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VS 490


VS 490 AHTS Hull no. 290

Designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design Norway AS
(Vik Sandvik)
Delivered 2010 by Ulstein Verft AS
M/V “normand ranger” Built for Skrog 30 AS, to be assigned to
Solstad Shipping AS
Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel Large main diesel engines

Large capacity AHT winch

Equipment for safe work deck by means

of Multi Deck Handler

Anchor Recovery Frame at stern for

deploying and retrieval of anchors

M/V “NORMAND RANGER” is an Anchor Handling Tug M A IN D IM EN SION S

Supply Vessel designed by Vik Sandvik (Wärtsilä). The vessel is
propelled by two large diesel engines, one per side. The Length over all approx. 91,0 m
propeller power could be boosted by electric motors via Length between p.p. 79,35 m
reduction gear PTI, in operations where more propeller power Breadth moulded 22,0 m
is required. Depth to main deck 9,6 m
Draught max 7,95 m

There are different combinations how the propulsion can be run: TA N K CA PA CITIES
• Boost mode (full power at 750 rpm, including electric motors)
Fuel oil (MDO) 1210 m3
• Diesel Electric (DE) mode
Fresh water 1015 m3
• Diesel Mechanic (DM) mode Ballast water 2886 m3
• DP in diesel mechanic mode, good weather Liquid mud 650 m3
• DP in diesel mechanic mode, bad weather Dry bulk, cement; 4 off 291 m3
Urea 34 m3
Rig chain lockers; 4 off 649 m3
Main Activities
ORO tank capacity 1299 m3
• Anchor Handling Towing Winch, 500 t SWL,
three separate drums V ESSEL CA PA CITIES
• General supply services, including carrying liquid mud, brine,
and dry bulk Deadweight at max. draught 4019 tonnes
• Duties for standby and rescue operations Cargo deck area main deck 760 m2
• Fire fighting operations Main deck load 15 t/m2 from stern to 25 frame
10 t/m2 from 25 frame to 72 frame
M/V ”NORMAND RANGER” is an environmentaly friendly ship Gross tonnage, international 7480 GRT
in all respects. The ship is built according to Det Norske Veritas Net tonnage, international 2244 NRT
class Clean Design. Also, catalytic reactors for minimum NOx Max speed (at d= 6.0m) 18.5 knots
emissions are installed. A Green Passport complying with IMO Bollard pull approx. 280 tonnes
ship recycling scheme is issued. Environmental Regularity Number (ERN) 99, 99, 99


DnV 1A1, ICE C, Tug, Supply Vessel, OILREC, SF, E0,

Standby Vessel (S), Fi-Fi I, TMON, BIS, DK(+), HL(2.8)
Flag: NOR

“NORMAND RANGER” iis built with a hotel compliment with permanent • Spooling gears for the towing/working drums, max. sideload 60 tonnes
capacity for 58 persons. Low noise and vibration levels are recorded in the • Two chain pulling winches, max 5.3 t pull
accommodation. • Two secondary winches with dividing flange socket part
170 tonnes pull at 0 - 23 m/min
• Four state cabins with day-room and bedroom Capacity: approx. 1600m dia. 8 in. synthetic rope or 4000m 76 mm wire
• Eighteen one-bed cabins • Spooling device for secondary winches, side load 23 tonnes
• Eighteen two-bed cabins • One rope reel, capacity: 1500 m of 90 mm dia. wire
• Hospital • One pennant winder, cap. 200 m dia. 76 mm wire
• Galley and separate scullery
• Mess (34 seats), two day rooms Shark Jaws, Towing Pins and Centering Devices
• Dry provision, cooler, and freezer rooms • Two Shark jaws, SWL 800 tonnes
• Meeting room and offices • Loose spooling sheave secured by the shark jaws, 100 t
• Changing room, laundry, gymnasium • Two sets Towing pins with locking arm of folding type, Ø512 mm
• Engine control room on Main deck Stroke: 1600 mm. Pull down force: 60 tonnes (30 t/pin)
• Two Centering devices, working width: 2 m
Deck Cranes • Twin stern rollers, dia. 4000mm, each 4000mm, total length 8000mm,
• Two knuckle boom shipboard / harbour cranes, 6 t at 3-16 m outreach, MWL: 750 tonnes on each roller. Cones only: Weldox 400
12 t at 3-11 m. • Anchor Recovery Frame (ARF), roller dia. 1680 mm,
• Multi Deck Handler (MDH), SWL 42 t, remote controlled travelling roller width 7010 mm, height from deck 6310 mm
crane, arranged for movement along the cargo rails Pulling force 1962 kN at max 60o circumference

