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Food business in the Philippines has carved a niche of its own, it is

everywhere especially when it comes to finger foods, street foods and

deserts. Informal, unpretentious and affordable, the traditional Filipino Foods

cater to growling stomachs who don’t have the time and money to go to

fine-dining restaurants. Some even make them part of their daily diets just

for the thrill of it.

With a strong economic performance in 2016, and the increase

in the number of foodservice establishments, the sales in the Philippines

foodservice market continued to increase. The foodservice establishments

increased by at an average rate of 1.75% in number year-on-year since

2014 to 2017 due to an increase in the frequency of eating out influenced by

the growing affluence, increasingly busy lifestyles, the desire for

convenience and the entry of several international brands in the Philippines

foodservice industry. The Philippines’ foodservice market continued to enjoy

growth in 2017 amid favorable economic conditions. The Philippines

foodservice market is expected to reach USD 12.8 billion in 2017, growing at

a CAGR of 6.18% during the forecast period 2018 – 2023. Eventually, these

food preferences gave people a source of livelihood as well.


This paper aims to determine and give information about the setting of

a food stall business in a small scale basis that is affordable especially to

students, teachers, food lovers and Bago City residents who are the main

target of business.

Gigirya is a partnership /cooperative that aims to market finger foods

and assorted refreshments. Products include Buko Pandan, Siomai,

Chocolate Fondue, Corndog, Fruit punch, French fries and Kamote chips.

These edibles will be sold at a price point affordable for students. Combo

meal are also available for purchase as accost efficient approach beneficial to

the costumers.

All products will be merchandised at a rented kiosk through direct

sales and would be prepared on site in order to ensure, secure product


The business would be located in a kiosk stall at Bantayan Park Brgy.

Poblacion, Bago City, Negros occidental.

As a source of monitary funding, all 19 members would each

contribute a sum of 100 pesos, a total of 1900 pesos would serve as a

starting capital for the Gigirya Business Partnership. All profits and proceeds

would then be divided equally throughout each member.




A food stall business which brings happiness to every valued

customers through delicious, quality meals, and extra ordinary dining

experience while working forward to the greater good of the employees,

customer and the local community.


 To delight and nourish the customers with healthy, quality, delicious

food and excellence service at reasonable price.

 To understand the customers' changing preferences towards food and

constantly improve customers' experience.

 To generate a maintainable profit growth.

 To foster relationship between producers' excellence, continuous

development and happiness to serve.

 All costumers should have access to Gigirya's snack house's affordable

and healthy foods that is fresh, attractive, safe and free of



 To offer wholesome, fairly priced, and diverse food options.

 To create an attractive and assorted food preference.


 To provide excellent customer services that enhances the rapport with

target market segmentations through responsiveness to needs and


 To respond to the basic need of customers to eat given the reasonable

quantity over quality cost.

 To serve as an aid to those who cannot afford the cost of exclusive and

high class restaurants.

 To put a smile to the faces of the customers when they taste how

delicious the products are at an affordable prize making them realize

that not all delicious foods are expensive.


 Growth of the business by 15% annually in net sales without any

additional Capital Outlay

 Increase in customers parallel to the growth of sales figures

Gigirya’s foremost priority is to provide excellent food services to the

students, teachers, street food lovers and residents of Bago City Community

by establishing a food stall business in a small scale basis with the following

goals and objectives:


Business Model


Key Activities Key Resources

Marketing Financing
Preparation Machinery
Promotion Human Resources
Capturing Customer Preferences Physical Resources
Intellectual Resources
Ensuring Good Quality Product

Partner Network Customer Customer

Bago City Relationship Segment
Community Engage and Street Food Lovers
RTNHS-SHS Respond to Students
Family of the Customer Teachers
Owners Make a Connection Kids
Raw Material Keep Your
Bago City Residents
Suppliers Customers

Distribution Channels Cost Structure

Direct Sales and Service Space Rental, Food Inventory,
Social Websites Marketing, Advertising
Visual Aids and Flyers Supplies


Business and Product Position

There is popular saying that one can learn about a country’s culture by

eating its food. While street food may not be entirely representative of

Philippine culture, it does give an individual the insights on how Filipinos

value their resources. The best street food ideas in the Philippines are simple

creations but are rich in history and meaning.

