Category Leader in Sales Performance Management (G2 Crowd).

Contributors: Jared Houghton, Chief Sales Officer. Brian Trautschold,

Chief Operations Officer. Jeremy Boudinet, Director of Marketing.

LeadGenius is an Account-Based Marketing and lead generation platform.
LeadGenius uses a unique combination of machine learning and human
intelligence to help B2B marketing and sales teams find and connect with
decision makers at their ideal accounts.

Contributors: William Wickey, Content and Media Strategy.


To evaluate, and ultimately purchase, the right technologies for your

business, it’s important to understand the landscape of available
solutions. Making purchase decisions based on what’s going on in
your company and in your industry—in terms of people, processes and
products—can keep you from making the costly mistake of selecting the
wrong software.

This thoughtful guide will help you connect identifiable business needs
to the technologies that can best meet them. Ideal for leaders in B2B
sales, marketing, customer and technical support, operations, and data
analytics, it contains valuable insights into what’s happening in various
industries, what emerging technologies are rapidly gaining popularity, and
how you can use innovative platforms to extend the power of your people
and products.

Each chapter in this ebook explains a trend, identifies the needs relevant Please submit feedback about our
to that trend, and provides 10–15 product solutions—along with original selections and writeups to Jeremy
Boudinet or Will Wickey. Feel free
analyses of product features and functionality—to meet those needs.
to cross-reference each product
And since we know that every company, department, and role operates with recommendations, insights,
differently, the 100+ platforms reviewed here span every budget size and and reviews from G2 Crowd and
serve a variety of job functions and seniority levels. similar industry lists.

From all of us at Prezi, Ambition, and LeadGenius we hope you enjoy the
2017 Trends and Tech Guide for B2B Sales + Marketing.

Happy hunting!

Managing Millennials
The Trend

In 2015, millennials surpassed Gen X-ers to make up the largest portion of the
American workforce—one in every three workers is a Millennial (Pew Research).
These demographic changes bring with them changes in the way that businesses
and teams work together.

M illennials have very different expectations from the generations

that came before them. Per a recent study by PwC, Gen-Y
The Needs

“desires a workplace environment that emphasizes teamwork and a 1. Millennials are visually driven
sense of community” and “value transparency” at higher rates than 80% of people remember what they see, compared
their non-Millennial colleagues. As Millennials have graduated and to 20% who remember what they read. The average
moved into the professional world, they’ve brought their modern millennial attention span is 8 seconds. Visual
expectations and favorite tools with them. An environment that for learners now comprise 65% of the total population.
decades has largely been ruled by Microsoft is suddenly fractured, (Neoman Studies)
full of new-world alternatives like Slack, Salesforce, and Trello, all of
which reward openness and collaboration over hierarchy and siloed
2. Millennials are constantly connected
information. We will be looking at three different categories of tools
88% of millennials prefer a collaborative work
that Millennials are bringing into the workplace: communication
environment over a competitive one. (Forbes)
tools, tools that promote transparency, and visualization tools.

3. Millennials want constant feedback

79% of millennials want their boss to serve more as
a coach or mentor. (Forbes)

The Tools

Ambition Slack
ambition.com slack.com

Best for: Growth, mid-market and enterprise front office teams Best for: Teams that want to communicate easily and often, keep
with a rhythmic daily workflow, competitive employees, and high- project conversations organized and simple to search, and have
energy culture. fun while doing it.

Cost: $$–$$$ Cost: $

Ambition’s acclaimed employee productivity platform gives Slack is one of the best ways to get your team off email. It includes
360° visibility into individual and team performance. Create internal messaging, emoji, and a millennial-worthy .gif library to
accountability and recognition with live performance data from boot. Users can drag and drop any documents, links, or visuals into
any data source. Track and broadcast key metrics to personalized direct messages between specific individuals or groups.
dashboards and office TVs. Put holistic goals right in front of your
reps. Compare activity level and goal attainment across teams to
see how hard and how smart your reps are working. Benchmark
success for teams, roles and individuals, then drive results via
automated scorecards, contests, recognition and reporting.
Perfect for front office teams that value performance-driven
culture and transparent operations.

Best for: SMB, growth and mid-market teams that need a central
location for their digital assets.

Cost: $–$$
Google G-Suite
gsuite.google.com Dropbox has been around for more than a decade and is still the
surefire solution for cloud-based team storage. It’s dependable,
Best for: Early-stage SMBs that lack G-Suite’s essential trusted, and a great way to share information between teams.
functionality and uniformity in their current operations.

Cost: $

Google G-Suite gives you everything your team needs: email,

calendar, chat, analytics, content templates, analytics, and tons
of storage. Each piece seamlessly integrates across your entire Evernote
company for maximum sharing, efficiency, and transparency. evernote.com

Best for: Business leaders seeking to improve overall team

organization, workflow, and record-keeping.

Cost: $–$$$

A powerhouse in organizational communication, Evernote is

an essential tool for obsessive note-takers. It allows you to
easily create and share notes, reminders, and to-do lists with
your entire team and even indexes all your notes to make them
easily searchable.

Basecamp Box
basecamp.com box.com

Best for: Newcomers to project management, whose marketing Best for: Teams that want functionality without the frills.
personnel skew heavy on the creative side but light on process.
Cost: $
Cost: $$
This spartan platform helps users create branded sales assets,
Basecamp is a great way to manage projects thanks to its business plans, meeting notes, and other documents in your
appealing interface and custom collaboration settings. Perfect everyday business operations. Box is a great entry point to
for design and marketing professionals, Basecamp is the ideal the world of modern content management and business
starting point for companies making their first foray into project collaboration.
management software.

Quip hipchat.com
Best for: Mature mid-market and enterprise teams or SMBs on an
Best for: Any company of any size that lacks a unified document ultra-tight budget.
collaboration platform.
Cost: $
Cost: $

HipChat is team communication software with unbeatable

Quip turns word documents, spreadsheets, and checkpoints into pricing, simple and intuitive functionality, and high customization
collaborative entities that serve a variety of purposes. Whether potential. HipChat is great for teams looking for a simple
you’re working on a collaborative strategy session, monthly alternative to email without any frills.
budget, or tracking progress towards project completion, Quip
creates a seamless collaboration experience.

Best for: Outbound teams that struggle with ambiguity and
inconsistency in their daily workflow, and that love a good sprint.
Best for: Companies with complex, cross-functional initiatives that
require maximum coordination and supervision. Cost: $

Cost: $$
Trello has become one of the most popular task management
solutions for outbound teams and is ideal for agile practitioners.
Huddle is built for maximum utility and functionality for every
Using boards, lists, and cards allows users to create easy-to-follow
major department of your company. If you’re looking to go bigger
workflows to keep projects on track.
with project management and truly scale team collaboration
initiatives, Huddle is the solution for you.


Best for: Pretty much everyone who works in a front office


Cost: $

Asana easily owns the title of “Most Agile” in the business

collaboration space. Simple interfaces let teams build transparent
tasks, projects, and analytics programs that seamlessly integrate
with existing data sources. Worth noting: Asana’s premium plan
comes at a sub-$10 monthly price point per user.


Best Best for: Disorganized teams, siloed departments, and

people who appreciate accountability.

Cost: $$

A highly-affordable and pain-free task management workspace

built perfectly for large sales and marketing teams, Breeze lets you
establish strategies, deadlines, to-do lists, scheduled tasks, and
progress benchmarks. A product that lives by its name.


Best Best for: Creative and design-oriented marketing teams that

need next-level project management support.

