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-Fixed swimming event registrations

-Fixed format string evaluation inside compiler overridden blocks
-Fixed the %n format specifier to correctly handle deleted references
-Fixed Get/SetLevCreatureTemplate and SetCalcAllLevels command definitions
-PluginAPI addition: IsUserFunction
-Reverted the No Actor Value AV type code to its original value to preserve
backward compatibility
-Added a command alias for SetFlyCameraSpeedMult (SFCSM)

0021 beta 4:
-Fixed AV type code for No Actor Value (existing scripts that use the old value,
256, will need to be corrected manually)
-GetAVSkillMasteryLevel/C uses base actor value for the skill
-Fixed ToggleCreatureModel to not CTD when enabling models
-Fixed GetStageIDs to work with stage-less quests. And to work in general
-Fixed GetStageEntries to correctly populate its result array
-Fixed RemoveEventHandler to correctly handle filtered OnHealthDamage event
-Fixed GetLuckModifiedSkill to allow negative values, call game code to calculate
the capped value (to improve compatibility with plugins that modify the formula)
-Get/SetLevCreatureTemplate, SetCalcAllLevels
-OnWaterSurface/Dive, Get/SetActorSwimBreath, Get/SetActorMaxSwimBreath,
-Fixed MagicEffectUsesOtherActorValue-GetMagicEffectOtherActorValue/C mix-up
-Allowed SetMagicEffectResistValue/C to remove resist AVs

0021 beta 3:
-Fixed compatibility with the CustomSpellIcons OBSE plugin
-Fixed issue with the script precompiler that caused it to erroneously display
errors when a script ended with a commented line
-Fixed issue with the equality operator that prevented the correct evaluation of
numeric-form comparisons
-Fixed SetSoulLevel/SetSoulGemCapacity; they apparently never worked hitherto
-Fixed GetActorValueC to correctly return negative actor values
-OnQuestComplete, OnMagicCast, OnMagicApply
-Get/SetSkillSpecializationC, GetRequiredSkillExpC, GetAVSkillMasteryLevel/C
-GetLuckModifiedSkill accepts an optional arg to return the uncapped result
-Missing plugin handler warnings display the name of the delinquent plugin
-Added attacker filter to OnHealthDamage
-Added GetActiveMenuRef support for the enchantment recharge menu
-PluginAPI additions: GetPluginLoaded, GetPluginVersion, PeekNextRecordInfo

0021 beta 2:
-Added support for minidump generation to help with post-mortem debugging
-Fixed issue with RunScriptLine that caused rare CTDs during game initialization
-Fixed issue with the serialization code that caused CTDs when a game session's
initial loadgame operation failed
-Fixed issue with RemoveScript that caused a CTD when called on a non-scriptable
-Fixed issue with ExpressionParser that prevented magic effect script references
from being resolved correctly when using the compiler override
-Patched vanilla bug that casued a CTD when an effect-less spell was added to the
player using the AddSpell command
-Patched vanilla bug that prevented NPCs from activating containers that had
onActivate blocks in their scripts
-Patched vanilla bug that permanently prevented the normal activation of unscripted
objects when the Activate command was used on them
-Annealed runtime error notification messages for script errors

0021 beta:
-HasTail, GatTailModelPath
-sv_ToUpper, sv_ToLower
-GetStageIDs, GetStageEntries
-UpdateContainerMenu, UpdateSpellPurchaseMenu
-Support for user-defined events
-ToggleSkillPerk supports Journeyman and Master Mercantile perks
-OnSoulTrap, OnSaveIni, OnMagicEffectHit2 events
-Pass string variables to vanilla commands using '$quest.stringVar' syntax
-MessageEX takes an optional duration, effective only if MenuQue plugin is running
-ModPCMovementSpeed and ModPlayerSpellEffectiveness accept an optional parameter
indicating if their effects should persist in the savegame
-Fix recursive calls to *_NS commands not blocking message spam
-Combat style commands allocate memory for "advanced" settings if not already
-Made annoying editor warning about unquoted strings/function pointers toggle-able
through INI file (in the Data\OBSE folder)
-Plugin API allows authors to optionally avoid dependencies on GameAPI/Utilities
header files
-Patch vanilla bug in which RemoveAllItems and GotoJail commands cause equipped
quest item enchantments to become permanent
-New loader injection method for the editor
-Fix issue with PluginManager that caused a CTD when a plugin registered a listener
inside a dispatch callback
-Updated project to Visual Studio 2010
-Add compiler override support for script bytecode lengths exceeding 0x4000 bytes
when using the CSE OBSE plugin
-Minor documentation fixes

