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March 24-26, 2019

ManageBac Company Update

Hong Kong

Kevin Piersialla
Chief Operating Officer
Atlas + ManageBac Highlights
Step-Change Increase in our Global Curriculum Capability

Number of Schools Number of Countries Number of Students Supported Academic Standards

10,000+ 130+ 3 mm+ 607

Number of Employees (FTEs) Number of Nationalities Number of Offices Group Companies

139 15 8 8
Curriculum First Systems
Integrated Learning Platform
International schools face unique systems challenges, with the need to
support multiple curricula, transient students & staff, and legacy systems.
By combining curriculum planning, assessment, reporting and attendance
into one unified system with a consistent, modern and mobile-ready
interface, ManageBac provides a seamless & integrated experience for
coordinators, teachers, students and parents

Approach & Design

Our Curriculum First approach & design means that ManageBac can support more effective
implementation across a variety of curriculum programmes
ü Designed with Standards & Practices in mind
ü Best practice workflows refined through working with over 2,600 schools
ü Turnkey curriculum & assessment architecture
Less time is spent on setup and configuration, and more time on coordination, teaching, and
Integrated Planning, Learning & Teaching and Assessment
What differentiates a learning platform?
• Serving multiple Stakeholders within the school
(Teachers, Students, Administrators, Parents)
• High frequency of usage: daily or weekly usage by
• Central hub: to support teaching & learning,
communications, and school operations
(attendance, reporting, etc.)
• Structured Repository: stores visible curriculum,
assessments, resources & coursework with
curriculum meta-data.
• Mission-critical: inability to access causes significant

Building the Written Curriculum

• The ‘written curriculum’ is the root of teaching &
learning within the school; however, it is hidden
from view – use-case is one of infrequent usage.
• External motivation for adoption may be upcoming
accreditation visit, leadership initiative, professional
development, etc.
• Curriculum is unique to each school and anchors
critical organizational decisions.
2018 Year in Review
Global Data Protection & Security Update
Our Technical Operations team maintains and supports ManageBac infrastructure and applications
24/7/365 – this is an overview of key improvements completed in 2018

• Amazon Web Services provides High Availability and Multi-Region Hosting

AWS hosting in Canada, the US and China greatly improves system reliability and provides
enhanced flexibility of regional hosting for schools.

• Data Protection & Security:

We are one of the only international education systems providers with ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Information Security Management System certification, as well as being GDPR compliant which
reflects our commitment to strong information security and data protection.

• System Monitoring:
We use comprehensive real-time monitoring and analytics tools to monitor our network and
applications. Automated alerts are routed to on-call operators.

• Hardened Network:
We utilize enterprise-grade Denial of Service protection from Cloudflare in conjunction with
application firewalls to protect our networks from interruption or compromise.

• Penetration Testing:
We regularly perform third-party penetration testing to ensure our applications and infrastructure
are secure.

• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans:

All areas of our technical operations are covered by our 24-72 hour DR / BCP. In the event of a
catastrophic event, our plans aim to restore critical services within 24 hours and be fully
operational within 72 hours.
2018 Year-in-Review
Key Product Highlights

January February March April

Vantage Reader MB Accounts Portal SSO Google Docs Integration New UI Interface + Teacher

Summer Summer August September

UI Enhancements Curriculum First for Multi- China AWS Hosting Career-related Programme
Curricula Schools

September October November November

Service Learning Atlas and ManageBac join Project Based Learning Enhanced Text Editor and
Forces Messaging
ManageBac Accounts Portal & Integrations

ManageBac Accounts Portal

Provides Identity Management & Single-Sign-On for
ManageBac internal and 3rd party integration partners.
Bundled with a premium subscription model for custom
Login designs / AD integration

Organizes Partner integrations & Add-ons to provide
schools with an end-to-end turnkey solution including
Identity Connectors, Behavior & Discipline, Library &
Reading, Website, Online Exams & Assessment, Utilities
and University