Cost: $–$$

An enterprise-grade project management platform for marketing,

Wrike’s most striking feature is how it keeps your creative
processes, KPIs, and collaborative efforts all under one umbrella.
A great prescription for overextended teams having trouble
meeting deadlines, sharing workloads, or executing projects.


Account-Based Marketing &

Sales Strategies Come of Age
The Trend

Account-based everything is everywhere. As a B2B marketing and sales leader, you’ve

heard it from every angle: Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Account-Based Sales,
Account-Based Lead Generation, Account-Based Sales Development, Account-Based
Customer Success. The list goes on.

T he noise behind ABM has been deafening at times, but the buzz
has been building for good reason: when used correctly, account
The Needs

based tactics can shorten the buying cycle, increase lead-to- 1. Personalized-messaging to multiple
opportunity conversion rates, decrease Customer Acquisition Cost
decision makers in a scalable way
(CAC), and reduce churn. Again, the list goes on. A well-run account
The number of people involved in a large tech
based strategy can have a positive impact on most marketing and
purchase has increased from 5–7. (IDC via
sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
At its core, an account-based strategy is a holistic business-to-
business strategy that enables companies to more effectively sell 2. A shorter sales cycle
into a targeted list of accounts. Highly-personalized messaging, The majority of organizations that do not conduct
through a variety of channels, is used to target to multiple decision ABM have sales and marketing cycles exceeding
makers to help speed the buying process along. The idea is to no 120 days. The majority that do use ABM: 90 days
longer have a massive, wide open marketing funnel, but rather to or less. (Bizible)
channel efforts efficiently and strategically.

So how is Account-Based Marketing different than “Enterprise 3. Maximize efforts across revenue
Sales?” The difference is scale. An account-based strategy can be generating departments
used to target a company of any size. Instead of messaging only to 91% of those with an ABM program in place said
decision makers within a company, all revenue generating teams they were “tightly” or “somewhat or moderately”
(Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product, etc.) work together to aligned with sales. (Sirius Decisions via eMarketer)
simultaneously target multiple decision makers, with different roles
and responsibilities. The concept involves leveraging dynamics of
group psychology to close an account. New technology is making
the tried-and-true personal approach approach of enterprise sales
scalable and cost-effective for targeting SMBs.

2016 ushered in a great deal of discussion around account based

strategy—much of it high-level and aspirational. In 2017, more B2B
companies will put account based theory into practice.

The Tools

LeadGenius Datanyze
leadgenius.com datanyze.com

Best for: Sales and marketing teams that want to function as Best for: Hard-hitting sales organizations that are ready to fight the
two limbs of the same organism, supporting each other’s goals, competition using hyper-targeted information and gutsy tactics.
evolving together, and perfecting the buyer journey.
Cost: $$–$$$
Cost: $$–$$$$
Datanyze is like a secret sales agent that really wants to get to know
As your target database begins to grow, LeadGenius helps you. Use it for unparalleled competitor analysis, building and vetting
you prune prospects, cultivate customers, and zero-in on prospects, and organizing key targets—plus, see tough-to-find info,
company decision-makers. Use it to ditch bad leads, unearth such as which targets have adopted or dropped competitors.
new stakeholders and decision-makers, and scale your best-
performing campaigns with A/B test-ready email outreach
capabilities. Plus you get unlimited users, so you can scale up
without scraping the bottom of your budget barrel.


Best for: Sales and marketing organizations frustrated by dirty and

DiscoverOrg missing prospect data.
discoverorg.com Cost: $$

Best for: Mid-market-enterprise teams selling complex deals to

DataFox assesses the overall health and quality of your data,
accounts with multiple decision makers.
identifies and resolves discrepancies, and enables you to quickly
Cost: $$$–$$$$ discover and add targeted accounts and prospects on the fly. For
good measure, DataFox also has a Company Signals feature that
DiscoverOrg is the most robust solution in sales and marketing adds continuous value and insight to your prospecting efforts.
intelligence on the planet. Get full contact lists that auto-update (in
your CRM!) as prospect and account information changes. Email,
phone, and social information is included.


Best for: B2B sales and marketing teams who want to

synchronize, streamline, and spruce up their prospecting process.

Cost: $$–$$$

ZenProspect is the only complete, all-in-one sales intelligence and

automation tool on the market. You can import current leads and
run outbound email and call campaigns complete with scheduling,
segmentation, messaging analytics, and A/B testing, all from a
single interface.

LeanData Terminus
leandatainc.com terminus.com

Best for: Sales organizations that lack coordination and insight Best for: Entry-level account-based marketing teams using
into sales lead management. Salesforce.

Cost: $$ Cost: $$–$$$

LeanData focuses exclusively on all things lead management. Get Terminus brings an amazing 3-step level of simplicity to B2B
total transparency on attribution, routing, workflow, and sales cycle marketing leaders. If you’re new to ABM and need a platform that
progression with drag-and-drop self-serve interfaces and visually can show you the ropes while you see your strategy through to
compelling real-time reporting. completion, Terminus is a great option.

InsideView Demandbase
insideview.com demandbase.com

Best for: Account-based teams and challenger sales organizations Best for: Mid-market and enterprise B2B companies leveraging an
with complex sales cycles. account-based marketing strategy.

Cost: $$–$$$ Cost: $$–$$$

InsideView embeds relevant targeting intelligence throughout your Demandbase is built to tackle all four corners of an account-based
workflow and funnel by using key data points for prospects and marketing strategy, offering robust solutions for identifying target
contacts, real-time insights from social and press sources, and a accounts, running tailored advertising campaigns, routing insights
view into your connected network within each account. to sales, and analyzing your sales funnel through an ABM lens.


Best for: Companies that are running account-based anything.

Cost: $$–$$$

Engagio is leading the account-based movement by equipping

marketing, sales, and customer success with account-centric
analytics and orchestrated outbound interactions. Account
insights range from who to target, who’s engaged, and who is
getting touched by marketing and sales.


The New CMO

The Trend

Operations and revenue. Add those skills to the laundry list. As the roles and
responsibilities of the B2B marketing organization evolve, so too do those of their
chief officer. Marketing organizations are being given increased responsibility for
revenue and marketing operations. These new demands require an updated skill set
from marketing leadership.

F or “The New CMO,” the scope of the role is rapidly expanding

beyond brand vision, people management, creative development,
The Needs

market research, advertising, agency management, and being 1. Optimize marketing-sales alignment
the voice of the customer in the organization. The baseline has • Aligned companies earned 208% more revenue via
shifted. The modern CMO now leads a full-funnel marketing team, marketing. (MarketingProfs via HubSpot)
responsible for driving not just acquisition, but customer success. • When sales and marketing are in sync, 67%
In many B2B companies, product marketing, retention, upselling, increase in closed deals. (Marketo via HubSpot)
customer happiness, and even user experience now fall under the
CMO’s purview.
2. Reporting on pipeline performance
Technological savviness in 2017 isn’t about digital channels, social 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their
media, or interactive experiences. It’s about wrenching accurate funnel. (MarketingSherpa via HubSpot)
and actionable insights from an often unwieldy and complex
technology stack. It’s about having the confidence and capability 3. Supply sales with educational
to go beyond steering “marketing strategy” and towards steering
content and assets
“business strategy.” The technology landscape is evolving so quickly
• 82% of buyers viewed 5+ pieces of content from
that many senior marketers have never touched key tools in their
winning vendor. (Forrester via HubSpot)
stack—especially when it comes to analytics and reporting. Having a
• 95% of buyers chose a solution provider that
rich understanding of the character and capabilities, the nuance and
“Provided them with ample content to help
nature, of new technology is critical for today’s CMO.
navigate through each stage of the buying
The New CMO doesn’t have to get their hands dirty, necessarily, but process.” (DemandGen Report via HubSpot)
they need to be able to work a pivot table, and work it well. He or she
cannot command a siloed department, but must be a unifying voice 4. Manage full-funnel marketing teams
on the executive team. Finally, the new CMO must savvily handle 64% of CMOs have an informal/no process for
data—lots of it. managing marketing automation. (HubSpot via
Thought Process Enterprises)

