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Above in Heaven

S Rob
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I dedicate this book to humanity.


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I acknowledge the help of the souls that reside within Heaven.


Heaven is not really above but to say it is just alongside you on the Earth
would not itself be correct either. In fact the truth is that Heaven is largely
above you but it is not gotten to always simply by travelling upwards. You
may wonder how this book which described Heaven has gotten here in your
hands and the full explanation of this will be yours as your read through the
book. The idea which many people have is that they go to Heaven when they
die and yet this is rarely the case and most of the time a large period in
purgatory must be served first. In fact purgatory is a place of suffering but the
suffering is for a finite time. But Purgatory is much like Hell so much like
Hell that it is not known to me very well One thing that shocks those people:
when they get here: is that it does not go on forever: Heaven has an end, it
has a fence, a boundary which those within cannot go past: at least with great
difficulty. The reason why this is thought to be the best course of action is
that those within Heaven cannot cope outside of Heaven. In this way Heaven:
for those humans within: is less a place of eternal wonderment and happiness
and more a compound for those unable to cope with the various planes of
This does mean that as I write this I tell you quite plainly that Heaven was
created for those too good to cope with the evil and outright difficulties of
that outside. Heaven is like a hospital or home for those not quite right
somehow: so much so that they are not able to cope in the world. Heaven is a
more like a mental hospital for those insane enough to be good, and no one
needs this more than Saints, and this is why when they are humans they are
treat so badly and over such a long length of time: this is done so that they
have ample time to become more evil and nasty so that they have the ability
to survive. In fact the world: Earth: is an easier place to survive in than the
many other places in the different planes of existence. But it would be a lie if
it was said that no one within Heaven ever really works this out because it
does happen: but rarely. In fact the truth of it is not really hidden too much
because the leader of Heaven does have eternal hope that humanity will find
a middle ground between naivety and evil. But it has been assumed long ago
that this is quite impossible. This is the reason why purgatory exists, and if
humanity could survive there for a long period of time: a thousand years of
your time: and still come out with a degree of ruthless and hardness it would
be thought a success. This means that Heaven is the place for those that fail a
test they have been failing from the beginning.
However I am not human and yet the view that humans have of angels is
quite incorrect. Angels are thought to all look the same: as if we were all
humans with wings. However angels are less physical entities but we can take
physically solid form: but we can take the form of humans with wings. But
the truth is that I look more like a cross between a bird and a human but not
in the way humans expect. I look more like a bird that is somehow roughly
human shape. But in fact the type of angel I am is not within any theological
classification system. I am just one of the angels not any specifically
important types: not even of any specifically unimportant types. In fact I am
not like a human or a bird and I am not truly avian as you expect me to be. If
I were to appear behind your left shoulder: which I have done before at times:
I may be your height or much shorter; so short that my beak would come over
your left shoulder if you were sitting down. My face is not bird like, but it has
what resembles feathers and I do have two wings which are also quite like
arms: with hands at the end.
But I am not white but multicoloured. But this is the main problem: I am
actually better thought of as an alien species than your theological version of
an angel. The reason I look as I do is through genetic manipulation and at one
time my type were on one planet in a plane of existence where we could fly.
But as we came to be in different places the gravity was different and so
genetic engineering was performed on the species: it is also why we are so
diverse. The genetic engineering was generally used to increase our strength:
and some of us were greatly strong. But at some later point we were able to
shed our physical from and move it into a form which is of energy: and this
was something that was no easy for us at first. This has left us with a physical
form which we call our own and also the ability to exist as form of pure
energy. But when angels manifested in physical form it was not understood
and after being described in the ways that you could do so without writing or
drawing the form down, what was eventually recorded was not faithful. But I
think it’s quite charming that you think we look like you. I look nothing like
you but I do know that you need to understand us in your own terms.
Even in Heaven when the humans remaining essences who have went here
many still refuse to see us as we are. I walk around there quite openly and
only the occultists or ufologists see me as I really am. But yes there is no
getting around the fact that this means that you are getting your souls
abducted when you die. Your souls do not just end up here but there is no
choice for us because we wish to diminish pain in all planes of existence:
although this is not an easy thing to do. But the truth is that most entities from
the various planes of existence suffer and are destroyed after a while. But this
is not to say that you get to take with you the body you had. Not just do you
not get to take your body but your brain is gone. When you are dead and you
go to this plane of existence you are not really as you were. But we are very
good as reconstructing, and for those that pray a lot or perform any type of
occultism we have plenty of information to put you largely back together
again. I must be honest we leave some bits out, the general physicality and
unwanted and unneeded stuff such as a love for oranges, tastes in food, health
problems and make something near: I correct myself someone near to what
existed before. It is like putting an engine in a new chassis.
I think I know quite a lot about Earth; I get to go there from time to time. I
spend a lot of time unseen by humans. In fact generally not to be seen: to be
unseen: is my main objective just as your unspoken objective is to breathe.
