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HAE Vertical Wall Printer Series

-New solution and technology for wall decoration

Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd , since 2006, Wall Printer Inventor. We start to manufacture and
export Direct to wall printer from Year 2010.
We have got more than 15 patents and serviced more than 6000 customers in past ten years.
Fiber cable digital transfer

imported sensors full PC inside the printer

with matching software, photo

servo motor instead

of Raster
Control machine with touch
screen tablet

Easy assembling and

Epson Printhead , printing
resolution can up to 1440DPI

Ink Pumping Part , printing head

cleaning and protection
top range industrial software
and electrical components

Synthetic ink, Environmental safety ,

will not clog printhead
wall printer patent of inventor
HAE wall printer developing history
Technical Data
Model YC-S25OP YC-S25OC YC-UV26 YC-RP25


Mobil Wireless
Remote Mobil and PAD Wireless Control Remote control

Ink CMYK synthesis Ink CMYK+W+W UV Ink CMYK synthesis Ink

USB3.0 Wifi USB3.0

Digital Transfer Fiber Cable

Inkjet Technology Variable ink drop technique

Driving Program Windows XP, Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10

Actual Size(cm) 264(H)x450(W) cm 255(H)x50(W) cm

Printing size No Limit

Printing Speed 3.5-36㎡/hour 2.5-12 ㎡/hour

Printing Heads 1-2pcs for choice Epson DX7 1pcs

Technical Data
Model YC-S25OP YC-S25OC YC-UV26 YC-RP25


Printing Model Testing mode, Production mode, High resolution mode

Printing Photo Mode

Any Mode, Any Format

Certificate CE Certificate for wall printer, RoHS certificate for Ink

Ink Supply System Continuous Ink Supplies

Precise Positioning Laser Cross

Working environment 0-45 degree Celsius

Patent Invention patent, appearance patent, utility model patent

Motor Seror Motor, instead of Raste, that can stable work in outside

Lead Rail High precision imported lead rail

Shelf Material Light weight Lithium alloy

Technical Data

Model YC-S25OP YC-S25OC YC-UV26 YC-RP25


Mainbord 4-core CPU, 8-core CPU, 8-core CPU, 4-core CPU, 4GB DDR
Configuration 4GB DDR memory 8GB DDR memory 8GB DDR memory memory

Mainboard Imported Main Chip, 8 layers car class mainboard, advanced protection program avoid burn down

Lauguage Chinese, English

Suitable for a variety of special materials : interior and exterior painted walls, brick wall , Rolling gate,
Suitable wood, canvas, tiless, glass, paper, Pleat window, blind,decoration board,calcium silicate board with
microporous and so on

Photo life More than 10 years, washable and anti ultraviolet

Software HAE Own One-step Printing Software

Mobil Control
Android Mobil N/A
Vertical Part
about 35kg,
Packing Standard Exporting Free fumigation 9 layer polywood
Portable roller case for choice
Size will be customize according to order details
Printing Application Sample

More photos and sample contact us

Wuhan HAE Technology Co.,Ltd
The 6 floor, 2A building, Optics Valley Science and Technology Port, Wuhan, China
+86 27 87508600, +86 189 7131 9622