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This book contains all of my favorite ab exercises I use
explained fully in detail with clear and concise
informative photos.

Let this ebook help you properly build the core of your

Includes alternative exercises to accommodate ALL

levels of Fitness.

These exercises are all of the Ab exercises I personally

incorporate into my weekly ab routine.

Please perform them at your own risk.

TARGETS: Lower Abs
Hanging Leg Raises
The king of all ab exercises in my opinion. Hanging Leg
raises are my staple core exercise and often times are used
for my entire ab routine on any given day.

To Start:
Grab onto on overhead set of fixed bars and hang. Ensure
that when hanging you have 2-12 inches of clearance
between the bottom of your shoes and the floor.
The Movement:
As demonstrated in the final picture in the sequence shown
above the movement doesn’t just stop when you reach a 90
degree angle. When performing this exercise you need to tilt
and tuck your pelvis towards your chest at the end of each
rep to truly engage your lower abdominal muscles. This final
step is the most commonly missed and most crucial part of
this exercise, so DO IT.
Below I have included a couple alternative exercises you
can do for this movement if it is too difficult for you to
complete at first (or if your abs are already taxed from
previous ab work). Hanging knee tucks would be the
intermediate form, and supported knee tucks/leg raises
would be the easiest way to still get the same contraction
out of this exercise. Which one you choose to do will depend
on you and your body.
Keep in mind all of the exercise alternatives to hanging leg
raises will STILL be performed with the tilt in your pelvis
tucking it towards your chest.
Bosu Ball Knee Tucks
Keeping the same pelvis tilting form in mind think of this
exercise as a variation of hanging leg raises, only you’re
parallel to the floor.

To Start:
Place Bosu Ball in the middle of your shins. Then get into a
push up position with your arms at a 90 degree angle to
your torso

The movement:
Bringing only your knees towards your chest, while keeping
your hands in a fixed position. Try and establish a mind
muscle connection and engage your lower abs while
exhaling upon contracting.
You can do this same movement using TRX cables if your
gym is equipped with them. This is the method I prefer to do.

TARGETS: Overall
Bench Crunches (with weight, optional)
This workout is perfect for doing drop sets as you can simply
drop the weight from in-between your feet once you start to
get fatigued. For this exercise you will not only bring your
knees to your chest but your chest to your knees as well. So
in other words your chest and knees will meet in the center
of your body.
To Start:
Position yourself perpendicular to a bench so that you will
be able to hold onto the back side of the bench for
additional support. Fully extend your legs until locked out.

The Movement:
Bring your chest to your knees and your knees to your chest
while exhaling allowing your abs to fully contract with no
Alternative: (to increase difficulty)
Place a small dumbbell (1-15Lbs, .5-7kg) in between your feet
and proceed to do the movement as instructed. Once you
start to feel fatigued, drop the dumbbell on the floor and
repeat the cycle.
Decline Bench Leg Lifts
This exercise requires a lot of core stability and secondary
muscles making it the ideal overall exercise for your core.
Once again this exercise requires you to tilt/tuck your pelvis
bringing it towards your chest.

To Start:
Lying flat on your back, place you head at the peak of the
incline on the bench and your feet at the lowest point on the

The Movement:
Start by slowly bringing your knees towards your chest
while lifting your entire lower back/ glue area off of the
bench, then repeat.
Alternative: (to increase difficulty)
Begin by doing the first half of the movement in the same
manner, and then once you have brought your knees to your
chest, slowly kick upwards towards the sky, retract, and
repeat the cycle for your next rep.
TARGETS: Serratus/
Ab Wheel Rollouts
The perfect exercise to build up thicker meatier inter costals
and stretch out your core giving your abs a thicker
appearance. I typically do this particular exercise at the end
of an ab workout as it involves a nice deep stretch which
feels great and is very beneficial after an ab routine that
involves lots of contracting with minimal stretching.

To Start:
You may want to place a pad or towel under your knees to
prevent discomfort when doing this exercise so that you can
fully allow yourself to commit to the movement. Once you
have that done position your body so that your hands and
knees are on the floor. Keep your knees close together and
your back parallel to the floor while keeping your arms
straight up and down right under yourself.
The Movement:
In a slow and controlled manner push your arms outwards in
front of your body, after extending about 80% of your
maximum, retract your body by pulling your arms back in
wards while keeping your arms straight the entire time.

Traditionally can be performed with a smaller ab wheel,
however I prefer to use an EZ bar with a 2.5-5lb weight on
either end to act as a wheel. I prefer this method as it allows
me to get a wider grip enabling me to flex each side of my
serratus more intensely.
Low Cable Side Crunch
Another one of my favorite exercises to do at the end of an
ab workout because it gives each side of your core a nice
stretch when done properly.

To Start:
Place the cable’s starting point about 2 feet off of the
ground. Then position your body so that the non-working
side is closest to the cable itself. Once established, with the
hand on the working side your body, grab the ball or knob
at the end of the cable placing it firmly in the palm of your
The Movement:
Begin by slowly letting the weight drag your body towards
the starting point of the cable. Allow your entire working
side of your body to be stretched for 2-3 seconds and then
slowing pull yourself back up using the working side of your
serratus. Contract your core and exhale for maximum effort.

Can be done with a 25-45lb plate. Think of the plate as the
cable but instead of placing the weight on your working
side, you will hold the plate on the nonworking side allowing
your working side to be properly stretched out.

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