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Baby Animal Names

There are certain speci c names that are given to the young
ones of different animals. This article provides a list of some of
these baby animal names.

 Mayuri Kulkarni  Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Mother Earth is blessed with many different species of animals. Each of

these species is unique and lives in a habitat that ful lls its requirements. A
species that is found in one part of the Earth may not be found anywhere
else. Every group of animals is one of a kind and has a different style of Smartest List of An
101 Funny and Sahara Desert
living. Reproduction is an important part of the life cycle of any living Animals in the with Pro
Cute Pictures of Animals
thing, including plants and animals. Giving birth to offspring ensures the World Armor
Baby Animals
continuation and existence of each of these species on the Earth. Many of
us know only the names of adult animals and not the names of the baby
animals. So, here is an A to Z list of baby animal names.

Fastest Animal
Animal Name of the Young One 7 Dumbest
on Earth Facts
Animals in the
Alligator Hatchling Animal World
Alpaca Cria Adaptations

Ant Antling

Antelope Calf

Ape Baby Facts ab

Animals that
Armadillo Pup Hibernate
Deciduous Animals
Badger Kit, Cub Herbivore Forest Animals
Bat Pup Animals List

Bear Cub

Beaver Pup, Kitten

Bee Larva

Bird Hatchling, Chick

Bison, Buffalo Calf

Boar Piglet, Shoat, Farrow

oa g et, S oat, a o

Bobcat Kitten, Cub

Butter y Caterpillar, Larva, Pupa, Chrysalis

Camel Calf

Caribou Calf, Fawn

Cat Kitten

Cattle Calf

Cheetah Cub

Chicken Chick, Pullet (Young hen), Cockrell (Young rooster)

Cicada Nymph

Clam Larva

Cockroach Nymph

Cod sh Codling, Hake, Sprag, Sprat

Coyote Pup, Whelp

Crane Chick

Crocodile Hatchling

Crow Chick

Deer Fawn

Dinosaur Hatchling, Juvenile

Dog Pup, Puppy

Dolphin Pup, Calf

Donkey Colt, Foal

Dove Squab, Chick

Duck Duckling

Eagle Fledgling, Eaglet

Echidna Puggle

Eel Leptocephalus (Larva), Elver (Juvenile)

Elephant Calf

Elephant seal Weaner

Elk Calf

Emu Chick, Hatchling

Falcon Chick

Ferret Kit

Finch Chick

Fish Fry, Fingerling

Fly Maggot

Fox Kit, Cub, Pup

Frog Tadpole, Polliwog, Froglet

Gerbil Pup

Giraffe Calf

Gnat Larva

Gnu Calf

Goat Kid, Billy

Goose Gosling
Gorilla Infant

Grasshopper Nymph

Grouse Chick, Poult, Squealer, or Cheeper

Guinea Pig Pig, Pup

Gull Chick

Hamster Pup

Hare Leveret

Hawk Eyas

Hedgehog Piglet, Pup

Heron Chick

Hippopotamus Calf

Hog Shoat, Farrow

Hornet Larva

Foal, Colt (Male), Filly (Female), Stat, Stag, Hog-colt,

Youngster, Yearling, or Hogget

Hound Pup

Human Baby, Infant, Toddler

Hummingbird Chick

Hyena Cub

Jay Chick

Jelly sh Ephyna

Kangaroo Joey

Koala Joey

Lark Chick

Leopard Cub

Lion Cub

Llama Cria

Louse Nit, Nymph

Magpie Chick

Mallard Duckling

Manatee Calf

Mole Pup

Monkey Infant

Moose Calf

Mosquito Nymph, Wriggler, Tumbler

Mouse Pup, Pinkie, Kitten

Mule Foal

Muskrat Kit

Nightingale Chick

Opossum Joey

Ostrich Chick

Otter Whelp, Pup

Owl Owlet, Fledgling

Ox Stot, Calf

Oyster Spat

Panda Cub

Parrot Chick

Partridge Cheeper

Peacock Peachick

Penguin Chick

Pheasant Chick

Pig Piglet, Shoat, Farrow

Pigeon Squab, Squeaker

Platypus Puggle

Porcupine Porcupette

Porpoise Calf

Possum Joey

Prairiedog Pup

Pronghorn Fawn

Quail Chick, Cheeper

Rabbit Kitten, Bunny, Kit

Raccoon Cub

Rat Pup, Pinkie, Kitten

Reindeer Calf

Rhinoceros Calf

Salmon Parr, Smolt, Grilse

Sand Dollar Larva, Pluteus, Juvenile

Sea Urchin Larva, Pluteus, Juvenile

Seal Pup

Serval Kitten

Shark Pup

Sheep Lamb, Lambkin, Cosset

Skunk Kit

Snake Snakelet, Neonate, Hatchling

Spider Spiderling

Squirrel Pup, Kit, Kitten

Swan Cygnet, Flapper

Termite Larva

Tiger Cub, Whelp

Toad Tadpole

Trout Fry, Fingerling

Turkey Poult

Turtle Hatchling

Wallaby Joey

Walrus Cub, Pup

Wasp Larva
Weasel Kit

Whale Calf

Wolf Pup, Whelp

Wombat Joey

Woodchuck Kit, Cub

Woodpecker Chick

Wren Chick

Yak Calf

Yellow Jacket Larva

Zebra Colt, Foal

This was a table with the maximum baby animal names included in it.
Knowing the different names of animal babies can help your child to take
part in animal trivia.