The Tools

Prezi Business HubSpot

prezi.com/business hubspot.com

Best for: Businesses that want to stand above the competition Best for: Any marketing or sales team that wants to get started
with engaging presentations and real-time analytics. the right way or make what they’re already doing the very best it
can be.
Cost: $–$$
Cost: $–$$$
Prezi Business is an entire suite of presentation and analytics
tools for those wishing to break through the noise of their slide- HubSpot is king of the content marketing universe. It’s an all-
wielding competitors. Unlike slides, Prezi Business lets users in-one tool that has everything you need to start a successful
navigate between topics at will, following the natural flow of marketing program—including marketing automation, templates,
discussion. “Conversational presenting” feels more personal, email campaigns, and landing pages. Plus it has endless content
more relevant, and better-prepared for your specific target than explaining how to be a blogging and social media superstar.
traditional one-way slide shows. And when you’re done, powerful
analytics let you see who’s viewing your materials and which parts
they find most interesting.

Oracle Eloqua

Marketo Best for: Large marketing teams with equally large budgets,
marketo.com complex operations, and plentiful marketing automation
Best for: Experienced marketing automation users with an Cost: $$$$
extensive library of existing content, a complex sales cycle,
multiple decision makers, and varied ICPs.
In terms of sheer functionality, Eloqua is without equal. A
Cost: $$$–$$$$ sophisticated, enterprise-grade platform that covers every inch
of the field for modern digital marketing operations, Eloqua is
Marketo is heavy machinery when it comes to marketing built for big-time companies with Ph.D-level digital marketing
automation. Under the right circumstances, it’s the most powerful practitioners at the helm.
weapon a marketing team can own, as it provides the most
complete suite of features that high-growth and mid-market
companies need.

Pardot Emma
pardot.com myemma.com

Best for: Mid-Market and Enterprise companies running robust Best for: Sophisticated marketing teams with a dedicated email
sales operations via Salesforce. marketing role.

Cost: $$$–$$$$ Cost: $$–$$$

Pardot has all the functionality your team needs to smarten Emma delivers the most granular email automation experience
and segment inbound lead generation, outbound nurturing, and you’ll find. Its segmentation, design, and reporting capabilities
sales-marketing alignment. The prospect segmentation features allow for customization and insights that drill down to a practically
are especially impressive, allowing you to run complex segment molecular level. Integrations with Salesforce, Litmus, and other
analytics on your entire prospect database in less than sixty key software providers make Emma a great option for the
seconds. committed email marketer.

Act-On sumome.com
Best for: Small, growing, and mid-market businesses that need an
Best for: Businesses in growth-mode who count customer affordable, lightweight website enhancer.
satisfaction as a competitive edge.
Cost: $–$$
Cost: $$–$$$
If you’re looking to optimize your website on a budget, SumoMe
Act-On distinguishes itself among marketing automation offers a suite of affordable solutions that are dead-simple to
platforms with its nonexistent ramp time and affordable pricing. set up and help you start driving immediate results. SumoMe’s
For newcomers to marketing automation who’d prefer to get ease-of-use and measurable impacts on conversion rate and
a quality platform up-and-running as quickly and painlessly as shareability are nothing short of guaranteed.
possible, Act-On is a solid choice.

Mailchimp optimizely.com
Best for: Marketing leaders with high ICP variation and a
Best for: Marketing teams light in existing marketing automation dedicated inbound strategy.
and budget. Client Success teams in larger organizations looking Cost: $$–$$$
to send product newsletters and alerts to existing customers on a
separate, standalone platform.
Optimizely is a pure website optimization tool that includes
Cost: $–$$ features like A/B testing, site conversion analytics, traffic flow
visualization, and mobile toggling. Optimizely’s personalization
Mailchimp has one of the most passionate fanbases in all of sales capabilities enable companies to create variables of each page
and marketing software. It’s a godsend to newly-minted startups that appeal most directly to site visitors based on handpicked
and SMBs that can use its email templates, drag-and-drop builder, data points.
mass distribution capabilities and analytics with up to 2000
people—free of charge.

Unbounce Sprout Social
unbounce.com sproutsocial.com

Best for: Marketing leaders looking to aggressively ramp up Best for: SMB and mid-market companies with strong, unique
inbound leads in 2017. content and buyer demographics that include younger targets.

Cost: $$–$$$ Cost: $–$$$

Unbounce developed a pure landing page creation and SproutSocial helps you significantly amplify your social media
optimization platform for the coding-challenged marketing team voice through synched company and individual accounts. Schedule,
to help tackle the problem of high bounce rates. With Unbounce publish, and analyze posts across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and
you can build self-serve hosted sites, design landing pages, and other social channels using a single, powerful platform.
execute A/B testing and analytics with ease.

hootsuite.com Canva
Best for: Experienced social media gurus who have a core strategy
in place, but need a simple way to track, execute, and report. Best for: Companies with limited design resources, but creative
people with a vision to realize.
Cost: $–$$
Cost: $
HootSuite helps you streamline, organize, and schedule posts
across all of your social channels. Track keywords, measure the Canva is an intuitive, user-friendly design platform to create slick
ROI of your team’s social media efforts, and generate detailed assets for your brand, marketing, and sales materials. No need for
reports that demonstrate your share of voice. experience designing banners and infographics—Canva has tons
of pre-made templates and makes it easy to share new creations
with the rest of your team.


Best for: Companies that derive value from a strong social Infogram
presence. infogr.am

Cost: $–$$
Best for: Companies with limited design resources but that need
professional, sophisticated visuals to help them close bigger
Buffer is beloved by marketing managers and social sellers for deals.
its intuitive publishing and scheduling functionality across social
media channels. The ability to repurpose and analyze prior posts Cost: $–$$
across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram in a single click
is worth the price of admission by itself. Infogram is an essential tool for marketing and sales teams that
don’t have access to design resources, but that need a quick,
easy way to create professional-looking charts, infographics, and


Best for: Companies that want to create beautiful, shareable

software demos and presentations without worrying if everyone
will be able to see them.

Cost: $–$$

Screenflow makes it possible to easily edit, improve, and add

to your screencasts. You can also instantly download or share
recordings in a variety of ways through several different platforms.


The Segmented Sales Force

The Trend

A surprise to no one, specialization and division of labor has become the norm for the
modern B2B sales force.

