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Little Unicorn Girl

Felt Plush Pattern

with easy
to follow

© HelloFelt

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Created and Designed by
Claudia Archila
About this Pattern
Little Unicorn Girl is a hand-sewn and hand embroidered felt plush
pattern. No sewing machine is required.

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Claudia Archila
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Embroidery Stitches
1. Satin Stitch: Bring needle up at 1, down at 2, then back up right next to 1 and
down right next to 2. Place stitches closely together to fill in area. Be sure the thread
lays flat and without any twisting to produce a smooth look.
2. Ladder Stitch: The Ladder Stitch is used to attach separate parts as a doll’s head.
It’s called the ladder stitch because the stitches look like a ladder until you put the
stitches tight close the seam. Pull every four or five stitches as you stitch. When the
thread is tightened, the stitches should be virtually invisible.
3. Applique Stitch: Stitching a felt piece onto a felt surface.Place the appliqué on
the background felt. Make tiny stitches perpendicular to the edge of the appliqué.
4. Lazy Daisy: Make a small loop and then anchor it with a single stitch at top for the
decorative stitch that resembles a flower petal.
5. Straight Stitch: Use a simple straight stitch to create a motif.
6. Back Stitch: Work from right to left. Bring needle up at 1 and back down at 2.
Move left and bring needle up at 3, then back down at 1. Continue stitching.
7. Blanket Stitch: Work from left to right. Bring needle up at 1, down at 2 and up at 3,
keeping thethread looped under the needle. Pull thread through and shape stitch as
desired. Repeat multiple stitches until complete.
8. French Knot: Bring the needle up at the point at which you want to make your
French knot,hold the thread and wrap it around the needle twice, as shown. Bring
the needle back to the starting point and put the point back through the fabric very
near where it emerged (be careful not use the same exact hole). Pull the needle to
the back of the felt and pull out. To make a bigger knot, wrap more twists of thread
around the needle and/or use more strands of floss in your needle.
1. Satin Stitch 2. Ladder Stitch 3. Applique Stitch 4. Lazy Daisy

5. Straight Stitch 6. Back Stitch 7. Blanket Stitch 8. French Knot

ncir ce
E wi

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How to transfer facial features
Step 1 Step 2
Template Template

With a needle, pin or something With embroidery scissors, remove

similar, pierce the lines of the design the pieces of paper that were
that it’s going to be transferred. pierced.

Step 3 Step 4


Draw on the felt through the

holes, using a disappearing ink Design transferred.
marker or a crayon of the same Ready to embroider.
color as the thread to be used so
it won’t be too noticeable.

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How to cut tiny shapes
the paper

Felt Cut

Cut out the template, and attach it to the felt using tape. Cut over the tape.
Remove the paper. ( I like to use masking tape).

How to avoid ribbon from fraying

Dip the nail polish brush into the nail polish. Wipe the brush on the top of the
bottle to remove excess polish. Apply a thin layer to the edges of the ribbon.
Pick it up and hold it to ensure it does not adhere to a surface.
Try not to apply it in a thick coat or past the edge, it can make the ribbon look
dark and wet if applied too heavily.

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©Claudia Archila 2016

© Claudia Archila 2016

Little Unicorn Girl Size: 6.5” aprox.

Please read all the
Felt: instructions before
White (Body, arms, head, ears) 1 Sheet starting your project.
Purple (Hair, tail, forelock, mane) 7x4”
Light blue (Tail, forelock, mane) 7x3”
Pink (Tail, forelock, mane) 7x3”
Peach (Face) 4x3”
Scraps of: Pale Yellow, Light Pink,
Print out pages:
20 & 21
30 cm (12”) Pink ribbon 1/4” Then cut them out
Pink Tulle full width 127 cm (50”), height 16 cm (6 1/3”)
accurately so that you
Thread colors: Peach, white, pink, brown, pale yellow, yellow, can trace around them
light purple. on to the felt.
Embroidery floss: Pink.

