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PI Workbook


Sr. No. Topic Pg No.

How to use the book 4

1 Thyself 5

2 Academics 15

3 Hobbies 24

4 Unexpected/Random 28

5 Work 33

6 Career Goals 36

PI Workbook

How to use this book

PI workbook is intended to be a ready reference point for all interview preparation. We

have gone through hundreds of actual Personal Interviews (across IIMs, XLRI, FMS, and
other top B-Schools). We have used the 7-Bucket Method of Personal Interview (PI)
preparation (you can watch the PI Masterclass - Episode 4 to know more about the
method). Simply put, it means that all possible interview questions can be classified in 7
categories (buckets). You need to prepare for each possible question that can be asked to
you given your profile.

This method and book will give you the much needed structure to your preparation.

Suggested Methodology of using the book

Step 1: Watch Episodes 1-6 of PI Masterclass (approx 40 mins). These will cover the
foundations of PI.
Step 2: Start working with the questions from this PI Masterclass. Take a question, write a
rough draft of your response. Yes, writing down the response is recommended. For the most
important questions, have the complete answer finalized (after edits and redrafts).
Important PI FAQs have videos telling you how exactly do you answer the question
(Episode numbers are mentioned against these questions).

Alternatively, you can first watch all the videos and then work on the questions contained
in the book.

Step 3: Appear for Mock interviews. Based on the suggestions provided by the mentor, you
can redo some of the questions.

Please note that some of the buckets will require introspection or discussions (e.g. Thyself &
Career goal buckets) and some will require a lot of reading and research (e.g. academics,
hobbies, and work).

If done sincerely, this PI workbook (coupled with the PI Videos) will give you a solid
foundation to your PI preparation and help you ace every interview.

Happy Preparation!!

PI Workbook

Must Have (MH)
1 Why should we take you?
2 Differences between life abroad and in India - pros and cons.
3 What is a current issue with the judicial system of India?
4 What was the last movie you watched?
5 Positives and Negatives about your Leadership
6 Tell me about yourself ( PI Masterclass Episode 7)
7 If someone says you are a jerk, is it a verifiable statement?
8 You say one of your failures has been work life balance. Explain.
9 Your name is very uncommon. What is the meaning of your name? How did you
get that name?
10 Were you dissatisfied with your graduation performance? Reasons of low grad
marks? Why didn’t you try for a job in manufacturing/core sector?
11 How did you handle the transition from City 1 in Xth to City 2 in XIIth?What do
you feel distinct about Odisha as compared to Karnataka.
12 Who is your role model? ( PI Masterclass Episode 12)
13 What should be India’s stand towards setting goals to combat global warming
14 Why are the people of Jharkhand poor even when there are so many mineral based
industries? If you had to convince Qualcomm to come to Jharkhand, that quality
would you highlight about Jharkhand.
15 Whom do you admire outside family? Specifically asked to quote a woman.
16 Which are your favourite courses?
17 What according to you sets you apart from others?
18 What would your friends say about you? Good points and bad point.
19 What are your parents doing? Explain the process of textile manufacturing firm
your parents own
20 Tell us about a decision you have regretted making.
21 You’ve uploaded a clean shaved passport size photo, but right now you have come
up with a much grown beard. Why? Didn’t you get time to shave?
22 How are you? Convince me you’re a smart person.
23 If I met a person who hated you, what reason would he give for hating you? If I
met a person who liked you, what reason would he give for liking you?
24 So you got a call last year. Why do you think did you not get selected?
25 Tell us something about education condition in your town. Why we should visit
your native place?
26 Impress us in under 3 minutes. Tell us why we should choose you over other
27 Tell us about a difficult situation in your life.
28 Would you like to ask something?
29 Give three word that describes you and why?
30 State 2 idols in my life and the reason for the same.
31 Are you Myopic or Hypermetropic? What kind of glasses do you wear?

PI Workbook

32 So, what all questions were you expecting from us in this interview?
33 Do you think everyone should fail once in life? How do you cope with failures?
34 You studied Gandhian thoughts? What is one thing you like most in Gandhiji? By
whom was Gandhiji inspired most from?
35 Views on software engineers being called ‘glorified typists’.
36 What’s ethically wrong with you? What’s unethically wrong with you?
37 Which company do you want to work for?
38 Greatest achievement and why do you think it is an achievement.
39 Are ethics important for business?
40 You know only foreign people, inventors etc. Have you applied for foreign B-
schools; you are better suited for them?
41 Describe yourself in one minute with something you haven’t mentioned in your
42 Please introduce yourself in such a way that we would remember you even after
you step out of this room.
43 What is the population of your hometown?
44 So, what do you do apart from studying? Or rather, first I should ask do you study
at all?
45 You say you have good communication skills, and that you debate. Do you keep
track of the latest news?
46 What is your place of origin? What is it famous for?
47 What is the most exciting thing you have done?
48 In your form you have written English as your weakness and we are seeing it.
How are you working on it?
49 Tell us what other calls you have? How will you select an institute if you convert
50 You have written “you want to identify the entrepreneur in you”. Have you
written it by yourself or borrowed it from somewhere? What will you do if you
don’t get through?
51 Who according to you is an great teacher give example?
52 Do you have a girl friend? Someone you share your dreams with?
53 Is team spirit a quality? What is the difference between leader and boss? In the GD
were you a leader? You cut some people in the GD, do you think you were a
54 Engineering first then Bank job? Doesn’t match up. Would you say you wasted
your engineering degree?
55 Which is the best city to live in India?
56 For any event, is the means more important, or the end result
57 You have been a part of a non profitorganisation. What is it?
58 Tell me why should I select you? You could use your intelligence and people skills
to manipulate us and bunk classes?
59 Opinion on education in India
60 State a situation in your life where you have exhibited leadership qualities.
61 What are the three things you would like us to ask you?
62 What makes you happy in life? And what makes you sad?
63 Who are some of the women you admire in the social service domain?

PI Workbook

64 What are the 3 changes you would like to bring about in my college and my state?
65 What are the two major problems in your part of the country?
66 Tell me some unethical thing that you have done.
67 How would you deal with a hypothetical scenario?
68 Tell me one reason why we shouldn’t select you
69 Tell us about your strengths as a team-player (PI Masterclass Episode 11)
70 What inspires you?
71 What have you done to give back to society?
72 Which brand is your coat? Competitors of that brand?Headquarters of that brand?
73 Why do you want to come here? It is a cut throat environment?
74 What are your failures?
75 Is demonetisation good or bad?
76 How do you think MBA will influence your personal life?
77 Did you opt for bachelors degree on your own? or some one pushed you into this?
78 Suppose we are board of directors and we order you that out of the 3 options do
not suggest the best one for client but suggest the one where we(company) will
earn something. What shall you do?
79 Which govt is better previous or current? Why?
80 You have been good in academics in your school but why a dip in scores in
81 What is the better quality to have? Leadership or being team player? What among
these qualities do you have? Support with examples
82 Take on Modi government’s performance and hurdles faced by them.
83 Why would you go or not go for 4G over 3G. Which telecom company you find the
84 AK47 (ArvindKejriwal) or NaMo (NarendraModi)?
85 Tell us about your degree college, its founder and establishment year? Any famous
86 It is said that India will lose IT outsourcing to Philippines or China. Do you agree?
87 What will you do if you are stuck on an island - some stuff?
88 Who is your favourite singer? Don’t you follow old songs or listen to old singers
like Rafi, Kishore or Manna Dey?
89 Why do you want to get back in the industry after having become an entrepreneur
90 Describe yourself in 3 words
91 Which states do you prefer small or large?
92 Tell me how you look at yourself as a manager?
93 Do you think that it is right to tell a lie?
94 What do you think is most important in friendship?
95 What is your view on working females and their ambitions?
96 Would you act ‘SMART’ to get ahead?
97 The country which reflects your personality.
98 How Indians should be made more disciplined?
99 Your boss tells you to distribute cards of his daughter’s marriage to top business
associates related to the company during the work hours. What would you do?

