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Week: 38 Main skill/Focus: writing and reading

Date: 15.10.2018 Theme: World of knowledge
Day: Monday Topic: Essay writing technique(picture composition)
Time: 10.35-11.35am Content Standard: 3.3(b) –able to write the description
Class: 4 Al-Kindi Learning Standard: 3.3.1(b) able to write and form simple description about pictures accurately
Subject: English Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Write the essay using the picture composition
Attendance: 22 /25 2. Read the descriptions in group correctly with guidance

21st Century Learning: Activities/Learning Outline:

- share-pair-think Pre:
- round robin -pupils recap the lesson about the steps to write the picture composition set.
-jumble up -pupils carry out the sentences construct in the table-use S-V-O technique to carry out the word attack.
-presentation Lesson Development:
i-Think: - each pupils is given an envelope of phrases strips.
- bubble map -teacher places picture cards on each group.
-pupils open and check the phrases and the picture they get. They work cooperatively in group to
HOTS: rearrange the phrases to form correct sentences.
- Applying -They re-write the sentences and form simple description about the picture on a piece of paper.
Post Lesson
CCE: - write the story plot as an essay in E1P1
Moral values -present the completed essay in front of the class in group.
(caring and loving) -Instructs the remedial pupils to copy write the answers with guidance.

Success Criteria:
Teaching Aids/Material
High achiever: Able to write and form atleast 10/12 descriptions correctly with guidance.
Intermediate achiever: Able to write and form atleast 8/12 descriptions correctly with guidance.
- PICTURES OF modeling class
Low achiever: Able to copy write the sentences accordingly and correctly with guidance
/ 22 pupils were able to achieve LO and were given enrichment exercise(s).
/ 22 pupils were unable to achieve LO and were given remedial exercise(s).
Lesson was postponed due to:
Meeting Course School Programme
CRK Sick leave Others