S ales is about numbers: revenue, conversion rates, retention,

renewals. As a result, leaders in this organization are especially
The Needs

practical—they want to know what’s working so they can push it 1. Data storage on prospects and
further. They also want to know what’s not working, so they can
eliminate it at the root.
5.4 people now have to formally sign off on each
This highly logical approach makes optimization key. It’s necessary to purchase decision for complex enterprise sales.
fully understand how complex processes function, and how various (CEB via HubSpot)
elements of those processes work together, in order to drive action.
Leaders who want to do that effectively know that it all comes down 2. Coordinate, communicate and de-
to people.
silo across all roles
It’s people that define the roles that make up B2B sales organizations. 88% of missed opportunities were caused because
From inbound and outbound SDRs, to AEs, inside sales reps, field sales couldn’t find or leverage internal resources.
sales managers, and more, it’s the individuals who grow and learn in (Qvidian via HubSpot)
these positions that are a business’s direct line to the consumer. They
are invaluable resources for information, and are ideally positioned to 3. Maximize efficiency via automation
gain the most intimate understanding of markets and buyer personas.
and concentrated activity
But in reality, it’s rare that B2B sales organizations and the markets
Only 33% of inside sales rep time is spent actively
they serve are as neatly segmented as they appear to be on paper.
selling. (CSO Insights via HubSpot)
This means that collaboration between different segments of the
B2B sales org is critical. It is the only way for different roles to adapt, 4. Turn data analytics into insights that
optimize, organize, and coordinate their actions for maximum
optimize your attack
impact. The “qualified sales process” has split B2B sales teams
Only 44% of companies are using any kind of lead
down into lean, purpose-driven units. Because of this, it’s now more
scoring system. (DecisionTree via HubSpot)
important than ever that sales leaders keep track of all of the moving
parts while they’re in motion.

The Tools

Ambition Close.io
ambition.com close.io

Best for: Growth, mid-market and enterprise front office teams Best for: Growing sales organizations that do it all, from
with a rhythmic daily workflow, competitive employees, and high- prospecting to process management to customer service and
energy culture. beyond.

Cost: $$–$$$ Cost: $$–$$$

Ambition’s acclaimed employee productivity platform gives Close.io features an all-in-one sales acceleration package
360° visibility into individual and team performance. Create wrapped up with a proprietary phone system. Perfect for growing
accountability and recognition with live performance data from sales teams and sales leaders obsessed with streamlining
any data source. Track and broadcast key metrics to personalized operations, creating the perfect conditions for scaling, and
dashboards and office TVs. Put holistic goals right in front of your pushing for massive growth.
reps. Compare activity level and goal attainment across teams to
see how hard and how smart your reps are working. Benchmark
success for teams, roles and individuals, then drive results via
automated scorecards, contests, recognition and reporting.
Perfect for front office teams that value performance-driven
culture and transparent operations. Base

Best for: Sales orgs that are data-obsessed and want to ramp up
response time, lead capture, and profits from a single CRM hub.

Cost: $$

Salesforce Considered by many to be the most prolific up-and-coming

salesforce.com challenger to Salesforce, Base includes analytics that encourage
a deeper, broader understanding of sales performance that goes
Best for: Sales organizations with multiple tiers, international well beyond leads and revenue, but that still makes sense to folks
targets, and legions of fractured verticals to handle. without data-heavy backgrounds.

Cost: $$–$$$$

Salesforce is the kingpin of inside sales software. This platform

has it all—millions of users, a phenomenal pedigree, and an App
Exchange with thousands of plugins that help make your sales Pipedrive
operation a well-oiled machine. pipedrive.com

Best for: Small and growing sales organizations that need

to swiftly adapt and scale for new customers, markets, and
verticals—but still need to keep costs down.

Cost: $

More affordable than almost every other comparable CRM on the

market, Pipedrive offers everything you need to get your sales
team up and running. It’s a perfect CRM for early-stage startups
and is amazingly robust for its price.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 KiteDesk
microsoft.com/dynamics-365 kitedesk.com

Best for: Sales orgs that are new to the automation game, but Best for: The sales organization that wants to spend way less time
want to ramp up quickly and be prepared to scale. finding leads and way more time turning them into customers.

Cost: $$ Cost: $$–$$$

Dynamics comes at a price-point that’s slightly better than Kitedesk helps you hand deliver highly-targeted leads, complete
Salesforce, but doesn’t quite offer the resources, plugins, or with verified phone numbers and email addresses, to your sales
community of SFDC. It includes expansive apps integration team. Never again will you pay for a bad list or experience the fury
capabilities and a buffet of tools that allows you to pick and and frustration of junky emails, disconnected phone numbers, and
choose how you use it as your needs evolve. bogus prospects.

Outreach SalesLoft
outreach.io salesloft.com

Best for: Any sales team entering the new year with a quota and a Best for: SMB and mid-market companies looking to scale
CRM. outbound sales development.
Cost: $$–$$$ Cost: $$–$$$

Outreach lets managers establish workflow, analyze effectiveness, SalesLoft is an established sales automation platform that comes
and keep segmented teams in sync. The value for reps is equipped with auto-dialers, voicemail templating, email tracking,
spectacular, enabling individual team members to absolutely call recording, and tight synchronicity with Salesforce. There’s tons
manhandle daily workflow with coordinated, multi-channel of functionality for streamlining and improving account-based
prospect communication. sales development efforts quickly.

Velocify ToutApp
velocify.com toutapp.com

Best for: Heavy Salesforce users who hit the phones like it’s still Best for: Highly-collaborative sales organizations who are still on
the 1980s. the road to full maturity.

Cost: $$–$$$ Cost: $$–$$$

Velocify is an all-purpose sales acceleration platform with ToutApp is an all-in-one team communication, outbound email, and
three major product suites. Use Pulse for process enforcement, calendaring tool that syncs with Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar,
LeadManager for prospecting automation, and DialIQ for cold Salesforce, and Marketo. Stellar and diverse functionality helps you
calls. No matter what type of sales organization you have, there’s drive both inbound and outbound sales campaigns.
immense value to be gained from this platform.

Yesware HelloSign
yesware.com hellosign.com

Best for: Front office reps who conduct outbound communication Best for: Sales organizations who use team chat and collaboration
primarily via email. tools, and that have a swiftly growing rotation of contracts coming
Cost: $–$$
Cost: $–$$
If ‘read receipt’ is the extent of your outbound email tracking, you
need Yesware. Get live notifications of prospect interaction plus This eSignature solution is quickly dominating the market, thanks
real-time reports on opens, clicks, and more. Yesware is also to its full integration with Google Apps, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and
souped-up with email templating, prescriptive analytics, and its Evernote. Status notifications, templates, and branding are just
very own auto-dialer. some of the cool features that help you secure the bottom level of
your sales funnel.


Best for: Growing B2B sales teams focused on improving

conversion rates.

Cost: $–$$

GetAccept is a sales document automation platform specifically

designed for the lower half of your sales funnel. It’s the
only platform that offers 1-to-1 prospect communication,
video, reporting, and eSignature. Additional features such as
remarketing tools and live notifications on prospect interaction
make it a great choice.


Best for: Rational sales organizations who think like Don Draper—
not Harvey Specter.

Cost: $–$$

DocuSign lets you manage, send, sign, and redline legally-binding

documents electronically with next-to-zero hassle. DocuSign is the
fastest, most secure way to put the finishing touches on a hard-
won sale.


Customer Experience: A Unifying

Force for Sales & Marketing
The Trend

The more expensive or complex a product, the longer the sales cycle. The longer the
sales cycle, the more touch points needed to shepherd the customer through the
buying journey. The more touch points, the more chances you have to screw the whole
thing up.

A single negative experience during a brand interaction is enough

to turn off many customers, or at least get them thinking about
The Needs

alternatives. Customer Experience (CX) has been on the radar of 1. Guide prospects through a coherent
many business leaders for some time now. It’s one of those things
and deliberate buying process
that sounds good in a board meeting but never gets the attention it
57% of the buyer’s journey is completed before the
deserves. To date, investment and execution in CX, market-wide, has
buyer talks to sales. (CEB)
been lacking. Companies that make it a priority, see results.