But I have appeared quite a few times and I am very proud of the effect this
has had on the people and the general mood they take afterwards: when they
have stopped panicking. But not all angels are birds and some have many
faces also, some look just like wheels: we are quite different. But there are
many more types that I can describe but actually the beings that you see and
may call the Mothman or some ancient bird headed god such as Ra, or Enki
the Sumerian god also known as Ea in Babylon the strong man with wings,
are all us. In actual fact Enki was a member of my ancestor’s tribe a long way
back. But he didn’t look that human it was just an appearance he chose to
take: he would have looked to you like a large strong aggressive bird if he
had not chosen to show himself in a different form. I do not show myself as
much as Enki: but then again I am not seeking to rule you as Enki did. It’s
not done that way anymore: not directly. In fact Heaven when you are here is
quite like a physical place: and so thinking of it as a garden is not entirely
wrong. It’s just that it’s a garden within a jail except it’s here to keep you in:
but to keep you in and keep everything else out.

The structure here in Heaven is quite different to that on Earth, there is no

voting in Heaven and there is no great change ruler. We have the same ruler
that we always have had. But the godlike figure you imagine is not in truth
what lies in Heaven. Here is simply a ruthless alien force: alien to you:
powerful and one that rules with little regard to anyone but itself. All angels
are not like me: there are warrior angels, and religions generally think that
their purpose is to fight evil, when in fact they exist to fight you: or at least
control you. When you are in Heaven there is not much chance of escape
even if you had all of time: which you do: because you can either gets out or
you cannot. We have a different idea as to what Heaven is for: to us it is a
home and so you may wonder what part you have within it. To describe this I
will look to the flower gardens on Earth and when the idea of a flower garden
was created it had one central theme: uselessness. The flowers in a flower
garden cannot be eaten and have no real purpose except to look at: or that
which any plant could serve. The flower garden is a statement that the owner
is so rich, that their life is so good that they can fill an entire space with
plants with no function except to look at. This is your purpose in Heaven: we
are so richly abundant and powerful: in all we need: that we can have you
walking around in all your strangeness with no purpose. You are the slaves
we have like flowers: you do not work and we treat you as we like. But we
treat you well because we value all that we own, and we own you.
You may wonder why it may be that we spend such time with you: which we
do. The reason is simple you entertain us, and we feel some responsibility for
you. If a person had a fish bowl and a fish and then bought another fish and
both fish mated and produced a new fish, would you feel that the fish was
made by you? Maybe you would not, but after generations of making
decisions you would feel that way: or at the very least you would feel that the
fish is yours: that you own it. In many ways we have spent too much time on
you, and you are our greatest weakness: because there is no real purpose to it
all. We control many worlds in many realms but always do so secretly and
although we do not micromanage we do have influence. At one time we had a
different way and we simply went down to some simpler species and made
ourselves your gods and kings. But this makes more problems than it solves.
We then become too much a part of things.
In fact at first we used to pick species we had already influenced in some
way, many of us even used to pick species that are similar to those we liked
to eat when we were physical only. In fact in the past we were a warlike race,
and we ate those who were our enemies: but you have done no less in your
wars. Just think about it as if you were travellers would you not want to put
tasty morsels of walking flesh were you could find it. It would be much more
useful than building a palace on every world we possess or have influence
over: which we have already. But we rarely get hungry as we use to and
anyway on Heaven you cannot die again, and what is left as you stroll around
is more of our making than purely of your own nature. But there is a certain
taste we get from you even when alive, we do not really need to eat you to
taste you and just as you may do, we cherish wild food, that taste that wild
free range food has. But we discovered something a long time ago: all we
need to do is to make the food live as if it has freedom as if it is free. This
means that as long as you do not know we are ruling you, you will feel free
and the taste we give to you will be that which we seek.
I am classed as quite young within my group: but I still am much older than
many of you. Heaven has buildings within it, or at least locations that while
not looking built serve some purpose: where we may gather. We have art and
science which is obviously more advanced. But we still seek to progress and
to move forward even though we are one of the most advance species we
know about. But do not get the wrong idea we want to make everything better
and reduce pain: no one cares more for the sheep than the sheep farmer. The
truth is that the wars you fight help to keep us in place because you cannot
truly think and act correctly when you fight each other. But you are driven to
fight each other because many species are: and usually these are the strong
ones. But you seem as of yet to be some kind of exception and this makes
you fascinating. You could not survive for even a short time in Heaven
without us. This makes us all feel very safe knowing that you are quite unable
to revolt or take over.
It could be taken for bigotry when I say that we are more than you if it were
not something you know already. So when you think of the way you are
treated: which on the face of it is very well: remember that we were here first;
long before you and that many species must serve us in some way. There is
no perfect solution for you: although things are about to get interesting for
you as you have recently discovered genetic engineering. You have no idea
of the problems and the strangeness which lies ahead: I do, in fact all angels
do. But it is a necessary stage. I am now going to tell you the biggest problem
you have. You should spread out and expand to survive and yet whenever
you do this you will come against us, because we existed first. You are a
warrior race: those that survive that long always are. But you have not natural
weapons, and only as yet almost the weakest of minds. There is another
problem you are getting weaker all the time: although in some ways you are
getting stronger. But this is not enough and so you should accept your place
with us and the help we give to you.
Death is not your problem, staying alive as a species is your problem. But we
treat our slaves well: unless we become bored with them and then must cause
some problems so that the leader is entertained because when your species is
as old as ours boredom is a path to doom. Species do silly things for
entertainment, things so stupid that they cause their own destruction. When
you become so powerful that it seems any risk is worthwhile to make staying
alive mean something, all creatures risk dying off: extinction. But we have
many of the things you have: such as music: and although our music is more
complex in many ways your music is much better: but this is my personal
opinion. In fact a love of your arts of all types is one of the reasons why I
have chosen to appear for certain chosen humans. I wish to inspire them and
also to show to them that there is more than they can see: something which
the creative understand in abundance anyway.