-Fix compiler override using localized actor value strings
-Fix IsNthEffectItemScriptHostile returning inconsistent values
-Prevent equipping an item from generating multiple OnActorEquip events
-Prevent power-attacking generating multiple OnAttack events
-Fix GetActiveSpell returning zero if the player has not switched from the default
starting spell

0020 beta 6:
-SetDoorTeleport now accepts an optional argument specifying the change should not
be recorded in the savegame
-OnCreatePotion event
-Fix issues with input functions arising from conflicts between mods using
GetKeyPress and Enable/DisableControl.
-Fix IsDigit always returning true regardless of character type
-Fix misnamed OnPlayerDrop event to OnActorDrop
-Prevent GetDescription using cached value of skill perk text.
-Make SetInputText accept extremely long strings
-Make compiler override accept string_var as argument for old sv_* commands
-Fix OnSkillUp event

0020 beta 5:
-New events: OnHealthDamage, OnCreateSpell, OnEnchant, OnAttack, OnRelease,
OnBowAttack, OnBlock, OnDodge, OnStagger, OnRecoil
-OnActorEquip event now triggered by actors equipping items due to changes in their
-SetVerticalVelocity now operates in game units instead of centimeters
-Internal changes to handling of parallel script execution

0020 beta 4:
-(Set)IsHidden/Automatic/MinimalUseDoor, SetIsOblivionGate
-OnEatIngredient, OnNewGame events
-Update active effect commands to work on non-actor magic targets (doors,
furniture, etc)
-ar_Erase erases all elements if second argument omitted
-GetGameLoaded now returns true when the player starts a new game

0020 beta 3:
-OnDrinkPotion, OnActorDrop, OnSpell/ScrollCast, OnFallImpact, OnMapMarkerAdd
-GetEditorID optionally does not return formID if no string editorID exists
-%B, %b format specifiers for colored text in console
-Fix compiler override not being deactivated at end of script block
-Fix crash in GetRaceHairs/Eyes if race has no hairs/eyes defined
-Fix OnHitWith event being reported multiple times per event if weapon enchanted

0020 beta 2:
-GetRaceVoice now returns "this" race if no voice race is defined
-SetCellWaterHeight now works with cells that aren't defined in editor as having
-Make "stringVar[-x]" work as expected
-Make foreach/while loops thread-safe
-Fix issue with IsKeyPressed2 introduced in 0020 beta

0020 beta:
-Compiler override for passing OBSE expressions and data types as arguments to any
-IsNthActiveEffectApplied, GetNthEffectItem
-SetCellBehavesAsExterior, SetCellHasWater
-IsCellPublic, SetCellIsPublic
-IsOblivionInterior/World, IsInOblivion
-GetBoundingRadius, GetEditorSize
-SetPos_T, SetOwnership_T, ClearOwnership_T
-Get/SetLightDuration, Get/SetTimeLeft
-SetInputText, SetTextInputControlHandler, SetTextInputDefaultControlsDisabled

-Fix changes made to inventory references not being saved if the item previously
had no associated extra data
-Fix a potential issue with string variables
-Prevent infinite loop in RemoveEventHandler if more than one script registered for
a particular event type
-Partially fix an issue with Quest Log Manager mod generating array access errors

-Fixes an issue with stolen items in inventory

-Optional flag to RunScriptLine and RunBatchScript allows suppression of console
output during script execution
-Suppress editor warning about unquoted string when using the '->' operator
-Add 'type' field to array returned by GetPackageData
-GetBaseAVForActor now works for all actor values defined on base actors
-Fix GetCellChanged command not reliably reporting cell transitions
-Fix editor CTD associated with a buffer overrun bug present in the unmodified
Construction Set
-GetFirst/NextRef now support extremely large worldspaces
-Prevent OnHitWith events from being reported to event handler scripts twice per
-Fix issues with GetBarterItem
-GetPackageData now includes a 'Type' field indicating the package type
-Various miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes

0019 beta 4:
-Fix potential vanilla buffer overrun when parsing commands entered at console (so-
called '73-byte bug')
-Add OnActivate event handler support
-Event handlers can now be used with non-actor references
-Add PostLoadGame event handler
-GetActiveMenuSelection correctly recognizes and returns scrolls in magic menu
-GetInputText takes an optional argument to strip HTML from the returned string
-Make game preserve ownership data on inventory references
-Inventory references now correctly handle large quantities of items in a single
-Fix potential CTD in AddToLeveledList if called with an invalid list
-Updates to serialization of array/string variables
-Fix potential CTD if GetBarterItem called while a transaction is in progress
-SetClassSkills2 now works as advertised

