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Presented By :
Guided By :
- Rishabh Mer
- Bhavin Vadhiya - Jigar Chauhan ( Guide )
- Ruchita Panchal - Yogini Bazaz ( Co- Guide )
1. Introduction
2. Objective
3. Motivation
4. Literature Survey
5. Problem Statement
f Content 6. System Architecture
7. Methodology
8. Scope
9. References
➔ A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a
conversation with a user in natural language through messaging applications,
websites, mobile apps etc.

➔ UniBot is a chatbot that provides an efficient and accurate answer for any queries
related to college.
➔ To reduce waiting time.
➔ To reduce Workload.
➔ To Provide Better user experience.
➔ To make it easily accessible.
➔ AI is the latest buzzword in Tech. All the major enterprises will make use of AI in
the future to improve their productivity.

➔ Chatbots are a very well timed middle ground between automation, AI, and the
changing use of the internet, in a way that could make it extremely effective.

➔ Now a days chatbots are widely used on web, or as a virtual assistant on Mobile
Phones etc.
Literature Survey
Title Description Advantages Disadvantages

Implementation of a User Query is Pattern based Unanswered Queries

Chat Bot System using answered using AIML Matching using solved by admin.
AI and NLP ( 2018 ) based on Pattern AIML with NLP.
Matching with NLP No use of Machine
Maintaining a log Learning.
file of unanswered

Chatbot for University User Query is Simple Pattern No use of NLP and ML,
Related FAQs ( 2017 ) answered using AIML based Matching
based on Pattern using AIML. Queries are based on
Matching Predefined Pattern
Problem Statement
➔ Currently, students face an issue of communicating with college as traditional
methods like phone calls, personal visits, etc. are used for solving the queries.

➔ These methods are time consuming, require human intervention and sometimes
questions remain unanswered.

➔ These problems can be solved by developing a chatbot so as to reduce waiting

time and increase interaction.
System Architecture
Data Processing Layer

Data - Source

Data - Connectors

Machine Learning Layer

Chatbot Messaging NLP / Dialogue

Application Backend NLU Engine

Fig : UniBot System Architecture

➔ NLP - Natural Language Processing
- Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to
understand human language as it is spoken

➔ NLG - Natural Language Generation

- NLG is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) programming to produce written or
spoken narrative from a dataset.

- Rasa NLU is an open-source natural language processing tool for intent
classification and entity extraction in chatbots.
SEM 6 : We will develop chatbot with basic patterns using NLP and simple
RASA-NLP Algorithm.

SEM 7 : We will add ML and AI in chatbot using RASA-NLU, RASA-CORE

and we will provide a web-interface.

SEM 8 : We will add Voice Recognition Support in the App.

1. B. R. Ranoliya, N. Raghuwanshi and S. Singh, "Chatbot for university
related FAQs," 2017 International Conference on Advances in Computing,
Communications and Informatics (ICACCI).

2. T. Lalwani, S. Bhalotia, A. Pal, S. Bisen, V. Rathod “ Implementation of

Chat Bot System using AI and NLP ” 2018 International Journal of
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