Sewing needle, embrodery scissors, disappearing ink marker

or pen, craft glue, pink powder blush, stuffing (Polyester fiber-
fill), tracing paper or tissue paper, wooden stick for stuffing
hard-to-get places.
Have Fun!!!
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How to embroider
the eyes and Straight
1 Stitch
mouth Back


Hood Back
Back Hood
Front Stitch
2 Running 3


© Claudia Archila 2016

1. Eyes: Thread a needle with four strands of brown thread. Sew the eyes
using a few curved Back Stitches, add the eyelashes sewing two small
Straight Stitches for each eye. Mouth: Thread the needle with 4 strands
of pink thread and embroider a small curved mouth with a few back
2. Carefully position the hair at the top of the face piece. Sew the hair on
the face using Running Stitch and two strands of light purple thread. Keep
the stitches small so you’ll barely see them when you’re finished.
3. Place Hood Front over the face and secure it with a pin, sew the face to
the hood using Back Stitch and two strands of white thread. Use pink
powder blush and cotton swab to swirl cheeks.

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1 Blanket 2 3

4 5 6 7 9 around

Fold in half
Insert the needle
© Claudia Archila 2016

1. Lay Hood Front onto Hood Back, wrong sides together and pin. Using Blan-
ket Stitch and two strands of white thread, sew the way around, leaving an
opening for stuffing.
2. Fill firmly with toy stuffing.
3. Blanket Stitch closed.
4. Fold the horn shape in half, right sides together.
5. Sew it as shown in the picture using overcast stitch and two strands of pale
yellow thread.
6. Stuff the horn with a small amount of toy stuffing.
7. Thread a needle with two strands of yellow thread, insert the needle
through the horn.
8. Bring the needle out at the tip of the horn.
9. Wrap the thread around the horn in a spiral, pulling firmly but not too
tight, make a knot.

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1 2
Applique Stitch

Blanket Blanket
Hoofs Stitch Stitch



© Claudia Archila 2016

Align the Stitch
5 pieces 6 7 Paint

1. Using two strands of pink thread, Appliqué Stitch the hoofs in place, as
shown in the picture.
2. Using Blanket Stitch and two strands of White Thread, sew arms together
leaving an opening for stuffing.
3. Stuff.
4. Blanket Stitch closed.
5. Align the front ears with back ears, wrong sides together.
6. Using Blanket Stitch and two strands of white thread, sew around the
7. Use pink powder blush and cotton swab to swirl the inner ears.

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1 Stitch
Star Body

Appliqué Appliqué
Stitch Stitch

Stuff Stitch

3 4 5 6

Blanket Stitch

© Claudia Archila 2016

1. Using the pattern as a guide, draw 3 curved lines in the front body with a
disappearing ink marker or a pencil, thread a needle with two strands of
light blue floss and back stitch over the first line, back stitch over the other
two lines, using pink and purple thread for each one, as shown in the pic-
ture. Using two strands of Light Pink thread, Appliqué Stitch the hoofs in
front and back body pieces.
2. Align the two body shapes together and thread a needle with two strands
of white thread, sew starting at one side of the neck, going all the way until
you get to the hoofs.
3. Change your thread color to Light Pink and Blanket Stitch the first hoof.
4. Re-thread your needle with White thread and sew around the legs, until
you get to the next hoof, then change the thread color to pink and continue
sewing around the hoof, finally change your thread color to white and sew
to the base of the neck.
5. Stuff the body, gently pushing the stuffing down into the legs.
6. Blanket stitch closed. Glue the little star in place.

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Ladder Ladder Sew in the

Stitch Stitch inner side
of the arm

Ladder © Claudia Archila 2016


1. Position the head so that it overlaps the body. Using two strands of white
thread, attach the head to the body using Ladder Stitch. Keep your stitches
very tiny and straight as you go around and this will give a nice finish to
the seam. If the head seems wobbly, go back around one more time with
the ladder stitch. Pin ears in place on the head seam and Ladder Stitch
front and back of ears onto the head seam. Ladder Stitch front and back of
the doll.
2. Pin the arms to sides of the body. Using a longer needle threaded with
White Thread, insert the needle underneath one arm and bring it through
the body and out through the other inner side of the arm. Insert the nee-
dle underneath the other arm and bring it through the body and out in the
other side. Repeat the process a few more times and end off underneath
an arm.

