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_ EESEESEBCEEN - MOS90 RANGE ~The new Sevcon MOS Range of D.C. Traction ‘The mlcroprocestor software facilities within the MOSOO and Pump Controllers combines the late: range tlw a elgnicant wumber of fates tobe bat state-of-the-art Mosfet and Microprocessor technologies. ‘The result is a highly efficient and flexible Featunes: range of controllers for small to medium sized rile fae Slocizie veblolee such ae pallet, warehouse, Contactor sopping across voltage ange in dlagpostie LED. Undrveltage protetion pach and low capacity fork lift trucks plus personnel carriers. ‘The powerful microprocessor used in the Roop ott ue 'MOS00 range offers advanced features rertemperatire cubic previously unavailable in such a compact Controle pat preted controller. Dull iwcontactor suppression PRODUCT RANGE ipl aeelecator np VOLTAGE aL aY Arveteatr tare deter = MAXIMUM CURRENT 180-600 AMPS: Spt USER/ MANUFACTURER BENEFITS: ones Irereaaed hater si Me Feld wenkening, reve motor He ety sate onl Inerenced connector pie Seal mutch ee Spe mts pie died et up me ee ne ee Raced matntsoancetobleshootn tne Peruse : Poets Cota per pte peng Eula fr cold storage applications Pap contol 0 progzanoable sees Destghed tomer Ue ane. Mtandards -Sevcontrol smmnnEnEHNi== Speciation cmtinied eve Sevcontrol mmmmmmnmuiH| HERE [01}U0DARS| L 2/36 “ger ge BE || ie eee ~ Outline Specification: MOS90 RANGE sf MOso0A Mosson Mosooc — voitage: 2e48v 24-48v 2448v Current: 1808 2700 4004 ~ Continuous Curent: 738 1250, 1754 ‘Temperature: OperatingAmblent —80°C + 40°C Si Range: Storage 40°C + 80°C Hy Provides digital adjustment of: Current limit a Plugging level Accelerator delay Creep speed - Maximum & cutback speed Bypass & fleld weakening levels, 2 Power steer timer ‘Seat switeh timer - Lin speeds [pump controllers} ‘Aliso acts as Digital Volt Meter measuring: Battery volts mo Motor volts Motor current aa Heatsink temperature a Vehicle diagnostics Provides analog adjustment of controller parameters - Full range of accelerators, contactors and contactor panels etc. ‘This product bulletin le an outline Sevcon te constantly striving to improve ite specification only. For epecific application products and reserves the right to alter, ata, the full engineering specifications ‘specifications without notice. tevallable from Gevcon should be used. ‘Sevcon La rem tn, npg, Mass USA 01600 2 17 272 3812 Fax: (617) 272 1988 Garenesd Engfand NEL GA. ESC RS Ee Printectin UK. 1 PRS 1291 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION & CONTENTS SAFETY TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES INSTALLATION & MECHANICAL DRAWING POWER WIRING - TRACTION CONTROL & ACCELERATOR WIRING - TRACTION ADJUSTER & CALIBRATOR DIAGNOSTICS PUMP CONTROLLER APPENDIX I - CALIBRATOR - MEASUREMENT & DIAGNOSTICS APPENDIX I - FAULT FINDING FLOW CHARTS APPENDIX Ill = SAFETY BUTTON - METHOD OF OPERATION APPENDIX IV APPLICATIONS GRAPHS APPENDIX V-- CONTACTORS AND FUSES: APPENDIX VI. - SPARE PART NUMBERS APPENDIX Vil =» SAMPLE PUMP CONTROLLER WIRING APPENDIX Vill - SAMPLE TRACTION CONTROLLER WIRING This manual covers all MOS90 units produced from serial no. 0591~-- onwards. Units, please consult Sevcon. Sec. 1-1 SECTION 1 ‘SECTION 8 9 10 APP APP.IL APP IL APPIV APP. APPVI APP, Vil APP. Vill For details of earlier Revs.1/92

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