PI Workbook

100 Now, the boss tells you to tell an employee to do the task given in 3 days. But the
employee refuses. The boss is angry and hell bent that you have to fire that
employee. Convincing him is not an option. Either you will fire him or you will get
fired. Also, if you get fired, even then, that employee will have to be fired. Now
what will you do?
101 Societal contribution from your side in future.
102 Mention one incident where you stuck to your principles and showed courage.( PI
Masterclass Episode 17)
103 If selected, what is one thing that you will bring to the table.
104 Tell me one value that you will not let go under any circumstance
105 Tell us something about your formative which have made you the person you are.
106 What are the two qualities that you look for in a friend?
107 What is one thing that you would like to see changing in the society/country?
108 How do you draw a line for your ethics?
109 Tell one negative trait in you? What is EQ? Rate yourself on it?
110 Are you a believer in God? Name 3 deities in your order of preference?
111 How good as a person are you?
112 Is Parle-G ethically right in reducing the thickness of biscuits in the face of rising
113 Was Draupadi right in inciting Mahabharata?
114 How comfortable you feel in formal wears (from a girl) vs. Traditional dressing?
115 How do you find the procedure followed by SP Jain?
116 Being humble or aggressive- what is better?
117 What was if you can invite three famous people for dinner, who would you call n
118 Suppose, I am the PM of Greece, I hire your team as a company. Revive my
economy as efficiently, quickly and robustly as possible.
119 Suppose I am Priyanka Chopra. How would you dress me on the 29th of February.
120 What are your views on Reservation in India?
121 What is the motto of this institute? What is the single most Unique thing about this
institute according to you?
122 Whom do you hate the most and why?
123 Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
124 How was your childhood like?
125 In one sentence, name your biggest achievement till date.
126 Based on what criterion will you choose your life partner?
127 Are you honest? Tell me a situation where you were honest but it did not work in
your favour?
128 State your strengths and a weakness.( PI Masterclass Episode 11)
129 So in your essays you wrote about the toughest time in your last 2 years. What was
130 In the section of your questionnaire under on which points you disagree with
others vehemently, you have written when they give up without trying just
because they are afraid of failure.Why?

PI Workbook

131 Suppose your team is Incompetent, non cooperative, they don’t want to talk to
you,what’ll you do?
132 If you fire any employee because he is incompetent. Don’t you think it’ll create
social problems?Wouldn’t it be unfair to them?
133 You have joined a bank which was Govt. Owned first but is now privatized,the
people are incompetent, what will you do as a leader to solve the deadlock?
134 You are a manager and you have to take a decision where you either pay a bribe
or lose the contract causing a loss of livelihood to 400 families.
135 Would you take up a high paying corporate job or work in the social sector, given
a chance?
136 You have mentioned in the questionnaire that you don’t like people criticising only.
But what about a journalist? His job might be to criticise.
137 How are your parameters for innovation? Which is the most innovative country
according to you?Is India innovative? Was demonitisation innovative?
138 Do you like creative things?
139 Where is your checklist? From your answers, you seem to be very meticulous.
140 By whom were you more influenced, by mother or father? Why?
141 Why do you get nervous in interviews? How do we increase the effectiveness of
this short interview process?
142 In GD, you spoke heavily against Trump and Brexit. What is so wrong about these
143 You have written that your parents taught you to be humble and ethical. Can you
give an example where you can prove this?
144 Suppose you become a HR, and one of your reportees writes poems in his diary
and he/she has shown that to you, and you see that some depressing and
pessimistic lines are written there, what will you do?
145 Which was the best moment in your life and why?
146 Are you a supporter of Modi?Tell us 3 shortcomings of Modi.
147 Tell us any 2 instances of your life of past 2 years where you didn’t give your
148 Tell us about an instance where you didn’t follow your professor’s advice and
149 How many girlfriends you’ve had till date? What is your vision in this manner?
150 Suppose I say that 50% people coming for interviews are from RIL and TCS, what
can be the reasons for this?
151 How would you rate your this interview vshrm interview? Which was better and
152 Tell me an instance when you were ethical?
153 What are the weaknesses that you have?
154 Consider you are an HR manager, you would impose your views ,thenis it wrong
for the work place?
155 How do you rate your confidence? Are you overconfident?
156 Tell us the most challenging work you have done till now.
157 How much did you enjoy your life in college?
158 Tell us about an incident where you gave a benefit of doubt to someone

PI Workbook

159 What has been your biggest failure up till now? What do you feel is essential for
160 Defining moment in life.
161 On which ideas/issues do you find yourself routinely disagreeing vehemently with
162 So you’re from “(your city name)”. What is it famous for?
163 You won the Rising Star Award at your organization, what were the parameters
on which you were evaluated?
164 Mention some negative qualities in you and how are you working on them?
165 Famous personalities having same surname as me.
166 You have a high CAT%ile. What is the key to your success?
167 One positive trait and one negative trait which you would like to change.
168 What did I do in my gap year?
169 Explain the significance of your name. Place you’re from, religious significance of
the place
170 Tell us three reasons why we should select you.
171 Demonstrate how friendly you are.
172 What did you do in the last one year after completing graduation?
173 What does your father do?
174 What do you think you are expecting out of an MBA?
175 Given a certain amount of budget, would you utilise for rural development or
technological employment generation in your state? Why and how?
176 So you are suggesting that Krishna was the counsellor to people. Is there any
Krishna now-a-days?
177 Is it necessary to be street smart now-a-days?
178 Tell me about what you have learned from your coaching classes? List 5 advices
that you got from your coach? Give me examples of how you would apply that in
your Management career?
179 Whydid you choose such an attire? What matters more-dresses or good answers in
an interview?
180 Why people choose financial stability over psychological stability?
181 What is your idea of a smart city is and how can signal system be improved to
improve transportation?
182 Let us assume you don’t get in any of the big schools but only in the new IIMs
what would you do?
183 Do you think swachh Bharat is successful?
184 Given a chance to do whatever you like for 6 months without any financial
pressure what would you do.
185 Religious tolerance in India- What is your take?
186 Abusing India has become a fashion?
187 Religion is like opium. Do you agree? Comments, please.
188 What is your opinion about JNU issue?
189 Do you smoke or drink?
190 Why don’t you continue your dad’s business? (PI Masterclass Episode 14)
191 Why did you act as a moderator in the GD? You speak “sorry” a number of times.