0019 beta 3:
-IsQuestCompleted, UncompleteQuest
-GetRaceHairs/Eyes, GetRaceDefaultHair
-Update plugin API to allow calling user-defined function scripts from plugin code
-Allow plugins to accept array variables by ID as command arguments
-Expand plugin array variable interface
-Fix incorrect number of parameters for SetPCAttributeBonusC
-Fix potential crash when saving after iterating over inventory references
-GetFirst/NextRef now ignore partially-loaded references
-Fix issue with ToggleSpecialAnim
-Misc. fixes and tweaks

0019 beta 2:
-Get/Set/ModGoldValue now return correct values for alchemy items
-ar_Map and ar_List now accept up to 20 elements
-Fix potential crash when passing strings to script commands
-Fix issue with token/activator scripts which could cause Super Hotkeys to stop

0019 beta 1:
-Inventory reference-walking functionality
-Getters/Setters for spell flags
-Commands for getting and setting location/target/schedule data for AI packages
-ar_Map, ar_Append
-Commands for getting information about the most recent barter transaction
-Commands for getting information about the quantity menu
-RemoveMeIR, CopyIR
-Commands for getting information about the most recent Sigil Stone enchantment
-New operators: unary*, unary&, ::, ->
-Updates to plugin API
-New, more readable command documentation format (courtesy of TheMagician)
-Allow use of SetModelPath with creatures and NPCs
-Allow user-defined functions to be called from within array elements
-IsOffLimits uses player by default if argument omitted
-Move SetScript out of beta status
-Linear Algebra functions
-Commands for manipulating actor value modifiers
-Miscellaneous bug fixes and tweaks

-EquipItem2, EquipItem2NS
-GetNthAEEnchantObject, GetNthAESummonRef, GetNthAEBoundItem
-Fix crash when attempting to pass a string variable using '$' prefix
-Fix an off-by-one error in y-coordinate of cells scanned by GetFirst/NextRef
-HasName returns false if a potentially named object has no name
-Update plugin messaging API
-Fix potential crash in PrintTileInfo
-Miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes

0018 beta 6:
-GetAllies, GetTargets, GetSelectedSpells, GetCombatSpells
-Update plugin array variable API
-Fix token script errors caused by multi-threaded background loading of cells
-Upgrade GetFormFromMod to look up dynamic forms
-Add unary * operator for dereferencing a foreach iterator array
-Miscellaneous tweaks and bug-fixes

0018 beta 5:
-Fix potential errors in token scripts when loading a saved game

0018 beta 4:
-GetCurrentPackage, GetCurrentEditorPackage
-QuestExists, GlobalVariableExists
-Fix MapMarker bugs from b3
-Fix GetEquipmentSlot and GetequippedObject with the Torch/Light slot
-Fixes for OutputLocalMapPicturesOverride
-Fixes for Set/ModEquippedCurrentHealth
-Fix for errant problems with array access
-Fix for various expression parsing errors

0018 beta 3:
-SetOLMPGrids, GetGridsToLoad, OutputLocalMapPicturesOverride,
-GetBaseAVC alias for GetBaseActorValueCode
-Operators: * defined for strings, -= for numbers, unary # shortcut for ToNumber
-Enable support for select OBSE commands in quest/dialog conditions (currently only
GetPCTrainingSessionsUsed and IsAmmo supported)
-Fix SetBookSkillTaught
-Make Get/Set/ModEquippedXXX commands work with multi-slot apparel
-Fix inconsistent behavior with ar_Insert, ar_Size, and ar_Erase
-SetName/Ex update map menu immediately when changing the name of a mapmarker
-Fix crash when comparing empty strings
-RunScriptLine and RunBatchScript now return false if errors occur, true if
-Fix literal integrals used as command arguments in range 0-255 being treated as
negative at run-time

0018 beta 2:
-Add operators *=, /=, and ^=
-Operators == and != support array comparisons
-Fix GetNthEIScript return type
-Improve script error reporting
-Fix crash with GetTeleportCell
-Reduce compiled size of integral operands in script bytecode - this helps
alleviate a bug in the default compiler, but does mean that scripts using the obse
expression handler and compiled in v0018 beta 2 must be run in v0018 beta 2 or
-Fix crash compiling function scripts taking more than the maximum 10 arguments
-GetDoorTeleportRot returns z-rotation instead of x-rotation
-SetDoorTeleport correctly sets rotation
-Fix crash with some combat style functions
-import modwatershader console command as con_modwatershader
-miscellaneous internal bug fixes and tweaks

0018 beta 1:
-User-defined functions
-Class functions
-Array resizing, insertion, and list creation functions
-Door teleport functions
-Cell reset functions
-AI package functions
-combat style flag functions
-various miscellaneous functions, bug-fixes, and optimizations

-Support for the Steam version of Oblivion. Huge thanks to jmccaskey at Valve for
his assistance in getting this set up.

