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Waves - Sound - Light - Water
(See also Electromagnetic Waves and Plate Tectonics)
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Longitudinal - Transverse - Amplitude - Wavelength - 
1 What do Waves do? Answer
Describe the movement of Particles in a Longitudinal 
2 Answer
Give an Example of something which travels as a 
3 Answer
Longitudinal Wave.
4 Describe the movement of Particles in a Transverse Wave. Answer
5 Answer
How would you measure the Amplitude of a Transverse
6 What does the Amplitude tell you about a Wave? Answer
How would you measure the Wavelength of a Transverse
7 Answer
8 What Unit is Wavelength measured in? Answer
9 Define Frequency. Answer
10 What Unit is Frequency measured in? Answer
11 What is the Period of a Wave? Answer
12 Give the Equation which connects Period and Frequency. Answer
Give the Equation which connects Velocity, Frequency and 
13 Answer
What Velocity has a Wave with Frequency 3250 Hz and 
14 Answer
Wavelength 0·1 m?
What Wavelength has a Wave with Frequency 500 Hz and 
15 Answer
Velocity 330 m/s?
What Frequency has a Wave with Wavelength 10 m and 
16 Answer
Velocity 25 m/s?

Sound - Loudness - Pitch - Echo - Ultrasound
17 Is Sound a Longitudinal or a Transverse Wave? Answer
18 Can Sound travel through a Vacuum? Answer
19 How can an Object produce Sound Waves? Answer
20 Does Sound travel Faster under Water or in Air? Answer
21 Does Sound travel Faster than Light? Answer
22 What does the Loudness of Sound depend on? Answer
23 What does Pitch mean? Answer
24 What does the Pitch of Sound depend on? Answer
25 What is an Echo? Answer
26 What is the Natural Echo of a Room called? Answer
What is the Frequency Range of Sound that People can 
27 Answer
28 How can Hearing be Damaged? Answer
29 Give one Example of Noise Pollution. Answer
30 What is Ultrasound? Answer
31 What is Pre-Natal Scanning? Answer
How can Ultrasound be used to measure the Depth of Sea 
32 Answer
33 How can Ultrasound be used to Catch Fish? Answer

Light - Reflection - Refraction - Lenses - Optical Fibre - 
34 Is Light a Longitudinal or a Transverse Wave? Answer
35 Is Light an Electromagnetic Wave? Answer
36 Can Light travel through a Vacuum? Answer
37 Does Light travel Faster than Sound? Answer
After Reflection, has the Direction, Speed, Frequency or 
38 Answer
Wavelength Changed?
39 What type of Surface would be a Good Reflector for Light? Answer
40 Which Light Ray is called the Incident Ray? Answer
41 For Reflection, what does the Angle of Incidence Equal? Answer
42 What type of Surface would cause Diffuse Reflection? Answer
43 What is a Virtual Image? Answer
44 When does Refraction occur? Answer
After Refraction, has the Direction, Speed, Frequency or 
45 Answer
Wavelength Changed?
46 Give two Examples of Transparent Materials. Answer
Why does Light travel at Different Speeds in Different
47 Answer
48 Does Light travel Faster in Air or in Glass? Answer
49 What is a Normal? Answer
50 Does Light Change Direction along a Normal? Answer
Does Light Change Direction when it travels not along a 
51 Answer
52 When does Light Bend Towards the Normal? Answer
53 Is a Convex Lens a Converging Lens? Answer
54 Is a Convex Lens Thicker in the Middle? Answer
55 What is the Principle Axis? Answer
56 When does a Convex Lens act as a Magnifying Glass? Answer
57 Does a Concave Lens produce an Image which is Virtual? Answer
58 Does a Concave Lens produce an Image which is Upright? Answer
59 What does Critical Angle mean? Answer
60 When does Total Internal Reflection occur? Answer
Show a Right Angle Prism changing a Light Ray Direction
61 Answer
by 90 Degrees.
Show how two Right Angle Prisms can be used to make a 
62 Answer
63 How can a Periscope be used? Answer
Show a Right Angle Prism changing a Light Ray Direction
64 Answer
by 180 Degrees.
65 What is an Optical Fibre? Answer
66 How does an Optical Fibre Transmit Light? Answer
67 What does Telecommunications mean? Answer
Can an Optical Fibre carry More Information than a Copper 
68 Answer
69 Who would use an Endoscope? Answer
70 How does an Endoscope use Optical Fibres? Answer
71 What are the Seven Colours of Light called? Answer
72 Do Different Colours of Light have Different Frequencies? Answer
73 Do Different Colours of Light have Different Wavelengths? Answer
Which Colour is Refracted Most through a 60 Degree 
74 Answer

Water - Reflection - Refraction - Diffraction
75 Can a Longitudinal Wave travel through Water? Answer
76 Can a Transverse Wave travel through Water? Answer
After Reflection, has the Direction, Speed, Frequency or 
77 Answer
Wavelength Changed?
78 When will a Water Wave Refract? Answer
79 What will change the Amount of Refraction? Answer
80 What will a Diffracted Wave do? Answer
81 When will Diffraction occur? Answer
82 After Diffraction, has the Speed, Frequency or Wavelength  Answer
Show a Water Wave Diffracting through a Gap in a Harbour 
83 Answer

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