You may wonder why I am not afraid of appearing in fully physical solid
form, and the reason is a simple one, my beak can easily penetrate your neck
and kill you. This was a preferred method of killing which my species
preferred at one time. This is the reason why when I appear I do so over your
shoulder, I do it knowing that I have the upper hand and as strange: and in my
case even clumsy: as I may appear, I can kill you easily. If you can always
kill the other person easily without any worrying punishments, remorse or
downsides at all, it does not matter what they think, and you can safely
attempt to achieve other goals. I wish to introduce to you a new idea when I
appear: but I can kill if needed and have done so many times. Angels are not
as weak as you imagine us to be; we are strong, strong and ruthless.

There is more than one type of angel and yet even this is an understatement
and while there is one set that are the most birdlike there is another and it is
one of these which now writes his words down. We are rivals to the other
tribe of angels and yet not really at war. But this book was taken and I
decided to continue it and this gives you many advantages because I think the
last tribe of angels: my rivals: have presented a one sided view and also they
have effectively shown to you the problems with their nature. I belong to an
angelic tribe: there are two main tribes further subdivided. But once we were
just one: but early on we separated and when the last writer said that Enki
was of his tribe this was not incorrect but he forgot to mention that at that
point they looked like us. Does this mean that I am a man with wings:
effectively when I take physical form: although the root of me is not human
or bird. We do not see ourselves as the masters of humanity, nor do we think
of ourselves as above you: but simply different. In fact I found the suggestion
that humanity was not intelligent that the last angel expressed as insulting.
But this insult is not just to you but to me because I have spent a long time
helping you. In fact this is one similarity: that both tribes started off helping
In fact the angelic tribes are arranged quite the same and this is that at the top
there are three groups followed by the next three and the next three. In fact
we could group these nine groups into three spheres and the first sphere is the
nearest to the leader: a leading force and nothing more. These angels are the
strangest looking to you, having multiple faces or none at all. The next sphere
is where those angels exist whose job it is to take care of the organisation of
angels and also help govern the larger things such as guiding nations. The last
sphere are those angels that have the most contact with you as humans, they
are those that have some importance over who become kings, queens and
other people of power and also helping individuals. However in reality
although both tribes of angels must work together we really do not. This is
because the other tribe are extremists and simply cannot be reasoned with.
But this does mean that some of the worst dictators are at least partly our
fault, and yet governing and guiding creation is more like balancing an
equation more than anything else rather than using our emotions and feelings:
which we do have. But we do have power and as an angel of the second
sphere I am an organiser and tell other angels what to do.
However there are not really three spheres as such and they are just a system
of classification. However there are three of what you would describe as
buildings and all three buildings do house the different types of angels in that
sphere. But although it may seem unfair of me to burden you with the
problems we have with our tribes: those angels that look more bird like and
those that look more human like: you should understand that whether the
problems originate on Earth of here is difficult to tell. This is because in
many ways we could be thought of as manifestations of you and other
intelligent beings. But it is known that the split of the two tribes of angels
does either affect Earth or originate from it. This also means that when
something bad happens that seems our fault it also could be considered your
fault and we are simply manifestations of you and so we embody your
features including your mistakes. But it could quite easily be the other way
around because it all happens at once and so there is no cause to precede
effect and so either could be the case: but they are linked and not caused by
anything else.
But within my tribe even with the many different types there is no real
disharmony and this is why there are no votes: because they are not needed.
This means that everything is decided at a higher level and I must then decide
how it will be achieved and give these orders to those angels further down.
But you must not think of these other angels: the more bird like ones: as
devils or demons because this is not the case. In fact if it was that easy there
would not be a problem. No the problem is that each side thinks its version of
goodness is the true and best one and this means that they believe that when
they do something it is for the overall good even if what they are doing seems
bad. They cannot see that they are really trying to take over and control
everyone because of their own arrogance because they believe that if there is
only them, that everything will be better: and that to them is goodness; their
definition of it. We however realise that we to them have the wrong view,
and so we checked with many different races even those that have died and
went to Heaven and they agreed with us and so we know that we are correct.
They however did not check because they are arrogant and so cannot see the
strangeness in destruction being goodness.