PI Workbook

192 Tell me who between Rama and Krishna inspire you more?
193 What is the lesson that you have taken from Gita?
194 One instance where you were able to inspire people?
195 What is your hobby and what do you learn from it? (PI Masterclass Episode 16)
196 Why do you want to leave your job?
197 What was something special about the i-card you are wearing?
198 Union Budget
199 Recent news on state and politics. Tell us one piece of news that you feel is very
relevant right now.
200 Why such low scores after performing so well in X and XII? (PI Masterclass
Episode 15)
201 What do you presume to be the main cause of child labour in India? How can it be
202 Name two business newspapers you read?
203 How much do you earn right now? How much will you lose in 2 years of MBA
and how long will it take you to recover that?
204 What other calls do you have? If you get selected in all of them, which one will you
205 Tell us a situation where you were the bad guy/girl?
206 What would you do if you were the head of dept in your college to improve the
reputation of your college?
207 How do you deal with a situation when you have an argument with your father
208 Tell a situation where you have lied to your father
209 Tell five lies with a straight face
210 Is such an interrogative still effective?
211 Your academic grades seem to be on a downward trajectory. Do you have
anything to say about it?
212 How about situations where people don’t agree with you? How do you deal with
such situations? Can you give us an example of a situation like that?
213 What did you do after passing out from college?
214 Do you have any plans to set-up NGOs for handicapped ones?
215 Same companies offer same job, one in foreign and other in India. Which would
you choose and why?
216 If you would be in my place, would you conduct a stress interview or a chilled
217 What is your reaction when you see poor people? Do you feel angry or sad?
218 What is the fee structure for the program you are applying?How you will finance
it?Interest rates on loans in market?
219 You have half a day, full day, full week and full year off from office. What all
things would you like to do?
220 3 qualities a woman should possess?
221 If you are CEO, between PLANET, PEOPLE and PROFIT. What will be your
preference and Why?
222 Your view on “Should Reservation be given to Women’s in 21st Century”
223 Lowest point in your life and how did you bounce back

PI Workbook

224 Have you ever taken a negative feedback in life? How did you cope up with it?
Can you take a negative in right spirits?
225 Why are people so intent on making their feelings public these days? Why don’t
they write diaries that often?
226 If you could change one thing in life what would it be?
227 Depression amongst students.
228 Tokenism- How I felt about the potrayal of women in the Airtel and Tanishq TVCs
229 Given a pen and pencil.”Which one will represent a man and which one will be a
230 Why don’t you prefer IRMA if you are inclined towards rural marketing.
231 What is an anti national?Who according to you is anti national? Give Reasons. A
leader of Student Union in Assam , Mr. Prafulla was against the nation but still he
was supported by the public and made the CM. Why would people want an
antinationalist to be the CM?
232 What are your views on anti-nationalist? Like if punished, what punishment
should be given?
233 You have mentioned that you think out of the box. Cite some examples. Also, how
do you differentiate between creativity and innovation?
234 If you could be a brand which brand would you be and why?
235 So you are an English graduate. What do you think about adaptation of books into
236 About views on religion? Which God do you like the most? Similarities between
them and you?

Good to Have
1 Where are you from?Did you come today itself?
2 Do you look forward to do any social work later on in life?
3 Why do you think that you require time to prepare for CAT?
4 You look tensed, relax a little. Do you think calm is the opposite of tense? Are they
5 How much did you score last year?
6 Tell me from where did you borrow this suit?
7 Which color represents you?
8 Which vegetable represents you?
9 Being a female, will it not be difficult to handle a career in consulting?
10 Is your tie single knot or a double knot?
11 Status quo is best then why do separatists like Afzal Guru and JNU students want
freedom? What are the consequences of Kashmiri freedom?
12 Since you are from South India, tell me which company has been in news for
extracting more ground water and in which state?
13 How do you rate your communication skills?
14 Parents are from Farmer background- How does the seed for the rice look like? Is it
white or black? From where does one get it?
15 Tell me something about yourself in thirty seconds/ninety seconds

PI Workbook

16 You see yourself joining politics in the future?

17 You have been waiting for a long time aren’t you frustrated?
18 Why did you have a break between end of internship and the interview date
19 Will you take a loan for MBA?
20 Being married, how can you think of going away for two years for MBA?
21 Tell me something special about yourself while I go through your form.
22 Why don’t you start with something that is interesting and not in this form?
23 Which leaders are you inspired by?What do you think about Ratan Tata’s decision
in sacking Cyrus Mistry?
24 What do you know about Mother Teresa?
25 So, how do you know four Indian languages?
26 Why you are not wearing specs in the photo?
27 Would you like to wait one more year and join IIM Ahmedabad?
28 What do you think about Mercedes Benz? Who do you think would buy such cars?
Is it a status symbol that serves to show that ‘one has arrived’? Would you buy
29 Importance of marriage as an institution.
30 Leadership style of MS Dhoni and ViratKohli and which style applies to you?
31 What will you do if gifted $1m?
32 In movie Dangal, was it right for the father to interfere with a National level coach
who has been coaching the professionals from a long time?
33 Name 5 movies and pick your favourite character and give reasons as to you?
34 Mention one positive quality of Rahul Gandhi
35 What are your views on Live In relationships in India?
36 How is your relationship with your parents?
37 If you were a principal of a school where some students are mourning for the
deaths of Charlie Hebdo shooting while others are refusing to do so what would
you do?
38 Should IIM and IIT need govt funding
39 Tell us about yourself, your value systems. Do not sell yourself.
40 You mentioned travelling to the Meghalaya in your video. When did you go there
and why did you choose Meghalaya?
41 Why do you get angry at people believing superstitions?
42 Why were you not patient today?Why did you interrupt that Girl today.Don’t you
know it’s bad to interrupt people.
43 You have mentioned you vehemently oppose jingoistic view points? Why what is
wrong? Do you feel trump was wrong to look into US economy.?
44 What is your stand on DU issue?
45 Which group would be most affected if Love marriage/Arrange marriage would
be made compulsory?
46 Do you think that cooking is a female oriented task?
47 Do you have some traits that justify your name?
48 What are your qualities which you feel are underutilized?
49 Name an expensive product you have bought?
50 Tell me what parameters you will look for choosing a college.

PI Workbook

51 Which company does your father work for and name any one product of that
company and its use?
52 What interests you other than studies and job?
53 Summarise the WAT Topic given to you.
54 What do you think are ups and downs of working from offshore?
55 What is the job of RBI?
56 Suppose if I make you the vice president of KPMG and I know that you aren’t
good at numbers but the Company pays you a very handsome package but you
will deal with similar problem all the day. Convince me how will you do that?
57 Suppose a big company asks you to drop the experience you have and ask you to
justify what you did for 2 years that what you did. What will you do in that
58 You won the fashion show in college, don’t you think its girls event?
59 You play both cricket and kabaddi. How can we commercialize kabaddi and make
it Olympics sport?
60 What is your interview style? Do you know about Karan Thapar’s interview style?
Have you seen his and Ram Jethmalani’s interview?
61 You are a victim of cancer and became handicapped. Can you tell us
62 What other languages do you know
63 Who according to you is most ethical and morally correct person?
64 If my father were to look for a boy for me to get married to, what all qualities
would I ask him to look for in the boy.
65 Philosophical questions that was intended to test how I thought and whether I
could be objective about an issue. For example, I was asked how do you define a
terrorist? Followed by how do you define a freedom fighter? Followed by how do
you differentiate between the two?
66 The last ad campaign I liked, the last ad campaign I hated and why.
67 The last book I read and why I liked it.
68 Personal arms usage in the U.S etc. and your opinion on that.
69 How do you define a terrorist? Followed by how do you define a freedom fighter?
Followed by how do you differentiate between the two?
70 What kind of social work you have done and also asked about Nirbhaya
71 Tell me about yourself in a line.
72 Tell me something that your parents ask you not to do and still you do it as you
think by your belief that it’s correct.
73 What do you like so much about yourself? (from SOP)