When money was tight, Filipinos had to find ways to stretch the

budget by maximizing whatever was available. Deep frying was the

preferred method of cooking (method that was used in making corndogs and

fries). It was cheap, simple and reusable. Thus street food was the response

to the basic need to eat. Deserts also in the Philippines are one of a kind.

Deserts marketed by Gigirya (fondue and buko pandan) can also be

classified in this food type as well since it is very affordable for consumers

given its unique quality taste. Eventually, these food preferences gave

people a source of livelihood as well.

Food presentation is non-existent but Gigirya food stall provided a

display presentation of the most highlighted product which is the buko

pandan putting it on a coconut shell for sophistication. Street foods

marketed by Gigirya were skewered on a stick, stuffed in a plastic cup or

paper plate. It always goes with the thought that street food in the

Philippines is all about the tastefulness of simple food and the beauty in its


Philippine street food has gained wider acceptance and prominence

that one could make it into a lucrative small business due to the following


 People are aware of the product

 It is cheap

 Food cost is low

 Margins are flexible

 It is not labor intensive

 It is not capital intensive

 It provides convenience

 There is a market for the product

 Location can be mobile

 Can cater to a highly diversified market

Over the last few years, Philippine street food has been featured in

various television and internet videos therefore offering such huge

opportunities for young food business enthusiasts since the need for food is

always a necessity by everyone. One can’t live without food and usually

others prefer eating those ready to eat foods which resulted to the growing

market involvement of food establishments whether in a large scale or in a

small scale basis just like how Gigirya was put into action.

With a strong economic performance in 2016, and the increase in the

number of foodservice establishments, the sales in the Philippines

foodservice market continued to increase. The foodservice establishments

increased by at an average rate of 1.75% in number year-on-year since

2014 to 2017 due to an increase in the frequency of eating out influenced by

the growing affluence, increasingly busy lifestyles, the desire for

convenience and the entry of several international brands in the Philippines

foodservice industry. The Philippines’ foodservice market continued to enjoy

growth in 2017 amid favorable economic conditions. The Philippines

foodservice market is expected to reach USD 12.8 billion in 2017, growing at

a CAGR of 6.18% during the forecast period 2018 – 2023.

Consumers’ stronger purchasing power drove a higher frequency of

dining out. The foodservice market in Philippines is highly driven by the rise

in value-conscious consumers willing to try new foods with a wide range of

menu options including street foods with a reasonable quantity over quality

prices and accordingly Gigirya will likely find the favor of the target market

making the business going forward.


Wealth Improvement Approaches

Philippine food service market sales continued to increase with a strong

economic performance in 2016, it increases at an average rate of 1.75% in

number year on year since 2014-2017. The Philippine food service market is

expected to reach USD 12.8 B in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 6.18% during

the forecast period 2018-2023.

Street food is a ready to eat food or drink, that's why Filipinos are fund of

selling different kind of street food, either finger food or fast food. It shows

how Filipino people value their resources through simple creation with rich

history and meaning.

Gigirya’s product will serve as an aid to those who cannot afford the cost

of exclusive and high class restaurants. Gigirya wants to put a smile to the

faces of the customers when they taste how delicious the products are at an

affordable prize. The food business stall wants them to realize that not all

delicious foods are expensive.

