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2nd Group makes a role play about “You Sew Party Dress/Clothes to a tailor.

You felt satisfied with the result”

Marisa : “3 weeks later, we are going to go to Novita’s Birthday Party, we must have a couple party


Rizki : “Ok let’s go to Fabric Store. What is your favorite colour?”

Marisa : “Maroon. I love maroon.”

*At the Fabric Store*

Marisa : “Excuse me.”

Amin : “What can i do for you?”

Marisa : “My boyfriend and I are going to go to our friend’s birthday party. And we will sew our party

dress. And now, we need the best fabric for our dress.”

Silvi : “Marisa. Hi...”

Marisa : “Hi, Silvi. What are you doing here?”

Silvi : “This store is mine! And this is Amin, my boyfriend. And who is he?”

Marisa : “Hi, Amin. Nice to see you. Oh this is my boyfriend Rizki.”

Rizki : “Nice to see you Silvi. By the way, we need the best fabric for our dress.”

Silvi : “What’s the olour?”

Rizki : “Maroon, we need 10 metres.”

Amin : “We have the best one. Here it is!”

Rizki : “I like it. How about it, dear?”

Marisa : “I like it too. How much?”

Amin : “For you both, it’s a special price. It just 1.000.000 Rupiah.”

Marisa : “Ok, that’s not problem.”

*At tailor’s house*

Rizki : “Assalamu’alaikum.”

Den Ayu : “Wa’alaikumsalam.Rizki, Marisa. How are you? Long time no see.”
Rizki : “We’re fine, thanks. How about you?”

Den Ayu : “I’m pretty well, thanks.”

Marisa : “By the way, we’re going to go to Novita’s Birthday Party. Are you going to go to there, too?”

Den Ayu : “Of course. And you come here because you are going to sew your own dress. Is it right?”

Marisa : “Exactly. Here it is.” (give the fabric to Den Ayu)\

Den Ayu : “Ok, 2 weeks later, come back here.”

Marisa : “Ok”

*2 weeks later*

Rizki : “Assalamualaikum.”

Den Ayu : “Waalaikumsalam.”

Marisa : “Where’s my dress?”

Den Ayu : “Wait a minute.” (go to her room to take their dress) “So, here it is!”

Marisa : “What a beautiful dress! This is perfect! Thank you so much!”

Rizki : “You such a great tailor, Ayu! I am very pleased with the result!”

Den Ayu : “Thank you.”

*At Novita’s Birthday*

Marisa : “Hi Nov. Happy 19th birthday!”

Novita : “Thank you! What a beautiful dress, Marisa!”

Marisa : “Well, thanks.”

Novita : “Where are you bought this dress?”

Marisa : “I bought the fabric at my friend’s store, then i sew it at Den Ayu tailor.”

Novita : “I see.”