PI Workbook

1 Define Mean, Median and Mode
2 Suppose you have been given 40 seeds, then which variety of seed will you
recommend? How will you determine the best traits? Which method?
3 Demand vs supply graph, Which comes first? examples of it.
4 Equation for parabola graph, graph for x^3
5 How well-versed are you with maths? Why is differentiation done?Why is
integration done?
6 What will be the slope of this curve? (Drew a diagram)
7 Maths questions about the lagrangian transformation of sin(x) , and normal
distribution curve terms— variance and 3 sigma
8 How will you find the Maxima of a function mathematically?
9 What is statistical analysis?
10 Explain regression analysis? Give a practical example?
11 Which is your favourite subject? Why?
12 Why is a “bug” called a bug? Why is it not called a virus?
13 Have you studied statistics? Use the concepts of statistics in cooking rice.
14 Sum on Normal Distribution Curve
15 Generics v/s Branded drugs
16 What is the difference between median and mean? Are they same?
17 You have 3 circles. How many common tangents can you draw to them?
18 Explain meaning of given CLAUSE e.g. “rest my case”.
19 GDP vs IIP as a measure of growth for industrial production - which is better?
20 Tax benefits about companies indulging in CSR
21 What can you infer from ax^2+ bx +c =0, If I say roots are imaginary.
22 Can you calculate the percentage increase in growth per year given that the time
period is 6 years and the revenue is doubled in this period?
23 What is permutation & combination?How are they different don’t use English just
say it with example.
24 Integrate e^x * x using by parts.
25 What is the unit to measure pain?
26 How will you explain NPV and IRR to a 10th standard kid without using technical
27 Levy of cess in indirect taxes
28 Explain the normal curve, assuming I’m a layman.For someone to perform well,
does someone have to perform badly (pertaining to normal curve)
29 Give equation of hyperbola
30 Gave me two maxima minima questions
31 Can you explain about Laplace transforms and Fourier series?

PI Workbook

32 What is the purpose of differentiation? What is the idea behind first principles of
33 What is Product Management?
34 What is inbound outbound logistics?
35 What is Financial Modelling? How do you get terminal value of a firm?
36 Explain CAPM
37 What is risk free rate?
38 What is disruptive innovation?
39 Depreciation
40 Provision of tax
41 Qualitative and quantitative research
42 What is Acid rain? How does it affect? What are the impacts?
43 What is inflation? Can you explain various ways in which inflation can occur? Is
inflation good or bad for the economy?
44 What is linear programming? Is all problems linear in nature?
45 What is P/E ratio? Aren’t P&E same?
46 What is 1 divided by 0?
47 You mentioned cryptology techniques, can you name some
48 What are type 1 and type 2 errors?
49 Fish bone analysis.
50 Suppose a company has 25% price premium in the market. It wants to increase its
sales, what would you suggest as a marketing manager?
51 Which is the latest technology in television world?
52 How to minimise difference between user experience and business functionality?
53 Bayes theorem
54 What is probability? What is relation between risk and probability?
55 4 Ps of Marketing

1 Questions on practical application of management accounting, cost accounting
and financial accounting (treatment of closing stock, valuation of inventory, etc.)
2 Universal Basic income
3 Explain Tax case law
4 Explain the format of balance sheet
5 Treatment of goodwill.
6 Stent price capping
7 What are different ways to raise money? Difference between raising
moneythrough banks and Share markets.
8 What does early stage hedge fund mean? Have you heard of a firm called Bridge
water associates?

PI Workbook

9 If I give you 12 months sales date for a company and due to seasonality two
months have high or low sales, how can I find a decent mean? I don’t want to use
10 What is the difference between cyclic and seasonal behaviour?
11 What did you learn in accounts? What did you learn in economics?
12 Can you tell us the difference between margin and profit?
13 Law of diminishing marginal utility
14 What happens when the point of equilibrium shifts in an ISLM curve.Explain.
15 What are inferior goods? Give examples
16 Name any result based matrix
17 Are you interested in economics? Economic indicators. Per capita income of India.
18 What are outstanding shares?
19 What is a perfectly competitive market?
20 What is a Hedge Fund.
21 What is Market Capitalisation?
22 How is Sensex calculated? What is GDP? How are Sensex and GDP related?
23 What is the difference between Purchasing Power parity and Spending Power
24 What is accumulated depreciation?
25 What is service level?
26 What is safety stock? Formula and derivation
27 What is Cost of Equity? How is it calculated?
28 What is an IS Curve? What is LM Curve? Explain analysis
29 What policy change would you recommend to restore the original equilibrium?
30 What are reserves? Reserves in economics
31 Have you studied International Trade Law? Tell us about the dispute settlement
mechanism of the WTO?Do you know the disputes involving EU at WTO?
32 Intellectual Property Rights Law? Have you done patents?
33 What did you study in Project Management and Structured Finance?
34 Valuation of companies and shares
35 What is repo rate? How it affects interest rates?
36 What is opportunity cost and how its calculated?
37 Related to economics- example of Standard deviation, Game theory, kurtosis etc.
38 What is the difference between need, want and demand?
39 What is the way of pricing used while entering a market?
40 Niche marketing, segmentation v/s targeting, advertising v/s sales promotion.
41 Do you know about the Black-Scholes model?
42 What is Enterprise value?
43 Policy objectives of Demonetisation and whether it was sound policy?
44 What is a boutique investment bank?
45 What is payback period? How to calculate that? What are fixed and variable
46 What is the difference between NPA and write-off?
47 What is real wage? What is inflation?

PI Workbook

48 What is Price vs value?

49 What is CAD and fiscal deficit?
50 What is the difference between finance and accounting?
51 What are cash flows? What is the difference between share and equity?
52 What’s the difference between Merger and Acquisition? Give it with examples Give
one recent M&A happening. One recent M&A in India failed. Do you know what it
53 Difference between Balance sheet and Profit and loss statement.
54 Explain ERP in lay man terms. How do you convince a grocery store to buy an
ERP? Which are the ERPs in market? How do you quantify an ERP? What is the
cost of an ERP?
55 What is inventory turnover ratio?
56 Concepts of Macroeconomics such as inflation, bank rate, etc.

1 Design an algorithm to detect any particular object in this room.
2 What are the drawbacks of SVM (Support Vector Machine)?
3 Can you draw the schematic diagram of a simple transformer with all the relevant
equations and its phasor diagram? So,what is leakage inductance? Can you draw
it in the same diagram?
4 What is an Auto-transformer? equations?
5 Difference between handloom and machine-loom
6 Different laws in electric circuits
7 What is Neural Network?
8 Electronics Engineer: about Y connection, 3 phase and 1 phase, electrical sensors,
LED bulbs and their working, voltage conditions
9 What is radioactivity? Half life? Give an example? What happens after it is over?
Explain with a reaction?
10 How is production engineering different from mechanical engineering?
11 Thermodynamics and functioning of AC
12 What do you know about Industrial Automation 4.0?
13 What is Six Sigma, Process Capability and Process Capability Index. Their
mathematical formula and explanation?
14 Chemical engineering? So what is the basic equation of physics that governs
Chemical engineering?
15 The water in the glass is not completely parallel to the ground. Why?
16 Difference between intel I3, I5, I7.
17 Differentiate Factorial of x. (X!).
18 Difference in intel processor generations?
19 Explain gyroscope?
20 What is GPS? no of satellites required?

