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Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik SKEE 2133

Laboratory Experiment Activities Rubrics

(A) SKE __
Section Score:
Group No:
Name: (B) SKE __
( /30)
(C) SKE __
Criteria 1 2 3 4 5 Marks
 Lacks the appropriate  Demonstrates general  Demonstrates good  Demonstrates sound  Demonstrates very good
Following knowledge of the lab knowledge of lab procedures knowledge of the lab knowledge of lab procedures knowledge of the lab
Procedure procedures  Requires help from instructor procedures  Only ask once for help procedures without any help
(PLO2)  Often requires help from the with some steps in  However often ask peers for  Thoroughly and carefully
teacher to even complete procedures help with problems in lab follows each step before
basic procedures procedures moving on to next step

 Having problem connecting  Circuit is not connected  Circuit is not connected  Circuit is connected correctly  Circuit is connected correctly
Experiment the circuit and need a lot of correctly, more than 3 correctly, found 1 - 2 however less neat. and neatly which shows that
Set up help from the instructor to mistakes in the connection mistakes in the connection the students know exactly
complete the circuit what they are doing.
 Measurements/ Data  Measurements/ Data  Measurements/ Data  Measurements/Data  Measurements/ Data
Measurement/ Collection are incomplete, Collection are somewhat Collection are mostly Collection are accurate with Collection are both accurate
Data Collection inaccurate and imprecise inaccurate and very accurate and observations are reasonable precision and precise
(PLO2)  Observations are incomplete imprecise generally complete  Observations are good  Observations are very
or not included  Observations are poor and  Only 1 or 2 minor errors  Work is generally neat and thorough
inaccurate found in the measurement organized  Work is very organized and
 There are 3 or more mistake neatly presented
done during measurement
Use of tools/  Unsure of how to use the  Able to identify some  Able to identify appropriate  Demonstrate skill and  Demonstrate skill and good
instruments instruments after procedures tools/instrument correctly to tools/instrument to perform knowledge in using knowledge in using
(PLO4) have been provided perform measurement measurement tools/instrument to perform tools/instrument to perform
 Use wrong tools/instruments  However, face difficulty in  Able to acquire data. measurement measurement
to perform measurement acquire data.  Able to acquire data.  Able to acquire data
accurately and precisely.
 Proper safety precautions are  Proper safety precautions are  Proper safety precautions are  Proper safety procedures are  Proper safety precautions are
Safety consistently missed often missed generally used consistently used consistently used
(PLO4)  Needs to be reminded often  Needs to be reminded more  May need to be reminded  Uses general reminders of  Consistently thinks ahead to
during the lab than once during the lab once during the lab safe practices independently ensure safety

 Did not show any interest in  Show little interest in doing  Show interest and working  Very interest in the lab and  Very interest in the lab and (A)
Individual doing the experiment the experiment with peer together with peers, however able to set up experiment able to set up experiment
Performance in  Only sit/ observe what the  Only command and observe not able to help in some with peers correctly with peers
Lab other peers are doing other peers during lab procedures due to lack of  Offer helps to other peers
(PLO4) (C)