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Head and Neck Surgery
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Contents NEW
Total Otolaryngology-
Head and Neck Surgery
3 Head and Neck A. Sclafani, MD
6 General Otolaryngology Total Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery
is a comprehensive otolaryngology reference
9 eOtolaryngology
that provides thorough coverage of basic
10 Otology science topics as well as concise, practical
information on clinical topics, such as
13 Rhinology radiographic imaging of common clinical
16 Laryngology presentations, deep neck infections, transoral
robotic surgery, surgery of the aging face,
17 Speech & Language lasers in laryngology, and much more.
18 Audiology 2014/752 pp./666 illus./hardcover/
22 Journals ISBN 978-1-60406-645-6

24 Imaging Complications in Otolaryngology−

Head and Neck Surgery
M. Bernal-Sprekelsen, MD
Complications in Otolaryngology is a practical
Check out the latest reference for the busy surgeon that

e-books from Thieme! examines complications in all areas related to

otolaryngology and head and neck surgery
outside of facial plastic and aesthetic surgery.
2013/352 pp./416 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-160531-3

Head and Neck Surgery

G. Har-El, MD
C. A. Nathan, MD, FACS
T. Day, MD
S. Nguyen, MD
Head and Neck Surgery provides detailed
information on the latest epidemiology,
diagnostics, nutritional support, and
emerging technology and therapeutics used
to treat head and neck cancer.
2013/498 pp./397 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-938207-603-2

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Botulinum Neurotoxin for

Head and Neck Disorders
A. Blitzer, MD, DDS, FACS
B. E. Benson, MD
J. Guss, MD
Containing detailed injection instructions,
this book and its associated how-to videos
offer otolaryngologists, neurologists, pain
specialists, and others a complete guide to the
management of motor, sensory and autonomic
disorders of the head and neck region with
botulinum neurotoxin.
A Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer
Approach to Head Recurrence 2012/248 pp./118 illus./hardcover/
and Neck Neoplasms ISBN 978-1-60406-585-5
G. Har-El, MD Multidisciplinary Management
ENT-Head and Neck Surgery:
C.-A. Nathan, MD, FACS H. M. Mehanna, PhD, BMedSc Essential Procedures
T. Day, MD (Hons), MBChB (Hons),
S. Nguyen, MD FRCS, FRCS (ORL-HNS) J. Theissing, MD
K. K. Ang, MD, PhD, FACR, FASTRO G. Rettinger, MD
This comprehensive how-to guide
J. A. Werner, MD
addresses the medical and surgical This is the first comprehensive,
treatment of neoplasms in head evidence-based reference on this This highly practical surgical guide presents
and neck surgery and takes a multifaceted condition, providing detailed descriptions of the most established
hands-on approach to describing state-of-the-art strategies for and important surgical techniques for the full
the latest surgical techniques. treating and managing cancer range of ENT conditions. The expert authors
recurrence at each site within the describe the key stages of each procedure in a
2013/302 pp./126 illus./hardcover/
head and neck. step-by-step format supplemented by clearly
ISBN 978-938207-605-6
labeled illustrations.
2013/316 pp./358 illus./hardcover/
Reconstruction ISBN 978-3-13-147391-2 2011/448 pp./935 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-148621-9
of the Head and Neck
A Defect-Oriented Approach The Difficult Case in Head Salivary Gland Disorders and Diseases:
E. M. Genden, MD, FACS
and Neck Cancer Surgery Diagnosis and Management
P. J. Donald, MD
This text takes a defect-oriented P. J. Bradley, MD
approach that enables surgeons to Each chapter in this book provides O. Guntinas-Lichius, MD
match their patients’ defects with discussion of etiology, pathology,
From new findings at the molecular level,
those included in the book. It offers pathophysiology, and surgical
to diagnostic advances in cytopathology,
clinicians excellent guidance on anatomy, providing the necessary
histopathology, biochemistry, and imaging
the latest techniques for achieving background for diagnostic
studies, to technical innovations and surgical
optimal functional and aesthetic evaluation as well as surgical and
and medical management, this book covers
surgical results. nonsurgical treatment, including
every diagnostic and therapeutic development
chemotherapy and radiation.
2012/200 pp./355 illus./hardcover/ and innovation. Its clear, concise, and heavily
ISBN 978-1-60406-576-3 2010/560 pp./993 illus./hardcover/ illustrated approach makes it ideal for use by
ISBN 978-0-86577-984-6 both beginners and more experienced surgeons
and physicians.
2012/504 pp./372 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-146491-0