PI Workbook

21 Write the conversion formula for centigrade to Fahrenheit?

22 What is ceramic engineering? What is the forming temperature of alumina
23 What is sintering? (Btech related) Draw the phase diagram of Iron and steel and
explain the difference between Cast Iron and Steel
24 What is the square root of -1?
25 Tell me the volume of the water bottle that is kept on the table. How will you
calculate it?
26 Discovery of 7 exo planets. Which telescope discovered them? What technology
was used? How did they discover? How far are they, does life exist there? What
happens when a star dies? Life cycle of a star. How does LIGO work?
27 Semiconductors, transistors, silicon wafers
28 Since you are a Chemical Engineer, do you think there is some other way to deal
with Oil Spills?
29 With all the fuss about negligible resistive loss in AC transmission, what are the
advantages of transmitting DC power over AC?
30 My laptop is 20VAC but our standard voltage supply is 240V AC . How does this
charge my laptop then? What system is used in Trains (AC/DC) Why? What is
HVDC system?
31 I want to order some fun stuff from Amazon but I don’t want to use my details
and don’t want Amazon to know it’s my order. How will I do?
32 In geology, tell me the difference between anticline and syncline? Tell me the
different instruments used in surveying.
33 Tell me something about Pavement design procedure
34 What is resultant, transpose, inverse?
35 COBOL is 50 year old language, how come it’s still in existence?
36 Do you know Turing Machine?
37 Tell me the basic requirement for multiplication of two matrices?
38 Questions on semiconductors, transistors, AC to DC, DC to AC, transformers?
39 Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE in SQL
40 What is sorting & search?
41 How do we measure force? Name some instruments and the transducers used.
42 In control for natural gas plants, would you rather use pneumatic control or
electrical control?
43 What is VLAN?
44 What is mesh topology?
45 Difference between Fiscal and Monetary policy
46 What is data mining?
47 Write down the 7 OSI layers?
48 What is TCP?COCOMO? difference between COCOMO and DOCOMO?
49 Chemical engineer? Do you know what is the percentage of carbon in PET coke?
Tell us how will you get 100% Carbon from this? How do you get PET Coke? Uses
of PET Coke?
50 What are asymptotes?

PI Workbook

51 What are the types of fuel injection systems used in automobiles?

52 Mass V/S weight
53 What is zener, its function, avalanche and breakdown voltage?
54 Data mining, Discrete mathematics and Operating systems.
55 What are the conditions for application of pile foundation? What will happen if
there is no strong strata below -transfer the load by friction? What if there is no
friction-build a pile cap thick enough to act as a raft? What if the strata is 1 km
56 What is the divisibility rule of 11?Give an algorithm for the same.
57 What is a prime no? How do find prime no? How will u find an arbitrary prime
no. Give the algorithm for the same.
58 What are the effective methods to transmit power.Why do we step up the power
while transmitting it?
59 Working of SF6 circuit breaker
60 What is ABS in automobiles? Difference between power and torque? Why gears
are used in automobiles?
61 Explain ductility and malleability.
62 Draw line circuit diagram for circuit switching? Iscircuit switching analog?
63 Suppose speed is 10Mbps. How long would it take to download 1GB movie?
64 Can you explain Refrigeration cycle?
65 Can you explain Carnot Cycle?
66 Draw graph of 1+(tanx)^2
67 What are data structures? Give two types of data structures
68 What is the meant by destructive and non destructive testing?
69 What is Young’s modulus if elasticity?Is stress a destructive testing or a non
destructive one?
70 I’m going to ask you about computer networks. Do you like it?Why do IP
addresses start with 192? What’s a subnet mask?What are the types of IP classes?
71 What is Push and Pull? Tell me some government Policy which is PULL
72 Draw Wheatstone bridge
73 What is Gauss Equation?
74 Why JAVA does not have pointers?
75 Application of OCTAL.
76 Can you show me by drawing the diagram of IC engine?
77 Draw the free body diagram of car and explain the forces acting on it?
78 What is the difference between AM and FM? Draw the waveforms, which is
better? What is PM? How it is different from Am and FM? Various modulation
techniques? PCM? Block diagram of PCM?
79 Tell us the process of converting sound into digital signal.
80 What is a fractionating column? How is it related to calorific value?
81 Standard deviation?
82 What is a modem and a router.
83 Client side architecture? Linear programming? What the EFF?

PI Workbook

84 What is nano electronics? Recent trends in it? Further questions.

85 What is Salesforce? What are it’s uses? What language do you program in?
86 Name a data structure whose memory isn’t stored in contiguous locations?
87 Name another apart from linked list?
88 What is Machine?
89 About Star-Delta, Stator-rotor, Transmission losses, solar panels.
90 Explain Laplace Transforms to an eight year old kid.
91 What is Gravitational Wave?How can we use Gravitational wave to communicate
between two mobile Devices?
92 Tell me Difference between Accuracy and Precision?
93 Convolution, Modulation, how to measure frequency
94 Define Bell Curve
95 What is a microcontroller?
96 What does the ‘large’ in VLSI mean?
97 What is the atomic number of silicon and germanium?
98 Is water a conductor of electricity
99 As an electronics engineer do you know about hospitals using smart toilets?
100 How does a calculator figure out cosine of a number?
101 Units of viscosity.
102 Explain difference between Java and NET technologies
103 Tell some types of dams. What about gravity dam?
104 What is bullwhip effect (Grilled on that with examples and scenarios)
105 What is EOQ and formula?
106 What is control feedback system? Give an example
107 What is HVAC & HVDC?
108 What is a transistor, resistor, transducer, diode, satellite, Micro processors?
109 How are earthquakes detected?
110 Use of Kernel
111 What subject is Product Service and Design and why did you study that?
112 Difference between PERT and CPM.Which one among PERT and CPM is
113 About avalanche Diodes and Antenna.
114 Difference between mobile wireless charging if it is possible and normal
115 What are Active and Passive networks. How are they different?
116 Draw the circuit diagram for car wipers.
117 How does telephone communication take place?
118 About OSI Model and its 7 layers also about TCP/IP model.
119 Explain Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction and Encapsulation
120 Runtime error & compilation error difference
121 What is waterfall model?
122 What is agile model?
123 What are the 4 pillars of object oriented programming?

PI Workbook

124 What are the important characteristics of a lubricant?

125 Difference between engine oil and gear oil?
126 Why is 110V 60Hz AC supply used in US and not in India? Why power is
transmitted in the multiples of 11 like 11KV, 22KV etc, Why 50Hz is used? What is
power factor? Why should we improve power factor? How can we improve power
127 What is SDLC? (systems development life cycle)
128 What is COCOMO?( Constructive Cost Model)
129 Write a pseudo code to find if a year is a leap year or not.
130 What is polymorphism?
131 What programming languages do you know.
132 Write a C++ code to find the greatest of 5 numbers.
133 Mechanical engineering questions of management like process charts, six sigma,
linear processing, etc
134 Questions on Long-range theorem and asked me the integration and
differentiation of some functions and non differentiable function.
135 Basic questions on academics (IT background)-Different types of attacks in
network security, Types of Software testing, Difference between alpha testing and
beta testing.
136 What is gemba kaizen?
137 What is lean manufacturing?
138 You are a chemical engineer. So tell me, is soap made from oil? So how can oil in
soaps remove oil from hands?
139 What is a molecule? What is the minimum number of atoms required to make a
molecule? Also give an example. What happens when you break a molecule?
140 Transmission line are in star or delta?
141 Define ‘Information technology’
142 Tell me how microprocessors are made
143 How can we measure inequality?
144 Why is there a sag in the transmission lines?
145 What is butterfly valve? If I want to pass CO in a line, which valve will you use?
146 What is auto ignition temperature. Explain me in layman terms what would
happen when naphtha auto ignites.
147 Is torch light an electronic device?
148 What is difference b/w PNP and NPN?
149 Aerodynamics of a car
150 Difference between mechanics, dynamics and kinetics
151 What is the % area covered by 1 sigma, 2 sigma and 3 sigma?
152 What is RCC?
153 What is a cantilever? What is a propped cantilever? SF diagram for a cantilever?
154 Do you know what Eddy Current is?
155 If you want to provide Solar lanterns in a village area where there is no electricity.
What do you suggest? Whether you will go for individual charged lanterns or will

