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(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Affiliated to Anna University Chennai)

A TATA Consultancy Services Accredited Institution
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Test Model Sub/Code MG6071 / Entrepreneurship Development

Year / SEM: IV/8 Date:

Time: 3 Hours Marks 100

PART – A (10X2=20)

C Level Q.no
4 1 1. What are the sources of finance for a small business?

4 2 2. What is term loan?

4 1 3. What is break even analysis?

4 2 4. Define the term Magnitude.

4 1 5. What is subcontracting?

5 1 6. Define working capital.

5 2 7. State the growth strategies in small industry?

5 2 8. Define excise duties.

5 2 9. What is expansion?

5 2 10. What is BIFR?

PART – B (5X16=80)

4 2 11. a.i Describe the need for intentional to small scale industries. What is a DIC?
Explain its functions.(8)

4 2
Discuss the sources of finance for an entrepreneur. Also provide the
11.a.ii strategies for the suitable capital structure for a calculated risk

4 4
What is meant by capital structure? Discuss the factors determining
11.b.i capitalstructure and the various sources of long term, short term sources
of finance available to the entrepreneurs.(8)

4 2
11.b.ii Write a note on the following: CPM, Term Loans, Project crashing (5)
4 3 12. a.i What is Cost-Volume-Profit analysis? State its role and significance in
Management Accounting.(7)

4 2 12.a.ii What are the All India Financial Institutions that meet the financial needs
of the entrepreneurs? (6)
4 6 12.b.i
Explain about working capital. Discuss the sources and the management of
working capital.(8)

4 4 12.b.ii
Describe the sources of short term finance and long term finance. (5)
5 3 What are all the functional risks faced by a small business? Discuss the
13. a.i reason for bankruptcy and remedial actions against them.(10)

5 2 Discuss the features of sick industrial companies’ act 1985 and the
13.a.ii measures taken and suggestion of the act. (3)

5 3 13.b.i What do you understand by sickness in small firms? What are its causes?
Suggest measures to overcome such sickness.(13)

5 3 14. a.i What are the salient features of new small enterprise policy? How is the
government`s protective policy beneficial for the development of small
scale industries? (8)
5 2 14.a.ii Explain the threads of small industries and the remedial measures to
overcome that. (5)
5 6 Critically evaluate Government policy for small scale enterprises. Do you
perceive the policy to be adequate? If no, as an entrepreneur what
modifications do you suggest? (9)

5 2 Discuss the various types of growth strategies adopted by business firms?

5 3 15.a.i Define joint ventures. State the reasons behind creation of joint venture.
Discuss the partner selection criteria. (8)

5 2 15. a.ii Describe the incentives and subsidies offered by the government for the
promotion and growth of small industry in India? (5)

5 5 What is Diversification? Discuss the basis of diversification in

Entrepreneurship. (9)

Explain the meaning and scope of market survey and research. Discuss its
5 3
15.b.ii role in Entrepreneurship.(3)

PART C (1*15=15)

4 4 16 With a case study the various source of financeavailable for aneducational


5 4 17 Discuss the major policy of the government of india in facilating SSI in india?(15)
CO4:The students cane able to understand ,about the financing and accounting for small scle

CO5:The students can understand about The support the entrprise .

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