Key Integration Partners

Google Apps for Google Docs SmartPrep isams AssessPrep Turnitin

Education Flexible Management Online Exams & Assessment Leading Plagiarism Checker
Collaborative Assignments Revision University & Careers
A seamless experience for SMARTPREP IB App is a powerful Information System An advanced, end-to-end Turnitin is revolutionizing the
SSO Connectors BridgeU leverages the power
teachers to link, assign, and teaching and learning aid for the IB Our recommended partner cloud-based platform to help experience of writing to
Google for Education is a of big data to provide
distribute a Google Doc DP. It makes it easy and quick to for whole-school information schools and students prepare learn
service from Google that university and careers
template to their entire class plan the next class, prepare management for IB eAssessment
provides independently guidance for international
customizable versions of students for internal assessments school students
several Google products or tailor homework assignments.
Accounts Portal Single Sign-On
Manage your identity and seamlessly switch between accounts

ü The Accounts Portal is built on OpenID and

upgrades our existing LaunchPad single-sign-
on (SSO) service extending the capability
from web to mobile.

ü Streamlined account linking of multiple user

type accounts in ManageBac (e.g.
Administrator, Teacher & Parent) or multi-
campus school group accounts.

ü Enhanced support for your school’s identity

management system.

ü Use Google Apps or Office 365 credentials to

sign into ManageBac.

ü Login using ManageBac credentials for Atlas,

AssessPrep, BridgeU, OpenApply, BookJetty,
Subject Centre, and other integration
Enhanced Text Editor & Messaging
For Classes, Year Groups and Simple Groups in Tasks, Events, Deadlines & Messaging

ü Enhanced Text
Editor works on
web & mobile with:
Text Style







ü Built-in Grammar and Spell-checking ü Emojis on Messages, Tasks & Resources

Granular Teacher Permissions
For the School Directory, Attendance and Reporting > Proofing & Review

With enhanced Teacher Permissions, access to specific Curriculum Programme settings can be defined granularly
together with access to the School Directory and Reports Proofing & Review.
Stream View for Assessment & Resources
Sequencing the Learning Journey with Assessment Tasks & Resources

ü Sequence Assessment Tasks & Resources within a

Unit Plan

ü Stream View provides a sequence for the students to

follow along their learning journey

ü Units > Resources can be shared with both students

& parents

ü Drag and drop allows for easy re-ordering of

assessment tasks and resources

12 Flipped Classroom Resource Types including:

Subtopic Text Video Image News Wiki

Question Game Map Presentation Embedded MindMap

Service Learning Framework
Supporting Service Learning with a Build-your-Own Model

ü Service Learning Framework enables schools

to flexibly design and build their own service
learning programme - ideally suited for
schools looking to extend the model of CAS
or Service as Action to their entire school.

ü Service Learning worksheets encompassing

the aims & goals, activity types, learning
outcomes, reflections and guidance can be
fully customised.

ü The Service Learning Framework supports the

IB Career Programme’s Service Learning,
while building more connections to subject

ü Integrated with portfolios and reporting to

provide schools with a seamless solution.
Project-Based Learning Framework
Supporting Project-Based Learning with a Build-your-Own Model

ü Project-based Learning Framework enables ü PBL Framework supports the IB Career Programme’s Language Portfolio
schools to flexibly design and build subject-specific and Reflective Project, while providing teachers with an option to design
or year group level projects. unique projects from the ground up within their class (e.g. History IA).

ü Project worksheets encompassing the proposal, ü Integrated with portfolios and reporting to provide schools with a
planning & progress, assessment and journals can seamless solution.
be fully customised.
Google Docs Integration
Create, Assign, Annotate, and Mark Google Docs from ManageBac

1 Teachers can create

Google Doc templates 2 Students can complete
and submit their 3 Once submitted,
teachers can mark 4 Submitted Google Docs
are automatically
and seamlessly assign assigned Google Doc Google Docs with versioned and saved
to students – directly within grades and annotations. into Portfolios.
supporting greater ManageBac.
New UI For Teachers and Administrators
Improved usability in a fully responsive mobile-ready layout

• 2018
Granular access & permission levels to
manage teacher access requirements by
curriculum, class and reports.
• Enhanced text editors with improved
formatting and embeddable media
options supporting numerous file types
like videos, websites, notes, and more.
• Seamless Google Docs integration to
allow for assignment template creation,
submission, and review.
• Extensive in-app announcements,
tutorials, and tips, making it easier to get
the most out of ManageBac from the very

Fully responsive design Fresh & modern look Blazing fast

Multi-lingual Parent Portal
Providing Parents with a Local Language Interface

Each parent can set individual language preferences, with support for:

Japanese Arabic Spanish Chinese French

Global Local Model
For schools in Greater China

WeChat Integration
Accept parent enquiries and tours directly through WeChat.