PI Workbook

suggest an entrepreneur model where there will be a charging station and people
will be going to that place to charge their Solar Lanterns?
156 You majored in computer science. What is the difference between computer
science and computer technology?
157 What is a chip? Why do we call it a chip?
158 Differentiate 2 stroke vs 4 stroke
159 Tell me the difference between an analog and a digital signal.
160 Tell me some principles of communication.
161 Describe the function of rotor in motor and generator.
162 Tell me in a layman’s term, what can we do to reduce power theft?
163 You have a B.E not a B.Tech. Explain the difference
164 What is Industrial Production Engineering?
165 What is a Bit? Give the full form of Bit.
166 What is cloud computing? What are the hurdles in the implementation of cloud
167 Web programming and Operating systems
168 How do two mobiles communicate? Do they follow any protocol?
169 Have you heard about OSI model?
170 How do Windows OS or Microsoft Word communicate?
171 What is the difference between DFT and FFT?
172 Why is the noise inference less in SATCOM?
173 What is ultrasound frequency?
174 What is high grade energy and low grade energy. What is PMM2?
175 Explain the working of a microwave oven.
176 What is Bollinger band?
1 What is sericulture, horticulture?
2 About photosynthesis, drugs and biochemistry
3 Tell me, you have worked on epidemiology, what is it?

PI Workbook

1 Reading: Favorite books, Favorite authors
2 Cooking: Favorite dish, recipe, where did you learn from?
3 Why is volunteering (for any cause)considered cool today? In our days we were
ridiculed but you are appreciated. Are people really driven or its just a peer
pressure or a cool thing to do?
4 About Kathak-What gharana are you from?, How many gharanas are there?,
Name one exponent of each
5 Freelance writing- What do you write?, Is it online? Can we read it? How much
are you paid?
6 You mentioned you are interested in Carnatic music. Name one famous Carnatic
singer from your state. Do you listen only to him?
7 Name the dark art teachers from Harry Potter?
8 You have participated in drama. Tell us how dramatics brings in unity?
9 Watching Cricket: What’s your take on Kohli’s aggressive attitude? Is it good for
the team?
10 Recite a poetry in hindi
11 Which paper you read and why?
12 Top Table Tennis players, equipment manufacturing companies.
13 Kathak: Difference and similarity between Tukda and Tihayi
14 Why did you pick up music, dance as your extra-curricular activities? Motivation?
Do you feel formal training is required?
15 Why do you feel everyone should travel more? Benefits of it
16 Why I learnt guitar and not, say, Tabla?
17 You invest in stock market. How do you select stocks? Do you know about
settlement period?
18 You like watching movies? Tell us about the most recent movie you have seen.
19 What are your hobbies?
20 What is your favourite book by Frederick Forsyth? Tell me something about it.
21 What articles and short stories did you write in your magazines?
22 What do you like to play then? (Candidate answered TT). Tell me the dimensions
of a TT Board.
23 If you have to conduct IPL in TT, how will you do that?
24 Do you cook? What do you cook? Tell me how to cook rice?
25 My favorite songs and their ragas. what is importance of learning classical music
from teacher and not from internet
26 Name of all the states you have travelled
27 Why do I read Quora?
28 How to calculate angular momentum of moving football?
29 You love reading Non-Fictions. Explain me how a Non-Fiction actually did some
benefit for you?
30 Name 5 of your favourite poets

PI Workbook

31 Tell us what Bengali movies you have seen recently and describe its plot. Tell us
some Bengali books you have read? Can you sing a Bengali song? You don’t sound
like a Bengali when you speak. Why is it so?
32 So you are a Football fan of this eng club. Why do guys like you follow English
clubs only and not a single Indian Club? There are many clubs in Kolkata like
MohnBagan, East Bengal... other teams are also joining in.
33 You’ve written that you like to read books. Which is the last book you have read?
Give a review of it. Further questions on it such as “Do you think there is no end to
34 You said you like non-fiction. Which book did you read last? Further questions on
the topic of the book.
35 What is Foosball, which you mention as your hobby?
36 You are interested in photography. What is ISO? How do you control the image
properties in a camera?
37 Tell me about the last screenplay you worked on. Further discussion.
38 So trekking is your hobby...which forts you have visited?
39 Origin of Karate, which belt?How many belts are there? What are other styles in
martial art?How is Karate different from them?
40 Wrestling: Why WWE is so famous?Why WWE and not other promotions are
successful!Compare between WWE and TNA!What is Sumo Wrestling?
41 Public speaking: Do you know about Toastmasters international?
42 Suppose someone who is not in public speaking asks you of what public speaking
is, how would you inspire him to be a public speaker? So what is most important
to you in a speech? Content?
43 So you like to solve puzzles. What kind of?Tell me the constraints you face while
solving a sudoku
44 Tell me five advantages that Manchester United has over other clubs.
45 Sports: if there was any team who was relegated after winning the league in the
next season. How many clubs have won the European Cup back to back.
46 How yoga helps me stay calm and relaxed at work even at odd times?
47 So you play keyboard?In which scale was Jhalakdikhlaajaa was played.
48 Which newspaper I read?
49 You have participated in Youth Parliament. What is it? Which state you
represented? Once in the history of Tamil Nadu government, there was no
opposition. Tell us which year it was?
50 Explain some current international issue?
51 What is reverse swing and carrom ball?
52 Regarding the pit stop in F1 race, which medical operation is compared to that?
53 Tell us about your role as an NGO volunteer?
54 Detailed discussion related to extracurricular activities (related to ROBOCON
nationals). They asked about the technology used, what all microprocessor and
microcontrollers and everything in detail technical.
55 Travelling is your hobby- Where did you travel recently?

PI Workbook

56 Your interest is following Indian cricket, good, who is the current captain for the
women’s cricket team of India?
57 Tell us about the layers in painting.
58 Tell me the name of any person who sings classical songs in Bollywood.
59 You have mentioned about your interest in psychology. Elaborate.
60 You love participating in debates? Where do you participate and how often do you
participate in them? When was your last debate?What was the topic given? Did
you win the debate?
61 Summary of The Da Vinci Code?
62 Tell me why is Messi the best? Why hasn’t he won World Cup?
63 About the places visited by you (if you love travelling)
64 About the meaning of Sudoku and a few books that you have read)
65 Do you know how to bowl a carom ball? (Hobby - Cricket)
66 You won medals in chess, carom, table tennis and badminton. Do you play them
for fun or do you learn anything from these sports?
67 Tell us about Indian wines? What wines have you tasted so far? (Hobby - Wine
68 Name a song written by JavedAkhtar and sung by Shankar Mahadevan.
69 You had photography as one of your subjects, and it is one of your hobbies too.
What should be your camera settings if you are in a train that’s moving at a speed
of 200 kmph and you want to click a deer that’s moving in the opposite direction?
70 What did you learn from your hobbies?
71 Tell us about your feat of climbing 13000 feet in Uttarkashi. Did it help in
acquiring any managerial skills?
72 Why not a career in cricket?
73 What do the top athletes do differently from everyone else?
74 Recite a poem
75 Playing kabaddi. What is your opinion about pro kabaddi league? How kabaddi is
different from other sports?
76 Who is the current World Chess champion? (Hobby - Chess)
77 What is a megapixel? What is its effect? (Hobby - Photography)
78 What is the study of body language called? (Hobby - Study of body language)
79 Recently there were some changes in the rules of table tennis. What are those?
80 Name a hobby that’s not mentioned in your form.
81 What have you learnt from your hobbies?
82 So you are interested in politics. A few days back, VirenderSehwag was in the
news, but not for his batting. Do you know anything about it?If you are so much
interested in politics, why do you want to do an MBA?
83 Tell me how the MRP of a book is decided. What are the important factors?So how
do you explain the prices today, do you think self publishing is better than
84 Tell me a three things that you’d tell a new writer who wants to get published.