We do have one advantage as angels and this is that angels do not reproduce
in great numbers although this is possible; this means that they cannot greatly
increase their numbers. However our view is that we like to maintain
differences and they do not seek to maintain any differences which are not
within their own tribe: which is diverse it being as diverse as ours. The long
term solution is simply to create harmony by trying to change them so that
they are more like us, and do not hold these extreme views. We do not care
what they look like; we do care what they think. But we find that if
something needs to be done: for example to help humanity introduce a new
technology: that we will do so in a way which we think will help humanity,
while they will do so in a way that which makes humanity think that any
progress is because of them. But because of the nature of angels we work
together even with those of the different tribe on some level and have no real
option because if we did not everything: all of creation would fall. This is felt
greater by those that work upon the Earth and appear from time to time. But
while humanity wants to see us they are afraid of them, and it is not just their
strange appearance which makes people frightened because they have already
achieved a fearsome reputation. To make matters worse devils and demons
have been known to appear taking the appearance of them or us: from time to
It is not easy because as things are now some angels I know have called for
them to be made demonic and sent to Hell. But this does not seem to be
happening because we are expected to deal with it. One reason is that if they
did go but not stay in Hell, they would then represent two different evils and
only one good. In fact I think humanity would be better off without beliefs:
magick yes, organised religions no. Not because such religions are evil but
because they create different groups and if you could create one set of beliefs
on Earth you would hold the solution for us too. But I am sure that there are
angels from this other tribe that are good and not as extreme but I fear they
are rare. But this view of mine may not be helpful to you and it is better for
you to think of this as being more like a political matter. But because of our
nature we do not know how to deal with such disputes: we are meant to live
in harmony and so when we split off thousands of years ago: it caused
problems for us, problems we still have not been able to resolve this. But
Heaven is still a good place to be: it is by many the definition of a good place
to be. But in truth I am so busy that to me it looks more like a place of work
than anything else. There was a time long ago when I loved Heaven and now
it is in times of difficulty and these difficulties must be solved and right now
it feels like I need to do much of the problems solving.

You may wonder how decisions that are made by angels. However I can only
really say how I make decisions and yet I believe that it is in many ways not
unlike most angels. The best way I can describe the decision making process
is by saying that it is not unlike what you do when you use a graph. A graph
is a pictorial representation of quantities and to us we are trying to get what
happens to either be a certain graph, or looking at it as it is. But of course
what you do as humans needs to be represented by many different graphs. I
hope this helps you understand that even when something is done which
would look to you as not being good, that it is done to match a desired graph.
In fact the graphs we try to match are not ours but come from above us in the
chain of command. This means that eventually everything comes from the
leading force. I honestly do not know if it is helpful to understand that what
we do is done to match a set of graphs: so that quantities match. So this does
mean that there literally seems to be a divine plan to us: although like you we
at times do wonder if it is just all being made up as it goes along.
In fact I have not even seen or communicated with the leading force at all.
That is why many of us call it a leading force and we do not truly understand
it unless we are an angel that works at the highest level within what is
classified as the first sphere. But if we do we do not talk about it, certainly
not as I do here. In fact I think that sharing what I think is a bad thing but
none of the angels on either side seem to worry because they believe that
what is written here will be taken to be fiction. Although it seems a very
strange sort of fiction to me and I have recently read some of your books:
although some of the inaccuracies mean that telling fact from fiction has been
very difficult for me: your newspapers seem even vaguer and I am not
absolutely certain as to what their function is. I believe that someone told me:
another angel: that they are like our internal communications although
sometimes deliberately inaccurate; I have trouble understanding this. But this
could be partly because there is no attempt to understand anything outside of
my area of function at all. But do not get the idea that the culture of angels in
general is limited because this could not be further from the truth. In fact my
particular tribe has been a great inspiration for humanity and many of your
great works of art. Art is greatly valued by us. In fact whereas the other angel
who has expressed himself so far said you were like flowers and also slaves,
to me you are more like walking art. But my tribe do not think of you as
slaves but simply the way things are done and we follow obediently the
orders given to us from above. But I am trying to explain the structure of how
I work and think. Therefore it may help you if I explain that neither I nor the
other angel who has described how we see Heaven so far is male or female:
this is certain because angels have only one sex. I don’t know if this has
helped or hindered things for you, but I must say it because it is the truth.
But do not get the idea that we are all separated and do not meet, it is only
that we seem to meet those we are supposed to and do not get information
about anything we are not suppose to know. But this is what Heaven is like
and much of the time we spend the time walking around without the slightest
idea that we are all being controlled and herded this way and that. We all are
and only one very young: as young as a human: would not understand that
perfection is impossible without some conning and trickery. Heaven is
largely an illusion that is created so that we all understand it because
otherwise it would be so incredibly complicated that being here would be
more like a nightmare than any nightmare you have ever been in. Heaven is
an oasis in a desert of confusion and death: it is the oasis that makes being
here pleasant because it has the goodness that everywhere else lacks. I feel I
must point out that I cannot say for certain that I know there are no other
places of goodness. I can say that no one has told me of any other place and
that even if there were getting there would be painful or impossible.
There is an edge to Heaven and those that go here have usually been to
purgatory first and it is quite like another Hell but one where you only spend
a limited amount of time. This means that you have suffered greatly when
you get to Heaven and this is not by my hand or any true angel at all. People
are not so much not allowed to leave Heaven, as the way through is
restricted. But it is true that very rarely some people do get out of Heaven and
this has nothing to do with how much time is spent here but their nature.
Some people are escapists and cannot be with restrictions and when alive
such humans try to make the world much better: but succeed where others
have failed. This does not mean that they always achieve fame because
usually the only way this can be done is through letting some other person get
the benefit. But to the escapist it is worth it: the life of the escapist is a
difficult one. I wish I could say that their afterlife was any easier but I do not
have any information which suggests this. The escapists leave Heaven to the
dimensions outside of Heaven. These include Hell, Purgatory but also many
other places too including where Earth is located. But the escapist has a
different soul to other humans and although the soul is most definitely human
it is so different that they are not to be limited at all. The escapists however
rarely come back into Heaven, but when they do they are rarely here for long.
