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S RC’s petroleum-related facilities in the Petroleum Technology Research

Centre (opened in the Regina Research Park in 2000) are among the
most advanced and complete in North America.
• Our staff conduct experimental work for SRC’s several petroleum R&D
programs in seven dedicated, well-equipped laboratories.
• A pilot plant is available for pre-commercial scale-up of industrial
• SRC’s acclaimed Pipe Flow Technology Centre in Saskatoon contributes
significantly to SRC’s petroleum research.
• SRC’s Petroleum Library, one of the finest specialty libraries in western
Canada, is open to clients and University of Regina staff and students.

Associated SRC Expertise

S RC helps the petroleum sector address a range of operational and
environmental issues with related expertise in:
• intelligent systems • electronics & instrumentation
• product design and development • commercialization
• flare and stack gas monitoring • plant and aquatic ecology
• water resource identification • groundwater monitoring
• remote sensing • geoanalytical studies

SRC’s Partners and Associates

S RC works closely with industry clients and with other researchers to
ensure that our solutions for the petroleum sector are innovative,
practical, and relevant.

We are a founding member of the Petroleum Technology Research Centre,

along with the University of Regina. Our other associates include the
University of Saskatchewan, PERL Canada Ltd., the Alberta Research Council,
CANMET-WRC, the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC), and
Petroleum Sector Services at SRC
F rom reservoir to refinery, SRC is committed to your success.We find
solutions to your needs and help you take your ideas to the field. Our
industry-driven research has been instrumental in many of the key advances
in western Canada’s oilpatch.

Working in four broad areas, staff from SRC’s Petroleum and Process
Development Branches can widen your options for enhanced oil recovery,
production, and processing.

Thermal EOR/Horizontal Wells

Brian Kristoff (306) 787-9353 kristoff@src.sk.ca

Steam EOR: SRC is developing cutting edge thermal EOR techology for
heavy oil reservoirs, merging injection/production wellbore architectures
with enhanced steam injection processes.We have expertise in:
• steam crest oil resaturation (SCOR)
• steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)
• steam and gas push (SAGP)
We develop innovative concepts through scaled physical modeling and
numerical simulation. Full-scale wellbore modeling is carried out at SRC’s
Pipe Flow Technology Centre in Saskatoon. Our field-oriented research is
aimed at helping clients cut costs, boost production, and add reserves.

In-Situ Combustion/Air Injection: SRC is developing a method to reduce

the risk and improve the operating procedures of all types of field projects
utilizing air injection. Our method involves a novel approach to the
modeling of chemical reactions and can be applied to either heavy or deep,
light oil pools.
Gas/Chemical Flooding
Sam Huang (306) 787-9334 huang@src.sk.ca

SRC is developing gas or chemical injection processes to suit a range of

reservoir conditions, oil types, and operating constraints.These include:
• miscible or near-miscible CO2, and immiscible gas, injection
• gas pressure cycling with horizontal wells for heavy oil
• alkaline-surfactactant-polymer (ASP) flooding
• VAPEX incorporating solvent gases and horizontal wells
Laboratory studies such as phase behaviour analysis, miscibility pressure
determination, corefloods, and scaled physical modeling are complemented
by numerical simulation.

Our practical, cost-effective solutions are aimed at minimizing input costs,

increasing reserves and recovery factors, and extending pool production
life.We’re also studying the potential of gas flooding EOR to capture large
volumes of greenhouse gases.

SRC’s Approach
• Work with industry participants in single or multi-client format
• Aim R&D at field trial, implementation, possibly technology patent
• Maintain high standards of service, confidentiality
• Build partnerships to engage expertise, expand use of technology
• Balance rapid services, short-term projects with long-term studies
Clients’ Needs Come First
SRC strives not just to meet your needs, but to anticipate them.
That’s why our full-service petroleum research program, established
in 1985, is continually evolving, as the petroleum industry evolves
and as new technologies emerge. For updates or further details of
SRC’s petroleum sector services, please check our website at
www.src.sk.ca or call us at 306-787-9400.

Production Operations
Doug Soveran (306) 787-9331 soveran@src.sk.ca

SRC tackles a range of production concerns associated with enhanced

heavy oil recovery, notably the need to separate difficult produced
emulsions. Our expertise lies in:
• demulsification/treatment methods to bring heavy oil to pipeline
• slop oil treating/fine solids separation
• portable sand cleaning for inexpensive, safe disposal
• production equipment optimization

We’re also developing promising technologies that take advantage of

emulsion properties:
• an emulsion/chemical enhanced oil recovery method
• water-assist pipelining of heavy oil
We emphasize extensive on-site testing and consultation with field staff,
supported by comprehensive laboratory work.

Process Engineering
Doug Soveran (306) 787-9331 soveran@src.sk.ca

To improve clients’ competitive position, SRC identifies and develops

promising technologies for specific oilfield applications, such as:
• field-scale heavy oil upgrading technologies to protect producers
against condensate shortages, price swings and upgrading capacity
• artificial intelligence process control systems to improve the
operation and economics of field treater plants
• biofilm reactor technology to remove hydrocarbons from industrial
• water treatment technology options
This section also operates a Petroleum Analytical Unit that provides
commercial laboratory services to the petroleum and environmental