PI Workbook

85 Look me in the eye and tell me one thing, don’t you think if you manage to get one
bestseller in the coming years, you’d leave everything and take up writing? Am I
86 Tennis: What is top spin?
87 What have you learned from table tennis?
88 Which instruments do you play? How did you learn? How many days does it take
to learn?
89 What is the science of studying handwriting?
90 Tell me some problems you faced in dramatics and your job and relate the two in
management terms.
91 Dancer: Asked to perform an act on a situation that they gave me on the spot.
92 Youngest and oldest player to play test cricket.
93 Which fiction book do you consider to be good? Explain why? How reading books
will help while doing an MBA and in long term?
94 What is the difference between a normal Biryani and Dum Biryani?
95 How would I relate my passion for teaching if I get placed in Mahindra in Tractor
96 How do you relate swimming to management?
97 Do you think that CSR is merely a image building exercise rather than truly being
a responsible act ?
98 Have you heard about Steven Spielberg? Name some of his movies.
99 You write poetry! What is a sonnet and a ballad? What is the difference between
the two?
100 Why have you mentioned Green belt in Tae-Kwon-Do? Its a very basic belt
101 What do you like to do in your spare time? (Unusual past time activities / hobbies)
102 You conducted an anti-ragging seminar in college. How does the anti-ragging
mechanism work in your college?
103 What is softball game all about?
104 Tell us about any one social activity which you do.
105 What kind of parser did you use when you made a white paper? (a government
report giving information or proposals on an issue.)
106 Your favourite TV show.
107 How has ISL benefited Indian Football?

PI Workbook

1 What are you wearing? Where was it manufactured?
2 Can you tell me if the shirt I’m wearing is in trend with today’s fashion?Who
according to you are well-dressed leaders in today’s world?
3 What are your suggestions for improving the life of the poor?
4 Why do people flock to Kedarnath or KumbhMela even at the cost of their life?
5 Can you verify the existence of God? Concept of God?
6 Why do people care so much about what other people say?
7 Why school going children are also talking about environment, peace etc.
8 Why did terrorism come to fore only in the 90s? Islam ideologies have remained
the same throughout?
9 Tell us what are SSDs and so commonly used now.
10 What’s a hashtag?
11 Discussion on power of twitter
12 Tell something about zika virus
13 What do you consider as a world record. For a world record to be made there,
what should be its criteria?
14 Why Apple is the brand that it is and can Samsung get there?
15 The JNU issue and the anti national allegations, whether they are right in their
actions if one ignores the anti-national slogans
16 Afzal Guru was given a fair trial and why.
17 Whether sci-fi can be successful in predicting the future?
18 George Orwell’s 1984
19 NASA’s recent findings about 7 earth like planets
20 What is SHG bank linkage model? (self- help group)
21 What are agricultural extension services? How can I improve them as an engineer?
22 What is the controversy regarding GM crops?
23 Write a press release during the interview itself, declaring the recall of our product
which came up during the GD.
24 Which are the rivers running through Andhra Pradesh
25 Which is safer- a heavy car or lighter car?
26 Which is more stable- short height or low height man?
27 Opinion on Sharapova drug abuse case
28 Discussion on Tiger Woods and Shane Warne Affairs
29 A candidate who was last and waited so long, was given an opportunity to ask
any three questions by himself and answer them
30 If you travel from Hyderabad in a straight line towards west, what is the port city
that you would encounter first? And from there if you travel through the coast to
Kolkata, what all languages do you encounter.
31 Business related-Global oil prices.
32 What should RBI do to handle inflation, What is RBI, Who is the governor, What
did he(Governor) do before being appointed as a Governor of India?
33 When is US presidential elections due?

PI Workbook

34 You had people who were reporting to you for certain period of time? How was
that experience?
35 What did you feel when you visited Haryana or north for first time, how were the
people over there?
36 Difference between ligo and lego?
37 Role of women in an industry
38 Tell us any 2 features of Pune that we don’t know!
39 Gave one abstract drawing drawn by the interviewer and asked to talk for 30
seconds about it!
40 Solve one mathematical puzzle
41 Today’s newspaper’s headlines
42 Roleplay as an interviewer interviewing a same candidate like you and what all
questions you shall ask him and soon after that made to answer all those
43 Did Bob Dylan deserve the nobel prize in literature?
44 What is a better technique than ABC analysis? Why is FSN better?
45 Imagine yourself as CEO of Indian Railways. What innovative plans would you
come up with to increase its revenue?
46 Which one will be more viable: A luxury short distance train passenger service
(Costly) or a bare minimum long distance train passenger service (economical).
47 Tell us how you will get a girlfriend in 7 days, tell us the approach.
48 Can you name a heroine who is campaigning against fairness creams?
49 You don’t want to enter entrepreneurship? Everybody seems to be interested in it?
50 What do you mean by the term empathy? How is it different from sympathy?
51 Why efficiency of LED bulb is high compared to normal bulb.
52 Suppose there is a big building and there are 10000 servers in that building, and
each server consumes 100 watts per hour. And you have data of this building.
How would you analyze this data?
53 What’s a metro? How do you define it?
54 If Tata wants to enter F1 how would your business plan be regarding making Tata
reach the front of the grid?
55 What do you think? During the last 500-600 years, how did musicians run their
business? From where did they earn money?
56 What is equality as per you? Differentiate between form and substance of woman
57 As you are from Hyderabad, what is your stand on the Telangana issue?
58 Have you heard about online shopping? How will it affect your father’s business?
59 What is MTS? Why do electric vehicles not work? Tell us some safety features.
60 From where have you completed engineering? What is the exact location of your
61 What is cold war?
62 Definition of Budget. Difference between Economic survey and Budget?
63 What is a 5 year plan? Who makes the budget?
64 Women managers have a glass ceiling, what’s your take on that?

PI Workbook

65 Suppose you get an assignment abroad and that time you have a child to take care
of, what will you do?
66 Difference between fulfilment and success.
67 How long is your tie? How long is a regular tie? How long is an extra-long tie?
What type of knot is it?
68 If you were Modi,how would you strengthen ur relationship with Trump.
69 Difference between communication and Tele-communication
70 Marketing v/s Selling
71 Tell us how a car runs?
72 How do you make oil from coal? How do you make oil from coal?
73 What is Golden Quadrilateral?
74 Is marks the only measure of a student?
75 What is the difference between you and the computer?
76 I think there is a difference between teaching and learning. Your views.
77 How would you rate your GD performance?
78 Difference between the marketing of a pharmaceuticals company and electronics
79 What is your favorite sweet dish?
80 Which restaurant would you recommend for us?
81 Have you seen India’s map. If I put a scale from north to south on the map, how
many rivers would it cut?
82 You have done a mock drill on disaster management. Tell me - is disaster
management just a waste of money?
83 What is the rationale behind releasing victims of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination
84 Explain the difference between a manager and a leader.
85 How is bad news overpowering good news?
86 Why is management required in the primary sector?
87 What are your thoughts about the partition?
88 Ethics vs Morality
89 What according to you was the purpose of this interview?
90 Tell us any incidence where you were given a feedback which was not acceptable
to you, and you completely disagreed with it.
91 If you want to choose a person for a managerial post then will you choose a person
with good technical skills and ok kind of managerial skills or a person with good
managerial skills and ok technical skills. Justify.
92 You are sincere and hardworking and have good technical skills but your manager
is replacing you with someone else. So, what extra qualities will he have?
93 If you are a manger and you find that your subordinate is not adhering to office
hours but is completing his work. What will be your reaction? What will you do if
70% of the project revenue depends on him?
94 Tell us who is the bad guy among us?
95 Do you know Cartesian philosophy?
96 Types of Karma
97 What is the difference between religion and culture?

