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Metacognitive skill

Name: ______________________ Date: _________ D. Drill skills

1. Tricia, a third year student is popular not only in their classroom 9. The teacher feels that he is somebody who lives in an “ivory
but also in the entire campus. She is always invited to soirees and tower”. This “I-thou” relationship between student and teacher is
pyjama parties. Students are drawn to her because of her seemingly shown by
friendly attitude. This intelligence according to Gardner is known as
____. A. Exercising favouritism

A. Popularity C. Interpersonal B. Teacher is pretending he knows everything

B. Congenial D. Intrapersonal C. Respect towards each other

2. Teacher Harold brought a hamster in the class during a lecture D. Prejudice towards the poor
about mammals. The hamster is a device commonly known as a 10. Krathwohl is gamous for his Taxonomy of Affective Domain,
REALIA. Teacher can only bring REALIA when ________. while Anita Harrow is known for his _______ domain.
A. Available C. Affordable A. Affective C. Cognitive
B. Feasible D. Workable B. Psychomotor D. Metacognition
3. When asked, students of Teacher Roel described him as someone 11. Teacher Edward invited several experts to shed light on the topic
who knows what he is talking about. Teacher Roel therefore exhibits of environmental protection. Teacher Edward is using the technique
a power known as ____. known as _____
A. Legitimate Power C. Referrent Power A. Symposium
B. Expert Power D. Reward Power B. Panel Discussion
4. Teacher Emmanuel requires his students to memeorize the poem C. Interview
“Mi Ultimo Adios” but they do not actually know the meaning of the
poem This traditional technique which turns the students into “tiny D. Socialized Classroom Discussion
parrots” is exhibited when teachers are _______?
12. To show disapproval to the misbehaviour of the student, Teacher
A. 2x4x8 Concept Teaching Charles clears his throat and looks intently at the erring student. This
classroom management style is commonly known as _______.
B. Textbook Technique
A. Proximity control
C. Direct Instruction Technique
B. Dropping of name
D. Rote Learning Theory
C. Signal interference
5. When will a teacher employ the “Oxford Oregon”?
D. Direct appeal
A. During discussion
13. Teacher Teresa would most likely end her goal-oriented lesson
B. During debate by _______
C. During reporting A. Planning of activities
D. During lecture B. Evaluation
6. Students are required to stay and live with a family of Aetas in C. Identification of topics
Zamboanga for a week. They will do this to study the lifestyle of the
ethnic group and come up with a report about the particular group. D. Formulation of objectives
The teacher will most probably rely on what technique?
14. According to Krathwohl’s affective domain of objectives, _____ is
A. Laboratory Technique the lowest level of affective behaviour

B. Practicum Technique A. Valuing

C. Field Study Technique B. Characterization

D. Apprenticeship Technique C. Responding

7. Teacher Gary religiously records the attendance of his students D. Organization

every day. He marks those who are tardy and absent in this
particular recording document known as _______ 15. To show the relations that exist among the Fourth year students
of Matayog Elementary School, the teacher can use ______
A. Form 1 C. Form 137
A. Johari Window
B. Form 138 D. Class Record
B. Sociogram
8. The directress of the school demanded that teachers should
encourage their students to go beyond simple recall and C. Group Dynamics
comprehension; instead she said that students should “think about D. Counselling
thinking”. If the teachers will follow the directress’ instruction, the
students will develop their ______ skill. 16. To improve comprehension and retention among the students,
the teacher’s best option would be to use
A. Hypothesis skill
A. Six thinking hats
B. Cognitive skill
B. Contextual Clues B. Deductive

C. SQ3R C. Inductive

D. Autodidactic Activities D. Picture aided

17. Teacher May would like to compare and contrast plant cell 24. Looking at how she presented the lesson, do you think the
versus animal cell. She would most likely use: teacher presented the lesson effectively?