-Fix compiler occasionally freezing when attempting to save a script
-Make local variables take precedence over objectIDs in cases of name collision
-Fix crash with GetEquippedItems after unequipping slotless items
-IsModelPathValid now works with non-simple models like NPC and Hair
-Remove delay between calling InsertInInputText and seeing the displayed text
-Empty strings are no longer displayed as "NULL" with the %z format specifier;
instead nothing is displayed

-CanUsePower, SetCanUsePower
-GetUsedPowers, SetPowerTimer
-Plugin API dispatches messages to registered plugins containing savegame name
immediately before save/load serialization events
-Fix bug in which nested arrays could become invalid when reloading a svegame
-Compiler errors include line numbers
-ar_Last no longer crashes if array contains only one element
-obse_loader properly handles when large address aware flag is set on oblivion.exe

0017 beta 2:

[** Upgrade Information **]

Several changes occurred between beta 1 and beta 2 which require attention for
users of mods based on beta 1. All scripts based on beta 1 need to be recompiled in
the editor in order to function properly. Modders please update your mods; users
please contact the authors of your mods for updated files. Additionally, due to the
introduction of reference-counting for arrays, modders should be aware that arrays
created and saved using beta 1 are compatible with beta 2 provided that exactly ONE
reference to each array exists. If your scripts make use of the now-deprecated
assignment-by-reference operator '=>', resulting in multiple references to the same
array, then your users will need to revert to a clean savegame.
Please note that backward compatibility is not guaranteed for beta releases of
OBSE. Once 0017 is officially released, we will maintain backward compatibility
with the stable version.

-Fix assignment of forms to array elements in OBSE expressions
-GetClass takes an optional base NPC as an argument
-'%q', '%r', and '%e' are supported in string arguments to all functions, vanilla
or otherwise
-Ref-walking functions work correctly
-Array assignment is now by reference. OBSE destroys arrays when they are no longer
referenced, so scripts are no longer responsible for memory management
-PrintTileInfo no longer crashes the game
-Compiled bytecode for OBSE expressions is more concise
-GetButtonPressed works correctly for text input messageboxes generated from
scripts attached to temporary references
-Added QuitGame/QuitToMainMenu messages to Plugin messaging API
-Compiler enforces correct loop structures
-Added '$' operator as shorthand for ToString command
-Alternate syntax for sv_Destruct accepts multiple string variables as arguments
-ar_Null, ar_Copy, ar_DeepCopy
-ar_First, ar_Last, ar_Next, ar_Prev
-ar_Keys, ar_HasKey
-ar_BadStringIndex, ar_BadNumericIndex
-NumToHex, GetFormIDString, GetKeyName, AsciiToChar

0017 beta 1:
-Array variables
-ForEach and While loops
-New expression syntax
-Effect setting functions
-Combat style functions
-Functions to detect if keys or controls have been disabled via script
-Various bug-fixes and miscellaneous functions

- DeleteFromInputText
- MoveTextInputCursor
- Get/SetStringIniSetting
- Get/SetPCTrainingSessionsUsed
- Updated plugin API
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and tweaks

0016 beta 2:
Bug fixes:
- SetPCMajorSkillUps modifies player's ability to level up if it puts him above or
below the levelup threshold
- Fix display issues with text input commands
- Crash when calling GetCursorPos during gamemode while playing in full-screen
- UpdateTextInput restores previous buttons if input box is closed and reopened
- sv_Replace now works correctly
- MenuTapKey now works correctly
- Remove DeleteReference command until support for Oblivion v1.1 becomes possible
- %n specifier prints names of exterior cells
- Restrict SetBaseForm to non-actors
-GetLastCreatedPotion, GetLastUniqueCreatedPotion
- sv_Set
- IsConsoleOpen
- GetBookText
- GetMenuHasTrait
- SetChanceNone
- IsControl, SetIsControl
- Ability to specify button ID rather than name for ClickMenuButton
- Plugin API for string variables
- Allow default text for book text input
- Alternative to pipe character for string parameters to commands called from the
- Add optional RunOnRef param to RunScriptLine and RunBatchScript