Customer Experience will be the defining element in marketing 2. Create feedback loops for
and sales strategy in 2017. The increased importance in creating
communicating with customers and
seamless CX will push companies to align not just Marketing and
Sales departments, but Customer Success and Product as well. implementing insights
91% of unhappy customers who are non-
Customer Experience is critical to growth and competitive complainers simply leave. (Huffington Post)
differentiation. CX cannot be a separate and final phase of a business
strategy, or limited to interaction with the product itself. It is a
3. Turn buyers into repeat buyers,
function of marketing and sales, and how well those departments
coordinate communication with the customer. advocates and channel partners
Increasing customer retention rates by 5%
CX starts with awareness and ends when … well, it never ends. increases profits by 25–95%. (Bain & Company
via HubSpot)

The Tools

LeadGenius Front
leadgenius.com frontapp.com

Best for: Sales and marketing teams that want to function as Best for: SMB, High Growth, and Mid-Markets who struggle with
two limbs of the same organism, supporting each other’s goals, silos—and with timely internal and external communication.
evolving together, and perfecting the buyer journey.
Cost: $–$$
Cost: $$–$$$$
Front allows business teams to coordinate external
As your target database begins to grow, LeadGenius helps communication: routing all incoming, outgoing, and internal
you prune prospects, cultivate customers, and zero-in on communication from email, social media, phone, and messaging
company decision-makers. Use it to ditch bad leads, unearth to a single organized inbox. On top of that, it’s also a full-fledged
new stakeholders and decision-makers, and scale your best- internal team communication platform.
performing campaigns with A/B test-ready email outreach
capabilities. Plus, you get unlimited users, so you can scale up
without scraping the bottom of your budget barrel.


Intercom Best for: High growth and mid-market companies with growing
intercom.io headcount in support.

Cost: $$–$$$
Best for: SMB, High Growth and Mid-Markets who rely heavily on
client renewals and upsells.
Talkdesk enables call center levels of client support—without
Cost: $$–$$$ the actual call center. It’s an auto-dialer that also routes calls,
integrates with your CRM and Helpdesk, tracks response time,
Intercom’s platform is essentially four separate products bundled and provides detailed analytics about the quality and efficiency of
into one. Allowing your personnel to chat with clients, onboard and your interactions.
upsell more effectively, and leverage customer feedback, makes
Intercom great for both inbound and outbound sales.

zendesk.com Best for: Software providers looking to thrive—not just survive—at
managing client success.
Best for: Maturing support teams that default to online
Cost: $$–$$$
correspondence with customer issues.

Cost: $$–$$$ For software providers, Gainsight’s platform is jaw-dropping in

its totality. The potential breadth and scope of its application and
Zendesk began paving the way for streamlined, effective, and value-adds range from improving customer retention, to driving
tech-enabled customer service almost a decade ago. Zendesk client advocacy and increasing upsells.
features like Help Center builder, their ticketing system, and real-
time chat offer the perfect suite of functionality.
Mixpanel Influitive
mixpanel.com influitive.com

Best for: Software providers who place product development and Best for: Businesses in growth-mode who leverage customer
customer success above all else. satisfaction for competitive edge.

Cost: $–$$$ Cost: $$–$$$

Mixpanel is built specifically for digital software products. Influitive allows companies to activate their customers and
Mixpanel specializes in tracking granular activity trends across use them to generate referrals, warm leads, and word-of-mouth
your user base, so you can see what’s driving retention, renewals, inbounds. A full suite of features helps organize and propel
upsells, and much more. user review campaigns, reference call lists, and incentivized
promotion programs.

Best for: SaaS companies looking to kill 2+ birds with one stone. allbound.com

Cost: $$–$$$ Best for: Companies with pre-existing sales partners, or a nascent
partnership program.
An innovative platform that goes deep with buyer behavior
Cost: $$–$$$
tracking, event notifications, and actionable funnel analytics,
KISSmetrics also has a marketing suite which includes laser-
focused functionality on prospect behavior, digital marketing Allbound has one purpose: drive channel sales and marketing
effectiveness, and A/B testing capabilities. success with your company’s closest partners. Allbound is a
software bridge that streamlines collaboration, content sharing,
partner engagement, and business intelligence across each of
your channels.


Best for: Companies with tightly-aligned marketing, sales, and

client success strategies—that want their clients and prospects to
really feel heard.

Cost: $–$$$

Drift is a breakthrough communications tool that enables

sales teams to communicate with prospects in a Google chat-
like experience whenever they visit your company website.
Catch prospects while they’re hot and address client support
issues instantly.


Personalize Everything: From

Messaging to Management
The Trend

There is an inverse relationship between personalization and scale. Personalization is

labor-intensive. It takes effort. A highly-personalized customer experience consumes
more resources than one-size-fits-all.

W hat do companies stand to gain with that investment? A

chance to compete in a crowded market. Consumers can only
The Needs

absorb so much noise, and personalization is an opportunity to cut 1. Prospect intelligence

through the clutter. Nearly 57% of B2B prospects and customers feel
The push to personalize everything goes hand in hand with the rise of that their sales teams are not prepared for the first
millennials in the workforce and the need for well-designed customer meeting. (IDC via HubSpot)
experiences. From outbound sales and marketing to employee
performance management, technology is helping businesses create 2. Outbound communication with
more personalized, beneficial experiences for prospects, customers, prospects and clients
and employees alike. Personalized emails improve click-through rates
B2B buyers have been conditioned to expect B2C-like personalization. by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%.(Aberdeen
However, in this area, business-to-business companies lag well-behind Group via HubSpot)
their business-to-consumer counterparts. B2B companies see the
need for personalization—they just have yet to get there. 3. Employee onboarding and
A blanket approach to content and strategy is no longer enough to management
get the job done. More empowered customers can see it and feel it. It takes B2B sales reps nine months, on average, to
Personalization is necessary to survive and thrive at each stage of get fully up to speed when joining a new company.
the buyer journey. (E-Strategy Trends)

Luckily, technology is making it possible to heavily reduce the

resource-investment gap between a highly-personalized customer
experience vs. one-size-fits-all.

The Tools

Prezi Business PersistIQ

prezi.com/business persistiq.com

Best for: Businesses that want to stand above the competition Best for: SMB and high-growth companies looking to discover the
with engaging presentations and real-time analytics. secret sauce to help them scale outbound efforts.

Cost: $–$$ Cost: $$

Prezi Business is an entire suite of presentation and analytics PersistIQ is a unique outbound platform that refines messaging
tools for those wishing to break through the noise of their slide- and creates repeatability via intuitive A/B testing and set-up-
wielding competitors. Unlike slides, Prezi Business lets users and-go email campaigns. Instantly build new email lists from
navigate between topics at will, following the natural flow of SFDC, LinkedIn, or CSV and even auto-detect duplicate leads
discussion. “Conversational presenting” feels more personal, and reply emails.
more relevant, and better-prepared for your specific target than
traditional one-way slide shows. And when you’re done, powerful
analytics let you see who’s viewing your materials and which parts
they find most interesting.