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Endoscopic Ear Surgery Bullet Points in ENT
Principles, Indications, and Techniques Postgraduate and Exit Exam Preparation

L. Presutti, MD C. Philpott, MB ChB, FRCS (ORL-HNS) DLO,

D. Marchioni, MD MD, PGC
From the unique anatomy and P. Tassone, FRCS(ORL-HNS)
pathophysiology of the middle ear through M. Clark, MBBS BSc FRCS(ORL-HNS)
diagnosis, surgical indications, procedures, This book provides a highly effective review
and instrumentation, this book offers a full and study aid for postgraduate and exit exam
picture of the field today. The accompanying candidates in otolaryngology-head and neck
videos demonstrate state-of-the-art surgery. It covers the full breadth of the field
endoscopic procedures. in manageable nuggets of information that
are easily learned and retained, and ensures
Summer 2014/300 pp./951 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-163041-4 that trainees are prepared for all frequently
asked exam questions.
Microsurgery of 2014/556 pp./70 illus./softcover/
Skull Base Paragangliomas ISBN 978-3-13-166221-7

M. Sanna, MD et. al
Otolaryngology Cases
This book includes extensive anatomic,
radiologic, and intra-operative images The University of Cincinnati
correlated to schematic diagrams to give Clinical Portfolio
the reader a thorough understanding of M. L. Pensak, MD
this complex topic. It features the exquisite
This comprehensive review provides readers
intraoperative photographs and schematic
with systematic coverage of every major ENT
diagrams that are a hallmark of the highly
specialty, including otology and neurotology,
regarded Sanna texts.
the skull base, rhinology, laryngology, head
2013/716 pp./1,874 illus./hardcover/ and neck cancer, sleep disorders, pediatric
ISBN 978-3-13-148611-0 otolaryngology, trauma, facial plastic and
reconstructive surgery, and more.
Middle Ear and 2010/460 pp./157 illus./softcover/
Mastoid Microsurgery ISBN 978-1-60406-320-2
Second Edition
M. Sanna, MD et. al Handbook of Otolaryngology
New to the second edition: Head and Neck Surgery
• Expanded chapter on temporal bone D. Goldenberg, MD, FACS
anatomy, with temporal bone dissection B. J. Goldstein, MD, PhD, FACS
images correlated to CT scans
Designed to fit in your lab coat pocket, this is
• Updated chapter on paragangliomas both an authoritative source of information
• Revised section on hemipetrosectomy and a portable clinical reference. Each chapter
thoroughly addresses a different clinical
• Overview of new approaches to glomus
problem in an outline format which enables
tumor surgery
rapid reference in clinical situations.
2012/612 pp./1,632 illus./hardcover/
2011/802 pp./125 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-132092-6
ISBN 978-1-60406-028-7

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Thieme eOtolaryngology
Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology:
Diagnosis and Treatment Sign up for a free trial at:
G. Licameli, MD, FACS thieme.com/eototrial
D. Tunkel, MD
This book addresses the medical and
surgical treatment of the most common and Thieme’s entire otolaryngology
challenging clinical conditions in pediatric
otorhinolaryngology. Clear, concise chapters collection made searchable!
distill a significant amount of information that
the pediatric subspecialist will find useful to
2013/198 pp./77 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-938207-604-9

