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Actual & Billed Quantity


It is the quantity which will be reduced from the stock & will not be considered for the
value of the stock in the transaction. However the billed quantity will be considered for
arriving at the value of the stock in the transaction. This option enables you to specify
quantities that are differed from those delivered while invoicing.

Actual & billed quantity can be used in the following scenarios :

1. Extra Invoice is sent to cover up for any stock that reaches in damaged conditions.
2. Inventory sent as samples along with billed quantities
3. Stock dispatched to the customer quantity discount.( Free scheme (Buy 2 get 1
4. Rounding off of the billing quantity (for e.g., in Textile industries, Cloth
measuring 150.50 mtrs is actually delivered but bill is made for 150 mtrs)

How to active actual billed quantity

Gate of Tally --> F11 --> F2--> enable the option Use different actual & Billed quantity
to YES

Actual & billed Quantity is applicable only for purchase & sales item Invoice Mode,
Credit/Debit Voucher, Purchase order & sales order. Rejection In/Out, Receipt Note,
Delivery Note.

Example :

Make purchase Actual quantity is 500, Billed quantity as 450. It means 50 may be sample
or discount purpose. But in report the Bill rate will be on the billed quantity only not on
actual quantity.

To view the report :

If Purchase Process/Sales process is done with Actual and billed quantity, then from
Gateway of tally--> Display --> Statement of Inventory --> Select Sales/Purchase
outstanding --> Select stock Item --> 2 time enter --> F12 --> select Show actual & billed
Quantity detail --> Yes.

GWT > Account books > sales register/purchase register >columnar report (F5)> press
Alt+E and export to Excel > enabling pivot table.

The actual & billed quantity can be displayed in movement analysis From GWT >
display > inventory books > movement analysis.
Note 1 : The Actual Quantity updates stock and the Billed Quantity affects the accounts
and thus shows the correct position of both Accounts as well as Inventory.

In stock summary if stock quantity is nill, then but still value is getting calculated OR
quantity & rate column is blank but getting value for a particular item. Why ?


1. If we have made a purchase in one Godown and if we make sales on other

Godown the problem will arise as given above.
2. If we have Made a batch wise details also the same enter we come across the
above mentioned problems