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Inadequate knowledge on GAD To increase level of knowledge Conduct trainings/ Attend trainings, seminars

related laws and concepts among /awareness on GAD related laws seminars on GAD for LGU on GAD in order to increase the 1 seminar, 42 CTO Staff
CTO Staff which leads to gender and concepts among CTO Staff CTO Staff level of awareness among CTO
insensitivity employees
Low level of opportunities for male
& To recognize the indispen- Educational Assistance Extend educ'l. assistance
female employees on educational sible role of the City's human Program for LGU to qualified permanent Nineteen (19) grantees;
development and competencies resource or personnel in Personnel employee of the city gov't. one (1) from each dept.
needed for quality public service. achieving the city vision, who chose to pursue a post
mission and goals by graduate degree
providing quality public
1 Training Needs
Limited involvement of women in To equip women sector on Capacity/Capability Conduct of skills trainings, seminars, Assessment
disaster response and
disaster risk reduction and management Building and workshop for female CDRRMC conducted
management - climate change members, CDRRMO staff, youth 4 skills trainings conducted
35 women trained on
adaptation (DRRM-CCA) rescuers, volunteers, vulnerable DRRM
groups and stakeholders skills

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