Pediatric Otolaryngology
Principles and Practice Pathways
Second Edition
R. F. Wetmore, MD,
H. R. Muntz, MD
T. J. McGill, MD
New In This Second Edition:
• A current review of pediatric cochlear
• Discusses controversies surrounding
• Includes Thieme’s entire • Over 42,000 downloadable images
tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
otolaryngology library for use in lectures and teaching
• Coverage of new subspecialties emerging materials
• Over 26,000 pages of
within the broader field of pediatric
otolaryngology content available • Almost 600 procedural technique
otolaryngology videos
at initial release
2012/976 pp./725 illus./hardcover/ • Search within each book or the • Searchable by key words
ISBN 978-1-60406-413-1 entire collection for specific words • Includes legends and direct links to
and phrases the original sources
Differential Diagnosis
Head and Neck Surgery • All procedures are presented in a • Integrated search across Thieme’s
consistent format otolaryngology journals
M. G. Stewart, MD, MPH
S. H. Selesnick, MD • More than 60 clinical cases available • Access to journal images with option
at initial release to download for presentations
Designed as a practical resource for rapid and
• Includes information on operative • Concurrent search in PubMed
accurate diagnosis in otolaryngology--head planning and surgical technique
and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery,
• Key steps in the procedures are
this comprehensive manual uses an innovative
presented with illustrations
format that simulates what physicians
experience in daily practice.
Licensing options are available for both institutions and individuals.
2011/520 pp./82 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-051-5
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Cochlear Implants Clinical Otology
Third Edition Fourth Edition
S. Waltzman, PhD M. Pensak, MD
J. Roland, MD D. Choo, MD
This new edition has been completely revised This new edition addresses basic science,
to include the latest information on the the clinical application of therapeutics
clinical and translational sciences related to in otology, and current research, and is
this rapidly evolving technology. It contains designed to help physicians make the best
chapters on recent developments in the field, decisions in managing the care of their
including those in: genetics, neuroplasticity, patients. New chapters covers such topics as
expanding criteria for implantation, the molecular genetic diagnostics, contemporary
application of implant technology to tinnitus management of external and internal hearing
and vestibular issues, music perception, and devices, and vestibular and audiologic neuro-
intraoperative monitoring. diagnostics.
2014/268 pp./107 illus./hardcover/ 2014/592 pp./340 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-903-7 ISBN 978-1-60406-753-8

Cholesteatoma Otology and Neurotology

E. E. Smouha, MD M. Kirtane, MS
D. I. Bojrab, MD C. De Souza, MD, FACS
This comprehensive guide to cholesteatoma M. Sanna, MD, A. Devaiah, MD
and chronic ear disease provides perspective Otology and Neurotology provides guidance
on the controversies in cholesteatoma on the clinical and practical management
management such as canal wall of diseases of the ear and lateral skull base.
reconstruction, facial nerve monitoring, the It discusses the latest techniques and
use of endoscopes in chronic ear surgery, and technologies that encompass the complex
postoperative care. nature of the specialty.
2012/168 pp./344 illus./hardcover/ 2013/520 pp./416 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-277-9 ISBN 978-938207-600-1

Temporal Bone Otology, Neurotology, and

Dissection Guide Lateral Skull Base Surgery
H. W. Francis, MD An Illustrated Handbook
J. K. Niparko, MD O. F. Adunka, MD
The organization of this highly visual C. A. Buchman, MD
guidebook is designed to teach users to Chapters feature succinct explanatory text
confidently navigate the complex anatomy combined with clear, carefully formulated
of the temporal bone and to visualize the color illustrations to help readers quickly
surgical steps within a clinical context. grasp the complex nature of the underlying
Concise descriptions of procedure, anatomy, basic principles.
and surgical objectives are accompanied by
2011/468 pp./837 illus./hardcover/
clearly labelled image sequences.
ISBN 978-3-13-145021-0
2011/84 pp./141 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-409-4

