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Greetings everyone,

Here’s another update on the development of the Neighbouring Faiths Program.

Next General Meeting
The Next general meeting is scheduled for:
Location: Meeting Room - Newton Library
Date: August 24
Time: 2-4pm
The main goals of this meeting will be:
• To do some group work around developing the orientation session and
general structure of the individual sessions.
• To ensure that that Program is “working” for each community and to make
the necessary changes.
At this point, the Program is well positioned in the community, and it is time to look
more closely at how to make it successful now and sustainable over the future. This
will be the last meeting before the Program starts September 14. This is going to be
a good meeting to be at!
Partnership with Surrey Public Library
The Surrey Public Library has expressed an interest in collaborating with the Surrey
Neighbouring Faiths Program. They have generously offered free meeting space and
assistance in promoting the program. They have also made the following requests
for assistance:
• They would like input on creating a “Children’s Multifaith Reading List” of
books that are currently in the Library system.
• They would like suggestions on children’s books to acquire to ensure that the
Library collection adequately reflects the faith groups present in Surrey.
• They would like assistance in creating a “Multifaith Storytelling Kit” that
would be available for loan to preschools, daycares and other related
This is a wonderful opportunity to ensure that our public library reflects your faith
community. If you or anyone else in your community would like to follow up on this,
please contact me. We will discuss this topic in more detail later on.
Recent Outreach
Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey-Newton, commends participants of the Surrey
Neighbouring Faiths Program for their work, and reports that he is proud to have
such a program operating within his constituency.
Gladys Ortiz, Settlement and Refugee Integration Worker at DiverseCity
Community Resources Society is very interested in the program and what it can
offer to the families she works with.
Upcoming Outreach Opportunities
Vinay Sharma of the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir (Hindu Temple) has invited the
Surrey Neighbouring Faiths Program to participate in the parade at an upcoming
local interfaith event:
We would like to have your benign presence at the India Day and BC’s 150th
Anniversary celebrations function to be held on August 17th, 2008
at Guru Nanak Sikh temple, Surrey BC (7050 - 120th Street) at 1.00 pm. This
event is being organized by Hindu-Sikh Forum of North America, a group of
Hindus and Sikhs of Fraser Valley.
Please let me know if you are interested in participating.
• The Surrey Neighbouring Faiths website (http://snfp.ca/ ) continues to
develop. Many thanks to Harvey Dalley for his dedication to this project.
• The Surrey Neighbouring Faiths Yahoo site
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/surreyneighbouringfaiths/ ) now has copies
of the minutes and brochure available for download. (You may have to
register for a Yahoo ID to access them – it is free, but it takes a few minutes)
• Thanks to Jindy Singh for offering to be our “ECE Consultant.” Jindy brings a
wealth of education and experience working with young children. See her bio
on the website.
• Harold Rosen, our community consultant on interfaith education, has
launched a website on the courses he offers. Visit it at: www.interfaitheducation.org

If you haven’t already, please submit your Bios and Community Introductions.
Question for the Community Introductions are posted below. Let me know if you
have any questions regarding these.
With our program well under way, it is important that each of you feels
“connected.” The upcoming meeting is the best way to connect, however I would be
more than happy to meet with you individually if you have any specific questions or
thoughts on your involvement.
As always, I invite your comments and feedback on any aspect of the program as it
comes together.
In peace,
David Dalley
(604) 502-8661

Questions for Community introductions

Brief Description of your specific religion and community: Brief history? Description
of beliefs? Principles? Holy books? How does the religion involve children? Families?
Dress: Head covering? Short sleeves? Shorts? Are head coverings available there?
Can children bring their own? Shoes on/off? Where to put them?
Meeting area when we arrive:
Photography: Is it prohibited anywhere?
Sitting Arrangements: Is main hall divided into men’s and women’s section? When
does this apply? How does this apply to children?
Ceremony/Ritual: what ceremony might we participate in? What is the meaning of
the ceremonies? What are the considerations for participating or not participating?
How and where do people offer small monetary donations if they choose?
Food: might we be offered food as part of our visit? What type of food? What
context? Where is it to be eaten? Is there a special significance to the food? Can
families bring their own snacks? When and where will it be appropriate to eat their
own snacks?
When does the community usually meet for regular worship times?
Are people welcome who are not part of the community?
Contact if you would like to visit a regular worship time and would like to be met by
someone there:

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