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Program Includes

Agustin Barrios
Chôro da saudade
Antonio Lauro
Tres valsas
Heitor Villa Lobos
Preludio n°3
Estudo n°10
(arr. Roland Dyens)
Leo Brouwer
Sonata del caminante (2007) *
Vision de la Amazonia
El gran sertao
Danza festiva
Toccata nordestina
For more than forty years Brazilian guitarist Odair Assad has been ­performing Astor Piazzolla
worldwide in an exceptional guitar duo with his brother Sérgio. (arr. Sergio Assad)
Odair began performing on his own in 1998 and finally made a recording
Invierno porteno
in 2010. He began touring the album February 2011 in North America Primavera portena
­including performances at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and in
Montreal. His sublime ­performances of the album were well received by Egberto Gismonti
critics and audiences. Memoria e fado (2008) *
“Mr. Assad’s phrasing is highly personalized, with extreme rubato and Sérgio Assad
­articulation so varied as to sound almost improvised…. And he gave a spell- Seis brevidades (2008) *
binding performance of Kevin Callahan’s “Red Fantasy,” an inviting study in
chordal melodies, speedy single lines and occasional bent pitches.”
The New York Times Tarde
“What can I say? “El Caminante” by Odair Assad is a majestic sweep Ginga
of classical guitar playing...Assad brings to the disc decades of startling
­interpretation, and “El Caminante” further cements his place as one of the
masters of nylon string guitar…This is music at its most sublime and most Saltitante
exhilarating, and Assad inhabits it with a rare occupation…Throughout
­every piece, Assad’s playing is technically brilliant and stylistically sensitive, Kevin Callahan
passionate yet not sentimental. This is a disc you will find yourself ­listening Red Fantasy (2008) *
to over and over again, because there is always more to find from the
­fingers of Odair Assad.” *Works dedicated to Odair Assad
Minor 7th
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