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Tumors of the Nose,
Sinuses and Nasopharynx
V. Lund , MS, FRCS, FRCSEd
D. Howard, MD
W. Wei, MD
Covering tumors of the nose, sinuses, and
nasopharynx in a single volume, this book
is essential for all specialists. It incorporates
the latest techniques for evaluation and
treatment, including endoscopic approaches
Lateral Skull Base Surgery Atlas of Acoustic to the skull base, and offers a wealth of
The House Clinic Atlas Neurinoma Microsurgery evidence-based data and analysis.
Second Edition 2014/592 pp./700 illus./hardcover/
R. A. Friedman, MD, PhD et. al
M. Sanna, MD et. al ISBN 978-3-13-147191-8
This atlas covers topics ranging
from auditory brainstem implants Concise, tightly focused chapters
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
to vestibular schwannoma, cover everything from surgical
Anatomy, Three-Dimensional
providing readers with a anatomy and operating room setup
Reconstruction, and Surgical Technique
comprehensive overview of to detailed explanations of how to
surgical procedures and techniques perform the full range of surgical Third Edition
used to treat a variety of skull procedures, including the enlarged P. J. Wormald, MD
base diseases. Online access to middle cranial fossa, the transotic
This updated edition provides detailed
eight surgical videos of the most approach, and the modified
instructions on performing surgery on the
common techniques is included. transcochlear approach.
paranasal sinuses and skull base. Online access
2012/224 pp./192 illus./hardcover/ 2011/320 pp./1,009 illus./hardcover/ to over 40 videos illustrating the anatomy and
ISBN 978-1-60406-764-4 ISBN 978-3-13-110282-9 surgical steps for all procedures is included.
2013/304 pp./944 illus./hardcover/
Atlas of Middle Ear Surgery Atlas of Temporal ISBN 978-1-60406-687-6
M. Gersdorff, MD
Bone Surgery
J.-M. Gérard, MD T. Ulug, MD Endoscopic Sinonasal
Features: Features: Dissection Guide
• The latest on the surgical • Thought-provoking section on R. R. Casiano, MD
management of tympanic surgical techniques, instruments, Features:
membrane abnormalities, and prostheses that were
• Includes online access to videos that
chronic otitis media, developed and designed by the
demonstrate dissection techniques, as well
cholesteatoma, and ossicular author
as a typical complex surgical case with nasal
chain dysfunction • Extensive glossary contains the polyps
• Callout boxes highlight key most frequently used terms in
• A special section elucidates critical
surgical tips, pearls, and pitfalls otology and neurotology
landmarks for performing advanced
2011/152 pp./239 illus./hardcover/ 2010/216 pp./328 illus./hardcover/ transnasal endoscopic procedures of the
ISBN 978-3-13-145041-8 ISBN 978-3-13-147151-2 skull base and cervical spine
2012/128 pp./122 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-587-9

