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Mediation is a process where parties are given opportunity to resolve their

differences quickly and without the costs of litigation. It is the opportunity

to settle conflicts between parties through the help of a neutral third
person known as the mediator. The mediator will not tell the parties what
the resolution is, the party will do it for themselves. Everything disclosed in
the mediation process will be kept confidential. The first part of the
mediation process is the First Joint Session where the two parties will bring
up each other’s allegations and defend each other’s side. The first one
who will narrate his side is the plaintiff. After the Joint Session, the second
part is the Mediator’s Break where the mediators will go over their notes
and discuss the arguments of the parties. The third part of the mediation
process is the Private Sessions where the mediators will talk to the parties
individually. Before the end of the private session, the mediators will ask
each party if there is anything that they wanted from the conversation to
be kept confidentially and not to be relayed to the other party. The last
part of the mediation process is the Final Joint Session where both the
parties will come up with an agreement with the help of the mediator and
to be signed by both of them.

On the first video, the conflict involves two neighbors Burt and Josh. Burt
alleged that Josh intruded and mowed Burt’s property particularly his
lawn and wiped out his rose bush. The rose bush was sentimental to Burt
because it was planted by his children in honor of his wife who passed
away. Josh defended himself and said that he has no knowledge of the
sentimental value of the rose bush and that he only cut it down because
the lawn was already messy and he only did it to help Burt. In the private
session, Burt admitted that he lost his temper and was just emotionally
shocked. Josh on the other hand said that he wanted to go and meet his
neighbors however he has no time due to his work. At the end of the
mediation process, both parties apologized to each other. They both
came up with an agreement that first, Burt would have to keep his lawn
neat and secondly, that they would start developing good
communications and relationship with each other.

On the second video, the parties are also neighbors. George alleged that
Melissa’s dog dug up his flower garden and he wanted to be reimbursed
for the damage. He demanded $600 and he wanted the dog to be
restrained. Melissa denied George’s allegation and said that his dog
cannot do such act. In the private sessions, George said that he wanted
Melissa’s dog to be out of his garden. He also said that he has no problem
with Melissa because she has been a good neighbor, and that his only
concern is her dog. Melissa on the other hand said that he and George
had been good neighbors for the past years and that George also liked
her dog. In the Final Joint Session, both parties agreed that if George
drops the suit, Melissa would either restrain his dog or install an electronic
fence. And in return, George would help Melissa in her garden.