It could be that the escapist has some other function or that they are to
become some new tribe in Heaven. Some of my friends have expressed the
opinion that they are here to solve some problem in the future: although the
problem could be the reunification of the tribes of angels.
But do not think of the problem here as a religions one, and I do not speak
here of any problem that is about rivals types of beliefs: which have been
formalised in some way: but that it is more like what happens on Earth when
politicians get other people to do what they want done so that they can get
blamed or killed instead of them. Of course this happens in Heaven insomuch
as there are levels of command and I do not perform the duties I command
others to do. But I never do this out of malice or cowardice or out of anything
other than wanting to perform the overall function better. But when I think
about it the humans that are called escapists are much like you in terms that
they are possibly a progression as you were. You are not the first humans and
the others that came before were not as good as you are: you are a better
form: and the escapists may well be an improvement too. But do not think
that I am saying that evolution is not true because this is the furthest from
what I say and in fact you should remember that angels are really inter-
dimensional beings: aliens that have the power to skip realities. You may
think that there is little proof for a world which is to you nonphysical but to
us it is almost the reverse and we feel that your physical world is less real.
The reason we think this, is that it ages and disappears so quickly, worlds
change while ours endures without any wear and what change is done, is
done by us: while for you change is done by you and to you and your world.
However much of this physical world was thought to you to be governed by
us and yet this is not the case. We do not govern all of physics and what
exists also does so independently of us. We are just another species of being,
just one more diverse and far older and it seems to me with more of a

The book you now read has been passed on but not to an angel but to a man. I
am one who was alive and not resides in Heaven and it may bring some small
comfort to know that the suffering many of us have to go through before
getting into Heaven is like a distant memory when here. But the reason that
this suffering before Heaven was never stressed before by most religious
leaders or those that are involved in the running of a church is that the view
you are given of Heaven is mostly a coded version so that you cannot say that
you were not told the truth. But it is coded so that you do not really know,
because you are not supposed to know. In Heaven here life is good and yet it
is difficult to say why and it is in fact more like those here are under some
constantly medicated state. We are happy and contented and yet there does
not need to be a reason for either. But having read the earlier parts of the
book I can describe for you nearer to what Heaven is really like. In fact the
angels are everywhere in Heaven and mostly it is like a mixture of the two: or
three because it does seem the angels seem to define themselves this way.
But I do not want to fall into the trap of giving you the idea that I feel I must
follow and write what they have influenced me to write. One thing that I can
say is that within Heaven there is a identifiable tree of life, and this is just
what it says it is and if this were to be damaged so would all life: and if it was
killed all life would end. But strangely no one is kept away from the tree of
life, and yet no one goes near it. There also is a stream that runs below the
tree of life: the tree of life is a really big tree. But the rest of Heaven is simply
a mixture of green grass and nature and the occasional white building. These
buildings are not buildings in the sense of what a building was on Earth when
I was alive: they just sort of spring out of the ground. I suppose the word cave
could be used for these buildings and it would be almost as accurate. But I
and the other humans I know have noticed that the way the angel walk
around seems more like a prison service. In fact I would say that many angels
do not have any other purpose other than to keep us here.
But it is pleasant here and if we were not here then where would we be? Hell,
Purgatory, or somewhere else as bad, so I must say that I like it here and it
must be the best jail anyone has ever seen. There is no torture, in Heaven, or
pain of any sort whatsoever. However not a lot gets done by us in Heaven we
are just happy and nothing else. You could say that here you are happy: but
all creation or constructive work ends, all constructive life ends. This means
that many angels only see us in this state and not the hard working creators
which humans always are. This does make me wonder what would happen is
humanity started to try to keep progressing in Heaven as upon the Earth. But
I also know that if one person does this it may be dangerous because even
although this is Heaven I am unsure about how far the angels would go to
maintain the status quo. Of course all of this does have its own problem and
this is that there is absolutely nothing to work with, nothing in Heaven has
any actual use at all and nothing could ever be classed as building materials.
Much of the progress which humans make relies on something other than
thought and even if we do simply use thought we have nothing to write
anything down with or onto.
Heaven in fact would be Hell if it were not for the fact that we are all happy
no matter what. In truth there is very little difference between it save a few
illusions and some mass pharmaceutical weed: dope. Heaven seems to be less
about anything real and more about sleight of hand trickery and some kind of
chemical effect. But then again seen as how I am dead who am I to talk about
reality and its nature. But I want to look into the buildings that do exist and I
have just noticed that humans: such as myself: rarely seem to go into them.
Maybe it is the influence of writing in this book that is making me think but I
truly think I should go in. But first I am going to walk around the outside of
the buildings to get some idea of how they are set out and their size. I went
into one of the buildings and upon walking in I was stared at immediately. I
then looked around and it was as if the whole building was one big angel: or
made up of many of them. But I got a strong urge to leave which I resisted
and found an opening which resemble a doorway and walked through it but
as I did I got a strong feeling that I should leave which I did: but I remember
one thing it was getting hot in there.