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Rhinology and Endoscopic
Skull Base Surgery
A. Devaiah, MD
B. Marple, MD
Written and edited by experts and pioneers in
the field, Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base
Surgery covers anatomic principles, applied
physiology, medical principles, and surgical
management of diseases affecting the
paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base.
Transnasal Endoscopic NEW
2014/286 pp./173 illus./hardcover/
Skull Base and Brain Surgery
ISBN 978-93-82076-01-8 Management of Smell
Tips and Pearls and Taste Disorders
Rhinology and A. C. Stamm, MD, PhD A Practical Guide for Clinicians
Skull Base Surgery This book is a comprehensive A. Welge-Luessen, MD
From the Lab to the Operating Room volume offering invaluable advice T. Hummel, MD
C. Georgalas, MD from world-renowned authorities
This book gives readers a complete
W. J. Fokkens, MD on state-of-the-art endoscopic
overview of the topic today,
technologies and techniques.
Integrating key advances in the basic sciences including functional anatomy,
Expert authors discuss the most
with modern clinical developments, this major pathophysiology, diagnostic and
up-to-date surgical approaches
new reference offers the most complete and clinical work-up, assessment
integrated with key information on
balanced coverage of modern rhinology and techniques, medical and surgical
technologic advances, such as 3D
skull base surgery. A DVD with nearly 80 options, and more. Focused
reconstruction and navigation.
videos is included with the book. and to-the-point, it is especially
2012/448 pp./712 illus./hardcover/ designed for physicians treating
2013/952 pp./700 illus./hardcover/ ISBN 978-1-60406-310-3
ISBN 978-3-13-153541-2
patients in the everyday practice
Manual of Endoscopic 2014/256 pp./130 illus./hardcover/
Diseases of the Nose,
Sinus and Skull Base Surgery ISBN 978-3-13-154521-3
Sinuses, and Skull Base
Second Edition
D. W. Kennedy, MD The Maxillary Sinus
D. Simmen, MD P. H. Hwang, MD Medical and Surgical
N. Jones, MD
This multimedia reference is the Management
Highlighted by thousands of outstanding definitive go-to guide for rhinology J. A. Duncavage, MD, FACS
photographs and schematic illustrations, this residents. It is a comprehensive S. S. Becker, MD
step-by-step guide to endoscopic sinus and reference for otolaryngologists
skull base surgery is ideal for all specialists Concise chapters guide the
and neurosurgeons who wish to
who need to stay current in the field. In this reader through the full range
expand their surgical expertise and
expanded second edition there are four new of pathologic conditions. The
successfully manage their patients
chapters on anterior skull base surgery that accompanying DVDs feature over
with sinonasal and skull base
reflect important recent developments. three hours of state-of-the-art
endoscopic surgical footage.
2013/484 pp./1,442 illus./hardcover/ 2012/800 pp./855 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-130972-3 ISBN 978-1-60406-060-7 2011/272 pp./296 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-280-9

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Outcomes in Speech-
Language Pathology
Contemporary Theories,
Models, and Practices
Second Edition
L. A. Golper, PhD
This book, based on the pioneering work of
Carol C. Frattali, is a focused review of current
policies, principles, and practices pertaining
to outcome measurement in speech-language
pathology with particular emphasis on
NEW NEW healthcare. It covers outcomes in speech-
language pathology practices within the
Clinical Laryngology Laryngology context of contemporary issues.
M. Fried, MD A. Bhattacharyya, MD 2013/392 pp./37 illus./hardcover/
M. Tan-Geller, MD N. Nerurkar, MD ISBN 978-1-60406-642-5
Clinical Laryngology addresses the Laryngology is a compact yet
practical issues faced by residents comprehensive resource on the Atlas of Neuroanatomy
and seasoned practitioners in management of voice, airway, and for Communication Science
managing patients with diseases swallowing disorders. It discusses and Disorders
of the larynx. It is a concise manual the latest techniques in laryngeal
L. L. LaPointe, PhD, CCC-SLP
covering common, everyday documentation, key principles
procedures that residents must in the management of laryngeal With this user-friendly guide you will acquire
master and provides all the disorders, outcome measures a full understanding of the basic anatomy
up-to-date information needed and quality-of-life assessment, and physiology of human communication,
by otolaryngologists caring for and evolving technologies in the neural mechanisms controlling speech,
patients with laryngeal pathology. laryngology. language, cognition and swallowing
functions, and the anatomic underpinnings
2014/304 pp./180 illus./hardcover/ 2014/280 pp./hardcover/ of speech/language disorders of the nervous
ISBN 978-1-60406-749-1 ISBN 978-93-82076-02-5
system .