0016 beta 1:
- New string variable datatype and associated commands
- Debug mode output for scripts
- Text input capabilities
- Spell effectiveness modifier commands
- Mapmarker commands
- UI manipulation commands
- Rudimentary script error logging
- Projectile commands
- Various other miscellaneous commands

- Fix crash when biped model path functions called on an object for which the
specified model is not defined
- Update GetMagicProjectileSpell to return staff enchantment for projectiles fired
from a staff
- Fix incorrect return value for GetPluginVersion when specified plugin is not
- Plugin manager now offers some protection against misbehaving plugins

- Add manifest to obse_loader to request UAC elevation on Vista
- Add -waitforclose loader option to help programs that watch for process
- Fix bugs in Enable/DisableControl
- Fix crash in various formatted string functions

0015 beta 2:
- Fix crash when passing a value of zero to %k format specifier
- Restore previous behavior of GetAltControl; add GetAltControl2, deprecating
- GetAlchmenuIngredient/Count/Apparatus
- Fix non-functional commands IsOnGround, IsInAir, and IsJumping
- SetNameEx now operates on references as well as base objects. NOTE: The order of
parameters has changed.
- Engine fixes for leveled list saving/loading
- Fix error reporting bug in the CS
- Fix kParamType_InventoryObject extraction in ExtractArgsEx
- Fix plugins not receiving a load callback if they have written no data
- Replace LL rand() calls with mersenne twister

0015 beta 1:
- Plugin serialization API
- Versions of functions such as AddItem which don't generate UI messages when
called on the player
- Projectile functions
- Functions returning information about the active mod list
- Sound functions for objects and creatures
- Functions returning information about an NPC's hair and eyes
- ToggleCreatureModel
- Functions to access variables in external scripts by name
- Functions to test the validity of reference variables
- SetMessageSound/Icon
- GetFullGoldValue
- Hotkey functions
- Detection state functions
- Functions to get and set services offered by NPCs including training
- Functions to iterate over an actor's AI packages
- Animation-related functions for actors
- Functions to return information about an actor's Havok state
- GetGodMode
- CompareScripts
- Leveled list functions
- Input functions are now synced with Oblivion control bindings
- Get/SetSpellHostile
- Functions to determine if a file path is valid
- Functions to return information about the player's level-up progress

- Fix plugin command overwrite bug

- Fix SetEnchantment to work on arrows
- %p, %q, %{} specifiers for output functions, fix bug when displaying names
containing literal percent signs, increase max string length
- Fix bug with MessageBoxEx and GetButtonPressed
- IsOffLimits ignores evil factions

0014: Message extension functions, NPC, Actor and Creature misc functions, Faction
functions, Race spell functions, Is/SetHarvested, ActorValue extentions for
ActiveEffect and HasEffect functions, IsPersistent, IsOffLimits, GetHorse/GetRider,
Get/Mod/SetActorValueC, GetBaseActorValueC, GetCreatureSoundBase, GetNumRanks,
HasModel, IsModLoaded, HasName, HasBeenPickedUp, GetRace.
Flag for ref-walking functions to include inactive references.
Tweaks to GetSpellMagickaCost to include Luck and skill caps.
Fix crash when adding a ScriptEffect with no name.
Fix crash when quest scripts call ref-walking functions during Main Menu.
All OBSE functions now accept float, long, and short variables defined in external
scripts as arguments.

0013a: bug fixes for GetOpenKey, SetNthEIXXX, Ref walking functions

- climate manipulation functions
- new easier-to-use input functions
- active magic effect manipulation and querying functions
- plugin querying API
- cell water level functions
- con_LoadGame, SetPCAMurderer
- internal visitor class framework
- improve speed of inventory walking via higher-level data structures
- fix Set/GetAttackDamage for creatures
- fix Set/GetEquippedWeaponPoison from stopping the script
- get/set travel horse and open key
- weather manipulation functions
- leveled list functions
- set/copy hair and eyes
- get creature base scale, reach and soul level
- get/set container respawns
- ownership functions
- linked and teleport door functions
- RefreshControlMap
- GetFirstRef, GetNextRef, GetNumRefs
- bugfixes for GetEnchantmentCost, GetSpellMagickaCost, IsAutoCalc, SetAutoCalc

