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Definition of subject matter

: matter presented for consideration in discussion, thought, or study

Dear Madam,

The Contractual Completion Date is 11 December 2019 followed by 12 months Defects Liability
Period. Therefore, in line with the Item 1 (ii) of the wayleave condition of the City Council of
Port-Louis, the Bond should remain valid for one year after the practical completion of the

In a nut shell, the Bond shall remain valid till December 2020.

Please do needful at your end and revert to the undersigned, if required.


Dear Christian/ Rosun,

The Contractor submitted a plan for trial pits and we requested for a report highlighting certain
main aspects.

Please provide an update on the status and report accordingly given that the Draft Design has
been submitted for our views.

Mr. C.Ip and Mr. Rosun,
You are requested to attend a meet at Head office on Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 10 am in the
Conference room, 9th floor .

The agenda of the meeting will be to discuss matters regarding PAC for Contract Paul & Virginie and
Cipayes Brule and ongoing CWA works in the catchment area of Paul & Virginie.

Please note that the Municipal Council and the CWA will also be in attendance in the meeting.


Shalill Romjon

Dear Mr. J. Teeroovengadum,

We refer to the monthly Progress Meeting No.2 held on 5th March 2019 more specifically item
No. 13.

It would be appreciated if you could submit the requested Design Drawings at the earliest and
as mentioned during the meeting
same needs further discussions with the WMA O&M section before finalisation.

Kind Regards.
Christian IP
S. Tech. Officer

Signboard placed at junction Orleans Street / Raoul Rivet Street

Dear Jason,
Please note that following a site visit on 14 March 2019 , our team has observed that the
signboard put in place at location of subject matter is not in conformity as details specified in the
contract Document. (Kindly refer to attachment)

You are requested to rectify same in accordance with Drawing No. 25 of the Contract Document
in addition to Clause 1.29 of the Specifications and also ensure that the sign board does not
represent any potential hazard to the road users.

PS: Raoul River to be amended to Raoul Rivet

Please treat as MOST URGENT.

Best regards

Signboard placed at junction OrleansS treet/ Raoul Rivet

Mr. Munoosingh,

Following a site visit on 13 March 2019 , It is observed that the signboard put in place at
location of subject matter is
not in conformity as details specified in the contract Document.

Kindly refer to attachment.

Kind regards,
Christian IP
S. Tech. Officer
Contract WW 338W – Rehabilitation / Provision of Sewerage Infrastructure
at Residence La Cure, Port Louis – CHA Phase IV

Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) visit

Please note, further to site visit of 9 October 2018 with Contractor representative (Mr Kevin) and
representative of the Municipal council of P-Louis (Mr Avinash Khoobloll) for PAC.

No snags were identified.

Enclosed herewith

Annex 1. Attendance sheet for site visit.

Annex 2. Report of site visit.

Submitted for your information and necessary reaction.