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Narpat Singh Rajpurohit Office D-3, "Jasdeep"

Advocate Shiv Shakti Nagar, Street No.1

Mobile No. 98291-89061 Outside IIIrd Pole, Mahamandir

Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur Jodhpur

Date :


The Assistant engineer (O & M)

Jodhpur Vidhyut Vitran Nigam Limited,

Ramseen, Dist. Jalore


CHARGE (VCR NO. &DT.:5355/32–8/06/2017).


With respect to the above subject, it is inform you that I have been
authorized and instructed on behalf of my client Shri Bhava ram son of
Vachna ram By caste Rajpurohit, residence of Dahiva, At present
Behind Airtel tower, village Jawal, district Sirohi, to serve this notice
upon you accordingly as under-

1. That my client is contractual employee of Bharti Infra Tel Tower

Company, and Bharti Infra company is electricity consumer of your
company and having account no. 22090230 at place Basda Dhanji,
Sub division Ramseen, District & Circle Jalore, and at this place Airtel
Tower is operated and maintenance by my client.
2. That , on dated 08/06/2017 the vigilance team inspected the site and
made charge sheet against my client and alleged charge under sec.
135 Electricity Act 2003, there after office of the Executive Engineer
(VIG.) Jodhpur Discom, Jalore, issued Provisional assessment on
9/06/2017 on the name of consumer Bharti Infra Tel Tower, VCR NO.
& DT. 5355/32-08/06/2017 and demand total chargeable Amount of
Rs. 944625/- (Nine Lack forty four thousand six hundred twenty five).
Thereafter on dated 04/10/2017 an application make before, The
Chairman of Zonal Level VCR, Zonal Chief Engineer (Barmer Zone),
Barmer, and requested that as per VCR EB supply we are using from
LT line where there was no such EB theft at the site these type fact is
mention in VCR is not possible, and request to ready pay settlement
Fee with 50% VCR amount, and on this request of application the
Zonal Chief Engineer, Barmer Zone (ZCE/BMR), dated 4/10/2017
Directed and instructed to assistant engineer Ramseen (A.EN.) to
accept 50% amount against Vigilance charges & case is to be taken in
Zonal level Settlement committee, and in the prusunce of order date
4/10/2017, Demand Draft No.033059 Bank of Baroda, Rs. 472313/-
date 4/10/2017 is made in the favour of AEN (O&M) JDVVNL,
Ramseen and my client representative his Brother kola ram son of
vachna ram has Personally approached to your office with order copy
of ZCE/BMR and produce above said demand draft before you, but
you are not accept the above said demand draft, and refuge to my
case sending for settlement committee without any Justification
3. That, your act of not accepting the above mention demand draft and
non compliance of order of your superior officer is against the
general principles of law as well sound from your ulterior motive and
arbitrary and capricious approach to harass and harm my client
without any sufficient reason.
4. That my client has represented before you several times by orally and
personally met to you and by way of representation before you to
accept demand draft of 50% amount of VCR and case to be send for
Zonal level settlement (Vig. Review) Committee, but you have
intentionally and willfully not accept the demand draft of 50%
amount and case is not sending for settlement committee till date.
5. That, I am sending the original Demand Draft No. 033059 of Rs.
472313/- date 4/10/2017 Bank of Baroda, along with this legal notice,
so please accept against the case of VCR NO. & DT. 5355/32-

Therefore, to avoid any complication before adopting remedy for

further dispute, it is proper to serve notice, upon you, to accept
demand draft of 50% amount of VCR and case to be send for Zonal
level settlement (Vig. Review) Committee, regarding VCR NO. & DT.
5355/32-08/06/2017, else, this may note, that if you failed to do so as
mentioned herein above within a period of 15 days from the receipt
of this notice, then my client will free to proceed against you in
appropriate manner including initiating criminal and civil proceedings
against you and your office before competent court and authority, for
which you will sole and joint liable to all the consequences, cost and

So please note.



Enclose with:-

1. original Demand Draft No. 033059 of Rs. 472313/- date 4/10/2017

Bank of Baroda, in the favour of AEN (O&M) JDVVNL, Ramseen.
2. Copy of Provisional Assessment date 9/06/2017
3. Copy of application dated 4/10/2017 with order of ZCE/BMR

Copy To :-

1. The Chairman of Zonal Level VCR, Monitoring & Reviewing

Committee, Zonal Chief Engineer, Barmer Zone.