Admissions Offices Parents & Families

Showcase your school Submit Enquiry
admissions on WeChat with a Streamline enquiry process with pre-fill
of family details directly from their
custom QR code
WeChat account
Admissions Contact
Multilingual support with a Browse school admissions contact
toggle for Chinese & English information and add your school’s
official WeChat account

Link to your school’s official Schedule Tour

WeChat account Easily schedule a tour via the WeChat
pages interface

Key China Features

Payment Chinese Language Local Maps Local China

Portals Support Hosting
Accept application fee payments Simplified & Traditional Chinese Amap ( ) and WeChat Faster local hosting options in AWS
seamlessly from parents from supported across the parent Maps supported for easy location Beijing from summer 2018
popular payment gateways AliPay interface browsing. onwards
and WeChat Pay.
2019 Product Roadmap
Atlas & ManageBac Integration
For Mutual Atlas & ManageBac Schools

ü Allows mutual Atlas & ManageBac schools to

collaboratively plan and edit Atlas units directly within
ManageBac classes with single-sign-on.

ü No data migration is required and existing Atlas

Courses & Subjects can be easily mapped to your
ManageBac classes in a day or less.

ü With the integration enabled, Teachers will be able to

seamlessly add, browse, and edit Atlas Units directly
within their ManageBac class.

ü Teachers will be able to extend their Atlas units into the

classroom with assessment tasks & resources on the
ManageBac stream.

Leading into summer 2019, we will be importing the full

range of Atlas curriculum into ManageBac encompassing
600+ curriculum programs, academic and accreditation
standards. This will provide comprehensive curriculum
support for our multi-curricula schools.
Bringing you the World’s Standards
From over 45 countries and spanning curriculum and accreditation

607+ Sets of Standards 211 Sets of K-12 Standards ~10% Focus on Accreditation
Common Core, Next Generation California, New York, Ontario, Manage accreditation & evaluation
Science Standards, International Australia, etc. seamlessly
Baccalaureate, ISTE, etc.

49% of Standards are 28+ Years of Experience Updating and Adding New
Career or Subject Specific Across our standards team Standards Everyday
Career Tech Education, National Core
Arts, Social

Global Standards Coverage

Spanning curriculum and accreditation

Our Standards & Services Team

Helen Maltese Bernard Merkel

Standards & Services Manager Director of Client Services
Enhancing Unit Planners
With a host of improvements to make your planning experience better!

Fonts & Icons Online Presence Real-Time Editing

more readable with visual to indicate when colleagues to allow for collaborative
cues are online planning

In-Line Editing Reflections Connections

to improve context and ease- to support meaningful reflection to align and link assessment
of-use throughout the cycle tasks & learning experiences

customizable background
headers to reflect your unit
Collaborative Real-Time Unit Planning
With Online Presence and Real-Time In-Line Editing
PYP Next Transition 2019-2020

Redesigned from the ground up for the New PYP!

Key Improvements
ü Real-time collaborative unit planning
with online presence
ü Flexible unit builder to support
customization and fields

ü Harmonized and fully responsive

new UI interface

ü Enhanced personalization & planner


Real-Time Flexible Unit Portfolio Classroom Gradebook Report Cards Reflections

Planner Builder Management


Learning & Teaching
Inside and outside your classroom with Portfolio and Learning Experiences

ü Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of student progression

with a showcase.
ü Students and Teachers can easily add from Web or Mobile:

Goals Reflections Coursework

Observations Awards

ü Build connections to:

Learner Profile ATL Skills Concepts

ü Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with evidence and link
directly to the new IB’s Programme Standards & Practices.

Improve school-to-home
communication and parent
engagement with Advanced Options Share Send Emoji Star Comments


Flexible assessment options directly integrated with Reporting

Evaluate and comment:

Learner Profile
ATL Skills

Units of Inquiry

Learning Outcomes

Easily assess specialist

subjects and include
student coursework in
PDF reporting.


