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1. Jerry went to a technical school for six months. How long did he attend school?
a. a full year
b. half a year
c. a quarter of a year
d. fifteen weeks

2. What do you find in the sports section of the newspaper?

a. political news
b. football news
c. funnies
d. want ads

3. The student wanted to ask a question in class. What did he do?

a. raised his hand
b. wrote a message
c. listened to a tape
d. smiled at the instructor

4. The two objects were made from the same mold. How did they look?
a. different
b. alive
c. alike
d. difficult

5. Bob wants to take a shower. What does he want to do?

a. walk in the rain
b. clean himself
c. eat soon
d. look at the rain

6. Arthur received a telegram.

a. He got a gift.
b. He got some help.
c. He got a message.
d. He got some cooperation.

7. The mess hall is in the central part of the base.

a. it is in the middle.
b. it is on one edge.
c. it is near the front.
d. it is on the highest point.

8. Casey had to take three different drugs.

a. He was swimming.
b. He was sick.
c. He was eating.
d. He was alone.

9. Edmund made a mistake.

a. He said something good.
b. He found something new.
c. He read something funny.
d. He did something wrong.

10.The accident was caused by a speeding car.

a. The road was very bad.
b. The road was very wet.
c. The car was going uphill.
d. The car was going too fast.

11. The little girl had a problem when she tried to tie her shoes.
a. It was easy for her to tie her shoes.
b. It was difficult for her to tie her shoes.
c. The liked to tie her shoes.
d. The disliked tying her shoes.

12.What‘s found in books?

a. stores
b. printers
c. words
d. covers

13.Joe asked the clerk if he could cash a check. The clerk said, What‘s the amount? What did
the clerk want to know?
a. what country the check was from
b. how much money the check was for
c. the kind of check it was
d. the number of checks he had to cash

14.The airmen decided to have their party at the club - where they would have more space
dancing. Where would they have more space?
a. the airmen
b. for dancing
c. to have their party
d. at the club

15.Tom said these apples are spoiled. What did he say about the apples?
a. the apples are not good.
b. the apples are good.
c. the apples are pretty.
d. the apples are small.

16.We took care of the surface of the table. What part did we take care of?
a. the top of the table
b. to change a tire
c. the bottom of the table
d. the whole table

17.Paul had to buy a new switch. What did he use it for?

a. to hold something
b. to change a tire
c. to tighten some screws
d. to turn on a light

18.Mary‘s husband went out to buy more fuel for the heater. What is he going to bring
a. kerosene
b. Mary
c. a store
d. ashes

19. I hear that your sister is living in England. Do you correspond with her?
a. Yes, I like to visit there.
b. Yes, the people are friendly.
c. Yes, I write a letter every week.
d. Yes, the plane ticket is expensive.

20.Margaret asked John to keep an eye on the children. What did she ask him to do?
a. to watch the children
b. to find the children
c. to help the children
d. to feed the children

21.Anna likes to dress up. What does she like to do?

a. wear nice clothes
b. buy new clothes
c. fix old clothes
d. make unusual clothes

22.Make sure the equipment functions properly before you try to use it.
a. make sure the equipment is plugged in properly.
b. make sure the equipment is cleaned properly.
c. make sure the equipment is installed properly.
d. make sure the equipment is working properly.

23.This land is for commercial use only.

a. you can build a department store on it.
b. you can build a house on it.
c. you can build a public school on it.
d. you can build a church on it.

24.John told me that the bookstore was right around the corner.
a. it was around to the right.
b. it was far from the corner.
c. it was just around the corner.
d. it was at the correct corner.

25.I go to school because it is compulsory.

a. it is required.
b. it is interesting.
c. boys and girls go together.
d. it is free for me.

26.the situation required prompt action.

a. the officer in charge required prompt action.
b. the circumstances required prompt action.
c. the regulation required prompt action.
d. the government required prompt action.

27.my watch says a quarter past eight.

a. it’s fifteen to eight.
b. it’s eight fifteen.
c. it’s fifteen to nine.
d. it’s eight thirty.

28.Kurt has never been absent from class.

a. He disrupted class.
b. He always goes to school.
c. He left school.
d. He never listens in class.

29.Sam liked the cake so much that he got a second piece. How many pieces of cake did Sam
a. two
b. three
c. a large piece
d. a small piece

30.Susan came at the time we were leaving. When did 0usan come?
a. just as we were leaving
b. before we left
c. just after we left
d. some time after we left
31.When was the mouse killed?
a. I gave it food yesterday.
b. it has been dead for two days.
c. I looked for it Monday.
d. Mice like to eat cheese.

32.George enjoyed his journey very much. What did he enjoy?

a. his trip
b. his job
c. his dinner
d. his family

33.Why are those black shoes comfortable?

a. because they are new
b. because they fit well
c. because they are cheap
d. because they look nice

34.Why are sleeves needed?

a. to cover the legs
b. to cover the chest
c. to cover the arms
d. to cover the table

35.The football player was hurt on impact. How did he get hurt?
a. sitting on the bench
b. missing the play
c. hitting the ground
d. staying in bed

36.What is the content of that newspaper story?

a. it costs 25 cents.
b. it‘s about the weather.
c. it‘s printed in the United it‘s States.
d. it‘s delivered every day.