Laryngeal Dissection Laryngeal Evaluation 2012/188 pp./444 illus./hardcover/

and Surgery Guide ISBN 978-1-60406-649-4
Indirect Laryngoscopy to
S. Dailey, MD High-Speed Digital Imaging Aphasia and Related Neurogenic
S. Verma, MD
K. A. Kendall, MD, FACS Language Disorders
Laryngeal Dissection and Surgery R. J. Leonard, PhD Fourth Edition
Guide provides surgeons
This text focuses on the differential L. L. LaPointe, PhD, CCC-SLP
with detailed, step-by-step
diagnosis of specific abnormalities
instructions for performing In Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Language
and the impact of various types
laryngeal dissections in a lab or Disorders, Fourth Edition world-renowned
of laryngeal pathology on the
clinical setting, helping them put authorities provide in-depth information on
vocal cords. The accompanying
knowledge into practice. It includes the characteristics and etiology of brain-based
DVD contains videos of vocal fold
descriptions of over 20 common disorders.
2011/288 pp./21 illus./hardcover/
2010/324 pp./309 illus./
2013/180 pp./270 illus./softcover/ ISBN 978-1-60406-261-8
hardcover & DVD/
ISBN 978-1-60406-569-5
ISBN 978-1-60406-272-4

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NEW Roeser’s Audiology Pediatric Audiologic NEW

Adult Audiology Casebook Desk Reference Rehabilitation
Pediatric Audiology
Second Edition From Infancy to Adolescence
M. Valente, PhD, Diagnosis, Technology, and
L. M. Valente, PhD R. Roeser, PhD E. Fitzpatrick, PhD Management
Audiologists are often pressed S. Doucet, Me.D Second Edition
An important classroom resource,
this book gives readers expert for time and need an up-to-date Pediatric Audiologic Rehabilitation J. R. Madell, PhD, CCC-A/SLP
guidance on providing “best reference for quick consultation presents evidence-based C. Flexer, PhD, CCC-A
practice” care in the areas of in their daily practice. Roeser’s information on the clinical and
Audiology Desk Reference, educational management of Written by pioneering experts
hearing disorders, the diagnosis of
Second Edition, is an accessible children with hearing loss who are in the field, this updated and
auditory and vestibular disorders,
resource containing all the latest learning spoken language from expanded edition focuses on the
amplification, cochlear implants,
facts, figures, diagrams, and infancy through adolescence. The practical application of audiology
hearing assistive technology, and
standards that are essential to an latest practical procedures and principles and protocols that
management of tinnitus.
audiologist’s practice. techniques for developing auditory audiologists and graduate students
Summer 2014/400 pp./186 illus./ need to master. It features new
and spoken language skills are
hardcover/ 2013/464 pp./297 illus./softcover/ chapters on vestibular testing of
ISBN 978-1-60406-850-4 ISBN 978-1-60406-398-1 provided.
children, bone anchored hearing
2013/240 pp./24 illus./hardcover/ aids, and interpretation of
Audiology Answers Vestibular Function ISBN 978-1-60406-695-1
audiologic test results.
for Otolaryngologists Clinical and Practice
Handbook of Acoustic 2014/424 pp./88 illus./hardcover/
M. Valente, PhD, Management ISBN 978-1-60406-844-3
E. Fernandez, AuD Second Edition
H. Monroe, AuD Best Practices for Listening,
A. L. Desmond, AuD, CCC-A Learning, and Literacy in the Pediatric Audiology
In a concise, accessible FAQ format Classroom Casebook
New to this edition:
designed to quickly crystallize J. R. Madell, PhD, CCC-A/SLP
• Expanded and updated coverage J. J. Smaldino, PhD
and reinforce must-know C. Flexer, PhD, CCC-A
of the disorders which cause C. Flexer, PhD
audiology concepts, the expert
dizziness, vertigo or imbalance This compendium of key cases is an
authors answer the audiology This book reflects current practices
questions most commonly asked • Updated appendices of essential and technologies that are designed excellent choice for the classroom,
by otolaryngology residents. An reference material and practice to maximize the availability of covering everything from basic
essential board review resource! resources classroom speech signals. and complex diagnostic cases
to the management of auditory
2011/120 pp./106 illus./softcover/ 2011/304 pp./114 illus./hardcover/ 2012/168 pp./31 illus./softcover/ development.
ISBN 978-1-60406-357-8 ISBN 978-1-60406-361-5 ISBN 978-1-60406-765-1
2011/296 pp./139 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-384-4

