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Monday, March 25,2OL9

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Not our fault, say NOT

to amend the Constitution.
tin Andanar said Duterte has done
what he could to promote *re shift
to federalism. He said Duterte
congtessmen. The Constitution is
silent on how the voting should be


House leaders on The measute remains Pending

at the Senate,
created the consultative com-
mittee that reviewed and recom-
There has long been a disputel
in the manner of voting because
the Article X\III, Sec. 1 of the
Senators have reiected moves mended amendments to t}re 1987
federalism issue to amend the charter fot lack of
time, They were pteoccuPied with
Constitution. A draft federalism
constitution has been submitted
Coflstitution metely provides
that "any amendment to, ol revi-

the 2019 proposed national budget to Congress, he added. sion of, this Constirution may be I
BY WEI{DELL VIGIUA ftom the last week of Novembet He stressed the importarce of proposed by the Congtess, upon j

to February 8. the May elections as far as having a vote of tllee-fourths of all its
IT is not the fault of the House of
Representarives that the ad- Senate President Vicente Sotto more govelnment allies elected, Members."
minisuationt proposed shift to federalism remains hanging in the for government to Push a shift to Former speaker Panaleon Aha-
balance. a House leader said yesterday.
III yesterday said the measure is
yith the Senate committee on fedetalism. rez has interpreted the Provision to
Deputy majority leader Rodante Marcoleta said the House
lconstitutional amendments ln Rep. Vicente Veloso (PDP- mean that thete is no need to con-
ieadership under Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has done irs 'a forum last week, Sotto sa.id of the House
Laban, I-ePe), chair vene the House and the Senate fol
patt in pushing for the priority legislation when the measure was committee on constitutional as long as the constitutional vote
.rsenators still could not decide on
appror ed last December.
lwhether to convene a constitu- amendments, has said the House of three-fourths of all membets
Marcoleta issued the statement in t}le wake of the tl-rreat of may file a petition before the Su- of Congress is met.
tional assembly or a constitutional
Moto National Liberation Front $4I\trLF) founder Nur Misuari conveniion to am€nd the Consti- preme Coutt if senators u/ill iust ljnder the House's dtaft con-
to wage war witl gdvernment if the shift to a fedetal form of sit on dre measute to kill it. stitution, the president and vice
tution. He also said dre matter vrill
government does not push through. The threar was revealed bt Veloso, a retired justice of the otesident will be elected udth each
have to be discussed in the next
President Durerte lasr Wedresday during a campaign rally of the Court of Appeals, believes it vrill Lther to serve four-yeai terms,
ruling PDP-Laban in MeriLina. Duren; and A,{isriari
earlier in Malacariang.
-er a.l"v The sfuft to a federal form of be a case of "grave abuse of discre- subiect to one reelection.
gover[ment is one of Dutette's tion" if the Senate will distegatd Lawmakers, who should be
The House Decembet apptoved on final reacling the campaign promises. Duterte has the move of the House. holders of college degtees, will also
measure which seeks to amend the 1987 Constitution", in_ setve fout-yeat tetms,
been advocating for a shift to Artoyo, herself, sees no Problem
cluding-the proposal to lift the tetm limits of legislators and if senators will insist on voting on The proposal states that the
fedetalism which he said would
local officials. h'elp address the histodcal injus- the proposed changes separately 6rst election undet the proposed
Congressmen adopted the measure hoping that senators will
dce against Moros as well as usher with congressmen, Constitution $.i11 be held on the
eventuaUy agtee to convene as a constituent aisemblV with them
in progress in othet parts of the Senators have said voting should second Monday of May 2022 -
cbuntry. be undertaken sepantely because With Ralmond -4fricd andJoeel1n
See NOT ) Page R6 Cqmmunications Secetaty Mat- they will be easily oumumbered bY Monten aJ,ot

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