37.They compressed the material. What happened to the material?

a. it became longer.
b. it became hotter.
c. it became smaller.
d. it became stronger.

38.Mr. Brown‘s car is not reliable. Why doesn‘t he want to take a trip in it?
a. it can run slowly.
b. it may break down.
c. Gasoline is expensive.
d. Traffic is heavy.

39.The instructor thought that it would be a good idea to go over the lessons again during
a. He wanted to review the lessons.
b. He asked the students to write the lessons.
c. He thought the lessons were well explained.
d. He thought he overlooked the lessons.

40.Harry got in touch with me. What did he do?

a. He called me.
b. He left me.
c. He missed me.
d. He hit me.

41.When the electrical system was checked, it was found to be working properly.
a. the electrical system needs to be checked.
b. the electrical system wasn‘t checked.
c. it worked normally after it was repaired.
d. it was operating normally when it was checked.

42.She slipped on the sidewalk.

a. the walk was clean.
b. the walk was level.
c. the walk was icy.
d. the walk was paved.
43.Susan‘s wish actually came true.
a. it really happened.
b. it could have happened.
c. it might possibly happen.
d. it probably happened.

44.Darlene made a decision.

a. Darlene built something.
b. Darlene chose what to do.
c. Darlene asked what to do.
d. Darlene made a speech.

45.There are no exceptions to the rule.

a. No one may break the rule.
b. No one has heard the rule.
c. No one will enforce the rule.
d. No one can follow the rule.

46.Ted said he would have a bit more. How much did he want?
a. a lot more
b. no more
c. a few more
d. a little more

47.Yesterday the wind came from the south and it was warm. Today the wind is from the
and it is cold. Why is it cold today?
a. because the wind shifted
b. because the weather is mild
c. because the wind died down
d. because a storm is coming
48.Joe heard a rumor that the airbase was going to close. What did he hear?
a. a statement of fact
b. an official statement
c. a statement of authority
d. an unconfirmed statement
49.The stereo equipment cannot be sold separately. How will it be sold?
a. divided up
b. a piece at a time
c. torn up
d. all at one time

50.When he jumped from the fence, Peter tore his trousers.

a. He ripped them.
b. He dirtied them.
c. He soiled them.
d. He wrinkled them.

51.The mechanic detected a small crack in the blade.

a. He noticed a crack.
b. He fixed a crack.
c. He made a crack.
d. He reported a crack.

52.I want you to disregard that letter.

a. pay no attention to it.
b. do not destroy it.
c. read it immediately.
d. answer it right now.

53. In this coded message, each number represents a letter of the alphabet.
a. None of the numbers is a letter.
b. Each number looks like a letter.
c. The code is in alphabetical order.
d. every number stands for a letter.

54.What are you going to use that trailer for?

a. to haul freight
b. to drain the field
c. to pump water
d. to spray paint

55.David‘s car is ready to fall apart.

His car is .
a. a rental car
b. in good condition
c. brand new
d. in poor condition

56.The new movie has angered a lot of people.

it is .
a. excellent
b. very funny
c. contro$ersial
d. very sad

57.W: I hope you don‘t fall.

M: So do I. can‘t swim.
Where are the man and woman?
a. by deep water
b. by big rocks
c. by high mountains
d. by a thick forest

58.W: This shoe store doesn‘t have my size.

M: Well, let‘s try the new store across the street.
Where is the new store?
a. in the next block
b. on the opposite side of town
c. on the opposite side of the street
d. down the same street

59.M: Here‘s a nice chair for you.

W: oh, no. It‘s much too big.
What did the woman say about the chair?
a. it is not the right price.
b. it is not the right color.
c. it is not the right size.
d. it is not the right shape.
60.W: Will you go?
M: If you will.
What does the man suggest?
a. that neither of them go
b. that only he go
c. that only the woman go
d. that both of them go

61.M: What do you want to know about this truck?

W: Its capacity.
What does the woman mean?
a. she wants to know how much it costs.
b. she wants to know how new it is.
c. she wants to know how fast it goes.
d. she wants to know how much it can carry.

62.M: Have you talked to the chaplain yet?

W: No, I will see him after the service.
Where are the man and woman?
a. in a restaurant
b. in a train station
c. in a chapel
d. in a theater

63.W: What are your duties, Lieutenant Parks?

M: My field is telegraphy.
What does Lt. Parks do?
a. He observes and directs artillery fire.
b. He builds military roads and bridges.
c. He sends coded messages over wire.
d. He guides planes in the right direction.

64.W: I didn‘t know you were in this hotel.

M: Well, I‘m going to check out now.
What is the man going to do?
a. look over the hotel
b. leave the hotel
c. get some money
d. go to bed

65.W: Do you like that song?

