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Question 1:

After having an experience of working internationally as well as in my home company, I want to

improve my skills furthermore. The tagline and the vision of this company inspire me further. I
thoroughly go through the websites and the way they specify their vision and explain the career
growth motivates me to apply. It gives me feel of challenging, friendly working environment
with a lot of learning and gaining new experience. Commented [G1]: Inserted: a

Question 2:

Resilient, Curious, Optimists

Question 3:

MUJI Stores from my point of view exemplifies MUJI Vision. As MUJI believes in providing
simpler, straightforward and high-quality products. Muji Stores have all the items in their stores
that are designed simply but provide the required functions that they are designed for. The
packaging of the products is kept simple and material used is also simple and provide its basic Commented [G2]: Inserted: ed
purpose. The clothes in their stores are without any label.All the furniture, office and cookware is
Commented [G3]: Inserted: i
simple in design but provides the required functions. The similar there stores setting is according
Commented [G4]: Inserted: -
their visions and supports there products, with soft music playing at backside that is very
Commented [G5]: Inserted: i
relaxing and decorated with simple things like water bottles and acrylic vases. The store is
decorated with simple objects and shows the power of materials used in a creative way. Commented [G6]: Inserted: The s
Commented [G7]: Inserted: s
The items in MUJI stores make the statement about who you are. Regardless of being brand
Commented [G8]: Deleted:o
conscious, the products depict that people are above the brands. It focuses on the right values and
Commented [G9]: Deleted:e
product providing the right functions. And MUJI stores are the one that is providing social good
Commented [G10]: Deleted:S
as well as satisfaction level by simply believing not to be best but just enough. And we can see
all these products in their stores are simple enough to meet the customer needs. Commented [G11]: Inserted: the
Commented [G12]: Inserted: ,
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Commented [G14]: Inserted: i
Question 4:
Commented [G15]: Inserted: is
The challenge I faced during my two years master program was going out of the country and Commented [G16]: Deleted:are
working there for six months. It was part of my MBA degree to work outside my country
Commented [G17]: Deleted:e
(Pakistan) as an intern. The country which was selected for all the students was Malaysia. We
Commented [G18]: Deleted:y
Commented [G20]: Deleted:-
have to stay in Malaysia for six months and in these six months along with one course, we have
to work with one company. Commented [G19]: Inserted: ,

To understand the culture and work norms of other country was really a great problem for me, as
I have never traveled before outside the country. The working hours, working style and nature of
work was quite different from my home country. Plus to find a good internship in a short period
of time was also a big challenge for me. Commented [G21]: Inserted: a
Commented [G22]: Deleted:l
To overcome this problem, I drop my resume at different companies in Malaysia including
hospitality Industries. I apply online through different platforms. But did not get any response.
After applying at several places got three calls from different places, but they did not select me,
this disappointed me a lot. I ask my allocated Advisor to help with my resume as well as help me
with the interview.She helps me out and explains me in detail Malaysian culture and how to
present oneself in the interview. Commented [G23]: Inserted: s
Commented [G24]: Inserted: s
With the effort of two weeks, I get another call of interview From General Electrics, I had a
Commented [G25]: Inserted: the
phone interview first which was cleared and later had a face to face interview.After 2 days they
informed me that I was selected. I was extremely happy as with my effort and help of my advisor
I was able to secure an internship in one of the globally working company. There I worked with
honesty and dedication for three months and got appreciation from my supervisor. Commented [G26]: Inserted: the
Commented [G27]: Inserted: an
After going through this I learned a lesson that never let yourself down, you may fail once twice
Commented [G28]: Inserted: ed
or even thrice but just don't give up. Present yourself in the best possible way in your resume and
Interview but first, understand the norms and culture if you are applying outside of your country. Commented [G29]: Inserted: ,

Try again; like I try several times, I have only left out student in my batch at that time who had
not secured an internship yet. Though it disappointed me first I was sure of one thing that I will
get best if I try even harder. Commented [G30]: Inserted: g
Commented [G31]: Inserted: ve
Commented [G32]: Inserted: h

Question 5: Commented [G33]: Inserted: of

Commented [G34]: Inserted: ,
After reading the message from the HR manager, I understand the vision of MUJI more clearly.
Commented [G35]: Inserted: the

The manager has covered precisely all the important and related topics for the recruits. Starting Commented [G36]: Deleted:w
by explaining the vision of the company simply by saying that is more focused on not to be best Commented [G37]: Deleted:s
but to be enough. Commented [G38]: Deleted:y
Commented [G39]: Deleted:t bu
The manager then explains cooperate value of the company and why they want to approach to
Global recruitment methods. By providing the recruits with the facts that MUJI is growing more Commented [G40]: Deleted:k

outside of Japan.Further, the manager covers very concern point for any candidate applying that Commented [G41]: Inserted: the
what would be the career path for them, and how they can use their strengths and abilities. Commented [G42]: Inserted: s
Commented [G43]: Deleted:ve
Commented [G44]: Inserted: ,
The end note is very interestingly written and it leaves a good impact on the candidate.That
manager knows that only words can't explain the whole vision of the company unless candidate
comes and experience and then spread the idea in their own language. Commented [G45]: Inserted: s
Commented [G46]: Inserted: the
Commented [G47]: Inserted: a