In order to attain the goals of the business, here are some of the

methodologies to be undertaken:

When creating a business one should create a solid and memorable

concept that cannot be forgotten easily by the customer or by passers and

that’s why Gigirya gots in name from the young business enthusiast’s

subject teacher and faculty member of Ramon Torres National High School-

Senior High School, Mrs. Gigi Lamata who inspired them during the making

of the business stall name. It is expected to capture the attention of many

individuals especially those students from the senior high school. A business

should also have a cohesive design, clever name and a unique offering. It

should offer something that the other doesn't have or innovating the product

that will make it stand out from the others which was clearly shown by

Gigirya’s developers to the presentation of the “buko pandan” desert

wherein it was amazingly placed in a fresh coconut shell to captivate the eye

of the customers. Also food businesses should attend local festivals in order

to maximize the visibility of the food business where crowds of hungry diners

will gather, perfectly this fits the schedule of the market launching of Gigirya

wherein the 53rd Charter Anniversary of Bago City is being celebrated thus

increasing financial advantage.

Being an entrepreneur one should always need to think solutions in case

there is a problem. The business should strengthen the relationship with

customers so that they will not go whenever a competitor rolls out a hot new

offer. In just a simple greeting of Gigirya to its valued customers will be a

great way of keeping the connection with its consumers. Gigirya will also

consider the ideas of the customers about the various food preferences,

services and the ways how offers are marketed that’s why it is very open to

comments and suggestions on how the products could be further enhanced

to meet the expectations of many.


Although one of the forseen challenges that Gigirya have to encounter

would be producing the products because of small and uncomfortable place

yet despite of this hindrances still Gigirya will make its best to give good

service for customers and maximize its productivity given the limited

amount of resources.

Parties Supporting the Business

Gigirya, a food stall business spearheaded by the selected 12 STEM A

students, achieved its goals with the support of the following individuals and


Bago City Community:

In line with the 53rd Charter Anniversary of Bago City, it is a tradition

annually to give opportunities to food businesses to expand its profit

freedom, achieve its purpose to earn, showcase talents in marketing

particular products or services and promote the business institutions into

various market segmentations in the locality. Thus, Ramon Torres National

High School-Senior High School, aiming its students to be practically

equipped with the basic skills and intellect in the area of Entrepreneurship,

supports this idea wherein Grade 12 students will develop their own

businesses in a small scale basis with the cooperation and full support from

the Bago City Community Institution.


Ramon Torres National High School Senior High School Faculty and


Due to one of the objectives of the Department of Education that

students in the new curriculum under the K to 12 Program must be exposed

in the workplace and develop certain skills crucial for future success in the

respective fields specifically in the areas of Entrepreneurship, a Senior High

School Skills Expo will be launched for 4 days starting from February 15-19,


Family of the Owners

The business would not be possible without the support of the owner’s

families who will cater the needs of the student business enthusiasts in

terms of machinery, financial and moral sustainability.

Raw Materials Suppliers

When there’s a product to be marketed, resources in making the

product also exist thus forming and nurturing the relationship between raw

material suppliers and the business marketers. As time goes by, raw

material suppliers become a “suki” or patron and therefore making it an

advantage for marketers to acquire unprocessed materials at a discounted


Stakeholders Mapping
Necessity of
Stakeholder Contribution Legitimacy ess to Influence
High High High High High
Board of decision-
Directors making body
of the
General High High High High High
Operations High High High High High
Logistics High High High High High
High High High High High
Sales and success plays a
Marketing vital role in the
Team growth and
profit of a
Public High High High High High
High High High High High
-Determines -Avails the -Customer
business service profile and
success satisfaction
adjudge the
products to
be sold
High High High High High
of supplies is
crucial to the

STEEP Analysis

-Increasing preference of consumers particularly,

youngsters who are interested in fast food.
Social Convenience is an advantage for a needs-based

-In terms of technological changes, fast changing

technologies and operational processes are evident.
Taking into consideration the demand and competition
in the industry, cooking entities seem to be well
equipped making it possible to deliver acceptable high
quality food products to clients.
-Technology has also played a major role in the
development of cooking equipment.
-The current inflation rate is around 6%, with this
current economic status prices for all products are
high, making hard for all consumers.
-Major development taking place will upgrade
business opportunities.
-The current economic status has had an adverse
effect on consumers as they are now focusing on
tightening their budgets. Laundry is considered to be
a luxury service for most individual consumers. The
demand for food services remains high.
-The local government has banned the use of plastic
Environmental just recently. Some businesses had a hard time
especially those in the food industry.
Political -Rising governmental support for microbusinesses.

