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1a) GROWTH HACKING Growth Hacking isn't something you can learn on a two week course. It's a mindset. An attitude. It’s an obsessive way to solve problems, and an even more obsessive way to execute those solutions. Great growth hackers don’t know everything, they challenge everything - and as a result will find solutions that turn start-ups into scale-ups. My name is Kirsty Sharman, and I've compiled this infographic to shed light on the Growth Hacking processes | follow and believe in, oon eon OKs’ 02 BUILDING A el ON ata Nena Ie] DREAM TEAM = Ce An Ideal Growth Hacking team can looks like [Full Stack Growth Hacker] < [ere rearu/ evar g ie iD ICRSOme Amplification Specialist] PETCRP NGM Lale md Foye sar] (cia eee genase Beta eee een Ciercnt itaasitrs eeu Mt eons ieee tate Growth projects are easier managed when broken down into three parts The best growth hackers are full stack. Which means they understand, and can excel, in all three parts. GROWTH CAMPAIGN rls PAUL Uitels) SD