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Geriatric Audiology A Dictionary of Hearing

Second Edition M. Maltby, PhD, RHAD, FSHAA, FHEA
B. Weinstein, PhD A Dictionary of Hearing is a comprehensive
Focusing solely on geriatric audiology, this reference that defines terms used in
new edition contains the latest information audiology, ENT, and related areas. This
on the demographics of aging as well as the dictionary covers a wide range of terms
biological, sociological, and psychological in audiology and will be very useful to
factors that affect geriatric hearing loss and students and professionals in the field of
its ramifications. hearing, including audiologists, nurses and
doctors, teachers of the deaf, and speech and
2013/376 pp./69 illus./hardcover/
language therapists.
ISBN 978-1-60406-174-1
2013/272 pp./hardcover/
Hearing Aids ISBN 978-1-60406-828-3
Second Edition
Auditory Electrophysiology
H. Dillon, PhD
A Clinical Guide
Completely revised to reflect the research and
technological advances of the last decade, this S. Atcherson, PhD, CCC-A
new edition contains chapters on directional T. Stoody, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA
microphones and the latest digital signal Written primarily by audiologists familiar with
processing strategies and provides extensive cutting-edge research in a rapidly changing
coverage of all aspects of open-canal, thin- field, Auditory Electrophysiology provides
tube hearing aids. a fresh perspective on the most current
advances and practices in the specialty.
2012/631 pp./217 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-810-8 2012/392 pp./130 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-363-9
Hearing Conservation
In Occupational, Recreational, The Audiology Capstone
Educational, and Home Settings Research, Presentation,
V. Rawool, PhD, CCC-A, FAA and Publication

From the underlying principles of hearing M. Valente, PhD, et. al

loss to audiometric testing procedures From choosing a research topic and mentor,
to assessment of hearing conservation to conducting the research and publishing
programs, this book is packed with the results, this book provides you with
information for audiologists and the essential information for a successful
interdisciplinary team-members who provide Capstone experience.
hearing conservation services for at-risk
2011/424 pp./316 illus./softcover/
groups. ISBN 978-1-60406-359-2
2012/336 pp./124 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-1-60406-256-4