A. Fishbone diagram A. Yes, she showed the picture

B. Venn Diagram B. No, the manner she presented the lesson is limited

C. Tree Diagram C. Yes, she presented it thoroughly

D. KWL Chart D. No, there was no evaluation

18. Students of teacher Corazon feels that their teacher has an “eye 25. How can the lesson be improved?
behind her head”. This characteristic of the teacher is known as
A. Add a discussion
A. Referrent Power
B. Include a quiz
B. Withitness
C. Start a review
C. Pygmalion Effect
D. Show more pictures
D. Rosenthal Effect
26. Which statement is not true about recitation?
19. Edward de Bono is famous for his instructional innovation
________ A. It is announced

A. Six thinking hats B. Possible questions are given

B. Graphic organizers C. Call a student before giving question

c. Understanding by design D. It is a form of discussion

D. 7 habits of Highly Effective People 27. The following negates facilitating learning EXCEPT

20. It refers to the science of developing a plan to attain goal and to A. Focus on the right side of the brain
guard against undesirable results B. Involves the both sides of the brain
A. Strategy of teaching C. Focus on the cognitive objectives all the time
B. Method of teaching D. Focus on the left side of the brain
C. Technique of Teaching 28. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, the highest among the following is
D. Teaching device A. Critical Comprehension
21. Teachers should allow his or her students to create the rules B. Critical Evaluation
inside the classroom to develop a sense of …
C. Integration
A. Discipline
D. Literal Comprehension
B. Self-control
29. Among the following educators, who proposed the placement f
C. Leadership children in a “prepared environment”?
D. Ownership A. Thorndike C. Kilpatrick
22. The teacher started his lesson about “addition of similar B. Montessori D. Froebel
fraction” by giving a general rule on how to add similar fraction then
eventually gives examples. His teaching technique is known as … 30. Teacher Roger would like to present the historical events that
happened in the field of education. Which amon the following would
A. Inductive C. Transductive be the best of help?
B. Deductive D. Outlining A. Cluster map C. Story map
23 – 25 B. Time line D. Affinity map
Case 1 31. When choosing an instructional aid or device, the primary
Teacher Fidelita conducted the lesson about mammals using the consideration of the teacher would be ____.
following procedure. A. Cost C. Efficiency
She showed pictures of animals like dog, cat, cow, and horse. B. Availability D. Suitability
She asked the students to look at the similarity among the animal. 32. This kind of intelligence that is characterized by strong ability to
She then gave the general characteristic of mammals see patterns in abstract forms

23. Based on the above case, what method did the teacher use? A. Kinesthetic C. Logical

A. Case presentation B. Spatial D. Natural

33. Katrina shows strong interest in writing personal journals and II. Unique instructional capabilities
diaries. She does not feel left out even if she is mostly by herself in
the school. She is most likely intelligent in the area of ______. III. Increased Teacher’s Productivity

A. Spatial C. Intrapersonal A. I only C. II and III only

B. Verbal D. Interpersonal B. 1 and II only D. I, II, and III only

34. Which of the computer-based instructional tool can help you 41. As a teacher employing the project-based multimedia learning
revise written work such as short stories and essays? (PBML) strategy, what are some limitations teachers expect from the
A. Word processing
I. There is a need for extending the time to use several
B. Spread sheet media

C. Database II. The presentation of the product is not an easy task

D. Desktop publishing III. The technology skills to produce a product may be

35. With the use of computer aided software, which can be used to
organize information about trees and planets? A. I only C. III only

A. Word processing B. I, II, III D. I and II only

B. Spread sheet 42. Ms Manalac wants to show to her class a magnified picture of
the Mt Pinatubo crater fixed on a bond paper. Which of the
C. Database following tools can she use?
D. Desktop publishing A. Filmstrip
36. A document published by the school district that identifies rules B. Opaque projector
of behaviour that must be followed by anyone using the school
district computers, network, or internet connection C. Overhead projector

A. Classroom rules D. Slides

B. Acceptable use policy 43. “Technology is not a panacea.” What does this statement mean?

C. Fair use A. Technology is the answer to all the problems of the

D. Ethical internet use policy
B. Technology is not a “cure-all” tool for the teachers
37. Mrs Reyes is a seasoned teacher. She has been in the service
longer than anyone else in the department. However, she is also the C. Technology will not always be a remedy in the learning
first person to resist in media utilization in the classroom and found process
out to be technophobic. What is she afraid of?
D. Technology is not a necessity in the teaching and
A. Fear in the use of technology due to limited exposure to learning process
new ideas and new equipment
44. Teacher Malou likes to show a close representation of the size
B. Fear of computers, laptops, PDA and shape of the earth and its location in the entire solar system.
What is the best instructional aid?
c. Fear of being changed by computers
A. Picture C. Realia
D. Fear of electrical circuits
B. Model D. Film
38. Teacher is the best visual aid. What does this statement mean?
45. Mrs Cruz dreams to organize a seminar with a known poet from
A. The teacher prepares visual aids another country butu she cannot afford to spend for the
B. The teacher is the sole source of learning transportation of the said poet. Which of the following can she use
so she won’t need to spend much?
C. The teacher is always the medium of teaching – learning
process A. Instant messaging

