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Legal Theory

\Tentative Course Outlrne7

Class _
Celeste RL Cembrano-Mallari

Class rules: I! t -(m ,.,,.,,~..,,,., ,,,.;(JJ "/l·

~ -p 'r
1. Students are allowed a maximum of three absences, exceeding which the student w,11
have to drop from class or receive a grade of 5.
2. Cellphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets are not allowed during class.

(10%). and final exam,nation (40%). ¾?"1" 'It~

3. Final grades will be based on: recitation (30%). paper (20%), comment to the paper

Main reference material: Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence, by M .O.A . Freeman. Eighth

Edition (available at the Law Library, reserve section). All other materials are available online.

Sessions 1 and 2
I. Nature of Jurisprudence
a. Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence. pp. 1-32
II. Mean,ng of Law
a. Lloyd's, pp. 33-82
Session 3
Ill. Natural law
a. Lloyd's. 83-187
Sessions 4 and 5
IV. Positivism
a. Lloyd's, pp. 24 7-304
b . Dworkin, Ronald M ., "The Model of Rules• (1967). Faculty Scholarship
Series. Paper 3609. httpp://digitalcommons.law.yale.edu/fss_papers/3609
c. H .LA. Hart, Positivism and the Separation of law and Morals, Harvard Law
Review. Vol. 71 . No. 4. (Feb .. 1958). pp. 593-629.
811 X%28195802%297 1%3A4%3C593%3APATSOL%3E2.0.C0%3B2-B

Sessions 6 and 7
V. Modern Trends in Analytical Jurisprudence
a. Uoyd's, pp. 371-413, 414-426. 465-490. 498-556. 574-582
b . Frederick Schauer. Formalrsm. 97 Yale l.J. (1988). Availabl" at : h
p :1/digitalcommons.law yale.edu/y1Jfvol971tss4/1

Midte,m1 (submiuion of paper and comment to the paper, detail• of which wiU be diacuued

Session 8
VI. Theories of Justice
a. Lloyds, pp. 583-716
b . G.A. Cohen, On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice, Ethics, Vol. 99, No. 4,
(Jul., 1989}, pp. 906-944 Published by: The University of Chicago Press URL:
http:/ /www .jstor.org/ stable/2381 239
c. Robert Wolff, the Conflict Between Authority and Autonomy, from Robert
Wolff, in Defense of Anarchism (!970) (through email)

Sessions 9 -11
d . Joseph Raz, The Morality of Freedom , Clarendon Press (1986) (through
1. The Nature of Rights, pp. 165-192
ii. Right-Based Moralities, pp. 193-216
iii. Liberty and Rights, pp. 245-266
iv. Autonomy and Pluralism, pp. 369-399
v. Freedom and Autonomy, pp. 400-430
Sessions 12 and 13
VII. Transnational Law
a. Ralf Michaels, Globalization and Law: Law Beyond the State
b . Thomas Nagel, The Problem of Global Justice. Philosophy & Public Affa irs,
Col 33, No. 2 (Spring 2005) pp. 113-147,
c. Gunther Teubner, Breaking Frames: Economic Globalisation and the
Emergence of lex mercatoria, European Journal of Social Theory 5, 2002,
pp. 199-217
Session 14
VIII. Law and Liberty
a. John H. Gray, F.A. Hayek on Liberty and Tradition, The Journal of Libertarian
Studies, Vol. IV. No. 2 (Spring 1980)
b . Michael J. Sandel, The Procedural Republic and the Unencumbered Self,
Politica I Theory, Vol. 12, NO . 1 (Feb 1984) pp. 81-96,
http:// Iinks. jst or.org/sici?sici =0090-
5917%281 98402%2912%3A 1%3C8 1%3ATPRATU%3E2.0.CO%3B2-X

Sessions 15 and 16
IX. Feminist Jurisprudence
a. Lloyd' s, pp. 1285-1300
X. Theories of Adjudication
a. Lloyd 's , 1531 - 1585

b . Antonin Scalia, The Rule of Law as a Law of Rules, The University of Chicago,
The University of Chicago Law Review, Volume 56 No. 4 9Fall 1989) pp.