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Some of concrete structures are subjected to vibration forces such as impact loading or
dynamic shock of moving vehicles earth quake and blast. These phenomenon can spoil
concrete structure. Thus, the devices that can be used to detect defect in concrete structure is
needed. In previous research, many researcher applied impulse response with single impact
loading. The limitation of single loading i. e cannot detect defect in concrete structure.
Therefore, in this work is developed different method for concrete testing i. e multi-impact
loading. The objectives of this study are determination fundamental frequency and defect in
concrete structure. The devices comprise a impact generator machine that conducted by a AC
motor 2800rpm, an ADXL330 accelerometer with supplied by 3.3 Volt and the data
acquisition devices LABJACK UE9-PRO that connected to a computer. Matlab 7.0 software
is used for saving and signal processing. In this study, the specimen is a grad 25 beam
concrete that have same size i.e. 2450 x 80mm x 100mm. the concrete specimen are solid
concrete, artificial voided concrete and artificial cracked concrete beam, The beam concrete
is hanged in order to let the specimen to vibrate freely. Fast fourier transform (FFT) was used
to analyze response due to multi-impact loading. A simulation with Matlab 7.0 software is
conducted as comparing to the experiment result. Transfer function is necessary to obtain the
simulation result. The result shows that the fundamental frequency of three condition of
beam concrete is 49.97 Hz, if it is subjected to single impact loading. The result showed a
high and dominant magnitude of fundamental frequency i.e. 3225 and 3365 when compared
with others if the pejal and avoided concrete are subjected to multi-impact-loading that has
frequency is least common multiple member of fundamental frequency itself such as 1 Hz
and 5 Hz. Yet, the magnitude of fundamental frequency is only 325 for single impact and 257
for 5 Hz impact frequency when cracked concrete are subjected to multi impact loading with
the same impact frequency. The different result also are show when multi-impact loading are
subjected to cracked concrete with frequency impact is beyond least common multiple of
fundamental frequency member. The higher frequency such as 131 Hz, 248 Hz, 416 Hz, 602
and 707 Hz will be appear, where this point is not happen on solid voided concrete. This
condition is caused by artificial crack in concrete. The crack divide concrete became some
part with each part has fundamental frequency. Because of according to the theoretical that if
the aspect ratio of concrete (ratio length and surface area of concrete) is low, then the
fundamental frequency of three condition of concrete is 50.35 Hz. The experiment and
simulation result show the same signal trend. However, the experiment and simulation have
succeed to indicate in concrete structure.