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Lesson plan for shot put part 2 & discus part 1

Intention: To participate in and understand activities that focus on aspects of shot

training and improving. To understand basic cues for discus.

Equipment: As many shots & discuses as possible, plenty of markers, 2+ medicine

balls, tape measures, 5 hoops

Warm up: - Stand in two lines: hold partners wrists and attempt to pull back to a
mark 5m,
- With partner, stand on one leg, palms against partner palms and
attempt to unbalance partner by pushing.
- With partner hands together and do 10 squats as low as possible.
- Circle slap: partner runs around their partner and slaps their hand and
then slaps their hand and runs in the other direction: how many times
can they do it in 20 sec?
- Stretch arms and legs

Discus: 1) Demonstrate discus holding whilst sitting in a group: discus sits flat
against palm, edge of discus sits on the pads of the first joints of the
fingers and fingers can be seen over the edge, thumb rests on the back
of the discus; hides behind, hold loosely. Thumb over the discus may
cause it not to fly properly

2) work in pairs, practice holding discus

3) In a line 2m apart with partner 5m behind practice the ‘waterfall’

release over the index finger.
Feet parallel, hold discus vertically in front in correct grip, and allow it
to roll off the index finger and land on edge in front of feet, like a
water fall. Repeat 5 times.

4) Discus golf: to learn control of release. Extend waterfall to roll

discus into a hoop 5 metre in front; a hole in one. Take a step forward
with release. Release close to ground to prevent bouncing.

5) As above but roll for distance.

6) Under arm toss to a target. Land in a hoop on the full. Spins in air
and lands on edge.

7) Slinging action: Scarecrow claps. Stand side on like a scare crow

without the discus. Bring throwing arm forward and clap hands at the
front. Extend by rocking back on back foot and foreward onto the front

8) Discus sandwich: start in forward position with discus sandwiched

bw the hands, practice with the shifting weight on feet, back and forth

9) Launching spaceships: Launch your spaceship so it lands smoothly

& lies flat and gives the space ship people a smooth ride. Start with
discus sandwich

Stations: Take students around the 5-6 different stations and demo and explain
activities and place them in the context for the event.

STATIONS for discus and shot

1. medicine/soccer ball over head throw & sitting, kneeling med ball
2. shot place 3-4 hoops in a line, one behind each other. 1 pt for first,
2 for 2nd etc, 3 pts for 3rd hoop, shot put.
3. Shot put bowls or bocci. (Put for accuracy).
4. Discus roll for distance
5 Discus hoop slings over wickets or witches hats
6. Discus game: 1pt for 5-10m, 2 pts 10-15m, 3pts 15-20m and 4pts
20+ bonus points for a flat spaceship landing




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