Reflect & Connect
Supporting Initial to Final Reflection and Building Connections

End-to-end Reflections
ü Collaboratively reflect alongside the Planner
ü Reflections include Guidance from PYP: from principles into practice
ü Flexibly customize and map your Reflections & Guidance by Unit Section

Building Connections
ü Easily tag with ATL Skills, Learner Profile and Key Concepts.

New IB Programme Standards & Practices

As the delivery partner for the new IB Concierge (replacing IB Docs), we are delighted
to provide drag’n’drop evidence submission from ManageBac to make your next
evaluation and 5-year review process smooth.
With the upcoming release of the new Standards & Practices, you will be able to tag
Portfolio items, Reflections, Learning Experiences and Assessment Tasks to specific
PS&P requirements, making the process of organizing evidence efficient across the


Student Portfolios
Supporting learning & teaching for your whole-school

Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of

student progression across the full IB Continuum
IB Continuum + Multi-Curricula ü Enhanced Search & Filters
ü Multi-add provides a way to easily add one observation into
multiple student portfolios at once

Students and Teachers can easily add from Web and Mobile

Goals Reflections Observations

Coursework Awards

For the IB DP, students can set target grades vs. predicted

Build connections to:

Improve school-to-home communication
and parent engagement with Learner Profile ATL Skills Key Concepts
Advanced Options

Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with

evidence and link directly to the new IB’s Programme
Share Send Emoji Star Comments Standards & Practices.
ManageBac Mobile
With broad support for your entire school community and all curricula

Redesigned from the ground up

with full functionality on mobile: Supported User Types
ü Classroom Management
ü Service Learning (CAS, SA)
ü Project-based Learning (EE, Personal
ü Portfolio Admin
ü Curriculum Planners
ü Gradebook
ü Reporting

Teacher & Advisor

Sharing on Airdrop
Easily submit Coursework, post
Reflections and update Project
journals on the go!


Available on

April 2019 Summer 2019

Parents & Family
Global Search
Easily and Efficiently Search across ManageBac

Global search will allow users to easily and efficiently find what you are looking for across ManageBac within

CAS, SA & Service Learning Activities Classes Groups Files

Assessment Tasks, Deadlines, Events Year Groups Messages Units

Project Proposals for TOK, EE and PBL

Product Roadmap
Product Development pipeline and priority of new feature development

Review and Updates

Our Product Roadmap is updated on
a monthly basis with released items
moved to Complete and newly
planned features added.

Priority of Features
Features are prioritized in our
development against the academic
calendar based on curriculum
changes and for the greater good of
schools. This determination is made
based on the number of schools
that will benefit from the
development and the impact (e.g.
enhanced functionality, time savings
and improved UX).

Browse our Product Roadmap at: https://trello.com/b/EOcVQYEH

Certificate Programme
Professional development opportunities for experienced ManageBac users

ManageBac Educator
Who is eligible?
Programme Coordinators
Our certification programme, launched in 2018, Technology Coordinators
aims to provide a series of training courses
empowering educators on how to make the most
of ManageBac.
What’s required?
The courses are programme-specific, targeted at IB
Diploma, Middle Years and Primary Years Has finished a training course
administrators. Educator
Experienced user
Participants who complete one course will be
certified as ManageBac Educators.
Attendees will receive in-depth training on ManageBac, including:
Share your experiences, connect with other users,
ü ManageBac Educator certification
and access exclusive content and event
ü Instructions on configuring ManageBac account setup
opportunities. ü Best practices for managing classes
ü Workshops on building & changing report templates
ü First look at and training on all new and upcoming releases in
ü Networking opportunities with coordinators at other ManageBac
Lear more about our Certificate Programme at: schools
Partners & Integrations
AssessPrep Integration
Next Generation assessment platform for the IB MYP & DP

ü Transition your paper-based exams online for DP & MYP

ü Faster, more reliable and natural vs. handwriting
ü Create AssessPrep assessments from within ManageBac
ü Online and Offline exams delivery, powerful analytics, and built-in syllabus topics
ü Instant setup with automated account creation and Single-Sign-On with ManageBac
Accounts portal

