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1. Artist

Artist is any person who has previously been a PhiBrows student and successfully passed the
training via Craft Master application.

Each Artist is given a certificate and a logo with unique number and is marked on the
PhiBrows map.

Artists are allowed to use their logo on the photos of their works.

If they want to advance, they need to practice hard, publish their works and follow all
changes in techniques and study materials

Artists are not allowed to use the name of the completed treatment to advertise, to give
trainings, to copy, multiply or use without authorization any PhiAcademy materials

Artists are not allowed to change the numbers on their logo or use other people’s logo or
works as their own.

If they own a salon, they can use their certificate, pigments and other materials by PhiAcademy,
but they are not allowed to use the name of the treatment or present themselves as
PhiAcademy employees.

Artists are not allowed to present themselves as the employees of PhiAcademy on social
networks or their personal websites. Artists can only point out their Artists title on them
(logo on the works). Using the name of the treatment and the Academy in personal names,
links, etc. is strictly forbidden.

If Artists fail to fulfil expectations with their works, PhiAcademy is allowed to remove them
from the map and ban them from using the logo. When they improve their works and all
Masters agree, hey can be returned to the map and allowed to use their logo again.

Artists can change information on the map if there have been certain changes, by sending an
email containing the changes to students@phibrows.com and the changes will be made in the
shortest possible notice

In order for an Artist to become a Royal Artist, he/she has to have the Artist title for at least 6

They can become Royal Artists based on the proposal of a Master for the treatment master,
if all Masters agree.

2. Conditions for using trademark owned by “PhiAcademy”

PhiBrows Artist PhiBrows Artist is the title assigned to a student who has successfully
mastered the basics of Microblading at PhiAcademy.

PhiBrows Artist has the right to use the name PhiBrows Artist with his/her personal code on
all of his/her photos showing microblading.

PhiBrows Royal Artist has the right to use the name PhiBrows Royal Artist when presenting
him/herself on the personal and/or business web site, as well as on business documentation.

In the event that any person who has not obtained any of the titles above after completing
the course with PhiAcademy uses any tool, equipment or means not approved or delivered by
the holder or PhiAcademy, this person does not have the right to use the above trademarks on
his/her equipment, tools, pigments or any other working means or working premises.

The use of trademarks for advertising purposes with the goal of personal promotion is prohibited.
Every use of the trademark or trademarks by PhiBrows Royal Artists, has to be approved by
PhiAcademy’s Legal Department.

Unauthorized use of the above trademarks is any use of any of the above trademarks that has
not been approved by the trademark holder.

Special note: It is prohibited to use the trademark by any holder of the above mentioned titles
in such a manner as to define their position on the market, such as – PhiBrows Royal Artist
Asia, PhiBrows Royal Artist Australia etc.

All holders of the above titles have the right to use the title in the way listed above, without
any geographical marking of the territory or part of the territory.

PhiAcademy has the full right to protect the trademarks with the aim to provide their unique
position. In the event of unauthorized use of trademarks, PhiAcademy shall be forced to take
and use all legal means to protect its interests, including court proceedings, among other
things due to trademark infringement, trademark dilution and compensation for damages.

3. How to add logo on picture of work

It is important to download the picture in a PNG format (with transparent background),

as you received it. When you open a PNG format, almost everything will appear black but it is
normal. Sometimes, when downloading from mobile devices, logo will automatically convert
into a JPG format (with background) and this can make a problem when you are trying to add
logo at your picture.
To add logo at your work, you can use some application for editing pictures,
for example the PicsArt.
When you open the PicsArt app, the first step is to click EDIT and choose picture of your work.
Secondly, select the option ADD PHOTO and add your logo at the picture of your work. Here
you modify your logo by changing its transparency settings.