Market Segmentation

Attributes Primary Market Secondary Market Tertiary Market

Students Locals Tourists
Location Along the kiosk Along the kiosk Along the kiosk
street in Bantayan street in street in
Park Bantayan Park Bantayan Park

Population Size 60 % 30% 5% to 10%

Age group 13-18 19-40 4-12
Occupation Students (JHS and Locals and Children
SHS) Tourists
Hobbies Socializing Socializing Socializing
Concerns and Students, locals
Students, locals Students, locals
Priorities and tourists
and tourists going and tourists going
going to
to Bantayan Park to Bantayan Park
Bantayan Park
for recreation are for recreation are
for recreation
in search for in search for
are in search for
affordable and affordable and
affordable and
delicious snacks delicious snacks
delicious snacks
that doesn’t that doesn’t
that doesn’t
require a lot of require a lot of
require a lot of
time to prepare. time to prepare.
time to prepare.
How often do Daily Weekends Occasionally
they use your


 Kiosk and stalls of other

Direct Competitors
 Food hubs available in the
 Home-cooked food
Indirect Competitors


Gigirya offers varieties of food that are budget friendly and tasty in

which everybody could enjoy and indulge to. The business is a cooperative

of the students of STEM 12-A of Ramon Torres National High School- Senior

High School and is a direct selling business. Gigirya was located at Bantayan

Park, Bago City and began the operation on February 15, 2019 and ended

on February 19, 2019. Gigirya was built to provide high quality, tasty and

affordable foods such as Buko pandan, fruit punch, chocolate fondue, siomai,

French fries, corndog and kamote chips that are best for the starving

stomachs of the masses who enjoyed the 52nd Charter Anniversary of Bago

City while appreciating the magnificent sunset view at the Bantayan Park.

Buko pandan is a dessert consisting of pandan flavored gelatin and

shredded young coconut mixed with cream and sweetened milk. It is very

popular in every Filipino gatherings or celebration. The fruit punch on the

other hand, is made of up of Freshly squeezed calamansi juice and to make

it healthier and more attractive, chopped cucumber and are used for its

toppings. It is also suitable for all age. The corn dog is a sausage on a stick

that has been coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter and is very famous

among children due to its attractive feature and delicious taste. Another one

is the classic favorite steam food, Gigirya’s’s siomai is made of delicious

steamed pork meatball wrapped in soft molo wrapper. Best enjoyed with its

special dipping sauce. French fries are easy to eat as well as easy to cook

and one of the most loved finger foods by kids and adults alike, due to its

thinly sliced potatoes are deep-fried till they're crisp on all sides and then

sprinkled with salt, pepper or really any seasoning of your choice, you can

pair them with tomato ketchup for best results.

The sellers used paper cups, paper plates, barbeque sticks making the

appearance of products trendy. For easy handling corndog is skewered using

a barbeque stick, to ensure that the ketchup or cheese not to fall off it was

placed on a small paper plates. Buko pandan, fruit punch chocolate fondue

and siomai are placed in paper cups and paper plates for convenience. The

price ranges from P5 to P 25: the sweet lemony Fruit Punch available in two

sizes for only P5 and P10, the luscious buko pandan at P15 only, the yummy

corndog for P20 only, the tasty chocolate fondue at 15 pesos only, the crispy

French fries and kamote chips affordable at P10, the appetizing siomai with

its savory topping at P20 for 3 pieces, palatable sweet potato at P8 and the

cheesy bitchokoy for P12 only. Both for corndog fries combo and corndog

fruit punch combo purchasable at P25.