Question types:
1. Long answer 3. Plot a graph
2. Table completion 4. Multiple-choice

5. Auto-corrected Interactive Questions

a. Label d. Order/Sort
b. Hotspot e. Classify
c. Match f. Geogebra Graphing

Exam Content Types:

Videos with Annotations Text Simulations

(flash, HTML5)
Images with measuring tool
(direct upload or YouTube URL)
SmartPrep Online Flash Cards
Seamlessly integrated into ManageBac for Students & Teachers

Power your learning with the SMARTPREP IB App

iSAMS Partnership
Real time data sync to streamline account provisioning and data updates

For international schools wanting the best Paperless Admissions Office, School Management Phase 1 Supported Fields for Data Sync

System, and Curriculum-First Learning Platform, we are pleased to offer an integration between Students

OpenApply, iSAMS, and ManageBac. Student ID Status

First Name Telephone
Our two-way data sync provides for
Middle Name Address
real-time updates to student or
Last Name Nationality
parent demographic information.
Update data in one system, and Preferred Name Language
watch it flow seamlessly across all Date of Birth Enrolment Year
three systems. Gender Homeroom Advisor
Year & Grade Level E-mail Address
This reduces work for admin teams,
protects your data integrity, and
streamlines account provisioning. Parents
Simplify how you oversee data for Parent ID Relationship
new students, current students, and First Name E-mail Address
departing students. Last Name Title
Preferred Name Employer
Date of Birth Work E-mail
Fully supported data flow Eliminates manual data entry Best of Breed approach Gender Work Address
Parent ID Relationship
ü Demographic details for ü Reduce the rate of human error ü Allows schools to use the best
students, parents and staff caused by copy / paste. systems designed to solve First Name E-mail Address
sync in real time. specific problems without
ü Help school admin team focus sacrificing data integrity.
ü Newly enrolled students on higher level tasks. Staff
synced to iSAMS and ü Three of the top systems used First Name E-mail Address
ManageBac within minutes. by the world’s leading
Last Name
international schools.
University guidance software built for the IB Pricing Guide
By 2025, there will be 100 million more students enrolled in higher education, 8 million No. students:
< 50 From $1,100
of which will attend university in a foreign country. By 2020, there will be a shortage of 40 >100 From $2,900
million employees with the right qualification to meet the demands of labor markets. >250 From $4,500

Schools, entrusted with the critical duty of guiding students to the right post-secondary
destinations, are too frequently hampered by the need to navigate multiple systems,
track a broad range of student needs, and manage the administration and paperwork that
universities in different countries require. This presents an enormous challenge for
college and career advisors.

We believe that enabling schools to provide smart, modern university and careers
guidance is a matter of huge importance. Partnered with schools in over 60 countries and
designed specifically with IB World Schools in mind, BridgeU empowers schools to
prepare the students of today for the world of tomorrow.

Craft the best Applications Track through to Delivered Understand your Impact Integrated with ManageBac
! Global Shortlisting allows students to ! Document management and sending ! Advisors can assess and improve ✓ Integration with ManageBac enables
choose, explore and shortlist over functionalities are embedded directly performance and student outcomes efficient profile data transfer and
25,000 universities around the world into BridgeU, enabling advisors to using analytics reduces manual data entry
manage, submit and track streamlining account setup for the
! Students and teachers can design ! BridgeU insights provides schools
applications school and student
winning applications using our suite with in-depth analytics to compare
of collaborative tools ! Tens of thousands of application their admissions trends to historical, ✓ Seamlessly single sign-on to and from
documents delivered so far to 1,500+ local and global statistics BridgeU using the ManageBac
universities and counting Accounts portal

Trusted by hundreds of top IB schools

SchoolsBuddy Integration
Save money and time by combining your parent
communications, activities management,
fee collections, after school club sign up,
mobile registers, sports organisation, school trip
management, parents evening bookings and wrap
around care club signup and payments into one
mobile enabled solution that integrates with your

ü Complete setup, signup, allocation and registers for

all After School Club Programs
ü Fully mobile app for students, parents, and teachers
ü Schedule and manage parent evenings with classes &
memberships synced from ManageBac
ü Instant setup with automated account creation and
Single-Sign-On with ManageBac Accounts portal