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Arif Hussain

Contact No: 0303-2460981

E-mail :arif.heer3366@yahoo.com

A position in IT industry which would allow me to contribute to
the success of an organization through the knowledge and experience that I have
gained: improve the existing applications and develop new software solutions, to
enhance my knowledge and polish skills.I believe on long term relationship to be as
assets.very interested to work and learn latest technologies especially want to learn
microservices and cloud technologies .

Java/Java EE developer with experience on Project based development in
Java Spring.Strong communication and analytical skills and proven record of teamwork
. Experience of developing applications in Spring Boot, Rest API Services, ,Maven and
front end side an awesome angular framework.I am good team player ,always eager to
adopt latest and useful technologies.

Java/Java EE
Spring MVC
Spring Boot
Restful Services
Angular 5
,Mysql ,SQL Server

Tools: intellij,Netbeans

Professional Experience
I have 1+ year experience of web Applications
.Technically, I have sound knowledge of OOP and how to apply object oriented concepts for
design patterns using Java .I have experience of core java, Spring mvc ,spring boot ,JSP,spring
data jpa, and mysql .I have used Rest services with spring.
. Tools or IDE that I have used NetBeans,Intellij.

Currently working as a java Application Developer in Ruftechs from 2017 till date.
Designation: Software Engineer
Project: Salezone(E-commerce),
DMS(Image Processing ),
HIS(Web Application),
School System(Web Application)
Tools & Technologies: Spring boot, security,Hibernate, Mysql,IntelliJ, linux,

working in Ruftech company, handling business rules and backend layer

. Business domain understanding and analyzing features , User Management with roles
and Rest Services for client .


Online Dressing Room:

online dressing room is web based application .customer can try clothes online by layering
different categories images on models .he/she can match different style or colors shirt ,pants
with his own choice . customer is able to palace order in dressing room . Moreover all business
rules of sales purchase has been implemented and Roles Based security is also applied in
application . I have used spring boot,Rest services,spring security,Hibernate,Mysql ,Maven.


some loan company is web based application for american peoples. I was appointed for
maintenance and server administration on linux for this application. I have maintained Linux
centOS and ubuntu . MySQL server accessed through VM. Database managed on one VM
and accessed remotely across all other virtual machines. This project was contract based with
foreign client Mr Franklin from texas .
DMS(Document Management System ):
Document Management System is using image processing technology . It is basically
developed for lawyers . they have trouble in reading a lot of documents and specially this

application designed to resolve searching issue.user can search a keyword and all
documents that contains searched item will be shown on dashboard .user also can search a
doc on base of title , date ,or by author. user have ability to upload documents in folder or ZIP.
we have used OCR ,Spring framework,jquery,javascript.

News Collection:
News Collection is web application that provides news from more than 70 different news
channels on base of sorting like type,priority,and area.This app also has api resources to use in
another application which are documented by swagger 2 . Rest api is used with spring boot
and mysql for authentication . Angular 4 is being used for front-end .

Web Applications:
Project: HIS(Hospital Information System)
Environment: Java, Java EE, Angular 4 , Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL
Tools used: Jetbrain, InteliJ Idea, Navigator

Project Responsibilities:
Health application system, designed to handle the health related
benefits of client employees.
It facilitates the client employees to choose their medical benefits as per their health and
family structure.
Project: University System
Environment: Java, Java EE, spring mvc, jsp, mySql, Tomcat 9
Tools used: InteliJ idea , SqlYog

Project Responsibilities:
School Management System is a is a complete school management software designed to
automate a university's diverse operations from classes, exams to university events calendar.

Academic Background :
Master In Computer Science(MCS) with 3.25 from University Of Management & Technology.
BCS from Islamia University with 66%.
ICS from Punjab College with 60%.

Organizing cultural programs.
Playing and watching cricket.

Personal Details:
Date of Birth: 12/02/1994
Languages known: English, Urdu
Address : Johar Town B Block Lahore,Pakistan