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Preliminary Cockpit Preparation/ Transit Cockpit Preparation

PM- Engine masters OFF and mode selector Normal, Radar, PWS OFF, Gear Down, Both Vipers OFF. Battery voltage,
Ext ON, APU Fire test, APU Master ON, Start APU, APU Start, Bleed ON, Pack Flow Low/Norm, Air Cond Temp – Set,
Ext Power DFF and disconnect (before Pushback positively) , Adjust lights
Obtain ATIS info and Departure Clearance “Delivery C/S Destination Luckknow Level 320 Stand 44 Request
departures Clearance” Read back
ECAM Status, Oxygen, HYD, Engine Oil, F/CTL Page-Spoiler position. EWD- Flap Position, Parking Brake ON and check
pressure in triple gauge.
Emergency Equipment- Life vest, Axe, smoke hood, Portable fire extinguisher, smoke goggle, O2 mask, flash light,
escape rope
Rain repellent Pressure and Qty, Rear and overhead CBs, Gear Pin-onboard and covers stowed.
External Inspection (Reports-no crack, no leak, no damage)

Overhead Panel Scan- RCDR on CVR Test, EVAC-CAPT, ADIRS- NAV
(Seq 1,2,3 when on Bat goes off) next). Strobe Auto, Nav & logo
light on, Seat Belt – ON (off for refueling), Emergrncy Evac lights –
Arm, ANN lights- check , Ldg Elevation- auto, Probe window heat
auto. Bleed – Auto, Bleed –on, Pack flow, Air Cond- temp. Batteries
OFF and ON check Amperage on Elec SD. Fuel mode selector- Auto,
Pumps ON (Extinguish white lights) Engine 1&2 Fire test. Audio
switching to Normal. Ventilation Panel- lights off. RMP3, PA-receipt
knob out.
S/by Inst Panel. ISIS, Clock, NW Strg/Anti Skid - ON
Padestal. RMP VHF, HF ON Switch selection
Switching Panel- Norm, Thrust levers idle, Engine masters of, mode
selector normal, parking brakes on and emergency gear ext handle
ATC- System 1, AUTO, code set.

FMGS Preparation. DIFRIPS

FMGS Cross Check. PNF after he is back from External Inspection
EFIS & FCU. Set EFI Panel, Baro QNH, CSTR, FCU Managed modes, Set Initial Altitude
O2, PFD ND Check O2 Pr, Check PFD, ND
TO Briefing. Captain Cover MISC, INITB, Perf, Flight Plan, RAD NAV, Abnormal Actions
Pre Start Checklist Down to line

PM-Cabin- “All Gd personnel to deplane, Crew to close and Arm all

doors, Cross Check and report’

Pushback Clearance “xxx Ground C/S 140 SOB thru security Gate 44
Request Pushback & start”

Doors Page- Check closed and Armed

Before Start C/L Below the line

PF Pushback clearance with Gd technical

Pushback (Parking Brake OFF, NW Steer Disc MEMO in Green) Check Beacon Lt ON, Seat Belts ON, Left/ Right Clear
Afte Pushbak NW Steer Memo Disapears Parking Brakes ON
PF Engine Start Ground technical clearance Glance at APU Bleed ON, Engine
Master ON, xx disappears on Eng SD page. Engine Master 2 ON, Monitor Start
Sequence, Gre N2 disapears, Start Engine 1.
After Start Flow
Eng Mode selector- Normal, APU Bleed OFF, Anti-ICE – AS Req APU Master
OFF, ECAM Status
PNF Flow- Arm Spoilers, Rudder Trim 0, Flaps T/O, Pitch Trim – Set, (ECAM
Memo- if Status is displayed)

PNF Taxi Clearance. Delhi GD C/S Request Taxi, Note route and read back
PF Taxi Checks- Taxi Lt ON, Strobe ON, Taxi Path Clear, Hand signal sighted after gd RT disconnection.

During Taxi Flow RADAR / PWS- ON, ATC – TA , Auto brake- Max, TO Config
Test. T/O Memo
PNF Calls Cabin to check Cabin &Galley Secure.
Before T/O Checklist Down to line

Line Up Clearance, PA “Crew to be seated for TO”

PF Selects Strobe ON, Ldg Lights on, TO Light ON
Open Thrust levers to 50, Stabilised. Open Thrust levers to
FlexMCT. Read FMA.
PM Thrust Set, One 100 Knots, PF – Checked
PM- V1 (PF Remove hand from Thrust levers)
PM- Rotate PF rotates to 15 deg/ SRS
PM Positive Climb PF- Gear UP PM slects Gear Up and calls Gear Up after 3 seeing red, disarms spoilers Selects Pack
1 ON
PF Selects AP ON, Reads FMA F speed Flap 1, S Speed Flap 0 PM – Calls Check Speed and selects Flaps up
Transition Altitude, PM – Transition PF -Set Std, PM- Standard Set & Cross Checked Climbing Passing FL 45 PF –
Climb FL 100 Flow Pattern
Lights off – Lower Line, Seat Belts OFF
EFIS Option: The PF will select CSTR for grid MORA. PM will select ARPT
ECAM Memo, De- Hard tune Rad Nav aids, Copy active sec Flt Plan, Check
Optimum Altitude

Cruise: Monitor Fuel and Nav Accuracy

Descent Preparation
Prepare MCDU for Ldg, Sequence the Flt Plan (Pull Hdg)
AUTO Brake- Low
PF to carry out Approach Briefing
Descent FL 100 Flow Pattern
Ldg Lights ON, Seat Belts ON
EFIS Option: CSTR, LS - PB
ECAM Memo, Nav Aids - Check

Transition Level: Set QNH

Cleared for approach- Activate Approach phase – Pull Hdg
Follow Radar Vector for Approach, Approach Checklist

Turing for Approach intercept Course Flaps 1, PM-

Check Speed Flaps 1
ARM Approach, Both AP ON Push Alt and (GA Alt
Glide slope active – Flaps 2
Glide 1 Dot above- Gear Down, Arm spoilers
Flap 3 Flap Full
Established on ILS, Landing Checklist

PM RadAlt Active
Minimum- Continue or Go Around Flaps (PM Selects
Flaps 3)
30- Commence Flare
20 –Retard, Thrust levers Idle
PM- Spoilers, rev Green, DECEL….70 Knots
PF Disarms Spoilers
After Ldg Flow


Accu Pr – Check, ADIRS- Perf Check, Fuel Qty- Check, Parking Brakes. Note Taxi-in Time