M: Yes, but not the singer‘s version of it.
What does he object to?
a. the time when it was sung
b. the place where it was sung
c. the way that it was sung
d. the reason why it was sung

66.M: What did you think of the book?

W: The ending was very abrupt.
What did the woman think?
a. She thought the ending was good.
b. She thought the ending was obvious.
c. She thought the ending was sudden.
d. She thought the ending was sad.

67. I home by 11 o‘clock last night.

a. will go
b. am going
c. go
d. had gone

68. How you like the weather in Texas?

a. do
b. are
c. have
d. must

69. The new student …

a. in class at all this morning wasn‘t

b. this morning at all wasn‘t in class
c. at all wasn‘t this morning in class
d. wasn‘t in class at all this morning

70. Joe did not wear a tie or jacket with that …

a. shoe
b. skirt
c. scarf
d. shirt

71. John asked: Is this seat taken?4 He asked if the seat was …
a. broken
b. reserved
c. moved
d. fixed

72. I want to develop my muscles and that‘s why I‘ll .

a. eat less food
b. go to bed late
c. exercise every day
d. study hard

73. They took the readings in centigrade. What were they measuring?
a. distance
b. volume
c. temperature
d. weight

74. Are you ……to visit me tomorrow?

a. come
b. coming
c. came
d. comes

75. The report was ready for .

a. to print
b. printing
c. printed
d. be printed

76. Sally always sits in ……favorite chair.

a. hers
b. her
c. mine
d. yours

77. Select the correct sentence.

a. We will go on a picnic if it doesn‘t rain.
b. If we will go on a picnic it doesn‘t rain.
c. If we doesn‘t go on a picnic it will rain.
d. We if it will rain doesn‘t go on a picnic.

78. Which of these is a fluid?

a. paper
b. oil
c. chalk
d. an aircraft

79. I turned off the light because .

a. no one wanted to read
b. it was too dark to read
c. I like to read
d. I wanted to read

80. Although it was raining yesterday, we went to the Taylors.

a. We went to the Taylor‘s in the rain.
b. !he !aylors were out in the rain.
c. We didn‘t go because of the rain.
d. We went out after the rain.

81. The commander could not ensure promotions for his men.
a. arrange
b. justify
c. guarantee
d. falsify

82. To learn something by yourself means to .

a. study or practice with friends
b. leave it alone
c. learn by special classes
d. learn it without help

83. In that case I will go with you.

a. event
b. regard
c. day
d. car

84. The …… dog kept us up all night.

a. barked
b. barking
c. barks
d. bark

85. Did you hear that Janelle is …… marry?

a. about
b. about for
c. about to
d. about for to

86. The students …… soon otherwise, they will be late for the movie.
a. can arrive
b. were arriving
c. should arrive
d. have arrived

87. The NCO expects his men …… the proper uniform.

a. wear
b. be wearing
c. to wear
d. are wearing

88. They call him Bart.

a. He has called Bart.
b. He will call Bart.
c. He is called Bart.
d. He is calling Bart.

89. Occasionally a language will not have a word to describe a certain occurrence or new
product. In such cases a word is often borrowed from another language. This borrowing is
particularly common with scientific and technical terms.

a. a language may drop technical terms

b. new words can be added to languages by borrowing
c. all languages have words to describe certain occurrences
d. borrowing scientific terms is not common

90. The woman used fine thread to sew the dress.

a. heavy
b. new
c. thin
d. dark

91. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have their evening paper delivered.
the paper is .
a. mailed by them
b. bought at a newsstand
c. brought to their home
d. sent to the newsstand

92. It doesn‘t look as though this rain is ever going to let up.
a. start
b. stop
c. get worse
d. begin falling

93. Mary has decided to take up art.

a. collect
b. picture
c. teach
d. study

94. The accumulation of mud on his tires was than he thought.

a. worse
b. worst
c. as worse as
d. more worse

95. The number of whooping cranes diminishing.

a. were
b. are
c. is
d. being

96. Select the correct sentence.

a. Her long,beautiful, chestnut hair dazzled the audience.
b. Her chestnut, beautiful, long hair dazzled the audience.
c. Her long, chestnut, beautiful hair dazzled the audience.
d. The audience dazzled her beautiful, long, chestnut hair.

97. The eagle has been admired by man throughout the ages. its likeness has been the
emblem of many governments. in real life, the eagle is actually a bird of prey that lives off
of small animals.
According to this paragraph, the eagle .
a. eats other animals
b. is just an emblem
c. has a very long life
d. is protected by governments

98. The student has gone back to his country for good.
a. for the time being
b. for health
c. permanently
d. in a hurry
99. The company had to go through a lot of red tape to get its plans approved.
a. bureaucratic procedures
b. angry protests by workers
c. quick preliminary meetings
d. unexpected cost increases

100. Tell David to hold his horses. I‘m ……

a. tired of waiting
b. sorry for him
c. happy for him
d. almost ready