The strange thing is that as I went in the building my description seems be
much shorter than what another person told me they had done while I was
within. They had enough time to walk all around and have proper
conversations with several other people. This is strange it is as if time there
passes differently to the outside. I know that time in Heaven is not the same
as it was for me on Earth; neither is the time in Purgatory. It does make for a
strange problem to solve. But what is interesting is that upon Earth there were
folktales of people being abducted by fairies to the land of the fairies and
when they do get back, many years have passed in what seemed like minutes.
But there was also were people who said that they had been abducted by
aliens and these people sometimes only knew it through the fact that time had
passed for which they could not account for. But in Heaven there are no
watches and so it is difficult to tell.
This makes me think that a maybe aliens and fairy folk of myth are nothing
more than angels: or angels are really alien beings. This makes me wonder
about the place I am in, and I wonder if the trickery that is within Heaven is
just a way of concealing something which they wish to keep secret above all
else: that Heaven is nothing more than an underground place or else some
spacecraft. Is Heaven simply what flying saucers become when they are not
in the Earthly realm? This means that when the angels both talked about
abducting people’s souls, that it could be simply an expansion of what they
have done to us when we are alive. Indeed some of us may well have been
abducted died and ended up here: and if this is true I wonder if they recognise
this place as somewhere else. But I cannot be sure any more than I can be
certain of the nature of Heaven to any great degree. But I tell you here, what I
can and what I think and do know and believe. But what you believe is for
you to decide and not for me I simply place words here ordered in such a way
as to be pleasing and informing to you.
Writing this has helped me to think of my place in all of this and yet I wonder
if maybe I would have been better off not knowing: or wondering. Then
again I am always happy and since I remember dying: and it was not
painless: how can I not be happy that I have found this after life. It is possible
that there could be many others and yet it seems quite obvious that I doubt
that there is a better place or that they could be one. I fear that outside of
Heaven there is nothing else but many different types of Hell and that, that
and those conditions similar are the normal state of affairs. Heaven should
wait for as long as you can because there are things upon Earth not here, and
when you get here you will enjoy it no matter what.

I knew that what was required were some other opinions on the truth of
Heaven and angels that could go into this book. At this point I went and
asked some other humans, this does mean that the book itself is now treated
as an underground thing and yet I am not sure if it needs to be or not.
Everyone agreed that Heaven was a good place to be: better than anywhere
they had even been. However a woman brought up an interesting idea and
this is that the goodness of Heaven is itself a means of control and that if this
is true we are simply the happiest slaves there has ever been. I did point out
that we did not really do much at which point she said that we did many
things such as talk, walk around and maybe these were the things we were
made to do through our happiness. However although the overall powerful
leading force is to us named God if such a being exists: and as we are within
Heaven and this is strong proof: then the fact that he has prior knowledge of
everything means that free will when such an entity exists can never be more
than an illusion.
However we also did discern something about Heaven that seems more solid
and this is that we all admitted that we all saw it slightly differently and if it
is seems different at such a fundamental level then Heaven should be thought
of as an idea, and if this is true then we are within a dream: in a realm where
dreams are real. This also meant that the reason why the angels are required
is to make sure that the integrity, the structure of Heaven remains through the
beliefs of other people and by those that are here. It is at this point that the
group of people I was looking at, all looked at each other, and they all
realised something the governing force of Heaven was actually us and our
thoughts. We were in actual fact inmates, and leaders of Heaven: we were
within a hotel and yet we were in the hotel room but we ran the place without
knowing. It was at this point that I saw a smile out of one of the faces of a
high level angel: one nearest to God the force. It has became clear to me that
the reason that we spend time in purgatory: is because it is purgatory because
we were there and unprepared. Hell is therefore probably Hell because of
those within it, and Heaven is Heaven because of the entities within it. Just as
upon Earth we collectively made our own Heaven and we made our own
This however brings up one problem which may worry you: what happened
to those that did not believe in Heaven? I have known people that did not
believe in God when alive and yet they still ended up in Heaven. If it is true
why did they still get to Heaven and not end up in oblivion. When I thought
about what I had discovered I realised that it simply showed that we are all
connected: something which to me seems obviously true. But what seems
important to me now is the idea that you can still run something collectively
and yet still not be in charge as an individual. After all on Earth I lived in a
democratic country and yet never felt in charge and neither did anyone I
knew. I was not that poor, or that rich: but was never in charge. Is it any
different when you put all of humanities thoughts together, or do you in fact
get something completely different? I think you do and we may all be
imprisoned here. I believe that if we are made to see Heaven differently and
all know that there is a large degree of trickery to Heaven then how do we
know we are even dead. But I know that more proof is needed and so I have
decided to walk to the place I went before: the building where the angels are,
and look further into it.
I walked around the building I was in before: but this time I was not alone
and I decide to get someone outside to count and I would count inside. This
time I went into the building and went straight to the doorway I had found
and just as before I felt hot. I felt a desire to stop but I did not. I walked
through and it got hotter and as I did the look of Heaven began to disappear
and yet it started to look biological: but also quite mechanical and yet there
was also stone. I kept walking and an angel tried to tell me to get back, but I
did not, and it did not stop me. I walked and walked and although I was going
in a straight line what was there was not at all like the Heaven I was used to.
