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Daily Working Record

Name : PHAL Pisey

Month : Feb 2019
Date Contents Achievement Remark
23 Sat 1. Prepare drawing new office Completed. *Support Mr. Bien
24 Sun
1. Go to CP3 site, check and take
photo of diversion road of each
25 Mon Completed. *Support Mr. Bien
2. Meeting with MPWT's staff and
Mr. Usami about the area that can and
cannot hand over to contractor.
1. Making report sheet of Diversion
Road of each Bridges.
26 Tue 2. Add drone picture taken at each Completed. *Support Mr. Bien
bridge to Diversion road drawing to
see the effected area.
1. Making Method statement of Box
27 Wed 5% finished. Mr. Bien's Presentation
1. Go to check again at New office of
2. Revise layout of New office
28 Thu Completed. *Support Mr. Bien
3. Combine picture of New office
4. Watch over Wifi installation at

Month : Mar 2019

Date Contents Achievement Remark
1. Making Method Statement of Box
1 Fri 10% finished. *Support Mr. Bien