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WAVE Appliction Application Descriptions

Pedro Szymanski EMGRID DBA tool for instance monitoring
Linda Dolinshek 1 GitHub GitHub Backup Server
Tim Jones 1 IAM Identity and Access Management
Pedro Szymanski 1 PassPrd DBA tool for passwords
Pedro Szymanski 1 PatchPrd DBA tool for patching
Marcel Onvlee 1 Rimini Streeet Servers

Aru Biswas 2 Automic replacement for Control-M

Aru Biswas Engineering License many apps are involved .. Saja getting more info
Derak Williams 2 Hard Drive Encryption HDD Encryption Prod Mgmt
Esther Fenwick 2 HFM FDM Prod
Ken Suceat/Brian
Merski i-Supplier i-Supplier Portal
Rahul Patil 2 KRONOS Kronos Prod
Pedro S 2 STAT STAT Code Migration
Ned Berg 2 Warranty OnTrac FTP, Web Server
Ken Suceat/Brian
Merski AFT-EBS Global AFT-EBS Apps
Ken Suceat/Brian 3
Merski AFT-I -Supplier
Divya Rayappa / Jeff 3
Schropp Excel4Apps
Chuck Sidebottom 3 AFT-JDA JDA (RedPrairie) WMS App Server
Chuck Sidebottom 3 AFT-JDA ARCH JDA (RedPrairie) WMS DB, JDA ARCH DB
Ashish Kulkari 3 AFT-VCP AFT-VCP Prod APP (Virtual Server)
Aru Biswas 3 BPEL BPEL Prod App
Aru Biswas 3 Easy Lobby
Aru Biswas 3 External Webfarm External Web Infrastructure Apps
Aru Biswas 3 Internal Webfarm IIS 7 Internal Webfarm (LB)-Prod
Ned Berg 3 MTOR Mobile
Katuri, Prasad; OTM Prod Web Server (supposed to go OTM
Sucaet, Ken OTM cloud by oct 2019)
Gina Piepsny 3 SDW AFT Sales Data Warehouse
Ken Burt 3 UPK UPK App Server

Chuck Sidebottom CT Suite a piece of the Florence call center phone system

before 6 SQL Farm ????

Luciana Rodrigues 4 SA- Rhevolution SA Payroll
Luciana Rodrigues 4 SA- Dimep SA
SA employee time clocks
used in receiving and importation of product and
Paulo Sa 4 SA- Import Sys tracking the gov't tracking numbers

Marcos Fassina SA-
SA- Maestro
MasterSaf DW / SA shop floor machine system
Warlly Marques 4 OneSource SA month-end data extract and send to government
Warlly Marques 4 SA- MasterSaf DFE SA customer invoice documents
Divya Rayappa 4 OCR OCR Content Server-Prod
Divya Rayappa 4 Ducumentum used by OCR
Divya Rayappa 4 Docushare used by OCR

4 Captiva version for OCR different than version used

Divya Rayappa Captiva by PeopleSoft
Divya Rayappa 4 ScanPlus used by OCR

Ken Suceat/Brian 5
Merski CVS-APS CVS-APS DB Server
Ken Suceat/Brian Global CVS-EBS Apps
Merski CVS-EBS includes: SDM (NAERPPRD)
Darlene Lozon 5 RPTALL Global Reportal
Divya Rayappa / Jeff 5
Schropp Excel4Apps
Divya Rayappa 6 Concur
Prasad Katuri 6 IQR inventory analysis
Carlos Aguirre 6 IQS receiving quality
Darlene Lozon 6 Microsoft BI Microsoft BI reporting Server
Ashish Kulkari/ Gina
Piepsny MPX Replacement for MPO

Gina Piepsny MPX - Jenkins MPX release Management Process (new servers)
Rahul Patil 6 PeopleSoft PeopleSoft

6 Captiva version for PeopleSoft different than version

Rahul Patil Captiva used by OCR
Laura Davidson 6 Sharepoint SharePoint SQL Server-Prod
Laura Davidson 6 Sharepoint - MTOR.com
Ned Berg 6 Sharepoint - PPAP Tracker
Financial Shared Services Check Printer-ACOM
7 ACOM (new name EZPAYSuite 8.4) - should be
Aru Biswas Check Printing decommissioned
John Kelly 7 Airwatch Email Gateway
Aravind Kumar 7 Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere
Harish Kale 7 DTL Drive Train Life
Ashish Kulkarni 7 MCO Meritor Cores On-line
Ashish Kulkarni 7 SCO Supplier Cores On-line

7 MTOR Exchange
Martijn Tigchelaar Management Server MTOR Exchange Management Server

7 managed Exchange
Mark H. environment
Timothy Greenwood 7 NetScaler NetScaler
Aravind Kumar 7 PCV Product Customer Value
Khuzema Tikiwala 7 Qlik
Khuzema Tikiwala 7 PowerPivot
Carlos Aguirre 7 Reliance Quality System Applications/ PRD App Server
Ashish Kulkarni 7 SCO Supplier Cores On-line

7 statistical reliability analysis tool

Allan Saja SuperSmith formerly called WinSmith
Esther Fenwick 7 Versatile App/Web Server for App Versatile
Tracey Jefferson 7 VL Trader VL Trader App (Linux)
98 - going to COLO EU - 0racle 10.7 - Solaris 8

98 - going to COLO EU - Oracle CVS 11.5.10-

Solaris 11

98 - going to COLO SA - Oracle EBS 11.5.10 -

Marcelo T. Solaris 11
98 - going to COLO AS400 Test / Dev
there are 3-4 Eng Lic. Apps that have physical
98 - going to COLO 3-4 Engineering License dongles…. These will need to go to COLO… Alan
Saja getting more info

Marcel Onvlee 99 - not coming over Ubiquiti

Haney Wassef 99 - not coming over Qualysis
99 - not coming over Kintana need to move some scripts
99 - not coming over EU Fax Server
99 - not coming over GloParty old Denied parties (de-comm jan 2018)
99 - not coming over WebFocus
99 - not coming over PDM Imagenation (de-comm May 2018)
John Kelly 99 - not coming over Scan Drives
99 - not coming over MFG Pro all of this is already in Australia
Aru Biswas 99 - not coming over e-Vision
John Kelly 99 - not coming over Good
99 - not coming over Dynatrace de-comm Dec 2018
Gina Piepsny 99 - not coming over MPO
99 - not coming over Team Foundation supposed to be replaced by GitHub Mar 2019
John Kelly 99 - not coming over Center Ware
Gina Piepsny 99 - not coming over SSDW
Martijn Tigchelaar 99 - not coming over Active Directory 2003
Roxanne Hayes 99 - not coming over Support Logix
Rahul Patel 99 - not coming over Gift for Windows
Esther Fenwick 99 - not coming over Express Tax already in SAAS
Esther Fenwick 99 - not coming over Corp Tax already in SAAS
Esther Fenwick 99 - not coming over TeamMate already in SAAS
Jim D. 99 - not coming over Avaya - Troy nothing in IBM that suppoorts this
Martijn Tigchelaar 99 - not coming over KMS
Stefan Svanholm 99 - not coming over Webserver - Lindy confirmed.. 1-14-2019