Dry bulk plant Lifesaving and Rescue Equipment

• Four tanks, each 72.8 m3 / 175 tonnes • Six off life rafts, each 35 persons
• Twin BHS compressors, capacity 27 m3/min, 6.0 bar • MOB boat, 25 knots w. 10 persons onboard
• Air driers, dew point 4 degr. C. • Telescopic single-point davit for MOB
• Two segregated loading/discharge systems • Rescue scoop
• Dust cyclones and collector tanks
Sanitary Supply and Discharge System
Liquid Cargo Discharge Systems • Two UV sterilizers
• Two fresh water pumps, 150 m3/h – 9 bar, centrifugal type, hydr. • Vacuum sewage plant
• Two ORO/brine pumps, 100 – 24, eccentric screw type, hydr. • Sewage treatment plant, USCG approved
• Two ballast / DW pumps, 150/75 – 9/2.25, centrifugal type, el. • One reverse osmosis fresh water maker, 25t / 24h
• Two fuel oil pumps, 150 – 9, twin spindle screw type, hydr. • One fresh water generator, 12t / 24h
• Two ORO/mud pumps, 100 – 24, eccentric screw type, hydr.
• Agitators for mud/brine tanks, hydraulic drive Machinery / Propulsion System
• Tank cleaning system for mud/brine tanks • Two main engines, each of MCR 8000 kW at 750 rpm
• Flowmeters for FO, FW, brine, DW • Two shaft alternators, each 3000 kW / 3750 kVA at 720 rpm
• Two electric propulsion motors, frequency converter controlled,
Side Thrusters each 1500 ekW, 1200 rpm.
• Two super silent tunnel thrusters fwd., 1000 kW, controlable pitch • Two generator engines, each of 2188 kW / 2725 kVA at 1800 rpm
• Retractable azimuth thruster with nozzle fwd., 830 kW, controlable pitch • Two main propellers, cpp, each 9500 kW, dia. 4200 mm,
• Two tunnel thrusters aft, 880 kW, controlable pitch speed 150 rpm
All thrusters are frequency converter controlled • Exhaust SCR-catalysts for main engines and generator engines
• Emergency generator, 465 kW at 1800 rpm
Roll Damping System
• Two roll reduction tanks, U-configuration Oil Purification Plant
• Two FO separators, self cleaning, automatic
Manoeuvering/Positioning • Two LO separators, self cleaning, automatic
• Dynamic Positioning System DnV AUTR, IMO Class II. • Two mobile hydraulic oil separators
Position reference systems: • USCG approved oily water separator, 2 m3/h , 5 ppm
Two DGPS (1 off DPS 200 + 1 off DPS 132), laser reference system,
hydro acoustic reference units HiPap 350 with remote op. gate valve Fire Fighting System
spare ND 500 gate valve for HPR • Water mist total flooding system for engine room
• Water mist local protection system
Navigation / Communication
• S-band ARPA radar and X-band ARPA radar Fire Fighting I system for External Fires
• Digital chart system ECDIS • Two Fire Fighter I pumps, capacity each 1700 m3 – 14 bar, incl.
• Radio installation according to GMDSS – area A3 • Self protection water spray system
• Mini-M, Fleet-77
• V-Sat communication antenna Video and Monitoring System
• TV satellite antenna • Extensive CCTV system
• 25 cameras, six off 17” monitors
Deck Winches
• Two combined windlass / mooring winches. Chain 54 mm dia. K3 Electric Equipment
• Two tugger winches, 24 t pull at 0 - 22 m/min. • Main switchboards LLC 690 V - 60 Hz
• Two capstans aft, 14 t pull • Switchboards 440 V, 230 V
• Emergency switchboard
Towing / anchor handling winch of waterfall type • ULSTEIN COM® common distribution of automatic telephone, data
Towing / anchor handling winch of waterfall type with remote control network, and satellite TV antenna signal to all offices and cabins
• One declutchable anchor handling drum 500 tonnes with dividing flange Preparations
socket part. Capacity: 6100 m of 76 mm dia. wire Reinforcements and preparations for later installation of :
Brake holding load: 500 tonnes on 1st layer • A-frame, SWL 250 tonnes
• Spooling gear for the AH drum, max. sideload 60 tonnes • Offshore crane, 1200 tonnes m
• Two declutchable towing / working drums Also: ROV switchboard, 2 x 1500 kVA transformers
Capacity: 3600 m of 76 mm dia. wire + 3% tolerance
Brake holding load: 750 tonnes on 1st layer

Ulstein Verft AS is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of advanced vessels;
primarily anchor handling tug supply vessels, platform supply vessels and specialised
and multifunctional vessels. The shipyard serves as the Ulstein Group’s development
base for the detail design and assembling of capital and equipment intensive
specialised vessels and is the Group’s most important expertise base for carrying out

Ulstein Group is a world-leading brand, and supplier of products and services
within ship design, shipbuilding, power & control systems and aftermarket. With
many group companies forming an integrated value chain, Ulstein has the ability
to integrate and control the strategic components of a project - from idea to vessel
in operation. The Group has about 800 employees, subsidiaries in 9 countries, with
head office in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

Ulstein Verft AS
NO-6067 Ulsteinvik

Tel: + 47 7000 8000

April 22, 2010 12:38 PM