Best for: SMB and high-growth sales organizations using

Cirrus Insight Salesforce and Gmail to run email-heavy outbound campaigns.
Cost: $–$$
Best for: Sales professionals who use Salesforce and Gmail in
their daily workflow. If your sales team uses both Salesforce and Gmail and runs
outbound almost exclusively over email, then it’s time to meet
Cost: $
Groove. Groove allows you to sync your Google Calendar and
Gmail account to Salesforce, create targeted prospect lists, multi-
If you use Salesforce and Gmail, go download Cirrus Insight step touchpoints, and synchronized campaigns.
from the AppExchange right now. This is the 2nd highest-rated
Salesforce application of all-time for two simple reasons: it’s
remarkably user-friendly, and consistently upgraded with new
features and functionality.


Best for: SMB and high-growth sales organizations using

Salesforce and Gmail to run email-heavy outbound campaigns,
and that are dedicated to standing out.

Cost: $–$$

SendBloom’s automated prospecting software is built to enable

more personalized 1-to-1 email campaigns using a fraction of
the typical time and labor. Create granular segmentations, build
and clone frictionless campaigns, and tailor messaging based on
prospect data fields.
Zoom GoToMeeting
zoom.us gotomeeting.com

Best for: Business teams of all sizes that are disillusioned with Best for: Serious web conferencers who want zero frills and
their current web conferencing provider. a utilitarian software that attendees are most likely to be
comfortable with using.
Cost: $–$$$
Cost: $–$$
Zoom lets you run slick marketing webinars, interface with sales
prospects, onboard new clients over video, and record it all so you GoToMeeting allows you to run video demos, international
can review and analyze it later on. If you’re looking to ditch your conference calls, and virtual meetings. It also has the added
old web conferencing approach, the quality, usability, and support functionality of screenshare, recording, and virtual execution of
that Zoom delivers warrants your attention. PowerPoints and other presentations.

BlueJeans Vidyard
bluejeans.com vidyard.com

Best for: Mid-market and growing companies in competitive, Best for: Companies with a strong array of existing video assets
innovative markets. and strategies ready to launch.
Cost: $–$$$ Cost: $$

BlueJeans is the market leader in cross-functional video Vidyard offers the most robust solution for leveraging video
communication for modern business teams, largely because it’s content across sales, marketing, support, and internal team
the most versatile in terms of functionality, and the most primed channels. Tailor and embed videos across your website and
for opportunistic companies looking to gain an edge via video. communication channels with maximum efficiency, analytics,
and personalization.

Best for: Inexperienced web conferencing users looking for a
simple, low-impact solution.
Best for: Growth and mid-market B2B teams with a substantial
Cost: $–$$ video asset library.

Cost: $$
With no cost and no need to download anything, Join.me is
many business teams’ first brush with web conferencing software.
Consensus lets you dynamically stitch together videos with
Additional benefits like call recording, analytics, and versatile
unprecedented personalization, automation, and analytics. Slide
attendee preferences make virtual conferencing a worry-
in different clips, attach PDFs, and track prospect interaction with
free experience.
branded videos to help your sales team close more deals.


Best for: High growth, mid-market and enterprise companies that

use Salesforce.

Cost: $–$$

LearnCore takes sales, account management and customer

support team onboarding, training, and coaching to the next level
with its versatile array of features. Track new hire onboarding,
coach and train using in-game footage, and create a dedicated
system to get the most out of your front office personnel.


Best for: Mid-sized inside sales teams that hit the phones
throughout the entire sales process.

Cost: $$

ExecVision delivers the full suite of features needed for

optimum call coaching, including live call feeds, feedback
channels, recording, analytics, scorecards, storage, organization,
and reporting.


Best for: Sales organizations that primarily conduct calls and

meetings via web conferencing.

Cost: $$

Gong.io is like an instant replay system with in-game analysis

that’s powered by AI. Gong.io also provides teams with a call
recording library, auto-routing to managers and peers, and a time-
specific comments section for each recording.


The Consolidated
Technology Stack
The Trend

Marketing and sales teams are beginning to consolidate their stacks.

T he B2B marketing technology stacks are getting heavy. The

integrations, mergers, and partnerships of 2017 will shape the
The Needs

landscape for the next decade and beyond. Integrations are key, and 1. Seamless integration and reporting
marketing and sales tools are becoming multi-purpose instead of The marketing technology industry has seen a
point solutions. 3,400% increase in technologies and solutions in
In this new ecosystem, companies should make buying and renewal about 5 years. (MarTech)
decisions based on four key measurables: adoption, effectiveness,
efficiency and synchronicity. B2B Marketing and Sales teams need 2. Force multipliers on technology and
(and will be more apt to adopt) tools that give them an edge, not slow personnel investments
them down. Broad-reaching functionality, automation and integration 31.3% of companies achieved all or a majority of
capabilities are all huge pluses. sales effectiveness initiatives implemented during
Across functions, it’s important for managers and operations the past two years. (CSO Insights)
leaders to proactively ask reps for their own assessment of current
enablement tools. Oftentimes, reps will also have adopted their 3. Inter-department communication
own tools to help drive their individual daily efforts. Find out what’s and collaboration
working and try to ensure consistency. 59% of sales enablement initiatives containing
a formal process for cross-functional collaboration
achieved all or a majority of expectations.
(CSO Insights)

The Tools

Ambition LinkedIn Sales Navigator

ambition.com business.linkedin.com/sales-solutions/sales-navigator

Best for: Growth, mid-market and enterprise front office teams Best for: B2B sales and marketing personnel who are never
with a rhythmic daily workflow, competitive employees, and high- finished prospecting.
energy culture.
Cost: $$
Cost: $$–$$$
Sales Navigator gives you the keys to the largest prospect
Ambition’s acclaimed employee productivity platform gives database in the world with targeting, list building, and integrations
360° visibility into individual and team performance. Create that are nothing short of spectacular. Combine Sales Navigator
accountability and recognition with live performance data from with a high-powered CRM and you’ll have a never-ending supply of
any data source. Track and broadcast key metrics to personalized targeted prospects.
dashboards and office TVs. Put holistic goals right in front of your
reps. Compare activity level and goal attainment across teams to
see how hard and how smart your reps are working. Benchmark
success for teams, roles and individuals, then drive results via
automated scorecards, contests, recognition and reporting.
Perfect for front office teams that value performance-driven InfusionSoft
culture and transparent operations. infusionsoft.com

Best for: SMBs yet to adopt CRM or marketing automation, but

that care deeply about alignment.

Cost: $$–$$$

Prezi Business In terms of sheer versatility, InfusionSoft is on a level of its own.

prezi.com/business This double-sided sales and marketing automation platform
caters perfectly to SMBs looking to streamline operations as
Best for: Businesses that want to stand above the competition tightly as possible.
with engaging presentations and real-time analytics.

Cost: $–$$

Prezi Business is an entire suite of presentation and analytics

tools for those wishing to break through the noise of their slide-
wielding competitors. Unlike slides, Prezi Business lets users Zoho
navigate between topics at will, following the natural flow of zoho.com
discussion. “Conversational presenting” feels more personal,
more relevant, and better-prepared for your specific target than Best for: Companies looking for a total connector across all of
traditional one-way slide shows. And when you’re done, powerful their chosen business software solutions.
analytics let you see who’s viewing your materials and which parts
Cost: $–$$$
they find most interesting.

Zoho brings it all to the table: CRM, helpdesk, accounting tools,

email, analytics—you’d be hard-pressed to find a more complete
suite of business operations features anywhere else. Zoho is
also the perfect solution for integrating with Google G-Suite or
Microsoft Office 365.

Sendgrid Segment
sendgrid.com segment.com

Best for: Email marketing teams built on strong engineering and Best for: Ops-minded business teams looking to leverage more
developer principles. value from existing software.

