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Out of the blue Unexpected De repente

Fall into place Produce the situation you want Salir a pedir de boca
Go downhill Gradually become worse Ir cuesta abajo
Be on the cards Likely to happen Estar previsto
The rest is history You are sure that people know what happened El resto ya se sabe

Bring about To cause something to happen Harold’s working to bring about Provocar, ocasionar, traer consigo
changes in the industry.
Build up To cause something to increase or She does exercises daily to build up Mejorar
become greater her strength.
Catch up (with) To reach the same quality or Will Western industry ever catch up Ponerse a la altura de
standard as someone or something with Japanese innovations?
Cheer up If someone cheers up, or something She was sick so I sent her some Animarse
cheers someone up, they start to flowers to cheer her up.
feel happier
Come about To happen, or start to happen How did the problem come about in Ocurrir, suceder
the first place?
Come up with (smth) To suggest or think of an idea or plan He's come up with a new way to use Dar con
up cold chicken.
Cut back (on) To spend less, do less, or use less of The government has announced Recortar (en)
something plans to cut back on defence
spending by 10 percent next year.
Get in with To be or become popular or friendly He's trying to get in with the Llevarse bien con
with someone teachers.
Go about To begin to do something or deal What's the best way of going about Ponerse a, ocuparse de
with something this?
Hang around To move or do things slowly Go and pack but don't hang around - Pisar huevos
we have to go in an hour.
Help out If you help out, you do a part of Her parents helped (her) out with a Ayudar, echar una mano
someone's work or give someone £500 loan.
Jump at To accept something eagerly She jumped at the chance of a trip to No dejar escapar
Lay up To force someone to stay in bed She's been laid up with the flu for Reposar
over a week.
Pay off If something you have done pays off, All her hard work paid off in the end, Dar sus frutos
it is successful and she finally passed the exam.
Put up To stay somewhere for the night We put up at a small hotel for the Quedarse
Run out If a supply of something runs out, all My patience is beginning to run out. Acabarse
of it has been used or it is
completely finished
Set about To start to do or deal with something I have no idea how to set about Ponerse a, ocuparse de
changing a tyre on a car.
Settle in To become familiar with somewhere Once we've settled in, we'll have you Adaptarse
new, such as a new house, job, or over for dinner.
school, and to feel comfortable and
happy there
Show up To arrive somewhere in order to join I invited him for eight o'clock, but he Aparecer
a group of people, especially late or didn't show up until 9.30.
Step in for (smn) To intervene, to do something for John, could you please step in for Dar la cara por alguien, ayudar a
someone Mary today at the meeting because alguien
she called in sick?
Track down To search for someone or I’m trying to track down one of my Dar con alguien/algo
something, often when it is difficult old classmates from college.
to find that person or thing
Turn up If a better situation or an This job turned up just when I Presentarse
opportunity to do something turns needed it.
up, it happens or becomes available
unexpectedly or in a way that was
not planned
Noun Adjective Adverb Verb
Adventure Adventuruous
Alternative Alternate
Disaster Disastrous
Disposable Dispose
Exhaustive, exhausting, exhausted Exhaust
Experiment Experimental Experiment
Flaw Flawless
Hope Hopeful, hopeless Hope
Identification Identifiable Identify
Mass Massive Massively
Noticeable Notice
Philosophy Philosophical Philosophically
Prediction Predictable Predict
Speech Speechless
Understandable Understand
Curriculum Extracurricular
Benefit Beneficial Benefit
Opinion Opinionated
King, kingdom
Compulsive Compel
Appearance Apparent Appear
Innovation, innovator Innovative Innovate
Constraint Constrain
Consumption Consume
Domesticity Domestic
Strength Strong Strengthen
Fortune, misfortune Fortunate Fortunately
Replacement Replacable, irreplaceable Replace
Approval, disapproval Approve
Occupant Occupy
Outcome Come
Road Roadworthy
Concoct To concoct is also to make something new from He concocted a tasty stew from the leftovers.
different things
Whatsoever used after a negative phrase to add emphasis to He has no respect for authority whatsoever.
the idea that is being expressed