Equipment and Materials Needed

Buko Pandan
Casserole, Tupperwares, Can Opener, Knife, Coconut Scraper, Ladle.

Corn Dog
Whisk, Bowl, Butane Gas Stove, Casserole Pot, Bottle, Paper Plates,
Barbeque Sticks, Spoon

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fountain, Barbeque Sticks, Paper Cups, Spoon

French Fries and Kamote Chips

Knife, Chopping Board, Cooking Oil, Paper Plates or Cups, Stove, Casserole

Bowl, Steamer, Tupperware, Stove, Cooking Oil, Spoon, Heavy Pot, Paper

Sweet Potato/ Kamote Delight

Bowl, Fork, Stove, Cooler, Casserole

Fruit Punch
Knife, Bowl, Chopping Board, Fruit Crystal Bowl, Strainer, Paper Cups, Ladle

Spoon, Bowl, Bread Machine Bucket, Rolling Pin, Heavy Pot, Cooking Oil,
Strainer, Dough Machine Kneading, Measuring Cup

Ingredients Quantity (kg, l, pieces)

Cheesedog 5 (1kg)
Flour 3 (1kg)
Baking Powder 1 (100 g)
Baking Soda 1 (100 g)
White Sugar 1 (250 g)
Wash Sugar 1 (250 g)
Salt 1 (100g)
Milk 1 (500g)
Butter 1 (1 stick)
Egg 8
Juice Powder 8
Ice 15
Cucumber 2
Apple 5
Buko Pandan Gelatin 8
Coconut 12

Condensed milk 6
Cream 2
Siomai 250
Bitchokoy 55
Fries 2
Oil 1 (4,4 L)
Kamote Delight 1
Cheese 2
Ketchup 3 (250 mL)
Hot Sauce 1
Kamote Chips 1

The business have the gross sales of 1,570.00 by the first day and P

8,005.00 by the end of five days. The goal was achieved by offering more

food combos and food choices. The Gigirya business designate specific roles

and responsibilities for each member to make the work more systematic and


General Manager – responsible for overseeing all functions of the


Sales Manager – responsible for the leading and guiding the team of

sales people in the business. Monitors and manages all the Sales


Sales Representative – responsible for selling the products and


Account Manager – responsible for managing the clients.


Marketing Manager – manages the marketing of the business or the


Operation Manager - responsible to oversee the production of goods

and products of the business

Treasurer/ Auditor- responsible for the management of the financial

affairs of the business, prepares an audit and reports for the financial

standing of the business

Graphic Designers-responsible for communicating ideas visually in

order to sell products or spread a brand message, helps to make a good

expression on the potential clients.


Production Schedule

The inventory of equipment and ingredients will be done each day

before and after the set business hours. As the business was set to run in
the afternoon, the procurement of ingredients will be done in the morning.

Gigirya products were designed to be cooked upon order therefore

preparation of the food products will be done two hours before the set
business hours. The production schedule will be set as such in order to
ensure the freshness and quality of Gigirya's food products.

Production Process

Gigirya products undergo a rigid process starting from the careful

procurement of ingredients and quality control. After which, the products will
be processed according to the Gigirya's standard recipe, prepared for
delivery, and will be delivered straight to Gigirya's food stall.

Processing Plant and Equipment

The equipment used in processing the product were Bowl, Fork, Stove,
Cooler, Casserole, Spoon, Bread Machine Bucket, Rolling Pin, Strainer,
Dough Machine Kneading, Measuring Cup, Knife, Chopping Board, Fruit
Crystal Bowl, Strainer, Ladle, Tupperware, Heavy Pot, Cooler, Tupperware,
Can Opener, Coconut Scraper, Whisk, Butane Gas Stove, Bottle, Chocolate
Fountain, Barbeque Sticks, Bowl and Steamer.

