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Workshop 1 : Understanding Fabrics : A Practical Approach

A practical industry oriented workshop on fabric which includes fiber understanding, Yarn qualities understanding,
count calculation, various commercial knit & woven fabrics, Analysis of weaves, dyeing, printing & finishing
understanding with various issues and industry concerns.

Topics Covered:-

• Understanding various Fibers, properties and their impact on end product

• Understanding the yarns and their specification e.g.-yarn count, ply, twist etc
• How to calculate yarn count in industry actual situations
• Various Commercial Knits
• Various Commercial Woven Fabrics : Specification, Properties and Behavior Various Commercial Knits
• Weave Analysis: Industry Practices
• Dyeing techniques for various Woven & Knitted Fabrics
• Various styles & methods of Printing on Fabrics
• Understanding various Finishes on Fabrics
• Fabric Analysis

Workshop 2 : Quality Assurance through Textile Testing

Understanding the various physical & chemical textile test require for quality assurance which includes all basic as well
as additional tests require as per the various geographies and buyer’s need. This workshop emphasis on the roots of
the quality parameter to meet the International quality standards.

Topics Covered:-

Textile Testing : International Standards

Common Physical Testing Parameters :

Fiber Composition, Count , GSM
Tensile Strength, Tear Strength
Seam Properties, Pilling
Dimensional Stability, Appearance After Wash
Color Fastness to rubbing, washing, perspiration and light

Common Chemical Testing Parameters :

pH Value, Formaldehyde Content
Azo Dyes, Phthalates
Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI), Nickel Release
Cadmium, Toxic Heavy Metals

Reasons for Failure in each test and how to improve upon

Workshop 3 : Quality Assurance through Inspection

Understanding the various defects originated at various levels in fabrics & garment production and how to avoid them.
Understanding the international standard of inspection methodologies and how to use various tools to improvise

Topics Covered:-

Fabric Defects & Inspection

• Knitted & Woven Fabrics : Possible Defects and Causes
• Defect Classification
• Inspection Systems 4-Point System
• Inspection Procedure
• Practical Demonstration of Inspection Method
Garment Manufacturing: Quality Control and AQL
• Quality Control at each stage of Garment Manufacturing
• Inspection techniques
• Inspection Shocks
• Good Vs Bad Practices of Inspection
• How to get success at AQL based Inspection

Workshop 4 : Negotiation Skills for Professionals

To be successful, everyone needs to be a good negotiator. Being able to negotiate effectively helps in reaching
agreements, achieving objectives, saving time and money and ultimately becoming more productive and efficient. In
this workshop, you will obtain the tools to negotiate from a position of partnership, not competition.

Topics Covered:-

• Determine your negotiation style and how to best interact with others in the negotiation process
• Identify strengths & competencies of an Effective Negotiator
• Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
• Deal with difficult people objectively and assertively
• Negotiate in person, individually and in teams
• Identifying Negotiation Strategies and learning to cultivate the most effective strategy
• Immediately recognize manipulative tactics and how to respond
• Manage conflict quickly before it escalates out of control
• Learning to reach consensus and close effectively
• Establishing your WATNA (worst alternative to a negotiated agreement) and BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated
agreement) : essential concepts in negotiation
• Importance of Listening skills and other non-verbal communication

Program Leaders
Mr. Akshay Tholia is a renowned international coach in Textiles and Apparel. He is Director -
Training & Consultancy at SARV International. He has successfully trained more than 20000
Industry professionals and faculty members in India & abroad through his industry friendly
workshops & trainings. He is author of celebrated book ‘Live Textiles’ and Understanding
Fabrics. He has developed interactive learning tools on fabrics for effective teaching
methodology. He is a qualified Textile Engineer and has extensive work experience in the
manufacturing & quality assurance of Fabrics & Garments.

Mr. Ashok Mehra is a Post Graduate in Chemistry, with more than 15 years of multi-
disciplinary experience in Quality Management Systems in Laboratory, Technical assessment,
Production & process control and Materials. He has handled different challenging positions as
Laboratory Manager, Technical Manager and Quality Manager in organisations TUV Rheinland,
UL –STR, Bureau Veritas and ITC Limited. Worked as Marks and Spencer Accreditor and NEXT
Trainer for Indian Subcontinent. He is Internal Auditor for documentation & Implementation of
NABL (ISO 17025) quality system.
S. per Special Offer
Workshop Title Dates Region Program Special Offer 2
No. Participant 1
Leader (INR)

9th May
Understanding Mr.
Fabrics : A 27th April Akshay
1 Bangalore 7500
Practical Thursday Tholia
2nd May
Add INR Add INR 4500
2500 extra extra to get
10th May to get
Quality Gurgaon Mr. Ashok Understanding
Wednesday Understandi
Assurance Mehra Fabrics plus
2 6500 ng Fabrics
through Textile Fabric Science
Testing Book Book
29th April Mr.
Saturday Mukund
11th May
Quality Mr.
Assurance th
28 April Akshay
3 Bangalore Tholia 6500
through Friday
3rd May

12th May Mr. Satish
4. Skills for Gurgaon 6500
Friday Kumar

Timing 10.00AM to 5:00PM

Methodology Presentations, Discussions, Group Exercises, Case Studies, Activities, Videos etc.

Group Benefit Please call the undersigned for benefits

Certificate All the participants will be provided with the certificates

Training Fees Above mention fees includes lunch, refreshment and training kit

Academic Discounts For Academic discounts, please contact undersigned

You are requested to nominate the participants of your organization. Please call the undersigned for
further clarifications. We shall be happy to assist you.
Warm Regards,
Sonali N.
Head Marketing
Phone : +91-7742009911
Email : sarvinternational@gmail.com
Web : www.sarvtrainings.com, www.sarvinternational.com
For practical understanding of Fabrics get your copy of ‘Understanding
Fabrics’ @ Special Offer*

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