PI Workbook

98 What do you do after watching a movie? Do you go to the eateries?

99 Whose portraits do you find in the main entrance?
100 What will you do if you become the Health minister of India?
101 Why some faculties are highly paid while some average paid?
102 What do you feel is the major conflict between stakeholders and employees?
103 What is the difference between a group and a team?
104 What is the difference between data and information?
105 What is the difference between confidence and overconfidence?
106 HR scenario concerning the recruitment of trans gender
107 So, what are your views on ethics?
108 What is difference between interest and hobby? In your free time you would prefer
to do your hobby or activities of interest?
109 So we are on the first floor right? What is the name of this room ?
110 About inventory management. If there was a target of 100 stocks and a team kept
80 stocks, is it good or bad?
111 Recently who got the Banking Licenses?
112 How does Reliance give home loans, if at all it does? Your recommendations to
ArunJaitely for the tax slabs
113 What is PPP model? Why do we need it? Your views about NitinGadkari (since he
came up with PPP in highways)?
114 Do you think MBA is required for a street smart person?
115 What do you know about Goddess Lakshmi? What is the ‘vahan’ of Goddess
116 If you were an ant and had to go from one corner to the roof of the other corner,
what would the shortest distance be?
117 What is the difference between private and public companies?
118 Tell me one dream company in India that you would like to work for.
119 What is your opinion about globalization?
120 Can you tell me the difference between information and knowledge?
121 How will you explain the entire history of India to a small kid?
122 If you like a girl and want to know her, how would you go by?
123 Okay, suppose you travel in a rocket to the moon. What all things will you see on
the way?
124 Okay, if you are being paid 7 lakhs per month, how would you spend it all? But
mind you, you have to spend it but not invest it.
125 Puzzle: If all 10 batsmen get out on the first ten balls, who will be Not Out?
126 Explain how ‘Distance to Empty’ is calculated.
127 What is cultural invasion?
128 What if I appoint you in a government panel to make Hindi compulsory? What
would you do?
129 Were you bullied by anyone recently or by someone at work?
130 Why are you here?
131 Sit on the chair in the middle of the room without disturbing the bowl kept on the
132 Rebrand a couple of biscuits kept on the table and sell it to them.

PI Workbook

1 Suggestions to improve productivity in a workplace?
2 About the quality practices at the workplace and my contribution to its
3 Explain how an organisation works with the parallel explanation of a chemical
reaction. Basically compare the two.
4 What learning did you take from your work experience?
5 How would you justify the reason for leaving your last job?
6 What is your role in your organization?
7 What are the challenges faced by you at work?
8 Can you say you are a good salesman?
9 Where do you fit in GAIL?
10 Why leaving job? Would you like to return to your company?
11 Why there is so much noise about lack of trust in IT sector?
12 Situations where you took first hand decisions. Something that made you proud
while working at your company.
13 What should be the ideal savings rate for a person of the middle income range.
14 Tell me about your portfolio of investments.
15 You forecast the prices of commodities? Give examples
16 Give us stock tips. Can I call you every night asking for some? Where should I
invest now? What is efficient market hypothesis?
17 So you are business analyst, what you do, analysis or analytics?
18 What do you do in your job? Explain your work profile.(PI Masterclass Episode 8)
19 What is your work? Explain in laymen terms. What is BTS?
20 What is the role of your team leader in your present company?
21 Devise a statistical tool to give a clearer picture of the placements.
22 Can you tell me some competitors of the technology you’re working on.
23 Tell me about the corruption in your job industry
24 Tell me about the measures which your company has taken to protect the
25 Where have you been placed?What profile? Aren’t you wasting your engineering
26 Mention three things that you learned from your work.
27 Did you get severance package, a golden handshake? Do you know what is it?
28 How government is different from corporate?
29 Who are your competitors?
30 Why is an IPO always undervalued?
31 Tell me two negative points about your company.
32 You were working in a big manufacturing company. Why did you quit the
company and start working for a start up?
33 Why not work for two years and then pursue MBA?
34 How many employees are in your company? What is the revenue of your
35 What do you do in office? How are clients billed....do managers get billed or not?

PI Workbook

36 What do you do at work? Have you been promoted any time? What were you
evaluated on?
37 What is the most interesting part of your job? Why?
38 Do you think audit is an effective tool?
39 What is the impact of demonetization on your industry?
40 If you attend or conduct a meeting in a company what all will you consider?
41 If your boss doesn’t give you due credit what will you do?
42 By what parameters can one measure progress/status of a company?
43 How do you measure if your marketing campaign has worked or not?
44 Whom do you consider most important person in a company finance person or
operation person.Why?
45 Is it better to do ops research in a field or lab. Why?
46 Is passion for work justified?
47 You are a technology expert tell us three things that are causing problems in
today’s technology world.
48 What’s your dream company and role?
49 What do you understand by digitization and how has it impacted your field of
50 What has been your growth at the company and how has the company grown?
51 Why do some brands become successful when they diversify and why some don’t?
52 How do you do vendor selection? How do you negotiate?
53 Is market research important before product launch?
54 How did Steve Jobs succeed without any market research?
55 Justify the 7 month gap after Engineering
56 Why should you be selected over experienced people?
57 What does your deliverable contain? Explain me in detail
58 Why three companies? So many jumps?
59 What did you focus more on in your job - knowledge or skill?
60 What do you know about the market shares of your company?
61 What is top line and bottom line of an organization?
62 What’s your take on the IT sector? What exactly is the requirement of R&D in IT?
63 Is business the only business of corporates
64 What is the biggest problem that India is facing?
65 After an MBA, how would you contribute to your current organization?
66 What was your company’s social message at the time it was established?
67 Tell me how a space agency would do business.
68 Value engineering?
69 Have you screwed up anything at your workplace?
70 Tell us one recent news about your company?
71 How is your typical day at work?
72 Tell us your best professional achievement.
73 Do you feel your experience would be wasted or what would you carry forward
from that?
74 What is the difference between research finding and insight?

PI Workbook

Career Goals
1 Why are you not joining the family business? Why MBA?
2 Why an MBA ? (PI Masterclass Episode 9)
3 Why MBA and not MS?
4 Do you think MBA is necessary for entrepreneurship? Does your CEO have an
5 You’re in a good job and you’re pay is high at this experience. Why do you want to
risk the job and take a loan of 20L?
6 Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?
7 What were you doing during the career break?
8 Which companies do you want to work for in future?
9 What do you want to immediately after MBA?
10 What are your long term plans?
11 Your long term career goal - being in a position of responsibility, having ownership
in an organization and influencing the decision making process - we hear it so
many times from everyone! Say something from the heart!
12 Have you heard of an elevator pitch? Give me an elevator pitch as to why you’ll do
well in your MBA. (30 seconds to think and 30 seconds to answer)How did you
think you did?You can try again if you want to.
13 Prepare a revenue model for it(Sports management and dream to start a firm of
my own)
14 Over A and L which one will you choose?
15 Where would you like to work after passing out?
16 What are your goals five years down the line? (PI Masterclass Episode 10)
17 Do you know anyone who has done their MBA, and what is the difference in that
person before and after an MBA?
18 Backup plan in case MBA fails.
19 Which field/specialization in MBA?
20 Why MBA? How will it contribute to your work?
21 Is MBA really necessary in today’s world?