Cost: $–$$$ Cost: $–$$$

Sendgrid approaches email automation with an engineer’s With over 180 integrations available, Segment is perhaps the most
perspective, providing unique advantages for tech-savvy versatile bridge builder among existing sales, marketing, and
operations specialists and marketing leaders. Sendgrid’s key support technologies. Segment is great for creating connections
benefits are its powerful segmentation and API integrations, between any number of different platforms including helpdesk,
flexible workflow, and reporting clarity. payments, referrals, live chat, attribution, and SQL.


Best for: SMB marketing teams looking for an effective alternative

Best for: Companies whose employees have meeting after
to marketing automation.
meeting after meeting—and who can’t afford to miss a single one.
Cost: $$–$$$
Cost: $

Autopilot gives you complete control over how prospects are

Calendly takes away the pressure of managing multiple calendars
directed down the sales funnel, using personalization, automation,
and schedules. Simply set your availability preferences in the
and integrations with other apps. The ability to map complex
platform, share a link with people who want to meet with you, and
paths with unique outreach methods, like SMS, as well as auto-
leave the time selection and booking to them.
updates to Salesforce makes Autopilot a very compelling tool.

Zapier docurated.com
Best for: Companies with lots of great content, but no streamlined
Best for: Business operators who want an extinction event for processes in place to help sales reps leverage it.
team busywork.
Cost: $$–$$$
Cost: $–$$

Docurated allows your sales team to easily access relevant

Zapier helps you swiftly direct your data across separate apps to content like case studies, infographics, and videos. Docurated
make things as streamlined as possible. By selecting the apps ensures that the right assets are readily available by allowing you
you’re currently using and connecting with Zapier, this workflow to transform disparate content systems into a single, powerful
efficiency machine can reduce your busywork by leaps and bounds. knowledge base.


Best for: High growth, mid-market, and enterprise teams that are
content-driven and that interface B2B prospects digitally.

Cost: $$

Octiv understands that creating sales collateral is only good if

you can find it. That’s why Octiv empowers your team to access
all of your sales collateral with seamless customization, storage,
routing, and integration capabilities.


Best for: Call centers and phone-centric inside sales teams of all
shapes and sizes.

Cost: Contact

For sales teams that still hit the phone with abandon, RingDNA
is an auto-dialer that comes equipped with powerful automation,
intelligence, and analytics. RingDNA helps spur more efficient
workflow, more effective conversations, and insights between
sales and marketing.


Best for: Sales organizations who rely heavily on Salesforce and


Cost: $–$$

Troops is a GIF-driven Slackbot that auto-sends Salesforce

updates to team members via Slack. Get live updates on prospect
activity and newly closed accounts, coupled with compelling,
humorous visuals, to ensure that everyone in your sales team
stays happy.


The Currency of Trust

The Trend

From security, to customer service, to data quality, usability and beyond, trust will
become a key differentiator for marketing, sales and business intelligence technology
vendors in 2017.

T he world is getting smaller; the market more competitive. B2B

customers have the ability and willingness to shift spend. B2B
The Needs

companies want to business with partners they can rely on—as 1. Quick access to organized internal
they should. To stay competitive, B2B sales, marketing and support
and external data
leaders must leverage prospect, employee, and customer data to
A study of 61 million customer records by
prospect smarter, enhance their funnel, and drive renewal and referral
Dun & Bradstreet found that 84% of marketing
channels more powerfully than ever before.
databases are barely functional and 64%
In the past, buyer decision-making and internal decision-making lack basic data such as industry, revenue and
had two trust centers: brand and gut. Today, trust has three new employee fields. (Dun & Bradstreet)
trust centers: data, referrals, and support. To that effect, savvy
business leaders will lean heavily on data to make strategic decisions 2. Integrated cross-channel data
across sales, marketing and support. Data will be the North Star for
sources leveraging client data
increasing demand, prospecting smarter and creating shorter sales
84% of B2B decision makers start the buying
cycles and better customer experiences.
process with a referral. (SBI)
Word gets around. Marketing and sales leaders rely on their peers for
recommendations. Solutions that do not deliver on their promise of 3. Proactive, actionable insights
smooth onboarding, easy integrations, and reliable service will see 74% of marketers prioritize lead quality over lead
churn rise and adoption slow. Onboarding is more important than quantity, with 59% asserting that better database
ever. Dedicated support is a baseline expectation. Handing over a depth and accuracy is a top priority. (Dun &
technical product with the equivalent of an instruction manual does Bradstreet)
not cut it because buyers have options.

The companies that win will leverage key data insights from their
current client base to influence their entire marketing and sales
funnel. Add in a strong, data-driven employee management strategy
and you have foundations of a scalable, successful business.

The Tools

LeadGenius RingLead
leadgenius.com ringlead.com

Best for: Sales and marketing teams that want to function as Best for: CRM and marketing automation users struggling with
two limbs of the same organism, supporting each other’s goals, poor data quality.
evolving together, and perfecting the buyer journey.
Cost: $$
Cost: $$–$$$$
RingLead is a data health specialist that analyzes database
As your target database begins to grow, LeadGenius helps quality, corrects duplicate contact entries, and auto-routes leads
you prune prospects, cultivate customers, and zero-in on to appropriate personnel. A great investment for those who suffer
company decision-makers. Use it to ditch bad leads, unearth from the ailments of bad data.
new stakeholders and decision-makers, and scale your best-
performing campaigns with A/B test-ready email outreach
capabilities. Plus, you get unlimited users, so you can scale up
without scraping the bottom of your budget barrel.


Best for: B2B sales organizations that use Salesforce and are
ZoomInfo highly data-driven in their sales process.
Cost: $$–$$$

Best for: Sales and marketing leaders new to sales intelligence

software, or that are unhappy with their current provider. MatterMark uses automation and integrations with Salesforce,
Google Sheets, and web browsers to enable targeted data
Cost: $$–$$$ discovery, import, and enrichment across the board. MatterMark is
for those who are in need of some enrichment to their lead data.
This is the most powerful sales and marketing intelligence tool at
this price level. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to start
conducting targeted prospect collection, enrichment, and data
cleansing, ZoomInfo is for you.


Best for: Anyone vetting new (and existing) contacts, and who
needs more accurate contact info.
clearbit.com Cost: $–$$$

Best for: Prospectors, operations leads, and anyone who serves Hunter is the perfect starting point for a sales ops leader who is
the top of the sales funnel. looking to find prospect data quickly and easily. Simply install the
Cost: $–$$ Email Hunter plugin into your Chrome Browser, and whenever you
access a prospect’s LinkedIn page, Email Hunter will find their
email for you.
Clearbit is the most efficient way to get quick sales intelligence,
update your prospect list, and assess the viability of new inbound
leads you may be capturing. If you need help finding key decision
makers and their contact info within an account, Clearbit is for you.
Ghostery Tableau
ghostery.com tableausoftware.com

Best for: B2B sales and marketing teams that consider marketing Best for: Mid-Market and enterprise-level organizations with
technology to be a crucial data point in prospect accounts. relatively complex business operations.

Cost: $ Cost: $$$

A neat little app that reveals the entire marketing technology Tableu’s souped-up business intelligence platform connects with
stack of any company via their URL, Ghostery is a must-have hundreds of data sources, enabling instant data visualization,
for any sales or marketing team that derives value from finding sharing, and on-the-go mobile insights. Create every conceivable
information about anything from IT budget to front office pain graphic and build your business intelligence war room.
points and target markets.