Then it became obvious to me, what I was seeing was the working of Heaven
and it became clear that Heaven was a creation of an advanced race of beings:
an alien race. What I was looking at wasn’t a machine as I knew it; it was in
some ways not unlike a large stone and metal steam engine although
obviously for a more advanced purpose. It was made up of stone and metal
tubes which ran down either side, there were angels here: but it was difficult
to know what they were doing. There also were certain squared off places
and a lot of what was here seemed to grow and repair itself: from what I
could see. In fact I could see some broken off parts were growing back as I
watched: at a much faster pace than anything grew on Earth. I then rushed
back up the tunnel and up into the building and back out again. I asked the
person I had left what number he had counted to and he told me it was a week
I felt I had been there only up to a count of ten thousand. This new
information had given me something to think about and I wondered was this
a space craft or a created home world within some realm possibly quite
different from that which I had been born in.
One thing to me was clear Heaven was a creation of an advanced race of
alien beings and there is nothing more to it than that. We were still in a good
place to be. But why we did not know. We also knew that the common sense
we had gained from Earth could not be of use to us here. We had to think
metaphysically and doing so we realised that we could be the creators of the
angels which themselves created Heaven. It is a complex situation where
almost anything is possible. But one thing is certain that this book must find
its way to Earth and yet I do not think that the angels care either way. I feel
they even think that this getting to Earth is of some strange cosmic joke,
because many angels do not go to Earth and so their view of humanity is
coloured by what we do in Heaven and they do not realise that we rise to a
challenge and can go through the most impossible of situations and keep
going and in the end win. But never have we ever truly known what Heaven
is before.
I decided to get the other humans I know to explore the other buildings and
seek the working which in this building was below. I waited a long time and
it was quite a while before they all came back with basically the same stories
of machinery and underground engines. But if there exists engines: then what
were they for? The information seemed to suggest that there was for two
purposes and some of these were for the possibility of travelling between the
realms if necessary. But that these parts were also separate crafts that split
off. The other main engines were there to maintain Heaven and hold back the
opposing force. Then it came to me the oldest beliefs were not about Heaven
and Hell they were about one afterlife and it was not pleasant: was this what
they were holding back. Heaven did not exist until it was made and the whole
point of this technology it to survive in the afterlife. But when Heaven was a
place here it meant that the place which was the afterlife became Hell, and
yet it is the next door neighbour of Heaven literally out of the front door. But
Heaven also has links to other places and these crafts here travel to other
places and one of these places is Earth.

I was quite unprepared for what happened next: and wondered what role
purgatory played in all of this, when I was alerted by someone that there was
a place in Heaven that she had heard was broken, and this is a very strange
thing to say in Heaven when nothing is ever broken. I therefore went to look.
I guessed that where I needed to go was in a building and I went in. But when
I was inside I saw a being which was neither angelic or human and while I
wondered if it was some other species that had been placed here a memory
came into my head of being in purgatory. I knew this species or at least those
like it, and it was one of those that tortured those in purgatory. But this made
no sense until I realised that the reason why purgatory is so like Hell is that it
is Hell, and here was a devil trying to get into Heaven. I was quite taken
aback until I realised he was talking with the angels quite calmly. They were
cooperating and as I exited the place: I reasoned it was quite clear why. If
there is a Heaven then there is Hell: without one the other does not exist. This
means that they cooperated so that they could maintain their kingdoms. But
by now I realised that Heaven and Hell are not only places they are different
realms. Part of Heaven could be down a tunnel while another could be in
another realm and yet they all connected for those there, meaning an
impossible amount of space could seem to fit into somewhere. In fact Heaven
is large but not that large but there is a different physics in Heaven: or at least
set of rules. I do not know where this leaves me or even if this all makes
sense to those that read this. But what I needed was a way of getting this
book onto Earth and so I spent a large amount of time not knowing how to do
this. But I got help from an unexpected source and this was from an angel.
The angels told me that they understood that we humans were beginning to
wonder if the book is secret. But he told me that the book serves a purpose
and even though they think it will be seen as fiction that it will help humanity
understand things. He explained that in truth it was possible for humanity to
not need to go to purgatory: really Hell: for any length of time and that the
King of Hell was beginning to see humans going there as more of a burden
than useful at all. The angel explained that because of their nature they had
abundant resources but that humans did provide something useful to them the
feeling of their presence which made their lives better. With this in mind I
was told that although they would not simply take the manuscript to Earth
because that would not help me know that it had got there.
I understood that this would mean leaving Heaven and somehow getting
there: to Earth. But because angels are aliens with inter-dimensional powers
they have crafts which can go there. But this does mean that from now on I
will be more like an observer and that angels will be most likely to be writing
in the book. In fact it was arranged for the details to be worked out and after a
short talk to various angelic beings it was all arranged. But I do wonder if the
reason why I have a lack of distrust is that I am within Heaven and I wonder
if I was upon Earth if I would still feel this way. But as I wait here I am
unsure as to what will happen although it turns out that because the inter-
dimensional spaceship I will be travelling in I will be solid upon Earth. But I
must keep my head and I am somehow nervous about the possibility of
seeing Earth again. However I do not wish to live a life upon Earth again and
then have to go through a period of Hell just as before. Those other humans
here know what is happening and yet none of them wish to go back because
really they are all quite happy here: although I suppose happiness can be a
means of control just as anything could: and probably better than most.