Note: Photos of how to attach arms can be found on next page.

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Attaching the arms
1 2 3

© HelloFelt © HelloFelt © HelloFelt

4 5 6

© HelloFelt © HelloFelt © HelloFelt

7 8 9

© HelloFelt © HelloFelt © HelloFelt


© HelloFelt

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e e
Glu Glu

1 2

e e
Glu Glu

3 4

© Claudia Archila 2016

1. (The forelock consist of 3 pieces) Centre the Light Blue forelock piece in
the middle of the head, just above the edge of the hood, as shown in the
picture and glue it in place.
2. Glue the Light purple forelock piece just above the previous one.
3. Glue the Pink forelock piece just above the light purple, as shown.
4. Glue the horn over the pink forelock piece.


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1 2 3


4 5 6

© Claudia Archila 2016

1. (The mane consist of 6 pieces) Centre the first Light Blue mane piece, in
the middle of the back head and glue it.
2. Glue the Light purple mane piece under the light blue, as shown.
3. Glue the Pink mane piece under the previous one.
4. Glue another Light Blue mane piece under the pink one.
5. Glue another Light purple mane piece under the previous one.
6. And finally glue another Pink mane piece under the light purple.

©HelloFelt 14 - Page
1 2

Glue Glue

© Claudia Archila 2016

1. (The tail consist of 3 pieces) Centre the Light Blue tail piece as shown in
the picture and glue it in place.
2. Glue the Light purple tail piece just above the previous one.
3. Glue the Pink tail piece above the light purple, as shown.


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127 cm (50”)

8 cm. Tulle
(3 5/32)

Fold in half
1 4cm.
(1 37/64”)

2 Running

3 Pull the 4 6.5 cm (2 9/16”)


© Claudia Archila 2016

1. (Cut the tulle in half to make two pieces of 127cm (50”) width and 8cm (3 5/32”)
height)Fold one piece of tulle in half widthwise (making it from 8cm (3 5/32”)
into 4cm (1 37/64”) height.
2. Sew across the edge of the tulle that you have folded using running stitch and
one strand of Pink Embroidery Floss.
3. Pull the thread tight.
4. Before tying a knot. Measure the tulle, to make sure you have a piece of
6.5cm (2 9/16”) Tie a knot.

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13 cm (5 1/8”)

3 Glue

Straight Straight
Stitch Stitch


© Claudia Archila 2016

1. Make another piece like the previous one.

2. Sew the two pieces together at the centre using a few straight stitches.
The tutu length should be 13 cm. (5 1/8”)
3. Cut two pieces of pink ribbon each of 10 cm (4”) and glue each one at the
skirt ends, to secure the ribbon, add a few straight stitches too.
4. Make a small bow with a piece of ribbon and glue at the center of the
tulle to hide the stitches where it is united. You can add optional decora-
tions to the bow.


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Dress her up!!!

© HelloFelt

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© HelloFelt

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Little Unicorn Girl

Hood Front (Cut 1)
(Cut 1) Light Purple

(Cut 1)

(Cut 2)

(Cut 4)

Hood Back
(Cut 1)
(Cut 4)
Light Pink

(Cut 4)
Light Pink

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Little Unicorn Girl

(Cut 1) Light blue
(Cut 1) Light purple
(Cut 1) Pink Mane Tail
(Cut 2) Light blue (Cut 1) Light blue
(Cut 2) Light purple (Cut 1) Light purple
(Cut 2) Pink (Cut 1) Pink

(Cut 1) Ears Horn
Light Yellow (Cut 4) (Cut 1)
White Light Yellow

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Designed by:
© Claudia Archila 2016

© Claudia Archila 2016

This pattern is intended for personal use only and not for
commercial resale. Photocopying, emailing and the other copying to
share these instructions is strictly prohibited by law without
the designer’s written permission. 22 - Page
Thank you for respecting the designer’s copyright.