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World-class journals. FREE
Cutting-edge research. online acce 11 Adunka, Otology, Neurotology, and 19 Madell, Pediatric Audiology
ss Lateral Skull Base Surgery
for individu 19 Madell, Pediatric Audiology Casebook
subscribers 21 Atcherson, Auditory Electrophysiology 21 Maltby, A Dictionary of Hearing
Bernal-Sprekelsen, Complications in
3  Mehanna, Head and Neck Cancer
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Recurrence
16 Bhattacharyya, Laryngology 11 Pensak, Clinical Otology
Blitzer, Botulinum Neurotoxin for Head 7 Pensak, Otolaryngology Cases
and Neck Disorders Philpott, Bullet Points in ENT:
Bradley, Salivary Gland Disorders and
5  Postgraduate and Exit Exam Preparation
Diseases: Diagnosis and Management 6 Presutti, Endoscopic Ear Surgery
13 Casiano, Endoscopic Sinonasal 20 Rawool, Hearing Conservation
Dissection Guide
18 Roeser, Roeser’s Audiology Desk
16 Dailey, Laryngeal Dissection and Reference
Surgery Guide
12 Sanna, Atlas of Acoustic Neurinoma
18 Desmond, Vestibular Function Microsurgery
14 Devaiah, Rhinology and Endoscopic Sanna, Microsurgery of Skull Base
Skull Base Surgery Paragangliomas
20 Dillon, Hearing Aids Sanna, Middle Ear and Mastoid
Donald, The Difficult Case in Head and
4  Microsurgery
Neck Cancer Surgery Sclafani, Total Otolaryngology-Head
15 Duncavage, The Maxillary Sinus and Neck Surgery
24 Dunnebier, Imaging for 14 Simmen, Manual of Endoscopic Sinus
Otolaryngologists and Skull Base Surgery
9 eOtolaryngology 19 Smaldino, Handbook of Acoustic
Craniomaxillofacial Trauma Seminars in Hearing 19 Fitzpatrick, Pediatric Audiologic Accessibility
& Reconstruction Editor-in-Chief: C.V. Palmer Rehabilitation 10 Smouha, Cholesteatoma
Editor-in-Chief: P.N. Manson 10 Francis, Temporal Bone Dissection Guide 15 Stamm, Transnasal Endoscopic Skull
Vol. 35, 4 issues, ISSN 0734-0451
16 Fried, Clinical Laryngology Base and Brain Surgery
Vol. 7, 4 issues, ISSN 1943-3875 Intro rate: €115 (Regular €144)
12 Friedman, Lateral Skull Base Surgery 8 
Stewart, Differential Diagnosis in
Intro rate: €103 (Regular €129) Handling charges: €36
Genden, Reconstruction of the Head
4  Otolaryngology
Handling charges: €36
Seminars in Speech and Neck Theissing, ENT-Head and Neck Surgery:
Facial Plastic Surgery and Language 14 Georgalas, Rhinology and Skull Base Essential Procedures
Surgery 12 Ulug, Atlas of Temporal Bone Surgery
Editors-in-Chief: Editors-in-Chief:
12 Gersdorff, Atlas of Middle Ear Surgery 18 Valente, Adult Audiology Casebook
A.P. Sclafani, W.J. Heppt A.L. Holland, N. Bernstein Ratner
Goldenberg, Handbook of
7  18 Valente, Audiology Answers for
Vol. 30, 6 issues, ISSN 0736-6825 Vol. 35, 4 issues, ISSN 0734-0478 Otolaryngology Otolaryngologists
Intro rate: €289 (Regular €361) Intro rate: €106 (Regular €133) 17 Golper, Outcomes in Speech-Language 21 Valente, The Audiology Capstone
Handling charges: €54 Handling charges: €36 Pathology 10 Waltzman, Cochlear Implants
Har-El, A Multidisciplinary Approach to
Journal of Head and Neck Neoplasms
20 Weinstein, Geriatric Audiology
15 Welge-Luessen, Management of Smell
Neurological Surgery *Introductory rate is valid for new
3 Har-El, Head and Neck Surgery
subscribers only and is limited to the and Taste Disorders
Editors-in-Chief: first year of subscription. Orders from 24 Iro, Atlas of Head and Neck Ultrasound 8 Wetmore, Pediatric Otolaryngology
M. Gleeson, D. Kraus, V. Rohde individuals must include the recipient’s 16 Kendall, Laryngeal Evaluation 13 Wormald, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Vol. 75, 12 issues name and private address, and be paid by 15 Kennedy, Rhinology
private funds. Only qualified professionals
plus open-access issues and students are eligible for individual 11 Kirtane, Otology and Neurotology 22 JOURNALS
Intro rate: €333 (Regular €416) subscriptions. All individual print 17 LaPointe, Aphasia and Related Craniomaxillofacial Trauma &
Handling charges: subscriptions are eligible for free online Neurogenic Language Disorders Reconstruction Facial Plastic Surgery
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Journal of Neurological Surgery
Africa, Asia & Australia €89 Communication Science and Disorders Seminars in Hearing
8 Licameli, Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Seminars in Speech & Language
13 Lund, Tumors of the Nose, Sinuses and

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Atlas of Head
and Neck Ultrasound
H. Iro, MD, A. Bozzato, MD,
J. Zenk, MD
2013/244 pp./400 illus./hardcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-160351-7
Imaging for
E. A. Dunnebier
2011/356 pp./465 illus./softcover/
ISBN 978-3-13-146331-9
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