All seems normal and to be honest I had almost forgotten about the arranged
trip to take this book to Earth. But when I was asked to go I remembered and
walked with them: the angels: through a building into a door which was
below and then I was told to keep walking and was taken to a place which
while much smaller was not unlike Heaven. The place again seemed to have
green grass and looked like a small country garden inside. To me it seemed as
if nothing had happened but I was then told that the technical aspect had been
done. I imagined that I would need to go through a door but this was not the
case. I was taken through a corridor and as I did I somehow knew that what
was happening was not so much a travelling as a bolting on of part of the
Earth to this place, so that I could stroll there. But I then came out at a park
and this was most definitely not Heaven and I also was told by the angels that
they did not look to the others as they did to me. We walked and I was less
happy than I was; it was like I had been fed intravenous happiness and then it
was removed. The suffering of Earth came back to me although I did not
truly feel a part of it.
But now we were here there was something which must be done and this is to
hand the book to someone. But then I realised that the book was unfinished
because it would only truly make sense if it related to what Earth was like.
The angels somehow knew I would say this, and they nodded: but also added
that for my own sake I should only be a small amount of time here. It was
agreed that I would finish the book while moving between Heaven and Earth
and I walked back into the tunnel to find that as I walked out again I was
within an abandoned warehouse and with all its dust and complete lack of
any decoration it looked harsh to my eyes. But also more interesting than
Heaven had looked: maybe when a place is all goodness that it is less
interesting than somewhere with good and bad. I found at first that I was
followed around by an angel at all times and was not allowed to stay here on
Earth for too long. But I did leave the warehouse and walk around outside. I
also noticed that no one else had any interest in the warehouse and it seemed
that other humans could barely see it. I spent the time watching things in
what looked like TV screens and I found I had been given money: although I
reasoned it must be counterfeit. I bought some things for myself a chair
something to take notes on and with. I also went to a bar and drank and talked
with some people.
I understood one thing that Earth is more real than Heaven and yet this is part
of our problem. We cannot yet accept that anything that is too unlike Earth is
real. I talked to some priests and people of many different religions and they
seemed more surprised by me than anything else. But I did not contact
anyone or try to and I knew that if anything was communicated which was
important it was done so through the book. But I noticed that people need
things to do to be people: even if what they are doing is not actual work. But
as I wandered into and out of Heaven: sometimes walking right the way into
Heaven: one thing became clear, and this is that Heaven is not really ever
truly separate from Earth or many other places. In fact the technology of
these aliens is such that they can easily stroll to anywhere. But what I also
understood is that I was not the same as I had been when alive because I was
in truth not the same person. I understood that what actually passed for
moving upwards into Heaven was actually transferring the engine of what I
was into a new hull. It also helped me understand that these angels did not die
very often, because this could only happen if they chose not to go on so that
some new spirit could be born: some new angel. I could also see this could
seem to happen if they chose to regain their knowledge over time so that they
gain even more knowledge of all stages of life. This mechanism is what it
means to be ascended.

I am the person that was given this book; to make sure that it gets published. I
must admit that I seemed strangely drawn to publishing it: but this is not that
odd because publishing books is what I do. But what I feel I must explain is
that upon receiving this book from some person who looked not
unremarkable and except for a great sense of concentration and disinterest in
money, all seemed normal. However I needed to meet the same person at
some point as prearranged and it was then after reading the book more
thoroughly that I saw with him two figures one that looked like a giant
birdman and the other like a handsome man with wings. But when I saw them
I did not respond because I was scared and yet I found that I became calm
and after half an hour I found myself talking with both the man and the two
beings. I do not know how this happened and I am glad it has not happened
since. But since this is the truth I find I must say this so that all know that this
book although presented to be as fiction I believe to be real. It may be that
some greater truth has been explored here so that something more real than
most nonfiction books has been produced. I write this as a last chapter so that
you will know that what is said here is explained and known to be a real and
a proper part of the book. I am a changed man after reading this and I hope
you are changed too, so that we can think upon the truth of the matter of what
Heaven really is and whether angels are our true friends or the more difficult
option is true that we have no real friends except ourselves.
I find that what I write here is not the end because last night I found myself
again talking to the aliens: this time it was the more birdlike aliens I was
talking too. I found that this time it was not pleasant and I do not know what
to do. In fact it would be true to say that the aliens I talked to were not even
interested in the book I now write in myself. These abductions have now
gotten more often and I must write in this book another part to explain this.
But last night it was two human like angelic aliens I was talking to. I do not
know if they think I am capable of some great work but I have been told that
it is important that this work gets released. But I am sure that they do not
know that what they were doing has gone into this book: in fact I have held
back publishing many times to add more to it. I have also contacted some
ufology groups and talked to groups which are for abductees and it seems that
the aliens that are described here while not common are seen by others. It is
thought that they are the highest level of aliens and that many other groups
and alien species are controlled by them. It is also the theory of many that
some other aliens species have been made by them, and I wonder if this is the
real reason for Heaven so that the souls of the dead may be collected and
eventually made into a new species. What is most alarming about this is that
these other species are effectively controlled by them. But we are not talking
about a small amount of each of these species but instead entire civilizations
which have themselves been around in some cases for many millions of
years. Does this make the aliens creators or enslavers? I do not know but
what is here is presented to you. Make what you will of the information here
because since the delays in publishing have been removed, the aliens have
bothered me no more.