0012: Official plugin support, race attribute and skill functions, some climate and
weather functions, enable effect item functions for ScriptEffects, add
SetNthEIScript and SetNthEIScriptName, Get/SetSpellExplodesWithNoTarget, GetScript,
RemoveScript, SetScript

0011: Skill experience functions, AddFullEffectItem, RunBatchScript, global

collision setting functions, more console commands, ModName and AppendName and
several defect fixes
- fixes GetBaseObject
- IsArmor, IsBook, IsContainer and IsSoulGem no longer require the passed object ID
- CopyAllEffectItems, CopyNthEffectItem and RemoveNthEffectItem no longer need a
cloned form as a target
- Adds con_SaveINI, con_QuitGame and con_TGM

0010: Magic effect, book, model path manipulation, more console commands, menu
input functions, math functions

- update game setting/ini file functions to work with unsigned and boolean types
- buffered input functions, useful for menus or other text input
- fix some potential thread-safety issues
- patch the RefID wraparound bug in 1.1.511 and 1.2.214 (note that the number will
keep going up, but with OBSE installed it will wrap from 0xFFFFFFFF to 0xFF000000
- fix Is* functions, allow passing arguments that are not considered 'inventory
- replace local magic effect list with access to oblivion's internal list
- actually seed the random number generator (doh)
- fix internal access to form list for 1.2.214
- calculate fps via average frametime (calculated via GetTickCount) over 20 frames
- log version of OBSE, version of Oblivion in obse.log
- change resource version number to to allow for more precision when
releasing intermediate versions without ticking the major version number
- include NSIS script for modders that want an installer

0009e: Compatibility with patch

0009d: Compatibility with CS

0009c: Compatibility with CS 1.2

0009b: Compatibility with patch 1.2

0009a: Bugfix release, fixes flow control functions and a potential SetModel crash

0009: Individual GetValue functions, Set/ModValue functions, Beta Flow Control

functions, new HTML command documentation
- adds 114 functions: 70 provide completely new functionality
- fix bug looping over magic effects
- fix bug in GetMIV Poison to accurately return if the object is poison or not

0008: GetEquippedObjectValue, GetEquippedCurrentValue, GetMagicItemValue,

GetMagicEffectValue, GetMagicEffectCodeValue, MagicItemHasEffect,
MagicItemHasEffectCode, GetNumMouseButtonsPressed, GetMouseButtonPress.

- added Enchantment value to the Object Value functions to return a ref to any
enchantment on an object
- fix bug where equipment functions didn't manage rings correctly. The ring slots
now return whatever ring is worn on that side, regardless of the form's declaration
as a left or right ring slot.
- fix bug with signed mouse movement
- fix fake mouse keycode

0007: GetOV Values: QuestItem, Poison, Food, unofficial oldblivion support, editor
font changes

- fix bug with GetOV ArmorType

- fix bug with IngredientItem decoding affecting GetOV weight and value
- integrate changes from Timeslip
- reimplement editor font changing code so it works on win2k, add font picker

0006: Item Value functions, Item type functions, Class functions, HasSpell,

- more form structures and class decoding

- fix bug with GetEquippedObject not returning an object that is damaged where
another non-damaged object is the the inventory.

0005: fixing math functions, DirectInput, GetOBSEVersion, console commands

- converted to VS2005
- compiles under VS Express
- add timeslip's math fns, rename old fns
- add many new CRCs
- more form structures, a few game objects also
- update rand function to use mersenne twister
- add DirectInput hooking functions, disallow modification of ESC and ` keys

0004: PrintToConsole, Get/SetActiveSpell, GetParentCell, math functions, alpha


Implemented PrintToConsole, Get/SetActiveSpell, GetParentCell, several math

functions. Alpha release version, OK to use in released mods.

- all RTTI structures

- many form structures defined
- testing dynamic form creation
- improve dll loader sync for editor
- added Utilities file with analysis utils

0003: GetEquipmentSlotType. determining how inventory items are stored along with
their extra data

Implemented GetEquipmentSlotType. Fixed floating point return types for all

functions. Considered an alpha release candidate.

- fix script result type

- pad opcodes out to 1400
- get equipment command
0002: first useful commands

Implemented GetNumItems, GetInventoryType and IsKeyPressed.

- dynamic_cast support
- form access (no data yet)
- extra data list access
- more virtual functions documented
- class hiearchy
- minor code reorg
- extra data types
- container access
- variable name cleanup
- input commands
- inventory commands

0001: first release

Simple proof of concept demo.