Sources of Materials

The materials used in the making of the products, such as the

ingredients, and the packaging materials were all obtained from Bago City
Public Market, a market found in the locality. All the equipment used in the
processing, however, were provided by the business owners themselves.

Production Expense

MATERIAL COST Quantity (kg, l, TOTAL

Cheesedog 198 5 (1kg) 990
Flour 17 3 (1kg) 51
Baking Powder 6 1 (100 g) 6
Baking Soda 6 1 (100 g) 6
White Sugar 15 1 (250 g) 15
Wash Sugar 12 1 (250 g) 12
Salt 10 1 (100g) 10
Milk 90 1 (500g) 90
Butter 57 1 (1 stick) 57
Egg 7 8 42
Juice Powder 17 8 136
Ice 3 15 45
Cucumber 20 2 40
Apple 10 5 50
Buko Pandan Gelatin 13 8 104
Coconut 20 12 240
Condensed milk 30 6 180
Cream 54 2 108
Fries 90 2 180
Oil 260 1 (4,4 L) 260
Kamote Delight 70 1 70
Cheese 41.50 2 83
Ketchup 26.85 3 (250 mL) 80.55
Hot Sauce 20.50 1 20.50
Kamote Chips 10 1 10
Total 2886.05

Consigned Food Products

Siomai 5 250 1250
Bitchokoy 10 55 550
TOTAL 1800.00

Packaging and other Materials

Butane 72 3 216
Plastic cups 35 2 70
Plastic spoon 20 1 20
Paper cup 60 1 60
Toothpick 15 1 15
Paper plate 20 4 80
Plastic Gloves 65 1 65
Tissue Paper 90 1 90
Skewers 4 2 8
Total 624


Evaluation of Suppliers

Nowadays, there are lots of business that are appearing some of them are
legit and effective and some of them are scams. So it os better to have a
background check or enough information of your supplier before you engage
in partnership. Choosing a partner is one of the most important factor in
having a business because it can make and break your business. The market
vendors in our locality are also our suppliers. We make sure to make enough
inspection when it comes to pur hasing our raw materials.

Purchase Procedures

Before buying our ingredients we plan our possible menus that we may offer
to our possible customers. Then we list down our materials with their
corresponding prices so that we can budget our initial money. Then we send
someone in our marketing team to purchase the following ingredients.

Storage and Inventory Control System

We rented a place in Bantayan Park since our school's space was not enough
for all of us and we cleaned it first then we prepared all the things that we
needed and place them on them on the warehouse safely.

After that our cooking team delivered our ready to cook products neatly
wrapped in a plastic container. Then we transferred it to our cooler to
preserve it and to avoid the dirty surroundings.

Sales Procedure

We advertised our product with a large tarpaulin with our product's name on
it and with the help of our sales team that sales talk passerby. We also
made our shop presentable to attract more customers.



1. Prices are competitive 1. Limited capital
2. A wide variety of products to 2. Small area for customers who
choose from wish to stay and eat their
3. Easy preparation time of orders by the stall
products 3. Limited equipment to cater to
4. Fast delivery of products to more customers at a faster
costumers rate
5. Good word of mouth from 4. Goods are limited to a certain
previous customers because of number of customers that
the quality of goods sold could be catered daily
6. Friendly staff
7. Accessible location of stall
1. Sustainability of business by 1. Weather changes
continuing operations even 2. Aggressive promotions from
after the project competitors
2. Expansion of stall space to 3. Products offerings that are
cater to more dine-in more popular and available at
customers other stalls
3. Getting equipment that can be 4. Dissatisfied customers
used for better quality of 5. Products becoming unavailable
products offered to customers because of
4. Faster rate of products by limited stocks
using training staff in food
handling and customer service
5. Social Media Promotions
6. Investments

7 Ps

Pricing Strategy

Like all street food, Gigirya catered mostly to students with a limited

budget and passersby looking for a quick snack. With this in mind, the prices

were affordable and competitive to the other similar food carts in the area.