D. The teacher uses visual aids effectively B. Video Conferencing

39. Teacher Grace is assigned to handle a multi-grade class. What C. Distant communication
instructional materials must be used to provide the needs of each D. Podcasting
46. Teacher Elisa wants her studets to express their opinions
A. Differentiated materials to cater to different levels regarding a ceratin government issue. Which of the following can
B. Multisensory material she use to do this?

C. Colorful, useful and durable materials A. Forum C. Email

D. Materials of high level thinking skills B. Blog D. Group messaging system

40. Which of the following are the rationales behind using 47. A student of Mr Bernadette wants to clarify something regarding
technology in the classroom? the project she gave them. Which of the following is the fastest way
that the studet can use to send her the message if she is not online?
I. Motivational
A. Email the message
B. Post the message in a blog 54. Which statements on Information Communication Technology
are TRUE?
C. Use instant messaging on social networking sites
I. The use of ICT has negative effects
D. Wait till you meet the teacher
II. The use of ICT has a lot of benefits
48. Ms Ella will be absent for two days because of a national
conference. She wants her students to work on a certain module. III. The use of ICT is effective only in industrialized
What is the fastest way of sending the module to her students while countries
she is away.
A. I and II C. III only
A. Email a module to her students
B. II only D. I and II
B. Share it to all her students in her live account
55. Which of the following statements about computer viruses is
C. Send the module through group instant messaging TRUE?

D. Message each of the students on social networking site A. Test files are the only files to be corrupted by viruses

49. Ms Castillo wants to be sure if her instructional materials are B. Files are always permanently damaged by virus
effective? What should she consider?
C. Files damaged by computer viruses can be cured
A. Guidelines of the use of instructional material
D. Compressed files can never be damaged by viruses
B. Taking it for granted
56. What teaching method can best be taught by the use of
C. Purchasing iti without thinking many times computers?

D. Use materials immediately A. Role playing

50. Teacher Susan wants her student to learn more English. B. Debate
Specifically she wants her students to improve her listening skills.
She has a CD player, tape recorder and in internet connection. C. Panel Discussion
Which of the following is best for her students? D. Individualized instruction
A. CDs with English listening drills 57. Which teaching delivery will have the most use of educational
B. Tapes with English listening drills technology?

C. Internet websites such as Go4English, English language A. Cooperative learning

listening lab B. Distance learning
D. All of the above C. Investigatory learning
51. Mary is a new English teacher. She wants her students some D. Sandwich program
English puzzles and games to do over holidays. She likes the idea of
giving them vocabulary word hunt. She knows Microsoft word but 58. Which of the following is a result of compressing a file?
does not know how to make a word hunt puzzle. Which of the
following should she follow? A. The file is deleted

A. Go to Microsoft Word>File Open>Tools B. The file size is smaller

B. Go to Microsoft Excel>File Open>Tools C. The three character extension is hidden

C. Go to Microsoft PowerPoint>File Open>Insert Object D. All file properties are lost

D. Go to Microsoft Word>File Open>Table>Insert Table 59. Which of the following are the basic components of a curriculum
52. B.F Skinner is a known psychologist and the one who first to
describe operant conditioning. Which of the following techniques is A. Content, structure and delivery
an application of operant conditioning? B. Assessment, Teaching strategies, and textbooks
A. Master learning C. Philosophy, goals, and objectives
B. Project methd D. Standards, learning competencies, and evaluation
C. Computer-assisted instruction

D. Process approach

53. Ms Gretchen is an elementary grades teacher in a rural

community not reached by electricity yet, but she has some tapes
which can lead which can be useful to teach the topics on weather.
What practical audio-visual material should she use instead?

A. Pictures

B. PowerPoint Presentation

C. Films

D. Transparencies