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Part 1.

Use of English
I. Answer the following questions about yourself. Use complete sentences, correct punctuation,
and one of the words from the box. (You may use a word more than once.)

always often sometimes occasionally never

1. Do you enjoy taking risks?

2. How often do you wake up later than you are supposed to?
3. Have you ever done anything extreme like parachuting or scuba diving?
4. Have you ever taken an exam without studying for it before?
5. Explain a habit of yours.

II. Complete the adjectives in the following sentences by adding –ed or –ing.
1. I am reading the most interest_______ book ever!
2. The movie was so bor_____ that we both fell asleep.
3. Students feel encourag_____ to be better when you notice their effort.
4. Her interruptions during the play were very annoy______.
5. I am completely annoy_____ by your attitude.

III. Word formation.

1. Recently I decided to take up __________________________ as a hobby. PHOTOGRAPH
2. You need a lot of ____________________ when reading a book with no drawings. IMAGINE
3. I was so overwhelmed by _____________________ that I started crying. HAPPY
4. The doctor says that I will get better with this ____________________. TREAT
5. That injury looks very ____________________. PAIN

III. Sentence transformation. Do not use more than 5 words.

1. Do you know how to drive this kind of car?
Have ___________________________________________ this kind of car before?

2. During dinner, the phone rang.

I _______________________________________________ the phone rang.

3. Bill has worked as a bus driver for five years.

Bill _________________________________________ a bus driver for five years.
4. We have not been to the movies for two months.
The __________________________________________ to the movies was two months ago.

5. I have never seen such an incredible show.

This is ___________________________________ incredible show that I have ever seen.

IV. Circle the correct answer. (10 points)

1. You look just like/as your mother.
2. I have always worked like/as a teacher.
3. You have to stop acting like/as a child or you will get into trouble.
4. The news of her wedding came like/as a complete shock.
5. Like/As usual, you cannot be serious when you are at the bank.
6. The experiment did not work out because you did not do it like/as it said.
7. During the summer people eat more juicy fruits such as/like melon, mango, and orange.
8. What is that noise? It sounds like/as a cat meowing.
9. My hands are very cold. They feel as/like two igloos.
10. This is great! The house smells like/as a bakery.

VI. Use a, an, the or  (for no article) to complete the following sentences.
1. Would you like _______ apple?
2. We need to find a way to help ___________ homeless.
3. Had you ever seen so many stars in __________ sky before?
4. I watch__________ television everyday.
5. I am reading a book about _______ unsolved mysteries.


I. Complete the following sentences accordingly.
1. __________ you _________ to the theatre recently?
2. __________ she _________ her family last winter?
3. I __________ with my dogs a lot every afternoon after doing my homework.
4. My mom _________________________ in the kitchen when the phone _____________.
5. Listen to those people. What language _________ they _________________?