Qualtrics gooddata.com
Best for: Experienced, resource-backed, enterprise-grade analytics
Best for: Mid-market and enterprise teams that see the value of and operations teams.
proactive, tailored, continuous feedback. Cost: $$$–$$$$
Cost: $$–$$$
GoodData offers a treasure trove of functionality that savvy
Qualtrics is the undisputed leader in survey-driven customer analytics professionals will turn into an arsenal for hyper-efficient
experience, employee engagement, and market research. Qualtrics business operations. This includes prescriptive guiding interfaces,
lets you ask the questions that matter most and have your versatile insight distribution, and predictive analytics that span
employees, customers, and markets answer them loud and clear. channels and departments.

Domo Looker
domo.com looker.com

Best for: Forward-thinking mid-market and enterprise companies Best for: Mid-Market and enterprise companies with disconnected
who rely heavily on disparate data tracking systems. data systems.
Cost: $$ Cost: $$–$$$

Domo demonstrates the changing tides in business intelligence If you’re using a disparate array of platforms to store key
and performance management. Slick visuals, goal-oriented performance data, Looker is here to bring order to the chaos.
graphs, team communication channels, and real-time notifications Want to see the big picture insights from Oracle, Intercom, Google
distinguish Domo as a unique solution built to maximize Analytics, and Salesforce all in one place? Looker was born to
deliverability, actionability, and visibility. make that happen.


Best for: Operations leaders that need to reduce lag time,

broaden relevance, and increase synchronization across business
intelligence tools.

Cost: $$–$$$

A sleek, streamlined business intelligence platform, Chartio has

quickly established itself as a leader of agile platforms predicated
on taking massive swaths of disconnected data and fusing them
into simplified, actionable business analytics.


Best for: High growth, mid-market, and enterprise sales

organizations seeking granular insights from inside the trenches.

Cost: $$–$$$

ClearSlide is a tool that provides deep insights into how

prospects are responding to your sales collateral. If you want to
test the mettle of your marketing collateral, phone effectiveness,
and follow-up emails, this is the total package for managers and
reps alike.


Machine Learning: Predictive

Sales and Marketing
The Trend

Many platforms already used by marketing and sales team have or are developing
predictive capabilities. However, many companies lack the data volume and/or quality
needed to get the value from these features. Opportunities are hiding in messy and
incomplete data.

M any SaaS companies have been incorporating machine learning

technology into their platform. In 2017, these companies will
The Needs

have gathered enough data to make machine learning a true value- 1. Lead scoring and prioritization
add to their platforms. 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to
Predictive is on the rise because lead prioritization, personalization, sales; however, only 27% of those leads will be
and content output are all time-consuming to do at scale. Having qualified. (Marketing Sherpa via Marketo)
clean, complete data is the first step. Forming a cohesive plan of
attack for each is the second. Third is implementation, execution and 2. Data volume and quality
adaptation based on what the data instructs. Big data has emerged as the critical factor to
achieving an enterprise-wide, customer-centric
Done right, machine learning has the opportunity to advance B2B
culture, according to 40% of CMOs and 51% of
sales like never before by doing all of the time-consuming, inefficient
CIOs. (CMO.com)
dirty work that data-driven outbound teams must do in order to drive
more successful conversations.
3. Data organization and completeness
24% of companies said that ¼ of their lead data
is complete: that means ~75% of lead data is
missing. (RingLead)

4. Dynamic, personalized customer

experiences must be scalable
• The biggest challenges with personalization cited
in the study are gaining insight quickly enough
(40%), having enough data (39%), and inaccurate
data (38%). (Experian via MarketingCharts)
• In-house marketers who are personalizing their
Web experiences and who are able to quantify the
improvement see, on average, a 19% uplift in sales.

The Tools

Prezi Business Infer

prezi.com/business infer.com

Best for: Businesses that want to stand above the competition Best for: High growth, mid-market, and enterprise sales
with engaging presentations and real-time analytics. organizations with defined ICP(s) and maturing sales and
marketing processes.
Cost: $–$$
Cost: $$–$$$
Prezi Business is an entire suite of presentation and analytics
tools for those wishing to break through the noise of their slide- Infer offers amazingly granular insight into prospect characteristics
wielding competitors. Unlike slides, Prezi Business lets users and interactions at all levels of your sales and marketing funnel.
navigate between topics at will, following the natural flow of Its customizable analytics give you a surefire way to assess the
discussion. “Conversational presenting” feels more personal, evolution of ICPs and the warmth of target accounts.
more relevant, and better-prepared for your specific target than
traditional one-way slide shows. And when you’re done, powerful
analytics let you see who’s viewing your materials and which parts
they find most interesting.


Best for: SMB, high growth, and mid-market and sales

InsideSales organizations with reliable data.
Cost: $$–$$$

Best for: High-performing mid-market/enterprise sales

organizations looking to become elite. InsightSquared provides sales forecasting, process insights, and
granular pipeline trends, all in one platform. Perfect for SMB,
Cost: $$$–$$$$ Growth and Mid-Market companies (SaaS companies are its
specialty), InsightSquared offers just the right level of functionality
InsideSales is an incredibly powerful tool with unmatched for science-minded sales managers, ops, and reps.
versatility. ISDC includes predictive forecasting, auto-dialing, lead
scoring, email tracking, and playbooks. It’s a potent Swiss Army
knife that will impress even the most watchful of sales leaders.


Best for: Companies that leverage a hybrid inbound and account-

based marketing model.

Cost: $$

Bizible provides incredible value by spotlighting the full impact

of marketing efforts throughout the entire B2B funnel. Bizible’s
true trick is how it predicts account interest and viability using
the behavioral data of leads within that account. This is a great
application of two key trends—ABM and machine learning—driving
modern B2B sales.
SalesWings Owler
saleswingsapp.com owler.com

Best for: Companies new to lead scoring/tracking who conduct a Best for: B2B reps pitching solutions to hard-to-impress decision-
transactional sales cycle. makers.

Cost: $$ Cost: $

SalesWings is a website tracking and lead scoring add-on that Researching a prospect can help you walk into a meeting and use
identifies, scores, and updates sales leads based on website their own words to sell them on your solution. Owler lets you do
activity. SalesWings is an easy way to start analyzing past and efficient, on-the-spot research on prospects—for free—and offers
future visits from leads and attach scores based on their level of comprehensive insights that you can modify and slice as you see fit.
engagement and interest.

Charlie crystalknows.com
Best for: Sales and marketing pros looking to improve internal and
Best for: Business pros that interface with prospects/clients and external communications.
have meeting-filled calendars.
Cost: $–$$
Cost: $
Crystal gives amazing insight into what type of person your
Charlie is the ultimate personal assistant for salespeople and prospect is and how to communicate with them based on how
executives who regularly meet with external stakeholders. Its they write emails, their DISC profile, and other bits of information.
specialty is researching the people attending your upcoming Crystal integrates with Gmail, and is a favorite of sales reps who
meetings, then providing you with timely, insightful briefs on use it for cold outreach.
recent developments, shared interests, and mutual connections
pertaining to everyone involved.


Best for: B2B sales reps with larger target accounts and more
complex sales processes.

Cost: $–$$

Nudge plugs into Gmail and shows you comprehensive

information on your prospect and their company, including latest
news, press hits, and social media posts. Nudge is a great tool for
gaining insight into your prospect’s behaviors and getting timely
updates on the state of the accounts you’re trying to close.