Prices were adjusted based on the product and the cost of these products in

order for the business to gain even a little profit from each of the sales.

Place Strategy

The food cart was situated in an area where a huge influx of guests to

the festival passed by. Along with other food carts and stores that offered a

variety of products to choose from, Gigirya was decorated in order to attract

the most attention for the customers to be able to see it and cater to its

products more than those of the competitors. The place was kept clean and

attractive and hygiene was a major part of the process especially for a

business that offered quick street food.

People Strategy

The stall was operated, manned and maintained by students. This in

mind, these students employed their marketing skills learned in the

classroom to gather the most number of customers in order to have higher

sales. Good customer service is always a plus points when it comes to


offering food products and a smile goes a long way in order for a customer

to come back and create a word-of-mouth branding presence.

Promotion Strategy

The logo of the business was created to be atrractive and was the

centerpoint of the place’s decoration. The atmosphere of the business

centered on the logo and this was blasted on social media. The internet

being one of the most visual and engaging of marketing tools in the modern

society, this has created impression and have also been a sort of invitation

for everyone to come to the business venue and have a taste of what the

business had to offer. This was the main promotional strategy, but with the

customers coming again and again because of the other strategies

employed, the word-of-mouth from satisfied customers also acted as a

promotional means to gain more customers.


The packaging of the products were chosen based on practicality and

for the convenience of the customers. Paper and plastic cups were used for

the fruit punch, fondue and for the buko pandan, while paper plates were

used for the corndogs (which is also on a stick), siomai, and fries and plastic

wrappers for the camote delight and the bitchokoy.



Bantayan Park is one of the most famous places to go when in Bago

City so it was selected as a place for the food stall especially since the

business was in service during the Festival season. A variety of people are

passing by and walking by this area so it is very suitable for this kind of



Basic kitchen utensils and equipment were used to prepare the food

products. The products were prepared by hand by the students based on

personal and online recipes, the food products were prepared before the

demand for consumption arises but they are contained so that their

freshness and flavor could be preserved. Some products were bought from

local suppliers. The following process was followed: 1. Purchase ingredients

2. Prepare food products 3. Deliver to stall 4. Keep products fresh until

customers’ order 5. Get customers’ orders 6. Prepare orders from inventory

7. Present ordered products to customers 8. Accept payment and give out

change 9. Update inventory.


Gigirya Financial Report

CASH Php 900.00
Production Cost 2,886.05
Consigned Products 1,800.00
SUB-TOTAL 5,586.05

Packaging & other operational materials 624.00
Transportation (Ingress & Egress) 300.00
SUB-TOTAL 924.00

TOTAL 6,510.00

Feb 15 Feb 16 Feb 17 Feb 18 Feb 19 TOTAL
1570.00 1635.00 1419.00 1237.00 2144.00 8005.00

* Average daily gross sales is at Php 1,601.00 before adjustments from

capitalization and expenses



Day 1 Php 1,570.00
Day 2 1,635.00
Day 3 1,419.00
Day 4 1,237.00
Day 5 2,144.00
TOTAL 8,005.00

Cash Php ( 900.00)
Production Cost ( 2,886.05)
Consigned Products ( 1,800.00)
SUB-TOTAL Php ( 5,586.05)

Packaging and Other Materials Php ( 624.00)
Transportation (Ingress & Egress) ( 300.00)
SUB-TOTAL Php ( 924.00)
TOTAL Php ( 6,510.05)

NET PROFIT Php 1,494.95

Based from the net profit, average daily income is at Php 298.99 with
a monthly net profit of Php 8,969.70 and an annual income of Php

Going back to the objectives on the business to target an increase of
15% of sales from the first year progressively in the next five years. Here is
the table that shows the realistic figures of the next 5 year’s progression of
the business in terms of annual sales.


107,636.40 123,781.86 142,349.14 163,701.51 188,256.74